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I've seen lots of posts on #ufotwitter about Schuman Resonance recently. So I decided to make a post about it because I've been watching SR almost every day for the last couple of years. I can say it clearly effects nature, people and their behavior. This pattern is unlike... 1/5 Image
anything I've ever seen before. It's either a malfunction or there's something major going on with the Earth. I can't even speculate what it could be, switching poles, something with human consciousness? Somebody turned off the Alaskan pyramid? haha 2/5
For simplified interpretation, I'd say when there are big spikes in the resonance, it's either a totally crazy, chaotic day, you might have headaches etc. or it's an amazing day and you feel really connected. It's the Earth's heartbeat. 3/5
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This thread really seems to have stirred up #ufotwitter, but few seem to understand it. Those that dismiss it too quickly understand it the least. All the discussions around whether or not I can imagine Extraterrestrial life being far more advanced than I have described...
2/ (aside from being hysterically funny as they continue to insist the alien spacecraft are far more advanced than we could possibly imagine - and yet dozens have crashed on Earth) miss the *intent* of the thread. I'm *not* trying to convince you UFOs aren't real.
3/ The point of the thread is that there isn't enough evidence to *accept as true* the Grusch story. Forget for a moment that prior to 9/11 I was a grad student in Physics or that I interrupted my studies to spend more than a decade in the USIC, and that I think Grusch is nuts
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#ufotwitter After so many bombshell disclosures, it's time to dial down the anxiety with some humor! Been collecting these for years. Retweet and like if you had a good laugh. @GrantCameron @0mega_Point @blackvaultcom @TheProjectUnity @SilvaRecord @Deepneuron @SomewhereSkies ImageImageImageImage
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Unter #Ufotwitter gehts ja heute extrem ab

Gut, über die Zeit hab ich hier dazu einiges geschrieben, holen wir das mal wieder aus der Retorte:

Fliegende Untertassen etwa 1/x

Oder mal die Aussagen eines Piloten dazu, was er tatsächlich gesehen hatte und wieso die "Untertassen" als Begriff eher falsch gewählt waren 2/x

die Ufosau ist hat auch interessante Nummern zu "abgestürzten Untertassen" im Angebot, je nach Geschmack 3/x

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UFO whistleblower David Grusch on NewsNation’s “We Are Not Alone”

Part 1

#ufotwitter #ufo #uap
UFO whistleblower David Grusch on NewsNation’s “We Are Not Alone”

Part 2

#ufotwitter #ufo #uap
UFO whistleblower David Grusch on NewsNation’s “We Are Not Alone”

Part 3

#ufotwitter #ufo #uap
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🧵I got to speak directly with @RepTimBurchett today about UAP.

My question: "Can you elaborate on your efforts to lead a UAP related hearing with the House Oversight Committee in June, and if you have considered requesting the director of AATIP, @LueElizondo, to testify... addition to pilots and other military personnel who have encountered UAP?"

Congressman Burchett's full response: "Yeah, Luis is a buddy of mine. You may or may not know that. He's a very good friend of mine. And right now we're sort of in negotiations with the speaker...
...he's told me, and Chairman Comer has both told me that we will have hearings on this because they agree with me that it has been a cover up. And I think in the first meeting, it'd be very important that we have the pilots in there...
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Everybody (CCP/Russia/US) is in deadlock: We don't want to declassify Crash Retrievals, because we're all afraid of what the other guy might learn. But until we declassify and get a critical mass of scientists looking at the situation, there's little to no progress.
The phenomenon (really, what appears to be one or more foreign forces that trespasses in our airspaces/lands at will) can easily exploit this situation. The last thing they would want is Disclosure because that's the pathway out of this mess.
In the US, I get a strong superweapon vibe from the C/R (crash retrieval) situation. If we keep the topic super classified, maybe we'll have a secret breakthrough before CCP/Russia. It's been ~75 years - doubtful. Their methodology is broken.
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Rep. Tim Burchett on new UAP hearings

“I’ve spoke with Speaker McCarthy. He’s going to allow us to have hearings. I spoke with Chairman Comer today about it in fact, and we are gonna have some hearings.”

