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If you're a hospital in #Texas, #Florida or #Arizona and can't provide N95s to EVERY hospital employee then STOP OPERATING. Healthcare workers shouldn't DIE b/c hospitals can't provide #PPE 5 months into a pandemic. +750 HCWs dead from #COVID! @GovAbbott @RonDeSantisFL @dougducey
Over 750 Healthcare Workers have died from #COVID, here are the stories of 562 of them. We need #PPE for all healthcare workers, including janitors, social workers, patient transport, etc. Many of these were preventable deaths. LINK:
Thanks to @CTZebra
If you're a healthcare worker in these states and fearful to go to work due to unsafe conditions then you must speak out. You can do it anonymously. Feel free to reach out to me and I can plug you in with people to amplify your voice.
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🧵A very close friend of mine is a psychiatric resident physician in #Houston, #Texas and being forced to manage psychiatric patients WITHOUT proper #PPE, in-person in a psych hospital where #COVID patients do not wear masks @GovAbbott 1/5
There is a known #COVID outbreak in the facility and leadership is NOT providing N95 masks because then “they would have to provide N95 masks to all healthcare providers.” Instead they gave him a surgical mask and face-shield. 2/5
As a resident you are in a vulnerable position because you cannot become board certified without graduating residency, so it’s difficult to just quit and begin somewhere else. 3/5
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.@BSYBJP namaskara. I would like to highlight grave concerns through this #thread our #COVIDWarriors in hospital are facing. Doctors in the emergency rooms are not given #PPEs. On asking they are told, they don't really need it. #COVID #PPEshortage 1/n
The doctors in the #COVID screening OPDs are also not given #PPEs. They are the 1st contacts of potential #Corona positives. @BBMPCOMM Anil Kumar avare, is there anything you can do to help the #COVIDWarriors in this hospital? #PPEshortage 2/n
A lab technician who turned out to be positive at this hospital was shifted to the doctor's hostel for 'apparent isolation.' Isn't the hospital management risking the spread of infection to other doctors? #COVID #PPEshortage #Isolation @iamgouthamkumar @BBMP_MAYOR 3/n
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Have you all read .@michaelgove's Ditchley Lecture?

"The Privilege of Public Service" runs to 139 paragraphs over 69 (double-spaced) pages.

The main topic is civil service *reform* —but it covers so much more & raises interesting QUESTIONS...

MG quotes Antonio Gramsci,"The crisis consists precisely of the fact that the inherited is dying—and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."

In our case the inherited was assassinated, the loss an uncompensated diminishment...

Brexiters have put NOTHING forward to compensate for stripping 66m of us Brits of our #FreedomOfMovement — a FREEDOM millions in service industries rely on it to do our jobs. Without it, we're less competitive on our own Continent.

Govt isn't even being honest abt it...

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My experience: #Covid_19 ICU rotation at #SGPGI #Lucknow

1. All patients were >35 years of age with majority being males

2. Apart from the usual comorbidities, central #obesity without over #diabetes or #hypertension also predisposed to #SARI
3. #Lymphopenia was a great marker of severity and a rising trend predicted clinical recovery

4. #recoverytrial further reiterated the use of steroids for patients with severe disease which many centers including ours was already practising
5. Although initially we had a guarded approach towards it, but #NIV with low pressures worked wonders avoiding intubation

6. Once intubated, outcomes aren’t great. Multiple reasons: severity of disease, nursing care and feeding becomes suboptimal, bradycardia associated with
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The following thread: Advocating for expanded @pharmacists immunization capabilities to close gaps in vaccine schedules that have been widened due to COVID-19. @RIpharmacists @RIHEALTH #vaccination #publichealth #pandemic #COVID19 Written by @alyssfalleni13 and @jefbratberg
The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a stark need for greater and more equitable community access for public health and primary care.… @AmerMedicalAssn #equityandinclusion
Despite state and national shutdowns that dramatically reduced emergent, urgent and routine access to medical care and hours of operation, community pharmacies were universally deemed essential businesses and remained… @CDCgov #essentialservices
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@katieporteroc @ewarren And Katie THEY ARE PROFITEERING OFF THE PPE SHORTAGE


This well sourced and straightforward video details Trump’s PPE extortion scheme:

