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1/10) 🚨NEW! #Keto for Anorexia🚨

We report on 3 patients who achieved remission from treatment-resistant anorexia using animal-based keto diet 🥩🍳

👉BMIs 10 - 13 kg/m2

👉Each gained ≥20kg

👉+Dramatic improvements in mental health…

Read & Share🧵🙏… Image
2/10) Background 👇

Anorexia is a devastating condition that increases risk of death >5X and is associated w/ high rates of relapse

There is desperate need for more effective treatment options
3/10) Common knowledge posits patients w/ anorexia should be discouraged from practicing food group restriction

But anorexia can be framed metabo-psychiatric condition that may benefit from treatment w/ metabolic health interventions w/ neuromodulatory properties, i.e. #ketodiet Image
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Looking for help with a rising A1C while keto? I’m 5 yrs in, lost 122 lbs and now maintenance. A1C was 5.5 when I started & has slowly crept up. Now at 5.9! I don’t understand & w/a family history of diabetes down my dad’s side am worried. #keto #lchf #diabetes What to do?
2 Fasting glucose runs between 95 and 102. I’ve never had fasting insulin checked. I already cycle between berberine and myo-inositol. I do have Hashimoto’s, not sure if that’s a factor. I see my doc on Friday, who is generally supportive of #keto but not super knowledgeable.
3 Wondering if I should ask for an Rx for a CGM and see if I can identify if it’s something in my diet? Only thing that’s changed over the 5 yrs that I can think of is that I’ve gradually drifted higher protein. I run 2-3 x/week and lift weights 2-3 x/week + 1 yoga class + walks.
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Heute ein Thread zum Thema Studien über #Ernährung, ein Thema, was mir sehr am Herzen liegt. Ihr kennt das alle: Fast täglich kann man in sozialen Medien, Zeitungen und Boulevardblättern etwas über eine neue Studie zu Ernährungsthemen lesen. Am einen Tag liest man, dass #Fleisch
tödlich ist, am nächsten Tag, dass der Mensch nicht ohne Fleisch leben kann. Zu nahezu jedem Lebensmittel finden sich positive und negative Studien, der eine schwört auf #Kohlenhydrate, während andere Gruppen diese verteufeln und lautstark #lowcarb und #keto propagieren. Selbst
zu Lebensmitteln, die jeder Mensch als gesund einstufen würde, finden sich bei entsprechender Suche über Literaturdatenbanken auch Studien, die dies scheinbar widerlegen.Doch woran liegt das und wie sollte man als Laie damit umgehen? Oder kann sich einfach jeder das herauspicken,
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Travel Industry is about to be next level!

Say goodbye to pain of trip planning and deal hunting.

Let me show you how I'm using #ChatGPT Plugins like Kayak and Expedia to plan my vacations.

What's your biggest struggle when planning a trip? Image
1. Kayak is a game changer.

I can chat with it like a personal trip planner, setting my budget, dates, car rentals, even specific dining needs!

Here's how I got it to plan a trip to Austin, Texas for under $1,000 with #keto friendly options. Seen anything like it? Image
Obviously this trip is over $1,000. No worries, just ask ChatGPT for the damage report, and you get a nice breakdown.

How many of you will find this helpful for your budgeting? Image
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Menopause can result in a decline in hormone levels, including testosterone, which is essential for various aspects of a woman's health. Here are some natural ways a menopausal woman can increase her testosterone levels: #menopause #testosterone
Exercise & physical activity: Regular exercise, particularly strength training & high-intensity interval training (HIIT), have shown to raise testosterone levels. Incorporate a mix of cardio & resistance training exercises into your routine to help maintain healthy hormone levels
A nutrient-rich diet is essential for hormonal balance: Include both lean & fatty meat, eggs & fish, fats (like those found in avocados, ghee, lard, tallow & olive oil). Specific foods, such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, & cabbage), support hormone production.
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1/🧵 I'm definitely a fan of both @DominicDAgosti2 and @DrRagnar (obviously), so I was excited to see them chatting about #lipids, #LMHRs, and Dom's consideration of increasing carbs to lower his #ApoB

If no one minds, I'd like to add some thoughts...

