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15 Sep
Every single one of these @Conservatives MPs last night voted

Against their own "Oven Ready Brexit" pledge made to the UK

To break international law they created 9 months ago

To give Johnson/Cummings dictator level powers

I have removed those voted against/no vote recorded
They voted to restore the Direct Rules power to the NI sec which gives him the ability to override NI's MPs and Councils

This will retrigger the troubles

They voted against the will of the people of NI

Who voted over 71.12% for the GFA and 55.78% to remain in the EU
Chris Skidmore

Pauline Latham

Adam Afriyie

Gagan Mohindra

Philip Dunne

Paul Bristow

Peter Aldous

Andrea Leadsom

Elizabeth Truss
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14 Sep
Full list of Tory/DUP MPs most voted to lower our food standards.

Thereby creating the current fake situation being used a flimsy excuse for the #InternalMarketBill to break the legally binding withdrawal agreement

EU has not threatened a blockade, are simply asking questions
The #InternalMarketBill also breaks legally binding withdrawal agreement on EU state aid rules

And to add comedy

The new not yet signed UK/Japan trade deal has even harsher state aid rules, so the #InternalMarketBill breaks that before its even signed
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11 Sep
This is different, a new development, I'll explain why

MEPs in European Parliament

Have voted to say if the UK breaches, or threaten to breach, the Withdrawal Agreement through the Internal Market Bill or in any other way it will not ratify a UK-EU deal
Why is this very different?

Because this is NOT the Commission nor the EU27 leaders, not Michel Barnier etc, its non of the people were read about in the press

These are the democratically elected MEP's saying this.

They are elected just like our MPs
The group Farage's lot was in failed to register so is now defunct

It has been replaced by the "Eurosceptic European Conservatives and Reformists" (ECR)

This is where Farage's Brexit Party would be with if still an MEP

And even they voted to do this
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10 Sep
What is #Moonshot ?

Moonshot is a Β£100bn dead cat distraction

Tory gov is trying to break the international laws they co-created with the EU in the Withdrawal agreement they voted for the 9th on Jan, having used it to win the Dec 19 election, and was ratified on the 24th of Jan
The Withdrawal agreement was a new agreement drawn up by the Johnson government in cooperation with EU late 2019

It is not May's deal

He could not get it through the 17/19 Parliament

Election was held in December

Withdrawal "#OvenReadyBrexit" agreement was his centre piece
Here is Johnson calling it a great deal Nov and Dec 2019

The deal HE co-created

He knew exactly what was in it back in Nov and Dec 2019
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9 Sep

The #InternalMarketBill is not a just alteration to the WA treaty

Read it again carefully !

It takes control of every single UK law every there has been ever

It will make Johnson/Cummings more powerful than any king or queen has ever been

Its total and complete power Image
More reading

This section is mostly to do with Northern Ireland

At the moment!

ERG are screaming & shouting this bill be made even more extreme

This bill if passed makes Northern Ireland Sec the supreme power in NI

This is the total destruction of the GFA we are looking at
Remember this Gov gave its self the power to amend bills with out parliamentary scrutiny.
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3 Sep
1 of 4

Right now the Tory Gov is pushing through 2 changes in UK law

1 put them above Judiciary review and thus immune from the courts and the laws of the UK

2 making it easy to charged with treason by just speaking ill of the Gov, right now you'd have to try do a Guy Fawkes
2 of 4

Giving them selves immunity from the courts and the law

3 of 4

Making being charged with treason for just speaking ill against the Gov made easy

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3 Aug
I see the

"undemocratic unaccountable Eu Commission president" line is still being played out
First things 1st

The Eu Commission president, which is a civil service job is not unaccountable

He/She is accountable

Subordinate to

The European Council

They are the 27 elected heads of the EU member countries

Until recently it was 28 as Johnson was one of the 28
EU Commission president (Top Civil servant) is selected & subjected to democratic approval

European Council (27 elected PM/President) of the EU member countries select who they would like as C-P

MEP's then vote x2 if they approve 3 months apart, basically a try before you buy
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13 Jul
The Para's and the Royal Marines are the cream of the regular armed forced of the UK and are the main sources of recruits for the SAS and SBS

