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1/ New video by @NutritionMadeS3 which I'd like to retweet for added discussion.

There's a layperson-friendly section in it that does a great job of illustrating the existing expectation of:

(1) LDL/ApoB Exposure Size
(2) Time
Rate of Plaque Development
2/ Using "mg-years" (much like "pack years" with cigs), one can quickly figure out what state of cumulative exposure they'd be at.

Gil's graph in video was similar to the one I tweeted on last week 👇

And indeed, this is the convention of exposure x time
3/ To be sure, I'd echo @NutritionMadeS3's qualifier in the video that this is expected at a population level. So the exceptions don't prove the rule (in either direction).

Hence the enormous importance of studying those with extremely high LDL/ApoB at a population level...
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The Case for the Biological Superiority of Raw Dairy 🥛🐄☀️🧑‍🌾

Raw milk’s probiotics, immunoglobulins, unique protein and fatty acid composition, and cytokines like transforming growth factor-beta-1 regulate and enhance development of the human immune system.
👇🧵 Image
Consumption of raw cow’s milk reduces risk of respiratory infections and fever by ~30% in children.…

Raw milk is inversely associated with rhinitis, respiratory and ear infections, fever, and C-reactive protein, while boiled milk shows weaker protection.
Raw milk during pregnancy or childhood is associated with enhanced lung function and growth, higher breathing capacity, and immunity to airway infection that lasts into older adulthood. This is possibly due to higher interferon gamma, which is vital to proper lung development.
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The results of the #KetoMedStudy are finally out! How low-carb do you need to go for glucose control? Is keto better than a low-carb Mediterranean diet with no refined grains (Med-Plus)? 👉…

#keto #ketodiet #MediterraneanDiet #ketomedstudy #luciaaronica
Here's a brief summary of the study and results:

Randomized, crossover trial of keto vs. Med-Plus (12-weeks for each diet phase) for glucose control in 33 individuals with pre-diabetes/diabetes.
Potential wins for keto:
• Lower CGM average glucose and TG with lower meds
• Lower HbA1c (primary outcome) after accounting for meds reduction
• Better outcomes with greater weight loss and higher HDL for those who started with Keto in the first phase
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I had to tinker with @KetoCraigs original recipe (link to original recipe and my adjustments in the 🧵), but boy howdy this is a delicious keto strawberry “pecan-etzel” salad. Image
Link to original on TikTok:…
My version:

Preheat oven to 350

Crust: 170 g pecan flour, 120 g (1 stick) melted butter, and 90 g granulated sweetener

Mix thoroughly and press into baking dish (either 8x10 or 9x9).

Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.

Let cool completely.
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1/4 Q#3 f/u: OK folks, this is the result of his genetic tests via @GBHealthWatch:
It shows he is heterozygous for a pathogenic ABCG5 mutation, c/w sitosterolemia. Not homozygous. No other FH/LDL mutations noted.
2/4- Does being heterozygous for ABCG5 explain LDL-C >700?
3/4: Is there a second, unidentified mutation causing familial hypercholesterolemia?
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1/ Ex-type 2 diabetic - and my bud JJJ - sharing how he dropped HbA1c from 12 to 5.5 in 6 months on #Keto and came off meds at a patient panel for med students. Loving life, eating well! @minhal_ahmed @goutamgadiraju @MarkCzeisler @camitussie #metabolism #diabetes #foodismedicine
2/ Want to thank @ChrisPalmerMD @DoctorTro @BrianLenzkes @LowCarbEyeDoc @russwinn66 @StickmanBleedin @BiggestComeback for sharing as well. I believe @LCMDPodcast may release the full recording at some point. Also, want to thank my amazing peers for expressing interest in using
3/ Lifestyle and proper human nutrition to reverse metabolic disease. I know how hard we all work at school and that this is an above and beyond effort and I'm so appreciative that I'm not alone in being passionate about actually addressing the root causes of disease...
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😍Recién publicada la revisión MÁS IMPORTANTE. Una revisión sistemática de @cochranecollab que analiza TODA la literatura científica existente EN HUMANOS y que sean ESNAYOS CLÍNICOS.

Se viene… si, HILAZO 🍿👇🏻
😅Este es un tema polémico para algunos ya que se vive el #keto lifestyle casi como una religión. Puedes creer en lo que quieras, pero la ciencia y las creencias , algunas veces no van de la mano.
🙃Algunos afirman que lo importante para perder grasa es mantener niveles de insulina “bajos” y que la mejor forma de hacerlo es con una alimentación “low carb”.
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CROONICLE: Guide on the Economy of Pasco County, Florida… #pascoFL #Tampa
CROONICLE: How to Make Your Hotel and Hospitality Business Mo...… #hospitality #hotel
CROONICLE: How to Become a Director of Yield Management in th...… #hotel #revenuemanagement
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Hey, #KETO warriors!
Anyone else starting (or jumping back on) this year?