#ufotwitter #ufo #uap
Keep at it Mr. @TimBurchett !
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1/An archeologist explorer who for many years has been researching non-human three fingered mummies found in Peru, has released to the world detailed film documenting every moment of his momentous findings.
2/In the six 52 minute episodes of Tridactyls now available on Vimeo, Thierry Jamin reveals scientific tests from laboratories around the world showing that there are three distinct species which all share less than 30% of their genetics with human beings.
3/One, a female around two-feet tall was found to have three eggs in her lower body and possibly was of reptile species.
And another larger being is human-looking but with a cranial capacity 20% greater than any human but like all the others has three fingers and three toes.
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@jamescfox @UnravellingU Why you never mention contradictions in testimony (esp WRT Leir's interviews), times, places, order of events in the film?
@jamescfox @UnravellingU EG, crash site location makes no sense considering how quickly people spotted aliens. Originally claimed crash on the 13th changed to 20th. If aliens were pursued on foot, how could they get so far in so short a time!?
@jamescfox @UnravellingU (and yeah, easy to reverse engineer crash site location from Leir's book and from your footage on site that shows highway in distance, despite efforts to obfuscate leadup) -21.621559798886853, -45.24282862322284
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in UFO History - JANAP 146(C) Issued
March 10, 1954 —
1/JANAP 146 (C), “Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings from Aircraft and Waterborne Sources.” This directive allows waterborne sources for CIRVIS and adds MERINT
2/ reports. Civilian pilots must also report UFOs to the Air Force and refrain from talking about it. [Eberhart]

Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, p. 283;
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Communications–Electronics Committee, “JANAP 146(C) Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings from Airborne and Waterborne Sources,” March 10, 1954;…
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory #aviationhistory
Today in Aviation History - First Jet Aircraft To Exceed 1,000 mph in Level Flight.
March 10, 1956 —
British pilot Peter Twiss reaches an official airspeed of 1,132 mph in a Fairey Delta 2 over Chichester, England.
Newsweek (US Edition) 1956-03-26: Vol 47 Iss 13, Page 45;
"Getting the Record". Flight Magazine. Flight Global. 23 March 1956.
[Internet Archive only seemed to mirror the first page of this article]…
Wikipedia, “Peter Twiss”…
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in UFO History - Violent Humanoid Encountered in Bolivia
March 10, 1968 — bt. Otoco and Uyuni, Bolivia
1/6:00 p.m. Valentina Flores is bringing in her llamas on her farm between Otoco and Uyuni, Bolivia, when she discovers that her sheep pen is
2/covered with a net made of some plastic-like material, and that inside the pen is a helmeted being, 3.5 ft tall, who is engaged in killing her sheep using a tubular instrument with a hook on the end. Flores throws stones at the being, whereupon he walks over to an instrument
3/resembling a radio and, moving a wheel on it, quickly absorbs all the netting. The woman approaches the pen with a cudgel, upon which the being throws its instrument at her several times; it returns to him like a boomerang, after it inflicts superficial cuts on her arms. The
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in UFO History - Bright Disc
March 9, 1950 — Orangeburg, SC
A publisher and others see a bright disc hover over Orangeburg, South Carolina, for 15 minutes. It speeds away, leaving a trail. [Eberhart]
The UFO Evidence, p. 149;
"Flying Saucer Seen Here; Witnesses Say Real McCoy", The Times and Democrat (Orangeburg, SC), 10 Mar 1950, Pg 10;
"Flying Objects Seen Again", Florence Morning News (Florence, SC), March 10, 1950, pg.1;
I spent several hours (Midnight to 5am🤦‍♂️) digging thru newspapers and working on this case for tomorrow, and then realized that The UFO Evidence , NICAP, etc.. got the date wrong and the actually sighting was today, the 9th. Here is the Blue Book Files:
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There were nine transient objects orbiting Earth in straight line in 1950, seven years before the first ever satellite. Beatrriz Villaroel joins John Michael Godier to discuss this mystery. Shapes in picture is based on models using the light curves. ⛓⬇️ Image
Not of This Earth: Were There Unidentified Orbiting Objects in 1950? With Beatriz Villaroel
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
On March 9, 1950 the Los Angeles Mirror publishes a hoax about a flying saucer crash in Mexico City. The following day the witness retracts his statement, and states it was just a story he was told. Ted Bloecher looked at this and concluded he was a liar.
Ted Bloecher's transcript of the above article with notes:
His transcript of the retraction w/notes from the next day's Los Angeles Examiner. I could not find a copy of that paper to clip the original.
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in UFO History - DC6-A Crew Take Evasive Action / Fireball
March 9, 1957 — Atlantic Ocean, 350mi NE of Jacksonville, Fl
1/4:33 a.m. Capt. Matthew A. Van Winkle, piloting a Pan American World Airways DC-6A airliner at a point over the Atlantic Ocean
2/approximately 350 miles northeast of Jacksonville, Florida, observes a “burning greenish white round object” to the right of the aircraft that appears to be on a collision course. Van Winkle pulls the plane upward in a climb to avoid the object. This sudden maneuver causes four
3/ of the passengers to be thrown out of their seats, resulting in injuries. Copilot Dion W. Taylor and Flight Engineer John Washuta also observe the object. Washuta says the UFO is a high-intensity light that appears to stand still for approximately four seconds until it is lost
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in UFO History - The Selfridge AFB Incident
March 9, 1950 — Selfridge AFB, Michigan
1/7:45 p.m. A crew of three radar controllers at Selfridge Air Force Base [now Selfridge Air National Guard Base] near Mount Clemens, Michigan, is busy monitoring the
2/ night flying units of the 56th Fighter-Interceptor Group. 1st Lt. Francis E. Parker, 1st Lt. Frank K. Mattson, Sgt. McCarthy, and Cpl. Melton observe an intermittent target on the height range indicator (HRI) scope of the CPS-4 radar at 47,000 feet altitude and higher. Further
3/ indications of what Parker describes as a well-defined, clear target like an aircraft are picked up with increasing regularity over the next 45–60 minutes. During this time, the target seems to stay in the area where the F-80s are flying, but 20,000 feet above them. The radar
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1/25) Deep-dive research by @SignalsIntelUFO shows that in 1980, Bob Lazar married a woman 16 years his senior, Carol, previously convicted of 2nd-degree murder for armed assistance to Hells Angels in committing a brutal slaying. Why is this pertinent?…
2/25) The Knapp-Corbell fable of Bob Lazar, senior physicist, is very far removed from the sordid realities of the life of a serial scam artist during the 1980s, as revealed by research of Tom Mahood in the 1990s, and now in many interviews and document finds by @SignalsIntelUFO.
3/25) Lazar has claimed that he was granted a "Q" security clearance (equivalent to Top Secret) less than two years after his wedding, to work on secret stuff at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Lazar was not actually employed by LANL. Rather, he worked briefly AT the facility for
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in UFO History - 11 Witnesses see Red Ball Of Fire That Leaves Burned Grass Patch
March 8, 1977 — Gatchellville, PA
1/7:30 p.m. Eleven witnesses in six groups (including Thelma Lowe, Harold Wilson, Sara Green, Mrs. Everett Miller, ImageImageImageImage
2/Mrs. W. E. Runge II, and Robert Smyth) watch a red ball of fire the size of the full moon drift over their houses and alight on the ground south of Gatchellville, Pennsylvania. It leaves a large patch of burning grass (100 feet long by 30 feet wide), with a mysteriously ImageImageImageImage
3/unscathed area delineated by three holes at the vertices. [Eberhart]