They are the tip of the spear

And #cummmings wants to decimate both with ultra harsh cuts

Leaving the UK vulnerable
The Para's aren't just guys that jump out of planes

The Marines aren't just guys who land by beach

These are the shock troops

The guys who go in first, backed up by Artillery, tanks and jets

Or sometimes go in alone and do the impossible
Only the infantry hold ground

Tanks can't
Jets can't
Helicopters can't

And Drones will not be able to either

There is no technological solution to a bunch of highly motivated and well trained men on the ground with rifles, MGs with some portable anti-tank/anti-air missiles
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24 Jun
.@BorisJohnson "no other country has working Covid-19 track and trace app"

asks Keir Starmer to name a country with a working contact tracing app

@Keir_Starmer Germany has one, 12.2m downloads


Here are the rest of the officially deployed one

Australia: COVIDSafe

Azerbaijan: e-Tabib

Bahrain: BeAware Bahrain

Bangladesh: Corona Tracer BD

China: Multiple apps

Colombia: CoronApp

Czech Republic: eRouΕ‘ka (Singapore app based)

France: StopCovid

Germany: Corona-WarnApp (offered for free to the UK, Johnson declined)
Ghana: GH Covid-19 Tracker App

Hungary: VΓ­rusRadar

Iceland: Rakning C-19

India: Aarogya Setu

Israel: HaMagen

Italy: Immuni

Japan: Shingata Koronauirusu Sesshoku Kakunin Apuri

Jordan: AMAN

Latvia: Apturi

Malaysia: MyTrace

New Zealand: NZ COVID Tracer

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29 May
Dominic Cummings gave Β£260m of your pounds to some mates of his.

Same mates who used your stolen Facebook data to profile floating Brexit voters by the 100s of 1000s

To build the English version of the NHS Covid19 tracing app

Instead of using the freely available tool kit that Apple/Google supplied to Governments worldwide that will help them create a track and trace app that respects your privacy and does not create a huge Government database

Cummings app will give him and his mates your data which they can then sell

Wonder why England doesn't use the global Apple/Google toolkit based apps?

Scotland, Wales and NI will have used the Google/Apple toolkit to make their apps

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18 May
No10 has told Scotland no more furlough payments unless they follow No10 on lifting lockdown restrictions

Sadiq Khan has been forced by No10 to raise fairs and the Congestion Charge in return for bailing out TFL

No10 will force councils to open schools in return for bailouts
Its up to us to not send our kids to school & place direct pressure on our councils not to cave it to Tory pressure

Its not safe for our kids yet, the Tories know this, are lying saying it is, they don't care if your child dies

Likes of Eton are not reopening until September
Keep an eye on the #PIMSTS hash tag

Doctors are finding that some children who have had Covid19 are getting a Kawasaki like disease a few weeks later, they have called PIMS-TS…
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15 Apr
Lets make it simple

To keep the hospital death count low

Only deaths the Tories acknowledge

They have been booting still infected old people to care homes where the Tories don't count the deaths in their daily briefings

Thus infecting old peoples homes and escalating deaths
This spreads #Covid19 rapidly around care homes

massively increasing the death count

The government is supposed to protect the old from #COVID19

Its actively doing something that will vastly increase their deaths

Many words for this

This is not me rambling


Its in the news

Ch4 have covered and was as others

This is actually happening right now right this second
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28 Mar
OK people

Lets talk about Covid19 and what the UK government doing to fight it or lack off

The 1st we heard of it was back in December and we saw what was starting to happen in January in China

Come early February we all saw something bad was coming
President Xi of China range both Macron and Johnson to tell them about it

Macron started work, Johnson, well he did nothing

Johnson has so far

Backed that ridiculous β€œherd immunity” without a vaccine idea that would kill thousands with those two plainly comprised β€œexperts”
The UK Government is disguising political decisions as scientific ones, as soon as you talk to another scientist or Doctor who is not inside the No10 propaganda machine, they complete disagree Johnson and his 2 tamed scientist, they are lying to us
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5 Nov 19
So @UKLabour claiming they can deliver Brexit next year without β€œtrashing” the economy or the NHS

This is simply not true

Plain and simple

It is a lie

If a Labour MP or PPC claims this, call them out

I shall now explain below
A customs union will not get the UK frictionless trade

A CU will not get the UK access to the EU services market

Only full EU members get frictionless trade

Only EU/EEA members get access to the EU services market
Only full EU membership will get the UK the things Corbyn promises in the @UKLabour Brexit deal

His proposed deal will not deliver what they say.