@katieporteroc @ewarren @RepKatiePorter @RepKatiePorter @RepKatiePorter. @QuarantinedLif1 has compiled evidence there is a @GOP centered #PPE profiteering scheme. All well sourced and arguments at a PhD level that Trump (likely being puppeteered by Kushner since he’s obviously demented now) orchestrated
@katieporteroc @ewarren @RepKatiePorter @QuarantinedLif1 @GOP @RepKatiePorter @RepKatiePorter @RepKatiePorter I have no motive or agenda other than being a concerned citizen deeply troubled by the facts presented and implications stemming from this short 9 minute video. I am simply performing my duty to inform you to give you the best...
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[LIVE] Are people with #HIV and #TB more likely to die of #COVID19SA? Our #BhekisisaWebinar in partnership with @Auruminstitute is on NOW. We'll be live-tweeting the event, follow on for live updates.
First up, Mary-Ann Davies, public health medicine expert at @WesternCapeGov health department will release SA's first preliminary data on the #COVID19SA death risk for #HIV and #TB patients from the Western Cape. #BhekisisaWebinar
Until now, there hasn't been much data on #TB and #HIV and how those conditions affect your risk of dying from #COVID19SA, Davies says. Getting good data is not easy. #BhekisisaWebinar
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1/n This is an important question. The *main* answer is, median age of those infected in Germany. There are lots of factors hidden behind that, but that's the main factor.
The next main factor: quality of Germany's healthcare.
2/n As you point out, @AminTheReader, #Germany has a relatively higher #COVID19 infection rate. In fact it was *officially* higher than #Britain's, till April 28.
(officially only; the UK was way under-testing).
3/Like many places, #COVID19 started in Germany w/ the relatively well-off; people returning from skiing holidays in Italy. But actions Germany undertook *after* that were crucial. They meant median age of infected stayed lower than in many other countries
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In continuing with my info collation on what needs to be done when once you developed #COVID19, here is a #Thread on the importance of Asha workers. Govt is extensively using Asha workers as the frontline in the COVID battle. #CoronaWarriors
My introduction to them began on a day in the April first week, when we reported first positive in my locality, couple of streets away. My entire area was cordoned off. We were asked to stay completely indoors until further instructions. #COVID19 #CoronaWarriors
Asha workers came to our building to do a survey, they asked us how many people lived here, their names and numbers, they made a special note of aged people and children.…
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Testifying now to U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on #Coronavirus Crisis, on how #covid19 has unmasked long-standing health disparities among African-Africans & other minorities, who now bear the greatest brunt of this pandemic… (1/9)
The problems of structural racism & systemic inequities are huge and cannot be solved overnight. But there are concrete actions that can be taken now.

I outline four in my oral testimony. Full written testimony to be posted on @COVIDOversight…. (2/9)
1. The federal government must target public health resources to minority and underserved communities. This includes targeted testing with a real-time dashboard for testing & contact tracing  + providing free housing for those who need to self-isolate. (3/9)
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1/ Today we welcome @DrBMBrawner as a guest Nerdy Girl to discuss racial disparities and #COVID19. She is an Associate Professor at the @PennNursing and a nurse practitioner.

Q. Why are we seeing such disparities in #COVID cases and deaths?
2/ A. One word: racism. Individual, institutional, and structural.
There is no biological basis for “race,” even though people in these groups can share genetic traits. Race is a socially constructed way to categorize people that has changed over time, location, etc.
3/ This presents a challenge when these categorizations were used to deem non-Whites to be inferior, with laws and systems put in place to enforce and maintain this declaration.
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"Should I wear gloves?"

The answer is very simple. You don't need to wear gloves for running errands, shopping driving etc. There is no evidence that wearing gloves for such activities actually protects you better.

In fact it can actually

#pune #Corona #Lockdown #Gloves #PPE
spread the germs because people wear the same pair of gloves from one place to another.

What actually will help is being proactive with social distancing, washing hands, not touching your face etc. Wearing a mask is a must. Don't touch it.

#pune #Corona #Lockdown #Gloves #PPE
The one time we do wear gloves is when we are receiving a parcel. Ensure no human to human handling. It is left outside the door and digital payments used. We bought a pair of kitchen gloves which we use. They are washed right after use. This

#pune #Corona #Lockdown #Gloves #PPE
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Gary Miller: if you read nothing else today.

If you voted them in, you’re an idiot.
If this shit doesn’t make you seethe with rage at the level of criminal negligence, you’re an idiot. If you think “Boris is doing a good job”, you’re an idiot. Below, is an accurate timeline
of recent events. People need to be put in prison, regardless of who they are.
I know It's unfathomable people are still defending this shower
December 31st China alerts WHO to new virus.

January 23rd Study reveals a third of China’s patients require intensive care.

January 24th Boris Johnson misses first Cobra meeting.

January 29th Boris Johnson misses second Cobra meeting.
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The right to health must guide responses to #COVID19 pleased to contribute to this @TheLancet 📰 jointly with @Judith_Mesquita
@BenjaminMMeier @DainiusPuras & Luis Cabal @UNAIDS 🧵thread on key points @AE_Yamin @saralmdavis @mbachelet @ASteiner @DrTedros
1. #HumanRights scrutiny in the #COVID19 pandemic has largely focused on limitations of individual freedoms to protect public health,yet it is essential to look at the broader relevance of realising human rights to promote public health in the COVID-19 response. @DrMercyKorir
2.The right to health requires that health goods,services, & facilities are available in adequate numbers;accessible on a financial,geographical,& non-discriminatory basis; acceptable,including culturally appropriate & respectful of gender& medical ethics;& of good quality @P4HR
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1/ THREAD: Becoming a Published Author in a Pandemic
I published my first academic paper in the American Chemical Society Chemical Neuroscience (what?!) called “Heralding Healthcare Professionals: Recognition of Neurological Deficits in COVID-19” with the incredible @AMannanBaig!
2/ The full text will be available as open access in a few days, but here's the link to the ACS abstract:…

#covid19 #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus #neuroinvasive #brain #neurotropic #pandemic #virus #medtwitter #nursetwitter

3/ I always imagined that my first publication would be in maternal or women's health as they are my main clinical passions. My new position @MountAuburnHosp was supposed to start in March but then the #pandemic happened and everything changed @plrosen
#mamasmatter #gynfluencer
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#TestTrackAndTrace is being launched. I'm gathering my thoughts as to how effective it will be:

These thoughts are all my own, and whist a member of @RenewParty they do not necessarily reflect their position.