Let’s start an ongoing thread for motivation and recipes you liked! Image
I’ll start:
YUM (but sans the brown sugar as we don’t have it here)…
Getting enough fat in your daily macros can be really tough.

Try making #fatbombs:…
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Ketogenic Diets: Not For Everyone?
The potential association between elevated blood lipids and a high fat, low carb diet.

#ketogenic #keto #ketodiet #longevity
The notion that in some cases food can be a medicine rings true. For better or for worse, diet can change one’s physiology.

One of the more popular diets today is the high-fat, very low-carbohydrate diet, also known as a ketogenic diet.
In some, the ketogenic diet may help to ameliorate obesity and type 2 diabetes and positively affect problematic cardiometabolic markers.
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Since this got some attention, and few asked for details, let me elaborate. People were like this is keto, you don't know gluconeogenesis?, we are without sugar since 5 years, etc. So first some basics. 1/ #biochemistry #diet #nutrition
So, what happens when you have had dinner at 9 pm and slept off?
Okay, before that, the brain is a peculiar thing. Its preferred and predominant fuel is glucose.
The food takes roughly 4 hrs to be digested and assimilated. What supplies glucose after 1-2 am? #nutrition #diet
2 things:
1. We've stored glucose as glycogen in liver. So that gets broken down.
2. After few hours of that process, gluconeogenesis (process in which body makes glucose from 5 different things) starts.
They are overlapping processes, first major, second minor (to begin wth). 3/
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1/ This is especially important timing.

As many of you know, we're conducting a study on #LMHRs (link later in thread) who not only have extremely high #LDL #Cholesterol, but many (likely most) have diets quite contrary to this advice by the @American_Heart.

Let's unpack...
2/ First, and most importantly, we do not know what the outcome of this prospective study is. So while I'll be outlining commonalities we observe with #LMHRs, this isn't an explicit endorsement of the diet nor any altered lipid levels as a result.

With that said...
3/ We have a lot of data between our standing survey, submissions to, and CC and LMHR Facebook groups (7.7k and 7.5k members, respectively).

Diets are often:
1) Low to no fruits & veg
2) Low to no grains
3) High animal protein
4) Low in plant oils
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1/ Posting this hypothesis for posterity:

I now suspect #PlantBasedLowCarb (PBLC) isn't as low carb as originally thought.

Before getting started in this thread, I should emphasize I wouldn't consider this a good or bad thing in and of itself, but it is of interest, ofc... Image
2/ Moreover, I've regularly pointed to people following my work who are both (1) very interested in a low carb diet, but (2) would prefer to keep their #LDL low to consider PBLC as a "third option", as I commonly see it associates with this outcome.

Now to my hypothesis...
3/ PBLC generally has two major features separating it from "typical" #keto/#lchf:

1) More fat sourced from mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids (M/PUFA) instead of saturated fatty acids (SFA)

2) A lot more soluble and insoluble fiber via plants
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1/n Warning: long thread approaching (I should have done it as a blog, but that requires too much effort on LSL). Hi @ChrisPalmerMD and @evolutionarypsy. I haven’t forgotten our Twitter convo on the KD in relation to diet and the gut microbiota...
2/n, but I’ve been having too much fun on leave to get to this. Also, I really didn’t even know where to start! The gut microbiota is a complex topic and there’s a lot we do know, but even more than we don’t.
3/n Straight up, to my knowledge there are no credible studies that have directly tested the impact of a #ketogenicdiet (KD) on the #gutmicrobiota (GM) to date.
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The #ketone body, acetoacetate (AcAc) regulates lipid metabolism through receptor GPR43…

Cool study .@DaveKeto and I were discussing...

AcAc binds to the GPR43/FFAR2 receptor to promote Lipoprotein Lipase activity and help burn fat.

Some more details...
2/ Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in the gut r known to modulate energy homeostatis. Butyrate, acetate, proprionate all have recptors. The acetate receptor is GPR43.

The ketone BhB is all well studied as a signaling molecule, and binds HCAR2 etc., but AcAc is less well studied.
3/ This paper provides good evidence that, during fasting and ketogenic conditions, its AcAc that helps promote fat burning (lypolysis) throughout the body (except in the gut, more on that in a bit). Again, AcAc binds GPR43 and promotes Lipoprotein lipase (LPL activity)...
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Ready to have your mind blown 🤯!?

1/ What would you predict would happen to fasting triglycerides and LDL if you just ate a TON of fat and Saturated Fat. Like, if you drank 6000 kCal and 1.6 Liters of heavy cream?!

