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🌈 Hey Rainbow Readers! Happy Pride! We have several fun genre lists heading your way this month. All of these lists will feature between 10-20 books and all books on it will have under 5,000 Goodreads ratings, with a handful on each being under 1,000! A black background with a s...
Our goal is to introduce you to new books you might have never seen otherwise. These will be a mix of indie and traditional books; and range in age category!

Our first list is our queer paranormal books!
This is for readers who loved books like Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, Wolfsong by TJ Klune, or Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu! For this list, we defined paranormal as books that are set in the real world (and generally more modern than historical),
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(1/7) #FridayReads #FictionFriday

I highly recommend #LynnKurland's novels, in particular, her #dePiaget and #MacLeod series. Here's the kicker, the two series have a lot of crossovers, too!

What is the genre of the two series? It depends on the novel.

(2/7) 1. The most common is #romance and #romantic (the romantic “genre” isn't necessarily romance per se). Now, we are not talking about romance as most people assume, a girl is head over hills on a hunk guy who is a secret villain or a vampire. (aside: Nothing wrong with it.)
(3/7) 2. #TimeTravel
3. #Historical
4. #Paranormal
5. #Fantasy

There is also a touch of #family and #relationships here and there.

The first book I've read was #DreamsOfStardust. It was so good, I bought every copy of it I saw, and gave away for free to friends and colleagues.
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Undying Love

#BkDk #MCD #Paranormal #Murder #HorrorAu #Angst #ExplicitDeath #Gore #PsychologicalThriller #LightsOut #NoQuirkAu #Halloween #SpookySeason

Staring into Katsuki’s eyes was always Izuku’s favorite things to do.
Through out all their childhood adventures; to their up and downs in middle school; and finally to their confession to each-other in their third year of U.A. Katsuki’s eyes were the only thing that held truth.

Now they are finally at peace.
They finally are in a place to love, grow, and learn with each other.

Izuku smiled wildly as he waved excitedly and ran across the quad of the to where the tall flax blond was.
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JOIN here-…

#paranormal #aliens #ufosighting #bigfoot #crytozoology #truescarystories #horror
Join us! Right now @ChrisPineo and Mars are discussing the UFO phenomenon at Archuleta Peak in New Mexico!…
Mars is talking about cow mutilations in Northern New Mexico and @ChrisPineo is asking whether or not it seemed consistent with rumors of hybrids being incubated and removed from cattle.
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#relato #cuento #paranormal

Aquel jueves santo y bajo una luna llena, Silverio salió de cacería por las montañas de La Sierra en San Carlos. Ya había pasado el "pozo de las curracas", y acariciado su escopeta se internaba cada vez más profundo hacia la espesura montañosa
Recordaba que siguiendo el cause de la quebrada llegaría al sitio donde desde hace días estaba cebando unas lapas.

Así pues, con el sigilo y cautela de un cazador experimentado procuraba llegar al sitio marcado por una gran ceiba en cuyas raíces colocaba granos de maíz para
el roedor de tan apetitosa carne.

Casi media noche, vio el arbol, revisó y colocó más carnada. Decide subir y ocultarse en el follaje de la ceiba hasta que apareciera alguna lapa. Confiado estaba de que sucedería.

Silverio pudo notar desde las ramas del árbol la bruma
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In 1977 hundreds of reports began coming in of people not just seeing bright low flying objects -

but having experiences of being shot at with beams of light resulting in unexplained physical injuries.

#UAP #ufotwitter #paranormal Image
The injuries reported as a result of being hit by one of the glowing objects beams of light was anything from:

- giddiness

- fatigue

- burns

- radiation burns

- puncture marks

- feeling of just giving blood

#UFO #UAP #Chupachupa #ufotwitter ImageImage
The name "Chupa-Chupa" or "Sucker-Sucker" was given to these lights due to the odd reportings of puncture holes or bite like marks left when contacted by one.

This began Operação Prato (Operation Plate/dish), an operation solely focusing on the #UFO phenomena at the time. ImageImageImage
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Among the collection of #paranormal stories Bill claims during his time in the British Military - there is 1 that definitely stands out.

While on watch one night, Bill witnessed a mass abduction take place at his base camp.

#UFO #UAP Image
Around 9pm, Bill & a few soldiers noticed a strange orange mist coming towards them.

Thinking it was a simulated gas attack, they retrieved gas masks but when they returned they were surprised to see everyone at the camp was fast asleep.

#UFO #UFOtwitter #aliens Image
Bill and a fellow solider went back on watch & soon saw a bright light & more smoke approach them from the forest.

As if turned in to Zombies, all the sleeping soldiers suddenly arose & began walking in unison towards the light.

#UFO #abduction #UAP Image
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Rudolph Fentz was reported missing in the 1800s when the 29 year old went for his evening walk & never returned.

Little did his loved ones know he would appear 100 years later in the middle of a busy NYC intersection.

#paranormal Image
Rudolph, wearing authentic 1800 style clothing, was reportedly seen wandering through the busy NYC streets on a dark evening in June 1950 before allegedly being hit by a taxi & unfortunately killed.