2/ First -- I'm extremely excited to share @DominicDAgosti2 may be the most notable N=1 I've waited for regarding #ResistanceTraining change & #LDL/#ApoB in a #ketogenetic context

Those who've followed me for a while know exactly what I'm talking about...
3/ When chatting with Dom in SD last year for dinner, he mentioned focusing less on maintaining such a sizable muscle mass as he typically does, and I predicted he'd likely see his LDL/ApoB as considerably higher with this change if still #keto. This podcast appears to confirm...
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If I've ever had a dear diary dinner in my life this is it! 50-hour dry brined prime rib, cooked at 225° for a bit over 2 hours & seared in cast iron. I've never had anything better & it's not even close! #Carnivore #carnivorediet #Yes2Meat #RealFood #keto #ProperHumandDiet
20 minutes later…
@BrettBAuto Your prime rib really psyched me up for this one!
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@Lenoreo7 @NewDawn7411 The do or die moment in my health journey was when I tried to walk 3 hilly miles on a hot day back in '18. 40+ pounds overweight, I was sweating donuts & my left arm went numb on the last hill. It scared me enough to try a week of #keto & the rest is #realfood history.
@Lenoreo7 @NewDawn7411 Why keto? I met a man from Virginia who was helping out in the restaurant I worked at. He randomly told me he lost 60 pounds in a year w/keto and it saved his life. I didn't think much of it until I had the mini-stroke. This is why I believe everything happens for a reason.
@Lenoreo7 @NewDawn7411 For most of my 40s I was miserable. Osteoarthritis in my back and I couldn't go 3-4 hours on my feet without them aching terribly. I ate Advil like Tic Tacs and I honestly didn't want to live past age 50 if my 40s felt like this.
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🧵Followup on #salt comment last night:

Took 3 readings of my blood pressure this morning:
Average: 106/73

- Male, 49
- Moderate exercise
- Moderate-high stress career
- Supp 6-10g of salt daily when #keto* to relieve fatigue, cramping (for >5 yrs)
2/ So everyone on #keto should be like me and take copious amounts of #salt?

Well, sorry, but the answer appears to be:
👉 Your results may vary.... a lot.

On the little-to-no salt side, check out @KetoCarnivore's recent discussion on this
3/ Also check out this short video answer in a Q&A from Steve Phinney regarding salt intake research
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1/ #Metabolism, #lipids, and #ASCVD

Okay, I want to revisit and breakdown my position on this crucial topic and the challenges in communicating it.

⚠️ Get comfortable, as this could get long.

Ready? Let's go...
2/ First, it's worth reviewing why there's a high level of confidence low density lipoproteins (LDLs) drive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD)

For an excellent, lay-person video, I recommend @NutritionMadeS3's from a couple years ago 👇

3/ Also in the name of arguably the most cited meta-analysis for the Lipid Hypothesis to date:

"Low-density Lipoproteins cause atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease"

This meta combines lines from genetic, observational, and interventional studies.
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I've made lots of changes to my website. Here's a list of all the Databases in a thread. I built it as a pet project to keep track of history, science, and nutrition concerning the #CarnivoreDiet in a way where each individual argument, historical event, book, etc can be linked. Image
Homepage: - About me, some videos, links, and updates.
All History - 1012 quotes about the carnivore diet and related topics (science, religion, other diets) - chronically ordered, tagged, imaged, and meticously copied out of old texts no one wants to read.
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1/ My thoughts on #Satiety & @DietDoctor 🧵

If you've followed me a while, you know I try to avoid the "diet debates" (tho not always successfully)

However, I have been getting a high frequency of DMs/messages/calls regarding DD's new endeavor for a #lowcarb alternative
2/ Let me first start off by saying I don't think any diet is inherently superior to all others.

I *do* think the #lowcarb diet is under-utilized for populations that can uniquely benefit from it.

However, I also believe most of us have many more options than is often assumed.
3/ Moreover, I consider @DietDoctor's long history of providing a "one stop shop" platform for all things #lowcarb/#keto with high quality guides, videos, and tools to be without equal.

