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1/ #Keto > #LowCarb

It’s a ironic, my bloodwork looks fine when I’m either keto (less than 25 net carbs) or low carb (25-100 net carbs).

I have a lot more choices when I am low-carb and the food experience is generally more pleasurable with more treats and greater variety…
2/ But in all that time outside of when I’m eating, I just typically feel better. More balanced, better focus, and on top of all of that, I find I simply think about food a lot less. While it’s fun to anticipate a good meal, it can also be an unhelpful distraction.
3/ It’s annoying to have to identify food that is satisfying, but not *too* satisfying. Food I can enjoy but won’t actively overeat. That’s pretty much everything super low carb that isn’t highly refined (I could definitely drink way too much heavy whipping cream “fat shakes”)
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(1/n) Some ideas on the planning of a healthy low-carb plant-based diet.


#Vegan #plantbased #lowcarb #ecoatkins

• If you have a serious medical condition &/or take medication, it is necessary to consult your doctor before making changes to your diet.

• Ketogenic diets have been associated with serious side-effects.
(3/n) During the first 7 days on a low-carb diet I suffered: head/muscle aches, hunger, fatigue.

AFAIK alleged ‘cures’ for so-called 'keto flu' haven’t been empirically tested.

I did keep hydrated (but this is *generally speaking* a good idea anyway).
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1/ Great new thread by the incomparable, @Lpa_Doc -- covering a number of my favorite topics.

Read his thread and return for my added thoughts...
2/ Vilhjalmur Stefansson is a well discussed explorer among the #LowCarb and (of course) #Carnivore communities.

But even more interestingly, he may have been the first #LeanMassHyperResponder of record*

(* Kinda -- as Sam notes, we didn't advanced lipid panels then)
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1/ How much does "Dietary Cholesterol" impact blood cholesterol levels?

This has been making the rounds lately and I have an experiment from 2018 is key to this question 👇

Remember the "White Bread and Processed Meat" experiment?…
2/ If you've followed me a while, you know I believe it isn't the actual ingestion of cholesterol on #LowCarb that has a big impact on serum levels -- it's predominantly the trafficking of fat. (See

But this is actually a very testable distinction...
3/ All we need is an experiment where I consume a lot of (1) low fat food that still (2) has ample amounts of cholesterol.

Thus, the "processed meat" side of the experiment is key if it has a decent amount of cholesterol -- and it does.

For example 9/21/18 I ate the following..
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1/ Long running thought exp'nt:

If a drug did many of the same things with one's lipid profile as a #LowCarb diet, particularly decreasing triglycerides while increasing #LDL #Cholesterol:

1) Would it reduce ASCVD risk?
2) And if so, would it be more acceptable than #LowCarb?
2/ If you haven't heard, SGLT2 Inhibitors have recently emerged and have been gaining a lot of popularity. Data thus far shows they typically:

1) Decrease TG levels
2) Increase #LDL #Cholesterol levels
... yet...
3) Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease
3/ Naturally, that has the attention for those of us interested in how triglyceride trafficking and turnover could be relevant to #LDL increasing for what may turn out to be non-pathogenic reasons (kinda my focus ;) )

But wait -- it get's better...
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We know this 2013 dietary guideline does not work.
Please do the NHMRC survey in the next 24 hours and make a case for reviewing #Meat #Salt #Cereal #Fat in 2021. @DrPeterBrukner @MueckeDr & I have drafted a letter with options for you - follow the thread.…
A review of the Australian Dietary Guidelines has commenced and we are writing to inform you on how you can participate.
Together, we will be advocating for a review process that is independent, free from conflicts of interest and relevant to all Australians.
It’s vital we call out the influence of commercial interests in the procurement of scientific evidence that impacts our health.
The scoping survey is the first step, and it closes on 3pm AEST, Monday 15 March. It has two key questions that will drive the direction of the review.
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I (cynically) don't get excited about much. But I'm so excited about the existence of this new organization that I feel compelled to !!! & ♥️♥️♥️.