#timetraveller #paranormal Image
Things got weird when his body was examined, they found:

- around 30 y/o

- century old clothing, though in great condition

- banknotes preceding 1870

- copper saloon beer token

- bill for horse & carriage care

- business card with his name & address

#timetraveller ImageImageImage
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Stefan Michalak was prospecting for quartz & silver in 1967 when he noticed 2 red glowing cigar shaped crafts hovering in the sky.

The craft took on a disc shape when it landed & thats when Stefan decided to get a closer look.

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP ImageImageImage
Stefan, being ex polish military, believed the craft to be of Military origin.

He sat back and spent the next 30 mins sketching the odd flying object before deciding to approach it for a closer look.

#UFO #UFOsighting #UAP #paranormal ImageImage
As Stefan got closer to the disc shaped craft, he noticed an overwhelming smell of sulfur & the whirling of warm hissing air.

He could hear muffled talking coming from inside the craft. He called out asking if they needed any mechanical help but the voices went quiet.

#UFO ImageImage
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A young boy in the 1940s was mysteriously over come with hearing voices, violent outbreaks & the devil?

Over months, priests would try to release Satan from Roland which would later inspire the cult classic The Exorcist

#haunted #paranormal Image
It all began when Roland found out his beloved Aunt (who was a spiritualist & taught him how to use a Ouija board) had passed away.

After her death, scratching on the walls & floors began being heard & Rolands mattress would oddly shake.

#exorcism #haunted #paranormal ImageImage
Frightened, the family consulted everyone they could to help:



-Lutheran minister

But all failed until a local Catholic priest was granted permission to preform an #exorcism on the young troubled boy.

#haunted #paranormal Image
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In 1947, an Italian artist was painting near a creek when he noticed a 30ft long disc-shaped #ufo in front of him with 2 humanoid figures.

The artist gestured toward the #aliens but they shot him with a thin vapor which disorientated him. ImageImage
The humanoid #aliens 👽 were described as:

- Wearing blue coveralls with red belt & red collars

- 3 ft in height

- Large round head with helmet

- Skin looked to be greenish colored

- Large dark eyes

- No eyebrows or eyelashes

#ufo #ufosighting #paranormal ImageImage
After being hit with the strange thin vapor, the now confused artist watched the two #aliens approach him, examine his painting & easel then made their way back to their #UFO before taking off.

When the artist came to, he noticed his easel had vanished. 🛸 Image
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Talk about love at first sighting! 🦧

Nancy Hoggert claims that she witnessed a Bigfoot eating the buds off of her Marijuana plants one day.

She aimed a shotgun at the creature & that's when things surprisingly got....steamy?…

#bigfoot #paranormal Image
After something out of a supernatural erotica novel, Nancy said the relationship blossomed from just “sex partners’ into a deep love... How cute?

Nancy describes #Bigfoots romantic gestures towards her as bringing her flowers, mushrooms & holding her while star gazing. Image
What do all couples do when theyre in love?

They try for a baby! ....but no luck thus far for Nancy & Bigfoot.

“Once I’m pregnant, #Bigfoot, or John as I call him, and I are going to settle down and live a quiet domesticated life in my house. "
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On his way home, a very bright light appeared in Hideichi's car with no source.

He felt a force turn his head out his driver window to see a bizarre "unearthly creature" with a pipe like object emerging from its mouth.

#ufo #ufology #paranormal Image

Hideichi claimed the humanoid creature pressed the pipe like object against the whole of his face and he would hear "voiceless high pitched noises" fill his head.

#alien #alienencounter #paranormal Image

The #alien creature was described as:

- Round head
- No neck
- Long pointed ears
- Blue glowing eyes
- Triangle depression on forehead Image
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Did Abraham Lincoln see his #Doppelganger?

When glancing at the mirror one evening, Lincoln noticed a double image of his face but one looked a lot more creepy & distorted than the other.

Confused, he got up to get a closer look but the image vanished.

#paranormal #spirits Image
Later that evening he was lying down when he noticed the illusion again, but this time the second face was "five shades paler". Getting up for a second glance, the image disappeared the same as before.

He tried over & over to recreate the optical illusion but couldn't. Image
After seeing the spooky visions Lincoln had a nightmare in which he went into the lower level of the White House to see it was set up for a funeral.

When he asked who the funeral was for, he was told the president had been murdered.

Weeks later Lincoln was assassinated. Image
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Norman Muscarello was hitchhiking at 2am when he noticed 5 bright flashing red lights in the woods which began to move towards him.

Frightened, he jumped in to a ditch where the lights, the size of a house, swooped over him & took off.

#UFO #UFOsighting ImageImageImage
Norman found a way to the police station and explained his story to a cop who wanted to check out the area for himself.

Once they arrived to the spot where Normans sighting happened, they both began to see what seemed to be the same strange craft.

#UFO #paranormal Image
The lights continued to approach until they were hovering over the police vehicle for several seconds before it took off, moving slowly away.

The police station would receive several more calls about similar strange sightings from around that same evening.