Trigs (fat in blood) and LDL-C would obviously go up right?
2/ Well, if your #keto #lchf not necessarily. In fact, overeating tons of fat can DROP your fasting triglycerides and LDL like a stone! WTF?! So what’s going on…
3/ Well, chylomicrons from the intestines (and VLDL secreted by the liver) carry triglycerides. But their residence time in the blood is very short, such that when you have a fasted lipid test, the fat you ate should have been deposited in storage around your body. BUT…
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Brand New Data #keto #immune

#keto diet improves adaptive immunity through immunometabolic reprogramming without up regulating innate immunity

Basically: stronger immune system with less inflammation 🔥…
2/ #Ketogenic diet could also prove to be a valuable measure in the
threatening situation of the current #COVID-19 pandemic” ya, no kidding... in more ways than one
3/ “These new immunological aspects of KD might contribute to the modern concept of metabolic therapy of cancer (Seyfried et al, 2017, 2020). KD not only targets the Warburg effect, but could also
strengthen anti-tumor immunity (Ferrere et al, 2021).” .@Sam_Apple1
#sugar #cancer
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1/ #Thread - Hypothesis on why leanness + low carb likely to lead to high cholesterol

I originally retweeted this with a simple "yep" given how it this relates to the #LipidEnergyModel.

Many have asked me to expand, so this thread will be my simple, layperson-friendly breakdown
2/ Let's have some fun and use a relatable analogy...

Imagine you had exactly two kinds of stores in the neighborhood: bakeries and butcher shops.

You normally get groceries from both, but recently the bakeries were closed down, so now you just get meat only for meals...
3/ Now that the bakeries are down, there's more demand on the butcher shops, so they are having more inventory sent to them.

But then, the neighborhood increased while the number of butcher shops actually decreased, and this required an even higher rate of shipments to restock.
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1/ This would be a good opportunity to clear the air on a few things...

Per @DrNadolsky's tweet, we don't know everything we want to know about #atherosclerosis. Almost everyone would agree it is multifactorial, and most of Med would ascribe the central risk driver to LDL/ApoB..
2/ If you see your LDL rise on a #keto/#lchf diet and you're uncomfortable with this, here's a thread I made for that 👇

3/ In the mean time, @DrNadolsky, @DrRagnar and I are literally in the final stages of IRB (knock on wood) to get clinical data via <obligatory plug>

Clinical data is almost always more valuable than anecdotal data (assuming good design, reputable team)..
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1/ This tweet below from @DBelardoMD brought a lot of interesting conversation.

I wasn't going to weigh in, but given I'm pretty vocal on this topic already, here are some respectful additions...
2/ First, I agree glucose going up and down -- in and of itself -- is not inherently a mechanism of concern.

The key questions of interest are by how much and for how long -- and from this, can we determine if there is a dysregulation?
3/ I was listening earlier in a Clubhouse chat to @Dr__Guess discuss her recent study and how "all over the map" glucose levels were for these T2D patients -- which is unsurprising given the nature of the disease.

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1/ #Keto > #LowCarb

It’s a ironic, my bloodwork looks fine when I’m either keto (less than 25 net carbs) or low carb (25-100 net carbs).

I have a lot more choices when I am low-carb and the food experience is generally more pleasurable with more treats and greater variety…
2/ But in all that time outside of when I’m eating, I just typically feel better. More balanced, better focus, and on top of all of that, I find I simply think about food a lot less. While it’s fun to anticipate a good meal, it can also be an unhelpful distraction.
3/ It’s annoying to have to identify food that is satisfying, but not *too* satisfying. Food I can enjoy but won’t actively overeat. That’s pretty much everything super low carb that isn’t highly refined (I could definitely drink way too much heavy whipping cream “fat shakes”)
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1/ An aside -- I'm working on a diet protocol of sorts. In a sense, I'm combining a number of techniques I've picked up from my experiments and seeing if it "works" for me. So far, it definitely has been. I'm nearly to the weight I was right before the Weight Gain Experiment
2/ As a little background, I was usually around 185-ish lb before that experiment, then after completing it and going back to keto, I started to average around 195 (I'm 6'3, btw, so BMI would be 24.4 at that level)
3/ I've chatted about this many times on the MMM (our member stream) with @siobhan_huggins, and have wondered if this was simply a new set point of sorts. Maybe it's the added stress, long hours, and not-so-great sleep schedule.
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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1/ This new MR study by @mendel_random, @mvholmes, et al makes use of UK Biobank data and determines #ApoB increases risk of #AllCauseMortality, and even #T2Diabetes

This is actually relevant timing as we are rapidly approaching the #LMHRstudy.…
2/ If you didn't already know, "Lean Mass Hyper-responders" (#LMHRs) would be considered hypercholesterolemic, with this resulting from being very low carb (typically #keto), and are often lean and/or athletic.

(You can read more on this phenotype at
3/ Setting aside why this population exhibits this (see #LipidEnergyModel for more), the most important question is whether they are at risk.

This MR study builds on the existing conventional expectation that they are, and no less in a dose-dependent manner...
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