OMG check it out & you'll see what I mean!

TOTAL ♥️ GAMECHANGER for #lowcarb & #MetabolicHealth!…
Why is #SMHP a TOTAL GAMECHANGER for the #lowcarb landscape? I go on a bit about it:…
For those of us who read faster than we listen, @BiggestComeback nailed all the high points of why #SMPH offers #hope to those seeking #MetabolicHealth, for themselves or their patients.…
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1/ Thread -- Let's Get the Data

Many medical professionals (like my good friend and colleague, @DrNadolsky) feel strongly that #LowCarb-ers may be acting very recklessly by allowing their #LDL #Cholesterol to be much higher than the guidelines allow.…
2/ And this may well be the case.

Certainly if "diet induced" high LDL is the equivalent to genetically high LDL, such as those with #FamilialHypercholesterolemia (FH), then there should be likewise rapidly progressing #atherosclerosis.
3/ "The sine qua non of FH is severe elevation of total and LDL cholesterol levels."…

Often heterozygous FH is considered where LDL is 190 to 500 mg/dL, with homozygous being above 500.
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This is keto
This is low-carb
This is real
This is sustainable

I'm going to add as many before/after posts as I can. If you are trapped in hunger, medications, and ill health, you too can get out. #LCHF #keto #lowcarb
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Recipe time. Coconut-pecan bars. I got the idea from a @_CynthiaThurlow post about making coconut bars from unsweetened coconut flakes. I’ve been making these for a year now. They are an easy and delicious dessert. 1/6 Photograph of homemade and easy to make coconut and pecan ba
A word of caution for #lowcarb newbies. Avoid this type of food, as I did, for your 1st year. I still must limit how much of this I eat.

You should first become familiar with how well your body handles non-essential foods, like artificial sweeteners, diary, and treats. 2/6
Preheat oven to 350°. Pour 21 oz of unsweetened coconut flakes. Optional: 2 tbs of baking cocoa. Dump into a processor and let it run for 8 - 10 minutes. Wait for the flakes to become liquid-like. The processing also warms the slurry, which is helpful for the next step. 3/6 Photograph of our trusty old food processor processing the u
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A thread:
1/ I love sausages, a great British staple food, but since going #lowcarb I’ve noticed a huge variation in the carb content in sausages in UK supermarkets. This is an analysis of a range of brands available of plain pork sausages.
#LCHF #yes2meat Image
2/ The difference between the top and bottom of the table is equal to nearly 2 teaspoons of sugar PER SAUSAGE!
3/ Obviously the best sausages would be from a butcher where you can test the provenance but that doesn’t work for everyone, so important to note that there are good choices that can be made in the big shops.
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If you want to avoid an orthopedic surgeon at some point in your life, and don’t want lengthy, complicated advice, I have two simple principles:

1. Employ risk mitigation (this is the obvious one) : Wear seatbelts, dont text and drive, etc. (the other is not so obvious)
2. Change your diet to a #lowcarb diet for life. Why? Simple. It addresses the #rootcause or associations in most chronic diseases (obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, many cancers, benign prostatic hyperplasia, polycystic ovarian syndrome,...
...Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, dementia, etc) INCLUDING that which leads to joint pain/inflammation and tendon tears. Through a process called glycation, sugars get deposited on soft tissues, leading to Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). These AGEs...
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I wanted to collect my thoughts on the study released earlier in the week by @KevinH_PhD. It turned into this blog-sized thread.

The study compared a high-carb, plant-based diet to a low-carb, omnivorous diet in a 4 wk. cross-over study.

The results created quite a stir.

Participants were randomly assigned to a plant-based diet or low-carb diet for two weeks. They then switched to the other diet for the following two weeks.

Both groups lost weight but participants on the plant-based diet ate less and lost more fat, despite higher insulin.

This triggered some to question whether the carb-insulin model was dead. CICO enthusiasts took a few victory laps, bashing low-carbers as foolishly fixated on carbs and beyond reason.