Hope you enjoy the read.

We needed ventilators, so we ordered them from a tractor maker & a vacuum maker.
We cancelled the orders when we realised it was easier to order them from ventilator makers.
We needed large amounts of #PPE to be distributed so we drafted in the Army.
We then realised we didn't have the PPE to be distributed and blamed nurses for using too much of it.
Individuals stared making scrubs from home.
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My stance and thread on June 1st #schoolsreopening just so the #dfe don't bully you with blind Science... I think the way #DominicCummnings was treated totally different to anyone else sums up the real lack of trust from the #government from Parents and teachers alike. 1/3
We wanted to start with Y6 on June 1st in bubbles BUT only 9/46 wanted the kids to return. Sadly this is not possible now as only 50% of the #PPE order has arrived. Im not opening my school (other than #Keyworkers / #vulnerables) until I can guarantee staff and children's safety
I am not willing to have the #DFE blood on my hands. The disaster in the #carehomes and with #edenred shows their decisions are pretty 'rubbish'. Thus following the RA, Y6 return June 15th ... Y1 June 29th (if things go well) and Rec July 13th. I have full Gov backing and....
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ICYMI: Last week we announced our robust $1 billion plan to box in #COVID19 across Wisconsin, focusing on testing, contact tracing, operations, and resources for local communities. #Thread
This plan includes a $260 million investment in testing efforts to ensure that everyone who needs a test, gets a test.
Hand in hand with testing, we have to ramp up contacting tracing. Our plan includes critical investments in contact tracer staff and in our local county and tribal health departments to make sure we are contacting and isolating those who have had contact with the virus quickly.
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Private hospital in Maharashtra charging exorbitantly to treat Covid19 patients defying state order to charge as per rules. I report from Pune! @rajeshtope11 @CMOMaharashtra…
#SaifeeHospital charge Rs 9000 for #PPE per check up by doctors. This charging Rs 27,000 per day to one patient just for #PPE against govt order that PPE amount to be divided among all patients in the ward! @sanjaynagral #JanSwasthyaAbhiyan
Nobel Hospital in Pune charge gave Rs7.98 lakh bill to family of the patient after he dies due to #Covid_19india! @MahaDGIPR @Info_Pune
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Pourquoi vouloir réduire le nucléaire d'ici à 2035 ?
Brûler du gaz pour produire de l'électricité émettra toujours du CO2, et cette fuite en avant nous mène au gaz fossile.
C'est écrit noir sur blanc dans la nouvelle Stratégie Nationale Bas Carbone !
Écrit en tout petit, dans une note de bas de page..."
Lien direct:…
Page 120, note numéro 110
"Le Gouvernement a pris acte des études menées par RTE qui montrent que la réduction de la part du nucléaire à 50 % à l’échéance de 2025, telle que prévue dans la loi de transition énergétique pour la croissance verte, soulève d’importantes difficultés de mise en œuvre au regard
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How did US #neurologists experience the initial response to #COVID19? Find out in our survey now published online in @GreenJournal! @AkankshaMD @jillfarmmovedoc @DianaGCMD @LaFaverMD @kimaneurologist @AANMember
The survey was distributed via social media in March 2020 and received 561 responses from US #neurologists in practice. While 87% were provided #PPE by their institutions, 45% were asked to reuse PPE more than once.
Practices to limit #COVID19 exposure and advice on #selfquarantine varied widely. 43% of #neurologists with known exposure were advised to continue seeing patients unless/until symptomatic, and only 12% were offered immediate testing.
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An important thread on #COVID19, #PPE, and what I and my not-for-profit ayeMail are going to do to help.

This is for everybody. ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Over the past few weeks I've been horrified by stories of the lack of PPE in the NHS, care homes, and for home carers.

I'm equally horrified by the sky-rocketing prices of essential life-saving equipment, with many companies cashing in.

So I decided to do something about it.
I got together with a couple of friends, and we've spent the last two weeks scouring manufacturers and wholesalers to source (relatively) affordable PPE including face masks, visors and gloves.

The situation is pretty grim, with suppliers worldwide *massively* hiking prices.
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#PPE #DPI #Covid19
"la mascherina per personcine perbene"
Presentata in conferenza stampa congiunta #ISS @Regione_Sicilia la nuova "mascherina chirurgica" con controllo remoto per aprire la bocca in perfetto relax.… 1/
Su suggerimento di @Musumeci_Staff queste "mascherine chirurgiche" (in piena indipendenza di giudizio) sono state approvate dal comitato tecnico siciliano e da @ISSalute_it 2/
Sono considerate ideali per la Sicilia: consentono infatti di mangiare ma ostacolano la parola. 3/
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