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The man's either lying or he's DANGEROUSLY ignorant / ill-informed.

Hancock can't have missed that Cummings' henchman Ben, who attended SAGE, was the brother of Marc Warner (CEO of Faculty Science Ltd, formerly ASI Data Science Ltd) that built the #dashboards Matty Moo-Moos... loves, on top of @PalantirTech's Foundry "#DataPlatform" (remember those words!) that @NHSEngland has contracted for another 2 YEARS, to feed data from NHSE's ever-so-untransparent #DataStore.

But let's push it further - away from the now-defunct @CamAnalytica - in the...
...direction of the notoriously 👇👇👇 bullshitting:…

#AI company that also happens to be @MattHancock's GP:…

A company Hancock appears to be pushing his @NHSX minions to use to replace #NHS111 triage...…
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Join me 1000 BST for a #Quality2021 workshop on Reliability and Resilience - moving from Safety I to Safety II. The discussion will be around improvement methodology, with @JBraithwaitee1, Axel Rose and @IanLeistikow.
A little background about our facilitators.

@JBraithwaitee1 is Founding Director of the Australian Institute for Health Improvement.

On his YouTube channel, he has a handy 3-minute video about #Safety-II. #Quality2021
Axel Ros is Chief Medical Officer, Region Jönköping County, Sweden, and a specialist in General Surgery. He sits on the Swedish national patient safety committee. #Quality2021…
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British Medical Journal #BMJ says UK #government’s #COVID-19 response created “maelstrom of avoidable harm”
On Tuesday, the #BMJ (formerly, British Medical Journal ) accused the British #government of having unleashed “a maelstrom of avoidable harm,”
including the deaths of up to 150,000 people “who died earlier than they might have” as a result of its disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Executive editor Kamran #Abbasi made this damning indictment in a comment on the testimony given last week by Dominic Cummings,
former adviser to Prime Minister Boris #Johnson. His account, Abbasi writes, leads to “the inescapable conclusion… that the disastrous manner in which the #government is run is a major contributor to excess deaths in the UK, although Johnson persists with his denials.”
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The @Conservatives were warned for years about the risk of a novel virus yet did nothing to prepare the UK for what was known to be a high national security risk. This Thread brings together the documents and exercise's that no10 had at their disposal.
In 2007 the UK held a pandemic exercise that predated #OperationCygnus code named Winter willow, which put in place everything needed for a #coronavirusuk outbreak! Austerity depleted #PPE EX, Cygnus only exposed how badly!
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Sarah Owen: Thank you, Mr Cummings. I am going to move on to procurement, because you mentioned it several times as being chaotic and not fit for purpose, and as something that you wanted to change
before the pandemic.
Now, that falls under the Cabinet Office. Do you
think that Michael #Gove is culpable in any of the chaos that you have described around #PPE procurement, or any of the contracts that have
been dished out around covid and our response to covid?
Dominic Cummings: I don’t think, really, that—I don’t think that, really, Gove had a huge amount of responsibility, in a sense, for this. There were
officials in the Cabinet Office, yes, who were in charge of certain aspects of this, but procurement is not just done centrally
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1/ @AndrewBowie_MP on #PoliticsLive, repeating ad nauseam, the predictable #Tory lines that EVERYTHING #DominicCummings said yesterday was only HIS OPINION, that we must focus our minds on the #VaccinationRollout & that “PEOPLE” just don’t care.
2/ Like the many thousands of HCW & SCW colleagues who have worked right through the pandemic caring for ppl with #COVID19 & putting our lives (& the lives of our families) at risk on a daily basis w/ inadequate #PPE, I CARE VERY MUCH!
3/ The success of the #NHS #VaccineRollout CANNOT wipe away the trauma of all the lives lost & irrevocably damaged in the last year, much of it PREDICTED, AVOIDABLE & UNNECESSARY.

And I will not stand by letting this merry band of sycophantic @Conservatives MPs try to do so.
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1/ Like HCWs across the UK, #Teachers, school staff & those working in #earlyyears settings, have repeatedly been expected to work with inadequate #PPE, in conditions where the risk of catching #COVID19 is HIGH.
Like too many HCWs across the UK, they have been denied BASIC PROTECTIONS against an #Airborne 🦠.

2/Like so many HCWs across the UK, some have lost their lives or been left with #LongCovid UNNECESSARILY!

& like the families of 1000s of HCWs in the UK, too many are grieving the loss of loved ones that were PREDICTABLE AND AVOIDABLE.
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1/6 The figures are indeed devastating Mr Hunt & #ventilation in healthcare settings MUST be improved.

