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Stefan Michalak was prospecting for quartz & silver in 1967 when he noticed 2 red glowing cigar shaped crafts hovering in the sky.

The craft took on a disc shape when it landed & thats when Stefan decided to get a closer look.

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP ImageImageImage
Stefan, being ex polish military, believed the craft to be of Military origin.

He sat back and spent the next 30 mins sketching the odd flying object before deciding to approach it for a closer look.

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP #paranormal ImageImage
As Stefan got closer to the disc shaped craft, he noticed an overwhelming smell of sulfur & the whirling of warm hissing air.

He could hear muffled talking coming from inside the craft. He called out asking if they needed any mechanical help but the voices went quiet.

#UFO ImageImage
Stephan recalled the craft as being:

- made of smooth metal

- lit panels & various colored lights inside

- 3 panels made up the door

- outside of the craft was so hot it melted his glove upon touch

#UFO #UAP #UFOsighting ImageImage
The craft began to move in front of Stefan, he was then struck by a blast of hot air that pushed him backwards & set his shirt on fire as the craft flew away.

Disoriented & nauseous, Stefan stumbled through the forest and vomited before returning to his hotel.

#UFO #UAP ImageImage
Stefan was treated at the hospital for burns to his chest & stomach which eventually turned into a strange raised grid like pattern.

For weeks after he also suffered from diarrhea, headaches, blackouts & weightloss. ImageImage

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Oct 24, 2020

Discovered in 2015 by a group of grave robbers, a large series of alleged mummified aliens were recovered from a tomb in the mysterious hills of Nasca, Peru.
The researchers claim to have distinguished 2 different Alien species retrieved from the ancient tomb:

- Jamin Palpanensis, humanoid hybrid species (1 specimen)
- A Humanoid Reptile species (4 specimens)

They had also found carved rocks, metal work, mummified brains ect.
With successful crowd funding, these specimens were extensively tested by DNA analysis, X-ray, scanned, Molecular composition test, and more.

findings came back:
- it is biological material,
-this material is old or very old
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Oct 22, 2020

Tamara Prosvirina, an elderly resident of Kaolinovy, Russia, came home from her daily walk proclaiming she had found herself a baby in the wilderness.
Under a tree.
Next to an old cemetery.

Investigators would later find out this was no ordinary baby.
Tamara would tell others of her new baby she named Alyoshenka but would strangely refuse to show anyone who asked to see. Her neighbors would eventually just write this off as senile delusion.

...Until she let her daughter-in-law help take care of it. Image
Her daughter-in-law would affirm to skeptics what Tamara had was real & not human. She described the creature as:

- 10" long
- Dark grey skin
- Bald & hairless with brown spots
- Protruding eyes w/ vertical pupils
- Thin lips
- Holes for ears & nose
- no naval or genitalia Image
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Sep 28, 2020

At 11am, a 55 year old plumber had his attention grabbed by a strange noise & a gleaming silver "brighter than chrome" #UFO landing in his yard.

Little did he know, spacemen were about to deliver him breakfast.

#UFO #UFOtwitter
The space craft seemed to hover above the ground, rather than touch fully.

Joe described the craft to be 12 feet in height by 20 feet diam. There were no windows or seams on the build either, just a strange electrical hum.

#UFO #UAP #UFOtwitter
A hatch opened on the side, revealing the dark interior with instrument panels and 3 #Alien beings.

The beings were described as:
- Italian looking
- Very smooth skin
- 5ft, 125 lbs
- piercing eyes
- black outfits w/ no zippers or buttons

#UFO #UFOtwitter
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Sep 24, 2020

In 1966, a banana grower was driving his tractor when he heard an odd HISSS below him.

When he checked to see if it was a flat tire, a silver-grey 25-ft saucer rose from the field in front of him.

#UFO #ufotwitter #UAP #cropcircles Image
The saucer ascended from a nearby lagoon to the treeline before tilting slightly and shooting off sideways at a terrific speed.

The farmer ran through the reeds and grass to get a closer look.

#UFO #UFOtwitter #UAP #cropcircles Image
He discovered a large clockwise rotating whirlpool completely void of all the marsh grass and reeds that had over taken the area.

Over the next few hours, the dead reeds rose to the surface forming a "nest" with the perfect imprint of the inverted saucer.

#UFO #UFOtwitter Image
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Sep 22, 2020

In 1977 hundreds of reports began coming in of people not just seeing bright low flying objects -

but having experiences of being shot at with beams of light resulting in unexplained physical injuries.

#UAP #ufotwitter #paranormal Image
The injuries reported as a result of being hit by one of the glowing objects beams of light was anything from:

- giddiness

- fatigue

- burns

- radiation burns

- puncture marks

- feeling of just giving blood

#UFO #UAP #Chupachupa #ufotwitter ImageImage
The name "Chupa-Chupa" or "Sucker-Sucker" was given to these lights due to the odd reportings of puncture holes or bite like marks left when contacted by one.

This began Operação Prato (Operation Plate/dish), an operation solely focusing on the #UFO phenomena at the time. ImageImageImage
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Sep 21, 2020

Among the collection of #paranormal stories Bill claims during his time in the British Military - there is 1 that definitely stands out.

While on watch one night, Bill witnessed a mass abduction take place at his base camp.

#UFO #UAP Image
Around 9pm, Bill & a few soldiers noticed a strange orange mist coming towards them.

Thinking it was a simulated gas attack, they retrieved gas masks but when they returned they were surprised to see everyone at the camp was fast asleep.

#UFO #UFOtwitter #aliens Image
Bill and a fellow solider went back on watch & soon saw a bright light & more smoke approach them from the forest.

As if turned in to Zombies, all the sleeping soldiers suddenly arose & began walking in unison towards the light.

#UFO #abduction #UAP Image
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