#UFO #ufotwitter Image
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My new book PARANORMAL WALES was published in March - the same week the UK went into lockdown, great timing! - so I postponed my book launch until Halloween.
Sadly that won't be possible either, so I'll be having a virtual launch party on my GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast instead.
👇 Image
The great thing about doing it online is that all my friends from around the world can join in, so it should be my most well-attended book launch to date - even if I am sitting here on my own talking to myself into a mic! Signed copies will also be available, more on that soon
The PARANORMAL WALES book launch will be live on: Thurs, Oct 29 - just in time to get everyone in the Halloween mood.
Just like my "Ghosts of Wales - Live!" events there'll be spooky surprises & guests and I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing so any suggestions would be great!
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While on patrol, Deputy Johnson notices a very bright light in the distance & goes to investigate.

The last thing Johnson remembers is the bright light coming towards him & the sound of shattering glass before he blacked out.

After waking around 40 mins later, Johnson radios for help & arrives at the hospital where the Doctor states that the Deputy was in a state of shock & his eyes looked as if they were inflicted by welding torches.

#paranormal #ufosighting #uforeport ImageImage
The damage done to Deputy Johnsons car baffled Investigators as his car windshield had cracked from top to bottom in a pattern that defied normal analysis.

- The hood had a half inch circular dent
- Headlights broken
- Car antenna had been bent at 60 degree angle

#Ufo ImageImage
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#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
A Big Shake up is coming for #Bollywood & #Cricket.

Some more shocking news on the way for the #Bollywood & #Cricket lovers in India.

Just follow #patrakati

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#DishaSalian used to work for #Cornerstone Sports & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.It's a Celebrity Management Company.

Google Cornerstone Celebrity Management Company.

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#Cornerstone looks after the endorsements & management of all key Cricket Players
It also looks after prominent players from the Indian Women's Cricket Team and many prominent faces from other Sporting Arena in India
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Who wants to win a spooky FREE book?
To celebrate #BookLoversDay I'm giving away a copy of PARANORMAL WALES or GHOSTS OF WALES to one lucky tweeter.
Just like and retweet this tweet to enter - easy!

#paranormal #wales #sundayvibes #win Image
Standard Mark Rees T&Cs apply. Winner will be drawn at random & DM'd on Aug 16. Bribery probably won't work but it's always worth a try. Judges decision (mine!) is final. There's a heatwave going on right now, why are you reading this small print? Get outside & soak up the rays!
For more chances to win - and more weird and wonderful GHOSTS & FOLKLORE! - please join me on:
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Who wants to WIN a spooky free book?
I'm giving away a copy of PARANORMAL WALES to one lucky person, a spine-chilling journey in search of the country's "most haunted" locations.
Just like and retweet to enter. Good luck!
(*Porcelain ghosts not included!)
#paranormal #wales #win Image
Standard Mark Rees T&Cs apply. Winner will be drawn at random and DM'd on Mon, July 27. Bribery probably won't work, but it's always worth a try. Judges decision (mine!) is final. I'll be moaning that I have no books left in a week or two, I really should stop giving them away...
If you enjoy my weird and wonderful tweets, why not join me for more Ghosts & Folklore on:
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#Thread #paranormal
En janvier 2013, au Cecil Hôtel de Los Angeles, une femme fut retrouvée morte.

Une affaire qui aurait pu être banale si la jeune femme n'avait pas eu un comportement des plus étranges.

Elle s'appelait Elisa Lam et voici sa mystérieuse histoire... ⤵️ Image
Elle aurait dû avoir 29 ans cette année. Elisa Lam était une jeune canadienne, née le 30 avril 1991 de parents originaire de Hong-Kong.

Elisa était une jeune femme joviale, active et curieuse.

Cependant, elle souffrait de troubles psychiques qu'elle arrivait (...) Image
(...) à surmonter grâce à des médicaments.

Elle avait des troubles bipolaires et dépressifs qui disparaissaient grâce au traitement qu'Elisa prenait assidûment.

On note malgré tout qu'elle faisait régulièrement part de ses difficultés sur son blog.
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A Thread: Some of you know I also co-host a #paranormal & true crime podcast called #NightMerica. Last week we did an ep about ghost stories involving slaves. I grew up in the South & always loved ghost tours but I've had a realization how wrong they are...
I've been working on how to be antiracist, and out of that journey I began to see that ghost tours often co-opt the stories of slaves for entertainment (often for largely white audiences). That doesn't sit well. Especially considering many tours in the South involve
involve stories of Plantation owners with slave mistresses. Those mistresses were sometimes said to become jealous of the wives. And there is often a tragic end. On tours, you might even see quarters of these mistresses. I heard these stories countless times before it clicked...
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Happy Friday! Who wants to WIN a spooky FREE book?
I'm giving away a copy of PARANORMAL WALES or GHOSTS OF WALES to one lucky person.
Just like and retweet this tweet to enter.
Good luck!

#paranormal #wales #win #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #Competition Image
Standard Mark Rees T&Cs apply. Winner will be drawn at random and DM'd on Friday, June 19. Books may cause spines to chill and hair to raise. Bribery probably won't work, but it's always worth a try. Stay safe and read more books. Does anyone read all this? If so, well done you!
For more chances to win, please check out my other spooky social media accounts:

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Thank you / diolch!
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