Mike Swords Files, 100T;
Ted Philips, "QUARTERLY REPORT - PHYSICAL TRACE CASES ~ 1977", MUFON Journal (Sept. 1977), pg.8;
John Harney, "in search of the REAL UFOs", Magonia No. 49 (06-1994), pg.11; ImageImageImageImage
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#ufotwitter #ufohistory
Today in Intelligence History - Nixon signs EO legitimizing Special Access Programs (SAPs)
March 8, 1972 —
1/President Nixon legitimizes the use of special access controls and the “special access program” is finally made official. These are security ImageImage
2/protocols that provide highly classified information with safeguards and access restrictions that exceed those for regular (collateral) classified information. SAPs can range from black projects to routine but especially sensitive operations, such as COMSEC maintenance or ImageImage
3/Presidential transportation support. In addition to collateral controls, an SAP may impose more stringent investigative or adjudicative requirements, specialized nondisclosure agreements, special terminology or markings, exclusion from standard contract investigations ImageImage
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We had some fun asking Bing to write a formal address to the Nation regarding Our extraterrestrial Visitors.

Here is what It came up with:
“My fellow Americans,

Tonight, I come before you with a message of utmost importance and urgency. A message that will change the course of history and our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe.
For decades, we have been searching for signs of intelligent life beyond our planet. We have sent probes and rovers to explore our solar system, we have listened to radio signals from distant stars, we have scanned the skies for any hint of a visitor from another world.
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1 #ufotwitter - #uaptwitter - #ufo #ufos #uap

@lesliekean on @TOEwithCurt

Starts off with a clip. I'm sure we'll get context later on and she's just stating a theory or what somebody else believes.

"Basically, we're not at the top of the food…
2 Kean on TOE continued.

CJ: Were there elements you had to leave out of the 2017 story?

There always are. Spoke to Fravor for hours in DC with Helene. Wanted to include more about what they learned about UFOs. Story was about AATIP existed. (Semivan disagrees. He thinks NYT……
3 More of Leslie on TOE...

Now we have USG acknowledging it.

We don't have the answers but lots of interesting cases and history. Hard to imagine that all these cases can all be explained by some conventional explanation.

Lue said the public has seen 10% of the data bc it's……
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1 "Maybe we’re just another exhibit inside the zoo?"



#ufotwitter, my fav @LueElizondo clip ever. In fact, the entire interview is fantastic. After watching, how can u think, as some do, Lue is only here to uncover human, black tech hidden in SAPs? Link to entire……
2 Link to entire show here:


Link to entire transcript here:
3 - E2 @WeaponizedPod transcript up next

If u feel my tweets, blog & YT are informative, u appreciate my efforts, & would like to show ur appreciation👇🏼

(TY to previous/current supporters)


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