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#3Point5Percent #Resist /1
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💔What scares me: in 1933, Hitler passed the 'Enabling Act'…
This allowed him to pass the Nuremberg Laws without the Reichstag
And then the horror began.
The Bill debated today could pave the way for the same path.
#ToryLiars #ToryLawBreakers #Jewish
💔Nobody ~ NOBODY tell me I am exaggerating! I know what I am talking about. My mother was thrown out of uni, her father's business was taken over, they had to shop in certain shops during certain hours.
Johnson is spiteful: he will get his base to*turn* on EU citizens. #Brexit
💔 Jews were *blamed* for the economic hit Germany took after WW1. They were *blamed* for having successful businesses. The were *accused* of spreading diseases.
Day after day the papers were full of 'Untermensch' lies.
Post #NodealBrexit, we EU citizens will be new #jews'
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Why would a UKgov website want to hide in the darkness?

Since 2011 IPSA has been responsible for paying & publishing MP's expenses. I wanted to find this data but was struggling. I have discovered that IPSA doesn't want us to find them or the data they publish on our behalf.
They have explicitly told search engines NOT to index their pages, so making it difficult for the public to find them or the MP's expenses data.

How do I know?

@ipsaUK #ToryLiars
In the root folder (yes I'm a nerd) of a website is a file called robots.txt, it tells search engines whether and what pages to index. The IPSA one says this

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

i.e. do not index anything. Now why would that be?

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The thing that gets to me re #punchgate and @bbclaurak & @Peston's role in it is how they've reacted afterwards

Compare with @afneil & Johnson's no-show. I was pissed off with the BBC & Neil until he did that piece to camera. That was fair enough, he can't force him to show...
... but Neil showed he understood how out of order it was

But Laura K & Peston have acted like it's no big deal that "senior Tories" lied to them to manipulate the media narrative. Indeed I was quite disgusted listening to Election Cast where they downplayed it & made out it...
... it was an unclear situation. Anyone who's seen the video knows there's no doubt there was no punch

What's problematic is that they've given no kickback against whoever fed them the fake information. There's no sense of outrage at being used by the Tories in this way. No...
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Senior Conservative minister: "If we get the country not talking about our manifesto, we'll win."

If you're voting anyone but Tory - you can change the narrative by highlighting the austerity+, climate emergency denying, no-deal Brexit scam Tory policies.

#GE2019 #ToriesOut
#ToryManifesto con:

Whilst attacking others for "reckless spending plans," the fake news Tory pamphlet pledges a spend of 'only' £2.9bn more a year.

The sleight of hand is not to include the £129bn promised over four years in the Autumn spending review.

#GE2019 #ToryLies
Listen to the opening lines of @Newsnight by @maitlis.....
The last few days - post the Conservative Manifesto release - have Lynton Crosby's filthy hands all over them.

Do not be fooled yet again by the parasitic Tories.

#GE2019 #ToryLiars #ToriesOut

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Live on @Newsnight Tory party co-chairman, James ‘not so’ Cleverly, has cleared up the ‘Cons - FactCheck’ scandal.... he tells @maitlis it was his responsibility.

Watch and suffer... #FactCheckuk #ToryLiars #GE2019

We'll just leave this here...
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