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Oct 24, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read

Discovered in 2015 by a group of grave robbers, a large series of alleged mummified aliens were recovered from a tomb in the mysterious hills of Nasca, Peru. 2|
The researchers claim to have distinguished 2 different Alien species retrieved from the ancient tomb:

- Jamin Palpanensis, humanoid hybrid species (1 specimen)
- A Humanoid Reptile species (4 specimens)

They had also found carved rocks, metal work, mummified brains ect.
Oct 22, 2020 11 tweets 5 min read

Tamara Prosvirina, an elderly resident of Kaolinovy, Russia, came home from her daily walk proclaiming she had found herself a baby in the wilderness.
Under a tree.
Next to an old cemetery.

Investigators would later find out this was no ordinary baby. 2|
Tamara would tell others of her new baby she named Alyoshenka but would strangely refuse to show anyone who asked to see. Her neighbors would eventually just write this off as senile delusion.

...Until she let her daughter-in-law help take care of it. Image
Sep 28, 2020 10 tweets 10 min read

At 11am, a 55 year old plumber had his attention grabbed by a strange noise & a gleaming silver "brighter than chrome" #UFO landing in his yard.

Little did he know, spacemen were about to deliver him breakfast.

#UFO #UFOtwitter 2|
The space craft seemed to hover above the ground, rather than touch fully.

Joe described the craft to be 12 feet in height by 20 feet diam. There were no windows or seams on the build either, just a strange electrical hum.

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Sep 24, 2020 5 tweets 6 min read

In 1966, a banana grower was driving his tractor when he heard an odd HISSS below him.

When he checked to see if it was a flat tire, a silver-grey 25-ft saucer rose from the field in front of him.

#UFO #ufotwitter #UAP #cropcircles Image 2|
The saucer ascended from a nearby lagoon to the treeline before tilting slightly and shooting off sideways at a terrific speed.

The farmer ran through the reeds and grass to get a closer look.

#UFO #UFOtwitter #UAP #cropcircles Image
Sep 22, 2020 8 tweets 9 min read

In 1977 hundreds of reports began coming in of people not just seeing bright low flying objects -

but having experiences of being shot at with beams of light resulting in unexplained physical injuries.

#UAP #ufotwitter #paranormal Image 2|
The injuries reported as a result of being hit by one of the glowing objects beams of light was anything from:

- giddiness

- fatigue

- burns

- radiation burns

- puncture marks

- feeling of just giving blood

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Sep 21, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read

Among the collection of #paranormal stories Bill claims during his time in the British Military - there is 1 that definitely stands out.

While on watch one night, Bill witnessed a mass abduction take place at his base camp.

#UFO #UAP Image 2|
Around 9pm, Bill & a few soldiers noticed a strange orange mist coming towards them.

Thinking it was a simulated gas attack, they retrieved gas masks but when they returned they were surprised to see everyone at the camp was fast asleep.

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Sep 20, 2020 6 tweets 5 min read

In 1976, Officer George Wheeler went to investigate what he believed to be a fire he saw on a near by hill.

Upon arriving, he unexpectedly pulled up to a strange glowing craft hovering 100 ft above the ground!

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP Image 2|
George described the craft as having:

- 6 bluish-white lights

- several windows

- silver colored

- protruding legs

- slowly revolving parts

- shadows of figures moving inside

- a long black hose hanging down into the treeline.

#UFO #UAP #UFOsighting Image
Sep 20, 2020 7 tweets 5 min read

Rudolph Fentz was reported missing in the 1800s when the 29 year old went for his evening walk & never returned.

Little did his loved ones know he would appear 100 years later in the middle of a busy NYC intersection.

#paranormal Image 2|
Rudolph, wearing authentic 1800 style clothing, was reportedly seen wandering through the busy NYC streets on a dark evening in June 1950 before allegedly being hit by a taxi & unfortunately killed.

#timetraveller #paranormal Image
Sep 18, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read

Jim & his family went for a normal family outing & snapped a few photos of his daughter.

Once the photos were developed he could clearly see an entity wearing a white suit & helmet with a dark visor right behind his daughter.… Image 2|
Jim & his wife claimed they had not seen anyone else that day on Burgh Marsh.

The word got out about the photo & things got weird.

Jim was visited from 2 "Men in Black" who asked to be taken to the spot where the image was taken & referred to each other as No. 9 & No. 11. ImageImage
Sep 17, 2020 6 tweets 5 min read

Nurse Doreen Kendall arrived at work & began her shift like she always did.

While attending to an agitated patient, she thought it would be nice if she opened the window for them - to her surprise a large, bright #UFO was on the other side.

#UAP ImageImage 2|
Doreen described the #UFO as 🛸:

- a huge "Saturn-shaped object"

- 50 feet in length

- bottom of the craft was silvery like metal with a bowl shape

- top of the craft was a dome shape made of glass

- light came from the top making it easy to see inside

#UAP #Ufosighting Image
Sep 16, 2020 6 tweets 7 min read

Stefan Michalak was prospecting for quartz & silver in 1967 when he noticed 2 red glowing cigar shaped crafts hovering in the sky.

