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#thread on #gatekeeping on #ManipurViolence
What's your response to
- a 7-year-old boy & his mum burnt alive in an ambulance by a Meitei chauvinist mob?
- a 20-year old Kuki girl being thrashed by a mob while Meitei women shout "Rape her! Torture her! Cut her into pieces!" ImageImageImageImage
If your first response is to scold or lecture me (or "mainland media" for cherry-picking cases & focusing more on Meitei mob massacres than on Kuki militants & Indian Army, you need to stop & take a closer look at yourself.
Instead of asking me why I am blowing these atrocities out of proportion, ask yourself why you are more outraged at some tweet of mine than at chauvinist outfits being able to get people to participate in these horrific crimes?
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Bosser sur la France Libre, c’est voir passer des annonces de “colloque international” avec une (1 !) historienne pour quatorze interventions. Sur deux jours ☠️
J’en ai assez de grincer des dents en silence et d’accepter passivement cet état des choses

Du coup voilà, je fais la féministe hystérique de service et me mets potentiellement dans la merde, mais ça aura le mérite d’avoir été dit

ON NE FAIT PAS DE #manel / #manference EN 2022
Si je quitte la recherche sur la SGm, c’est en (très) grande partie à cause de cet “état des choses” qu’on nous impose, à nous, jeunes chercheuses. J’en parlerai probablement plus ouvertement quand le temps aura fait son travail. Pour l’instant je suis juste déçue, et fatiguée.
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Amodeo nel suo video pro #Italexit () spiega:

Assumo come modello di gatekeeping il M5S.
Subito un errore di metodo. Non c'è solo quel modello.

Dice Amodeo:
Nel vero gatekeeping si propongono cose come il taglio dei parlamentari.🤔⬇️⬇️⬇️
Dice Amodeo: con una base informata e consapevole non riesci a fare gatekeeping.

La realtà:
Grillo nacque come controinformatore della base sul campo e ospitava sul blog tanti controinformatori per la base, qui un elenco:…)
Amodeo: ma in #Italexit ci siano molti più candidati consapevoli e noti per il loro attivismo.

OK, forse, ma...

Ripeto: chi ha detto che il gatekeeping 2022 deve seguire esattamente il modello del M5S 2013-2018?
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#Zerovirgolisti : #gatekeeping e #NaziVax alle porte delle #ElezioniPolitiche2022 le loro posizioni a favore della #dittaturasanitaria dei #vacciniobbligatori del #greenpass

#CaroselloPolitico gentilmente offerto da :

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #IONONVOTO ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Ancora Italia, Partito Comunista, Riconquistare l’Italia, Azione Civile, Rinascita Repubblicana, Comitati No Draghi, Italia Unita e tanti altri. La nuova formazione #ITALIASOVRANAEPOPOLARE #scissionedellatomo

#IONONVOTO ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
“E un bene che nei partiti ci sia chi si lascia sfuggire opinioni
in libertà. Secondo me sono più importanti dei programmi
ifficiali. @ossequioso

#IONONVOTO ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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#endlichRhB #blog #blogging mir brichts das herz (so?) Image
zusammen mit der erfahrung von der neusten version #Wordpress

so umständlich
so unangenehm
so unschön

waren meine #blogs noch nie in 30 jahren weh!weh!weh :-/ Image
so heftig die reaktionen gegen kollaboratives arbeiten in offenen (und insb. freien) umgebungen...

heftige zeiten
- so erlebe ich es. aber:

und ist die realität gegen mich
- umso schlimmer für die realität

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The DISCHARGE trial in online on the NEJM and it confirms what we all experience every day using CCT in a proper manner. CCT is safer, reliable and allows better management of stable patients with suspected obstructive CAD as compared to invasive strategy.
The main observation that comes to my mind however is still the very low prevalence of patients with obstructive CAD (25%) in both arms (CT and ICA). This is well known from previous studies and it is related to the selection criteria adopted for referral, partly.
The fact that still we send for an invasive and costly examination (CAG/ICA) this huge number of patients is simply astonishing in 2022. Healthcare cannot be managed like this, especially in universal systems like Italy, Germany, UK, Canada,...
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Truth and Justice must ultimately win out, and the #gatekeeping of #HEX is coming to its inevitable end, as it should.

With that being said, the @CoinMarketCap lawsuit case has officially been filed, spread the word Fam!! 😀🙌

Find your mark Hex case, find your mark! 😎✊
@RichardHeartWin have you seen this yet?
@cz_binance if you have seen this yet you soon will. 🙂
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[Aus #Kulturwissenschaft und #Sozialwissenschaften Sendung - Deutschlandfunk] Aus Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften 29.07.2021 - komplette Sendung #ausKulturUndSozialwissenschaftenSendungDeutschlandfunk… via @PodcastAddict
ab min32 - bin am suchen nach dem einzrag dieses beitrags... kurz vor investigativer recherche (so?)
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#MakingOf #LiveBlogging


#DasTwitterInterview – #001 #Journalismus…



#mediengesetz #freespeech #agree2disagree #NoBillag #covid19gesetz #DasTwitterInterview
#LOL #DasTwitterInterview mein letzter versuch mit einem solchen format, war auch während einer brot & spiele phase:

#em2021 #sui NIE WIEDER massen leitende medien Image
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1/ BREAKING: Sean Goode (@WhyICHOOSE180) resigns from @MayorJenny's "task force" before it starts:

"The role...was not to bake the cake [or] identify the ingredients the community would like to be included but to merely put the icing on so it would be palatable to my people."
2/ "FIRST, any investment that does not align with a corresponding divestment in policing does not actually create the change we need.

Imagine Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center funding both cancer research and the spread of the disease. Sounds ridiculous, right?" #Right
3/ "Yet @MayorJenny plans to spend $100 million to resource BIPOC communities while continuing to spend several times as much on [policing systems] the very thing that perpetuates inequity throughout BIPOC communities."

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Started to read some of these, and you start to realise the implications if society does not address the needs of 'invisible' groups, older men #awoc being one that requires urgent attention #endloneliness #transformageing #increasefun
What really resonates with me, & I'm not #awoc, although as a #carer I didn't have children, are the negative perceptions of older childless men. A recent experience when talk about @CM2MLtd was being interrogated for a good 20 mins of why a man wants to do this. It was all.1/3
about safeguarding & nothing to do with the needs of older men, so why did a man with #livedexperience get a grill? I can only think due to how some ppl view abusers men not live locally were view in a certain way? I carry my DBS with me, but why should I feel the need 2/3..
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