BUT you fail to comment on the INADEQUATE LEVEL of #PPE STILL worn by so many HCWs which undoubtedly resulted in many patients becoming infected as well as HCW illness & death.
2/HCWs are justified in being angry & patients have a right to be angry too.
The failings of UK Gvmt & @PHE_uk on #PPE are significant.

#OperationCygnus results ignored.

Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs.

#VIP lane for contracts but known #PPE suppliers ignored.
3/Would you feel SAFE caring for patients w/ known or suspected #COVID19 in a FRSM😷& plastic apron?

We know that those working in A+E, acute medical units & primary care are particularly vulnerable, seeing patients when they are likely to be highly infectious.
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Today #DominicCummings will give evidence to parliament. This is what you don’t know. The revelation that he was sitting on SAGE had many consequences. This was one of them
Thank you to @CarolineLucas @krishgm @globalhlthtwit @SusanMichie @Zubhaque & the rest of @IndependentSage.

The full film by @sheridanflynn will launch later today
5 MINS TO GO! Stay with us as we live-tweet on #DominicCummings hearing.

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1/ Tragically I can @carolecadwalla.

From the v start of the pandemic, #PHE have made a number of decisions that have definitely NOT been in the public’s or healthcare workers’ interest & will have resulted in many more lives lost or irrevocably damaged than was necessary.
2/ Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs was one such example.

Few HCWs doubt that the decision was based on supplies of #PPE available.
Anyone in doubt should try to watch this @BBCPanorama by Richard Bilton which is bizarrely no longer available?!
3/ @DrRCoull & I were 2 of many GPs who raised concerns last yr over the LEVEL of #PPE HCWs expected to wear when dealing directly w/ confirmed or suspected #COVID19 pts.
@drmeenalviz @ThePalpitations @DAUK_GP & @EveryDoctorUK @DrSimonHodes +others REPEATEDLY RAISED THE ISSUE
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1. Check out another way #PBM are making bank:
Insurer owns PBM who owns specialty pharmacy
Specialty pharmacy= pharmacy dispensing 💊💉stored under temp + special conditions: Chronic disease patients really need good specialty pharmacies. But....…
2. Insurer can force patient to use their in-house specialty pharmacy... thus...Aetna makes pts use CVS, BCBS+Cigna makes pts use accredo, etc
Besides the whopping conflict of interest....
3. ...there ⬇️ motivation 2 deliver 💉💊in quality manner so drugs actually work.
Cystic Fibrosis patients get sicker due to #PBM @ExpressScripts shoddy delivery of 💊
Migraine patients: same
Express Scripps don't care.
@amfmigraine @CF_Foundation @VP…
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At least 122,000 #NHS staff now have long COVID. And while #NHS staff were unprotected, #PPE contracts were being handed out by government ministers to “#VIPs” and #associates, some of whom had no experience in supplying #medical equipment.
Why didn’t we have the #PPE we needed?
In 2016, a simulation exercise called Exercise #Cygnus was carried out to test how the UK would perform if a #pandemic struck. The report wasn’t published at the time, but after mounting pressure it was published in October 2020.
It revealed that there had been gaping holes in the #government’s pandemic preparedness.
The #Cygnus report had recommended that a single health body be set up, called a “Pandemic Concept of Operations” to help to avoid chaos in a real pandemic. This wasn’t set up.
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EveryDoctor is taking the #UK government to court alongside the Good Law Project, because #NHS staff were unprotected during the pandemic.
880 health and #social care workers died while dutifully caring for patients on the COVID-19 frontline. Many had unsafe PPE, some had no #PPE
At least 122,000 #NHS staff now have long COVID. And while #NHS staff were unprotected, #PPE contracts were being handed out by #government ministers to “#VIPs” and #associates, some of whom had no experience in supplying #medical equipment.
Why didn’t we have the PPE we needed?
In 2016, a simulation exercise called Exercise #Cygnus was carried out to test how the UK would perform if a pandemic struck. The report wasn’t published at the time, but after mounting pressure it was published in October 2020.
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Priti Patel's Home Office have refused to disclose the legal identity of the company the #PritiPatelsEyebrows scandal eyebrow broke over. Responding to my FOI request they DENIED us Company or VAT Numbers of suppliers WE paid £77,000!
#PritiPatel #ToryCorruption #ToryDictatorship PritPatelsEyebrows
In a detailed investigation I identified that the beauty company listed as having sold the Home Office 'PPE' on the Procurement Credit Card was listed 'Dissolved'. I made a request for invoices to confirm the Company + VAT numbers used.
In response, Priti Patel's department claimed that telling us who they bought from would "harm the supplier's commercial interests" and concluded that the Home Office would be "withholding information". Are you for real, Home Secretary?
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On #InternationalNursesDay, 25-yr-old @Dulichandyadav1, a nursing officer at #AIIMS, shared this poem with me. Posting with permission:)

"Naa rukenge naa thakenge, khud se yeh vaada hai/chaahe saans ke iss yudh mein ho daav par saanse humaari"

Thank you for your service :) Image
A thank you is not enough. Last yr, I reported on the plight of nurses in #Delhi hospitals -- bad quality #PPE, extreme working hours, less pay, and many fell sick. Sharing some stories here:…
Anursing officer at a private hospital, said, “Health workers have been put in the line of fire without adequate gear”.