Basic knowledge of trading with the EU makes this clear.
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30 Oct 19
Lisbon 2020/2022/2024//2026/2028/2030/2032

Does not exist

They never existed

The Lisbon treaty was 2007 to 2009 and has been completed…
1: The UK along with all existing members of the EU lose their abstention veto in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty when the system changes to that of majority acceptance with no abstentions or veto’s being allowed.

2: All member nations will become states of the new federal nation of the EU by 2022 as clearly laid out in the Lisbon treaty with no exceptions or veto’s.

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9 Oct 19
Just shows how utter shallow, meaningless & hate filled the Leave campaigns anti Germany rhetoric is

"On September 22, 1984, François Mitterrand & Helmut Kohl sealed the Franco-German reconciliation with a handshake that entered history"

On September 22, 1984, French President François Mitterrand and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl , gathered in Verdun to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the First World War, exchange a long handshake. An unexpected gesture and unimaginable at the time, while a few months earlier
Germany had not been invited to celebrate the forty years of landing in Normandy.
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26 Jul 19
I never started out hating Corbyn

Hated the Tories, this was normal

When Corbyn was elected to Labour leader I was OK with that

He was a bit rough around the edges but I could improvement every time he was interviewed, was defiantly getting good coaching and gaining confidence
When we got the referendum I was surprised he was not at the same level he had shown prior he was capable of and then he went on a mini during the campaign

On the 24th he was the 1st MP to demand art50 be invoked

"What the heck man, we need to sit back a moment & take stock"
Slowly as we progressed I became more and more unimpressed by him

Then he helped May and whipped an unamended article 50

This is were I started not like him
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29 Jun 19
Found on Facebook

My message to @UKLabour this morning.
I had hoped for a Labour PM.
That will not happen.
I had hoped for policies of renationalising and refunding our Public Services.
That will not happen.
Labour has watched while jobs and agencies leave.
Labour sat on that fence while major employers protest.

There is no benefit to any Labour member or voter from Brexit.

We do not have huge sums of money offshore. We do not have vast Estates to pass intact.
Brexit will take our NHS, our manufacturing, our human rights, our freedom of movement.

Brexit is a R Wing coup and you have watched while Mogg, IDS and Gove are hailed as Working Class Saviours.

Sadly, you have lost the Members who are thoughtful enough to fact check.
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15 May 19
400 reasons to remain in the EU

1. The EU has helped maintain peace in Europe for over 60 years
2. The UK has greater global influence as a member of the EU
3. Brexit would diminish, not enhance, the UK’s global influence
4. The EU provides a counterweight to the global power of the US, Russia and China
5. Trump’s β€œAmerica First” isolationist, protectionist policies have weakened the UK’s β€œspecial relationship” with the US
6. The UK’s closest natural allies are now France, Germany and our other West European neighbours
7. The UK’s global role is defined by its membership of the EU together with other international organisations including NATO, the UN Security Council, OECD, G7 and G20
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13 Mar 19
Here is @Steven_Woolfe
Former UKIP MEP and current independent MEP

Talking about how is pro-brexit uncle died having never seen brexit come from

is he seriously trying to tug at heartstrings with this?
My remain voting mother has cancer in three parts of her body and is currently undergoing radiotherapy for it

It's actually working she finally got her appetite back last week

The isotopes used to treat her came from the EU
My father would dearly love to see a love of his life continue to live for many more years with a successful cancer treatment
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13 Mar 19
To @jeremycorbyn, Repeat after me

A customs union will not get the UK frictionless trade

A customs union will not get the UK access to the EU services market

Only full EU members get frictionless trade Only EU/EEA members get access to the EU services market

= #remain
Only full EU membership will get the UK the things you promise in your Labour Brexit deal

Your proposed deal will not deliver what you say.

Basic knowledge of trading with the EU makes this clear.
A customs Union that delivers frictionless trade?

This simply is not true, only full EU membership get frictionless trade

Even EFTA members faces some friction
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