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Sep 20, 2020 88 tweets 24 min read

This is keto
This is low-carb
This is real
This is sustainable

I'm going to add as many before/after posts as I can. If you are trapped in hunger, medications, and ill health, you too can get out. #LCHF #keto #lowcarb
Exhibit #19 The unsustainable, dangerous, keto … 🤨

Massive weight loss
Chronic conditions resolved
Best decision ever to try keto

Exhibit #21 What a transformation! Congratulations.

Exhibit #22 T2D is not a chronic, progressing, irreversible condition. If your RD/doctor tells you it is, get a different one.

Exhibit #24 I thought I had this one already, apologies for my tardiness!

Exhibit #25 Catching up on some older before/after (and during) posts, and happy to share.

Exhibit #26: Virta Health doing such great work!

Exhibit #27: Congratulations Andrew! Fantastic!

Exhibit #28: Courage. Follow-through. Great to see.

Exhibit #29: T2D doesn't have to be chronic and progressive. Oatmeal just isn't *that* good!

Exhibit #31: Teamwork at its best. A keto twofer.

Exhibit #32: India getting in on the action. Great to see!

Exhibit #34: Doctors find success too. Congratulations Andrew!

Exhibit #35: Success can be "contagious" Watch Out!! 😆


#Exhibit #36: Fantastic Mike. Keto is most certainly sustainable!

Exhibit #38: Many ways to succeed. Congratulations Jenni!

Exhibit #39: From crutches to long walks with the dog.

Exhibit #41: 13 lbs in just two months, but look at those labs!

Exhibit #43: Anyone who suggests #keto isn't sustainable is itching for a fight.

Exhibit #44: Recovery via a long but successful journey.

Exhibit #45: I am particularly fond of T1D success on a lower carb diet.

Exhibit #46: I thought I'd added Dr. Gray before now. What a turn-around. Enjoyed hearing your story on LCMD podcast.

Exhibit #48: Congratulations Barbara!

Exhibit #49: Congratulations! Two years going on 50.

Exhibit #50: Congratulations Mark. 100lb+ loss. Looks pretty sustainable to me.

Exhibit #51: Congratulations Vic! Ho ho ho.

Moderation Santa vs Keto Santa 🔥That is lit! 🔥

Exhibit #52: Dr. Tro's journey and results are a beacon to us all, guiding anyone who wants help toward success.

No one is beyond help. No one is beyond hope.

Exhibit #53: Congratulations! 8 stone is 112 pounds. This time, Pioppi diet by @DrAseemMalhotra did the trick.

Sustainable? Heck yeah: 2.5 years so far.

Exhibit #54: Congratulations Gina! I am especially fond of the T1D success stories. That's doing things the hard way, IMHO.

Exhibit #55: Congratulations Jess! Success with carnivore.

Exhibit #56: Keto for the win. Focus on better HEALTH.

Exhibit #57: Keto IF Results | What and when you eat matters as much if not more than how much.

Exhibit #58: This is an UPDATE to an earlier exhibit (before I was numbering them). Way to go Eranda! Lowcarb Fasting

Exhibit #59: Congratulations Lou Lou! Keto + IF strikes again.

Exhibit #60: Congratulations Ben! Keto/Low-carb + fasting wins again. Great list of helpers too.

Exhibit #61: Congratulations Prajyot, after just three weeks? Wow! Can't wait to see your 90-day follow up.

Exhibit #62: Congratulations Christine! Low-carb + Fasting = 100+ lbs lost. Fantastic!

Exhibit #63: Congratulations Gina! T1D controlled with keto/low-carb. T1D deserve normal BG levels. Institutional A1c "targets" are way too high, but must be to protect those consuming tons of carbs from hypos.

Exhibit #63, Karen from Facebook. Down 200 lbs on low-carb diet. Underscores the diet's essence is ↓carb, not ↑fat.

h/t @lchfRD

Exhibit #64: Congratulations Chris!

Keto for the win. Again.🥱

Exhibit #65: Congratulations Maria. Such a difference after only 30 days. T2D resolved.

Why is ADA A1c T2D target still at <7.0?

h/t @DietHeartNews

Exhibit #66: Congratulations Cory. Systemic improvement like yours is the best kind.

Exhibit #67: Congratulations Lou! The weight loss is great. But the best part?

"reversed chronic disease"

Exhibit #68: Well done Elizabeth! Down SEVEN dress sizes. Boom! 🔥

Exhibit #69: Congratulations Andrew. I am especially fond of T1D success!

Exhibit #70: A double header in the 100#+ LOSER club, and well deserved. Congratulations Doc! Well Done!

Exhibit #70 (cont'd): 🥳🎉🪅🍾

Exhibit 71: The dreaded "keto clothes" effect, wherein all your close become way too large and need replacing. Well done Helen!

Exhibit 71 (cont'd): The health improvements are numerous and symptoms can return if we slack off …

Exhibit #72: KetoCloset strikes again … Congratulations Dan! Feeling good feels so good.

Exhibit #72: High carb low fat "healthy" diet fails … AGAIN.

Congratulations Ruth on your transformation.