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Boris Johnson's brother Joseph Johnson made director of Dyson on 18th February 2020

After Coronavirus reached UK 23rd January & before James Dyson was awarded a #Ventilator contract on 16th March

Then he got tax laws changed🤦‍♂️

#ToryCorruption #TorySleaze #NeverVoteConservative Joseph Edmund Johnson made Director of Dyson February 2020
Companies House shows when Joseph Edmund Johnson was made a director of DYSON TECHNICAL TRAINING LIMITED.

18 February 2020

The brother of the Prime Minister appointed, at the start of the #Covid pandemic, to Director of a Dyson company🤦‍♂️

This came THE DAY AFTER Boris Johnson refused to disagree with his Special Adviser who said

"Black People are mentally inferior"😲

Even Lozza (sometimes) goes 24 hours without being racist AND getting his brother a #ToryDonor job🤦‍♂️
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Good Law Project is now able to reveal the names of four more companies awarded contracts through the VIP lane: #Clandeboye Agencies, P14 Medical, #Luxe Lifestyle and #Meller Designs
P14 Medical, run by a #Tory councillor and donor, was awarded £276m in #PPE contracts.
#Meller Designs, run by David Meller a large #Tory donor and trustee of the rightwing lobby group Policy #Exchange, was given more than £160m in #PPE contracts.
#Luxe Lifestyle was awarded a £26m contract despite appearing to be #insolvent and without any #employees.
#Clandeboye Agencies whose registered trade on Companies House is “wholesale of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery”
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Interesting week for the art of political distraction.
#europesuperleague either fan-power or competition law would've halted the plan, but political speed to bank political capital was unprecedented. Compare with days it took for PM to react to violence in Northern Ireland
#Boris & his Govt's slow reaction to #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia #GreensillScandal why Defence Minister Johnny Mercer is being dismissed, @GoodLawProject discovery yesterday about #Torysleaze donor awarded a £100m #PPE contract & why his name why redacted…
#Boris needs to answer why Cruddas got a peerage despite cash-for-access scandal. Why he overrode his ethics adviser on @pritipatel bullying/breaking Ministerial Code. ?s on #ArcuriAffair & her business receiving public money. Why he missed the 1st 5 emergency #covid meetings
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#MedTwitter influencers show hypocrisy (advice vs actions on masks). Agree:

“unpleasant comments are ‘the nature of social media’ and holding public figures accountable is critical when they are setting an example for their ‘millions of followers.’”…
#tweetiatrician have even gotten death threats for pro-#vaccine #SciComm - most #MedTwitter influencers did nothing to protect vs these personal safety threats to #clinician & #doctor colleagues

@ZDoggMD & @DrToddWo did step up to help @NicoleB_MD…
Compare above to Dr. Mike:
when medical influencers are “caught”

adds to public perception:
“doctors cannot be trusted”

“Another fan posted on Reddit: ‘I know it's your life and you can do what you want, but you have chosen to be a public figure.’”…
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"people are finding animals affected by #masks, gloves, & other #PPE. "The material that is helping us is harming others,"

But it's not. The material is not helping us. It serves as safety blanket, virtue signalling & inescapable reminder to retain #narrative. Nothing more.
When we harm nature, by default, we harm ourselves.

When we protect nature, by default, we protect ourselves.

We are part of nature.

We cry "protect #biodiversity" "protect #nature" - as we contribute to her destruction.

Enough. Just stop.
Nov 9 2019: "Pictures of Greta Thunberg are being used to shame office workers who use single-use plastic." [The Independent]

2020-2021: 6 billion face #masks consumed/discarded each day. Those that refuse are shamed. Demand for plastic has exploded.

#Microplastics #Pollution
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#PPE #COVID19 #MasksDontWork

Masks don't work. You have been directed to cover your face and the data says since Feb 2021 that there is a better system, yet, you're not being told to pursue it.…
The system works 2X better than masks. Yet, you don't know about it. No I'm not selling anything!
In Feb, 2021 the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published, "Experimental Efficacy of the Face Shield and the Mask against Emitted and Potentially Received Particles"
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