The craft took on a disc shape when it landed & thats when Stefan decided to get a closer look.

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP ImageImageImage 2|
Stefan, being ex polish military, believed the craft to be of Military origin.

He sat back and spent the next 30 mins sketching the odd flying object before deciding to approach it for a closer look.

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP #paranormal ImageImage
Sep 15, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read

A young boy in the 1940s was mysteriously over come with hearing voices, violent outbreaks & the devil?

Over months, priests would try to release Satan from Roland which would later inspire the cult classic The Exorcist

#haunted #paranormal Image 2|
It all began when Roland found out his beloved Aunt (who was a spiritualist & taught him how to use a Ouija board) had passed away.

After her death, scratching on the walls & floors began being heard & Rolands mattress would oddly shake.

#exorcism #haunted #paranormal ImageImage
Sep 11, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read

While fishing with his dog one night, Alfred noticed lights in the forest which seemed to get closer.

Eventually 2 small #alien beings approach him from where the lights were & they invited him back to their #UFO.

Alfred accepted. ImageImage 2/
Alfred described the #alien beings as:

- 4 feet in height

- Thin limbs

- Pale-green helmet with black visor

- Pale-green coveralls

- No obvious buttons, zippers or fasteners on their clothing. Image
Sep 7, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read

On his way home, a very bright light appeared in Hideichi's car with no source.

He felt a force turn his head out his driver window to see a bizarre "unearthly creature" with a pipe like object emerging from its mouth.

#ufo #ufology #paranormal Image 2/

Hideichi claimed the humanoid creature pressed the pipe like object against the whole of his face and he would hear "voiceless high pitched noises" fill his head.

#alien #alienencounter #paranormal Image
Sep 3, 2020 6 tweets 4 min read

Lech Chacinski was driving to work at 5am when he noticed 3 humanoid figures wearing spacesuits standing on the side of the dirt road.

As Lech approached them, he began receiving telepathic messages before they took off in their #ufo. ImageImage 2/
When Lech drove towards the 3 beings, he noticed they were standing in a triangular pattern which he found odd.

The front figure raised his hand, as Lech slowed down & the 3 approached his car close enough for Lech to notice 2 large black eyes behind their "space" helmets. crop circles found in the a...
Sep 1, 2020 4 tweets 4 min read

While on patrol, Deputy Johnson notices a very bright light in the distance & goes to investigate.

The last thing Johnson remembers is the bright light coming towards him & the sound of shattering glass before he blacked out.

Image 2/
After waking around 40 mins later, Johnson radios for help & arrives at the hospital where the Doctor states that the Deputy was in a state of shock & his eyes looked as if they were inflicted by welding torches.

#paranormal #ufosighting #uforeport ImageImage
Mar 28, 2020 9 tweets 10 min read

The night of September 19, 1961 would forever change the lives of Barney & Betty Hill.

Thinking their vacation was over, the couple would be enroute home from Canada

where they would involuntarily take the trip of their lifetime.

#UFO #abduction #Abductees #alien ImageImage 2/9


the highway back to Portsmouth was barren.

While Barney drove, Betty noticed a bright erratically moving star in the sky..

she convinced Barney to pull over for a better look..

#UFO #abduction #Abductees #paranormal #aliens ImageImage
Mar 23, 2020 4 tweets 4 min read
in 1957, 5 year old Jesse Long & his brother were exploring the woods & came across a 'round house under construction' 🛸

When a tall figure appeared with a long rod in his hand & a light emanating from one end which left both Jesse & his brother paralyzed.

#UFO #abductee ImageImage Through hypnotic regression, Jesse remembers being taken aboard the craft & separated from his brother.

He was put onto a cold, hard table & had an un-earthly device embedded into his shin which he had removed 34 years later.

#aliens #implant #abduction ImageImage
Mar 15, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
"A weather balloon & its kite was recovered by the RAAF personnel"

Stated General Ramey to the press on July 8, 1947 just after the infamous Roswell crash incident

& later reiterated during a Roswell UFO Air Force News Briefing by Col John Haynes, 1997
It was Insisted "Project Mogul", a top secret US army project, was flying high altitude weather balloons with microphones and was the cause of the hysteria. ImageImage
Mar 8, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
The bizarre events which occurred during the Battle of Las Angeles in 1942 still causes some confusion on what really happened that evening on Feb 24

#ufo #aliens #paranormal Image When the US navy picked up an approaching enemy on radar, air raid sirens sounded & a citywide blackout was put into effect. 📡

Within minutes, troops had manned anti-aircraft guns and begun sweeping the skies with searchlights until 3am when the shooting started... Image
Mar 3, 2020 13 tweets 6 min read
If Aliens asked if you would go on a 42 month interstellar journey through the solar system..

Would you go?

What if they asked you telepathically and without giving a date or time of departure?

That happened to Granger Taylor from BC, Canada in 1980

& he accepted.
[THREAD⬇️] Image Since the time Granger was little, he was always fascinated in electronics.
Tampering, fixing, taking apart & rebuilding again, electronics was an obsession!

Granger even restored a Kitty Hawk warplane & received his pilots license.

This is when his interest with UFOs began 🛸 ImageImage