PC has begun. @pamelaphilipose is conducting the PC, speaking powerfully about Bhima Koregaon and Delhi Police witch hunts. In the absence of real evidence, police is cooking up dodgy, falsehoods, narratives. I'll try for live tweet but poor network may not allow
. @pamelaphilipose says @DelhiPolice says it's even handed, but Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur are still free, an officer asked his people to take "due care" to avoid "Hindu resentment". But millions of Hindus want nothing more than peace, justice, d capacity to lead fulfilled lives
Now we're going to hear the voice of @UmarKhalidJNU, a short message he recorded just before being arrested by @DelhiPolice (you can't silence us! Can't silence him)
Don't worry, this video of @UmarKhalidJNU will be shared after the PC with everyone. He's talking about how a false narrative was created in some media using misleading clips. They want to discredit anyone who question the Govt.
India is so diverse, but all are equal in eyes of law, now they want to change that, they want to imprison me, they want to imprison you in falsehood. I say, don't be afraid, raise your voice against every injustice! - courageous @UmarKhalidJNU before his arrest!
Net's playing up now. Syeda Hameed spoke now saying they want to destroy composite culture of India. I remember the afternoon that terrified students hid from vicious police in my house.
. @pbhushan1 saying the anti CAA movement was teaching the Constitution to India's children & people. Activists of that movement are being called rioters, conspirators?! While openly violent ruling party leaders are free.
. @pbhushan1 - DPSG WhatsApp group is being called criminal. It was a group with the noble motive of supporting Delhi Protests. Today its members are being called conspirators!
Internet is too poor to share pictures, so can't share the statement released here, nor the powerful images of people standing quietly holding placards saying "हम सब" "We're all" followed by photo, name of each of 23 people arrested by @DelhiPolice under UAPA
. @pbhushan1 - this is not an investigation of a conspiracy, it's a criminal conspiracy by @DelhiPolice to frame innocent people under an unconstitutional law, let off the criminals. There should be a commission of enquiry into the Delhi Police's investigation
Nandita Narain, former DUTA president speaking now, saying those who said goli maaro are out free, while students who grew up in our care, we're like their parents, they're idealistic, think for social good not their own interests. They're using their education for society.
Now after @pamelaphilipose, Syeda Hameed ji is speaking. "I live in Jamia, I've seen what's been happening since Dec. I remember that horrific afternoon when students had to take refuge from violent cops in my house"
हम सब - we're all - with every single one of the arrested persons. See the posters. See the statement issued at PC
I spoke after this. Said 1) 11 lakh pages on Umar, none on migrant workers - priorities of Modi Govt 2) UP Govt has formed private militia, during Modi's Shah's rule in Gujarat, Gujarat police was used as private militia spying on a woman, killing people.
Is this how @DelhiPolice wants to be remembered? Julio Ribeiro & other former police officers are asking this question. In reply DP is saying those we're investigating have too much social media presence, they're creating a fake impression on social media!
Who has greater social media clout, capacity for fake news that Modi & BJP IT Cell? Support for Umar & others isn't the product of any IT Cell, it is the voice of India's people who can see the naked lies of @DelhiPolice for the cruel farce it is
We stand with each and every one of those anti CAA activists arrested by Delhi Police. Full statement released at PC attached

• • •

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14 Sep
Advocate Tridip Pais for @UmarKhalidJNU in Karkardooma Court just now: opposes remand, asks for remand application copy, requests medical examination report since he's in custody
States that @UmarKhalidJNU has none of his basic needs with him, requests that these be given to him.
Advocate for @UmarKhalidJNU now reading the remand application out loud to the court, saying let us see what case they have against him
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31 Aug
We can't just shrug our shoulders and let @news18dotcom @CNNnews18 get away with platforming an anchor who displays such a cruel enjoyment in the suffering of a human being. @CNN
#KashmiriLivesMatter #KashmirBleeds #SackAmishDevgan
. @TwitterIndia you want to be like #AnkhiDas on #Facebook? You are allowing this tweet & this handle to remain on the platform? @Twitter
Devgan claims this tweet is "defending India". No. It's shaming India with its glee at fate of Kashmiri Muharram mourners riddled with pellets
We've all seen crowds of people shopping for Ganpati, participating in worship at Tirupati & other temples. No pellet firing on those crowds. So, Covid-19 is no justification for pellet firing on Muharram procession in Srinagar, Kashmir.
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17 Aug
Rest in music Pt Jasraj 🙏🏾. For my mother and her siblings and parents, he was family. As a young man in Kolkata, he used to come to my grandparents' Elgin Road home to teach my 4-5 year old mum and her elder sister music. #thread
He would come home early morning, set the two little girls to do riyaz and sleep off on the sofa, telling them to wake him when their mother brought in filter coffee and idlis. The two brats once put signs all over the house saying सोफ़े पर सोना मना है!
On Jasraj ji's 89th birthday celebration in Mumbai, mum gifted him some old family photos of him, with a reminder of the "सोफ़े पर सोना मना है" (sleeping on the sofa is prohibited) joke.
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17 Jul
Kerala Catholic priest Robin Vadakkumchery, sentenced to 20 years in jail for raping & impregnating a minor girl, now "offers to marry" his victim. Rapists "offering to marry" their victims, is btw all too common in Indian courtrooms (see thread) thenewsminute.com/article/rapist…
In 2003, a nurse in Delhi's Shanti Mukand Hospital was raped, her eye gouged out, by a ward boy. Convicted for the crime, facing sentencing, the rapist offered to marry his victim. The judge ASKED THE VICTIM TO CONSIDER THE PROPOSAL for a day, delaying the sentencing!
The nurse said "(The rapist) made it sound like a favour. This was more shocking than the proposal itself. The most horrible thing in the whole business was the court having admitted such an application". Read Laxmi Murthy on this case
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4 Jul
We see the vile organised abuse bold women face from BJP backed troll armies. On the ground, the attacks are physical. AIPWA leaders Jeera Bharti in Mirzapur, UP, & Sohila Gupta in Siwan, Bihar have been subjected to organised attacks by BJP supported goons. #thread
उत्तर प्रदेश में AIPWA नेता जीरा भारती और बिहार में AIPWA नेता सोहिला गुप्ता पर भाजपा संरक्षित गुंडों द्वारा हमलों पर एक वीडियो बयान सुनें.
जीरा भारती पर हमले के बारे में पढ़ें viplavikisansandesh.page/article/mahila…
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20 May
MP Police beat up a man. Their apology: "You had a long beard. All are ashamed that they did this to a Hindu brother without knowing his identity. Whenever there is a Hindu-Muslim riot, police always supports the Hindus, beat Muslims brutally.” #Thread bit.ly/36dyQ0i
What's happening here? The MP cops are telling Bundele "we didn't beat you up coz you're Dalit/bahujan. We've friends from your caste. We beat you up coz we thought you were Muslim. You're a Hindu brother of ours, come, let's hate Muslims together."
Here on display is the institutional communal bias of India's police. The MP police is using the same strategies the Sangh: brutalise oppressed castes & then try to coopt them into the Sanghi fold by inviting them to bond over & share anti Muslim hatred. But IT FAILED.
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