And kudos to @lowcarbGP and @jen_unwin for their guidance and support. There is a special place in heaven for the healers.

Exhibit #73: Well done Scott. You made you mom happy too, so that's a big plus.

Exhibit #74: #NSNG and fasting. Well done Suzy! Any friend of cows is a friend of mine ♥️

Exhibit #75: Keto/Carnivore success. Unsustainable for 8 years now, well done Lorraine!

Some of these quote tweets have disappeared. That's too bad.

In celebration of 75 success stories (there must be 100s or 1000s more out there), here's a threadreader unroll to memorialize these wonderful achievements.

Exhibit #76: Keto success strikes again! Great results Eric! Looking better and feeling better is its own reward.

Exhibit #77: John finds Atkins, and gets his health back. Great line: "Regular food tastes better, a missed meal is hardly noticed, and junk food loses its luster." Well done.

Exhibit #78: Go against medical advice, loose 168 pounds. Way to go Em!

Exhibit #79: Four years and counting, marathoner PhoneBoy:

Exhibit #80: Down 115lbs. Better every day.

Exhibit #81: Four years and counting, going AMA (against medical advice)!

Exhibit #82: Well done Patrick! Amazing recovery.

• • •

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More from @mrc314

Nov 16, 2022
What I'm doing right this minute and why. It will likely change!

1) Set your protein 1.4-1.6g/kg/d, more if you exercise lots
2) Set your carbs ≤20 if you're sick, ≤60 if you're fat-adapted and metabolically well, maybe more if you exercise lots 1/4
3) The rest fat: tallow, lard, butter; coconut, avocado, olive oil (if from trusted sources)

Eat eggs, cheese, full fat dairy, beef (ruminant); pork & chicken can be high in n6; berries, 100% chocolate; avocado, toasted coconut if you like

NO: refined carbs, sugar, PUFA 2/4
I don't eat non-starchy veg mostly b/c I don't really like them. I don't eat starchy veg b/c starch.

I've NEVER been able to eat OMAD until I tried higher fat. 3/4
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Nov 14, 2022
You won't die if you stop eating carbs. You won't die if you fast for 18 hours. You won't die if you make changes to you diet to find out what works for you. If you feel like you're going to die, change what you're doing. 1/4
Because when you eat wrong for a long time, you actually might die from that. And you probably won't feel it since you're likely focused on going for your next sugar high, finding that bliss mirage. The best thing you can do is really appreciate your body's signals. 2/4
When I think back about how I felt on a SAD, I really was miserable. I didn't know why, and I didn't know how much until I dropped seed oils and carbs. The signs were there all along, I just didn't recognize them. That headache, bloat, stiffness, gut cramps, gout, hypertension,
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Nov 2, 2022
An "ordinary" large egg contains 5g of fat, 1.5g saturated.

Eggland says their eggs contain 25% less SATURATED fat than ordinary eggs.

They trumpet this right on the label:
25% of 1.5g is 0.375 g. Not much.

Eggland's FAQ on saturated fat claims 0.5g less TOTAL FAT. They don't quote a figure for saturated fat. They switched from saturated to total!

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Nov 2, 2022
Age 55: Before I started a LC/keto diet, my cardiologist said nothing about the TRIGS and low LDL-C, other than lose 10 pounds. 1/5
Age 59: After I was on a LC/keto diet for a while, my lipidologist looked at my bloodwork and said, "You have familial hypercholesterolemia!" Judging by my TC numbers over time, it looks like I can alter my🧬at will then.🙄 2/5
Age 61: After a 3-day Feldman protocol, my endocrinologist was flabbergasted that a dietary change could lower cholesterol at all, let alone that much. 3/5
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Oct 18, 2022
I get such a kick out of my cardiologist. On my first visit, he saw my lab report and just knew I shouldn't be buying green bananas, my cholesterol was so high, and I don't eat fruits and veg. He remembered I eat keto or Paleo (same thing to him I think). After 1/4
things had settled down, he confirmed we found high HDL, low trigs, low CRP, low insulin and A1c, and a zero CAC, and that he didn't see the need for a statin. Plus, this visit I lost several pounds since I was there 16 months ago. You can see the wheels 2/4
turning. I am apparently one of the healthiest of his patients over 60: He says I am quite fit. Today, I am officially on only one BP med and can take half the dose if BP stays good. Cardios simply don't have an intervention as effective as a low-carb diet, 3/4
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Aug 14, 2022
Two choices: Follow the recommendations of your doctors, RDs/CDEs, and other HCPs. Eat low-fat, favor seed oils over animal fats, eat 7x a day, lots of heart-healthy whole grains, high fiber, limit meat, no full-fat dairy, etc. You know the drill. Take a 1/10
statin for your LDL-C, BP meds if you're over 120/80, allopurinol for your gout, steroid creams for your fungal infections, inhalers for your asthma, antihistamines for your allergies, metformin and SGLT2i and insulin for your blood sugars, and more pills 2/10
for the side effects of all the others! Oh, and stay out of the sun. When your weight goes up, eat less. Buy bigger clothes. Have your treats in moderation, and be sure to cover extra carbs with extra insulin. 3/10
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