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For all those who argue as nauseum about #lowcarb !! I'm a doctor and I'm not an idiot to tell people to stay off medicines and focus on inner immunity and health. All my life I struggled with a hypocaloric high carb diet. That's why I feel deeply about this whole topic. #health
I was a plump child and was always told to eat less and exercise more. I was always hungry. I grew up to a fat teen with a terrible body image. It drives me up the wall to see people unnecessarily arguing about the so called balanced diet. I tried all gimmicks : Alas
Thank God that I came across #IntermittentFasting and #lowcarb. It's never about #weight. It's about #Health. #weightloss and a #positiveattitude is the by product.
Thank you to all those who have been a part. I'm 3 years menopausal now. And pretty much fit for my age. #fit
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1/ #ListenThread -

My guest appearance on #SigmaNutritionRadio just dropped where I have a very friendly #debate with @NutritionDanny and Alan Flanagan on #LDL #Cholesterol, #ApoB, #Atherosclerosis, #AllCauseMortality & much, much more!
2/ I did this podcast semi-sleep deprived and between interviews for #TheCCDoc. But I know my main hopes going in were to emphasize:

(1) Why I favor the "Lipid profile-centric" model over the "Lipoprotein-centric" model.
(2) How this is relevant to "the triad" ⬆️LDL⬆️HDL⬇️TG

(3) Why this triad is of particular interest to all of us as it relates to not just cardiovascular disease, but in particular -- all cause mortality (ACM)

I honestly couldn't remember how well I did in getting these core points across, thus relistening now...
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1/9 Tweetorial Concepts of Na in #HeartFailure
👉Failing Heart prefers ketones
👉Ketones have osmotic diuretic effect
👉#Keto #LowCarb need to ⬆️ Na Intake
👉Same holds true for HF patients
👉Even more so due to diuretic effect of ketones, low carb,
and in insulin Image
2/9 @DrMarthaGulati shared #Interesting pics of on presentation of how Salt Restriction in worsened outcomes on HF. This struck many Cardiologists by surprise but this is not new

This is the link to her Tweet:

Some pics here. ImageImageImageImage
3/9 Our colleagues in Europe have been doing this for quite some time with excellent results btw. Here are some references addressing this as well
4) ImageImageImage
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I've got a few diabetic relatives,

Talking with them, I asked if their doctors had ever discussed low carb eating at all

They all said No, had no real understanding of what role excess carbohydrates intake had in their Type 2 diabetes

Mainstream medicine is grossly behind
The only dietary advice they've get is cut back on food intake, cut calories,

Eat lean proteins and low fat and healthy carb

Zero understanding of how insulin signaling works, no exposure to ideas like protein intake and satiety

Zero understanding of how muscle can help...
I could say these are personal failures on their part to not educate themselves,

But it is insane that its 2020, & overweight and obese people are being given 1985 advice that was bad then and bad now

Following #lowcarb twitter would help them more than their medical providers
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In five days we begin filming #TheCCDoc -- a documentary on #Lipids, #HeartDisease, and the phenomenon of higher #LDL #Cholesterol observed in many following the #keto/#lchf lifestyle.

This will either be a single feature length documentary (90-120m) or a series of topic episodes (40-55m each)

I'll be interviewing experts across the opinion spectrum. Pro lipid hypothesis, moderate, skeptic, liberal on statins vs conservative, etc.

We'll explore:
1. History of cholesterol discovery
2. The #LowCarb movement and high "diet induced" #LDL
3. The science and data of risk: intervention, genetic, and observational
4. The two Triads, atherogenic dyslipidemia and ⬆️LDL+⬆️HDL+⬇️Triglycerides

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1/ Imagine for a moment that a low carb diet wasn’t the best fix for type 2 #diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease, but instead imagine the most effective method was swimming.
Would the angry mob on twitter react the same?...........
#LCHF #Keto #T2DM
2/ If swimming was #lowcarb
“Swimming is really dangerous, people have died swimming. Any doctor who recommends swimming is irresponsible and should have their licence revoked.”
#LCHF #Keto #T2DM
3/ If swimming was #lowcarb
“Swimming isn’t for everyone. Just because it’s worked for loads of people, you shouldn’t recommend it because some people can’t swim”
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Regarding the #ESCCongress reaction on #DAPAHF I share the enthusiasm of most. For this very reason I made this thread which I hope will raise the curiosity of others.

