For the leftists that support Omar on sharia law & defend IsIam, here’s how it works:

My cousin separated from her abusive husband 6 yrs ago

Her has cheated on her w several people & abused her

She filed for divorce. Was rejected b/c the husband says she is “allowed” come back
She told the judge the reasons 4 wanting a divorce, he’s abusive mentally & physically & he proudly cheats

Judge asked 4 eye witnesses

Women he sleeps w won’t testify b/c they’ll be punished

His family & friends won’t speak against him to testify on abuse or adultery charges
He told her that he’ll do what he wants but won’t divorce her so can rot in this relationship

She can’t have another relationship b/c she’s it’s punishable by law as she’s legally married

She can’t leave the country b/c she need her husband’s written permission 2 get a passport
She won’t sleep w him so by law he can take a 2nd wife or multiple temp wives w/o any consequence

She’s wealthy but even that doesn’t help. No one can help unless something unfortunate happens

So tell me, why is it that the ignorant left wants this un-evolved inhuman law here?

• • •

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More from @SKYRIDER4538

25 Aug
People go through various trials in life, some battle illnesses or witness wars, others loss of loved ones, jobs & businesses, some deal w/ failed relationships & abuse. These happen all over the world.

But, only in 🇺🇸 you have the freedom & a chance to change your life around.
I’ve had many experiences in my 43 yrs of life. Some great, some horrific. From witnessing a revolution, my mom running for her life while holding me, living through 8 yrs of war, leaving everything behind in a blink of an eye when the bombers were coming, seen blown up bodies...
Being harassed by morality police & IRGC, living under dictatorship & later socialism, being sexually assaulted twice, once at 13 & moving from country to country and much more, but at the end I take comfort that I live in 🇺🇸. The opportunities are endless if I want.
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6 Jul
Many fought to end segregation & slavery. We taught the history & preached abt equality. We evolved.

Then they erased history.

They started segregating. Black history month instead of American history month, black awards & entertainment, black only events at schools .... 1/5
Now they literally segregate parks & areas only letting blacks in. They have a black national anthem instead of American National anthem. They compartmentalized & dedicated areas & times to blacks ..... all for votes.

How can most of them not see what’s happening? 2/5
History always repeats itself & in this instance, a worst version of itself.
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18 Jun
@thEMANacho @Coach_MannyDiaz Genuin questions:
1. When black baby is born today, she/he is born with the same rights as a white kid or any other kid for that matter, why would he/she needs a head start, or feel behind unless that’s what the baby is taught?
My point being that all this is taught. No?
@thEMANacho @Coach_MannyDiaz 2. If Colin Kaepernick’s reaction was to protest bruitality, while so it right after he was benched and not before. Also why not do it on the street and not during a game that fans have paid and is not a public place. And why not during half time but during the anthem?
@thEMANacho @Coach_MannyDiaz Why not protest during one of advertisements that only affect his pocket not those who paid for tickets? Why not get out right now and protest with the people? Why not come out and condemn rioting but lead as MLK did? These are questions I’m sure many have.
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16 Jun
I was only 3 when the Iranian revolution happened. Millions of people rioted & destroyed my country of birth. I remember cocktail Molotavs exploding, fire, shootings, similar to or worse than here, but it happened in every square inch of the country. No safe spaces.
I vividly remember that when I was 3, during 1 of the biggest riots to force women to cover, my 20 y/o mom was running 4 her life frantically while holding me. She was attacked 4 improper hijab as she was holding me. Fighting off rioters as to avoid getting raped & beaten.
Imagine being discriminated against & verbally abuses because your family worked in the previous administration but you were a child and had no idea why a bunch of terrorist want to in prison and torture you extended family. Because they hated them & disagreed politically.
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14 Jun
41 yrs ago Iran’s Ayatollas used the poor & poorly educated 2 destroy Persian historic landmarks & monuments in the name of justice. Symbols of oppression they called them.
⏭ 41 yrs, they shot 1500 protesters, including kids. Some related 2 those who previously marched FOR them.
They too had similar beliefs & did what #BlackLivesMatter and Antifa are doing.

They took pride in destruction of monuments they claimed were of oppressive & painful to see.
At the end they were only remembered villains.

History always repeats itself.
They promised reparations, jobs, free land, healthcare, etc. They promised peace & inclusivity.
They erased history & wrote their own.

Much like #BlackLivesMatter & other groups full of resentment & hate & deprived of learnjng why history must remain authentic, people believed.
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13 Jun
Here are on my views on the current issue,as I’m asked often.

I am pro 1A 4 all as long as it doesn’t end in violence or physical harm.

Though I don’t support #BlackLivesMatter b/c I believe all lives are precious, including blacks, I support their right 2 exercise free speech.
As an immigrant, I despise Dems randomly coming to me when I speak Farsi only to tell me that it is okay to be a forigner. I never thought it wasn’t. I’m an Iranian born American & proud of it. I don’t need liberals pandering to me. Conservatives have never treated me that way.
I genuinely believe that pandering is admission of guilt.

Racists pander when they’ve realized their actions are no longer benefiting them.

That’s why I despise Hollywood Liberals going out of their way telling you that only recently they’ve realized how racist they’ve been.
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