It shows some shared pathways of medication and #Lifestyle that are obviously not mutually exclusive. (1/4)
Both Pathways ⬆️ Ketones
During #heartfailure mitochondrial oxidative metabolism is compromised and 3-OHB) is ⬆️ In HF pts Ketone bodies appear to be a more efficient alternative fuel and myocardial ketone oxidation as a key metabolic adaptation in the failing human heart. (2/4)
I honestly would not be surprised at all if in a near future we start using Exogenous Ketones, Esters, Salts and even MCT oil as a possible economical therapeutic approach. (3/4)

Ex. Think about #Alzheimer Type III DM & how patients can improve dramatically w diet change.
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@lowcarbGP @grahamsphillips @LowCarbProgram @SamFeltham @DocRunner1 @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @RaceToTheStones @LowCarbSurge @longevity_pro @drtroystapleton @cadiulus @CampbellMurdoch @JeffryGerberMD @FatEmperor @SBakerMD @russwinn66 Just for you @lowcarbGP and for science: after 18h fast I took the #bananachallenge 😳

1pm Glu from 3.7 to 5.6 over 60min and made me hungry+++

Second ‘hump’ after 2pm was the other half #couldntresist
@lowcarbGP @grahamsphillips @LowCarbProgram @SamFeltham @DocRunner1 @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @RaceToTheStones @LowCarbSurge @longevity_pro @drtroystapleton @cadiulus @CampbellMurdoch @JeffryGerberMD @FatEmperor @SBakerMD @russwinn66 And in further exciting news:

50:50 mix of heavy cream with @Breyers #lowcarb ice-cream is both delish and #flatlineish

I’m not one for treats (and don’t wish to re-awaken my sugar-cravings) but this is good to know #cgm
@lowcarbGP @grahamsphillips @LowCarbProgram @SamFeltham @DocRunner1 @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @RaceToTheStones @LowCarbSurge @longevity_pro @drtroystapleton @cadiulus @CampbellMurdoch @JeffryGerberMD @FatEmperor @SBakerMD @russwinn66 And after tomorrow’s #runandfast I shall be testing this trusted #runningfuel:
22g CHO as maltodextrin/60ml
Recommended dose 1-3x per hour
I’d need ?20x for 100k (that’s 1200ml to carry/digest) 😳
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Good Morning! Day 2 of #LowCarbSeattle will start soon. Today I will have individual threads for the presentations. Speakers today are @DrAseemMalhotra , @tednaiman , @obesityresolved , @LDLSkeptic , and @DaveKeto . Totally enjoying the conference. Thank you @lowcarbusa !
Today's talks: @DrAseemMalhotra Public Health Advocacy; @TedNaiman Macros & Metab; @obesityresolved Obesity Understood, Obesity Resolved; @LDLSkeptic LDL & LCHF; @DaveKeto A Deep Dive into Cholesterol & Risk.
@DrAseemMalhotra @tednaiman @ObesityResolved @LDLSkeptic @DaveKeto First up .@DrAseemMalhotra is having to present via Skype or similar. A bit of connectivity issues, but better now.

Obesity on the rise in UK. Ease of access to ultra processed foods feed problem. Hospitals allow junk food on their campus.
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NEW THREAD on #LCHF-raud & #KetoDiet.
The following article I wrote has references to over 1200 studies on nutrition, including Randomized Control Trials. 👉…
5 Reasons I Don't Recommend a Keto Diet by Dr. Michelle McMacken @Veg_MD 👉…
Gary Taubes, author of several books and articles on low carb high fat #LCHF-raud diet (fad), FINALLY concedes that saturated fats are the enemy in this BMJ article: 👉…
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