It made it extremely easy to refer everyone in DD's direction, particularly beginners.
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This “study” was a really poorly done observational study of 305 people. They gave them a one time, 24 HOUR, food survey. You read that right, they asked them what they ate over the last 24 hours.
And here is the worst part… a short thread.
They then labeled anyone eating less than 25% of calories from carbs (and more than 45% from fat) the Keto group. Yup, at 3,000 calorie a day, that is up to 187g of carbs a day, ten times what my client get. So that group basically ate high fat and high carb…
This is complete garbage, but it will be broadcast across every media channel as fact. Just ridiculous. There has to be an agenda behind the pushing of such terrible and misleading info. It makes no sense.
#garbagescience #bogusstudy #completelyuseless #keto #ketodiet #carnivore
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Does the ketogenic diet increase fat loss?

A thread 🧵👇

#keto #dieting #fatloss
The ketogenic diet restricts carbohydrates with the purpose of lowering insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that is involved in fat metabolism. Therefore, some suggest that a ketogenic diet is very effective for fat loss.

This study investigated whether a ketogenic diet increases fat loss compared to a high-carbohydrate diet in overweight and obese men.

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The latest victim of the growing hate for all things related to #Dharmic faiths. After attacking or co-opting all number of #Hindu traditions, it's now the turn of a micro-minority : the #Jain faith and being #vegetarian in general. SouthAsian vegetarians be warned! 1/n
During the public comments section of the @SeattleCouncil meeting on 2/14, supporters of the proposed #Caste ordinance turned their ire on the "militant vegetarianism" of #Jains. Hear the sound byte to understand the outright hate being mainstreamed!
Ironically the long and ancient tradition of #vegetarianism among SOME #Hindus, #Jains, #Sikhs and #Buddhists is under fire-even as western society as a whole discovers the benefits of a #plantbased diet and #MeatLessMonday proliferates. 3/n
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Thread Alert! 🧵Starting the conversation with your doctor about using a #ketogenic diet to treat mental illness can be daunting, but it's important to be proactive about your health. #bipolar #depression #schizophrenia #ocd #anxiety (1/9)
Mention the information you've heard from other doctors and the specific mental health condition you are hoping to treat with the #keto diet. (2/9)
Express your eagerness to try the diet, but also emphasize your concern for safety and your willingness to work closely with your doctor. (3/9)
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Someone DM'd me about POTS and long-Covid and asked if a ketogenic diet could help. So let's do a quick little thread. 🧵1/7
I wrote an article about how #Keto can help with neuro #Covid symptoms, but it is mostly focused on cognitive and mood symptoms, not POTS. Here it is if anyone is interested. 2/7…
That said, the mechanisms can be similar. For example, #neuroinflammation (which keto is great for) impairs the function of the #Vagus nerve, which is implicated in POTS symptoms. 3/7
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Tried to replicate the McGriddle experience and I failed... because this turned out even better considering each of these sandwiches packs a whopping 1 or 2g carbs each. #ketodiet #keto #LCHF
Recipe link for the cloud bread:⬇️
I doubled this recipe and baked it in a bread pan. It's 8 eggs separated, 4 oz cream cheese, 2 tsp cream of tartar, a little salt, sweetener (optional) and a half cup butter. Pro tip: cool bread in fridge/freezer to let it firm up!
Cloud bread bottom
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A KD, or ketogenic diet, may be able to mimic the effects of mood stabilizers, which are commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder #BD. 🧵(1/5)
There are three main categories of mood stabilizers: lithium salts, anticonvulsants, and antipsychotics. However, the effectiveness of these medications can vary depending on the type of Bipolar disorder, and their exact mechanisms of action are not fully understood. (2/5)
Unfortunately, long-term use of pharmaceuticals can lead to negative side effects, such as chronic cardiovascular and metabolic issues. (3/5)
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#Vegan🌱#keto (low sat fat, 0 cholesterol)
Meat and Egg heavy diet + 120g net carbs

N=1 Crossover experiment

Surprisingly, LDL >300 mg/dL on vegan keto and ~100 mg/dL on meat and egg plus carb diet 🤯

👉 If this doesn't make you curious, I don't get you
2/ This contradicts the explanation that sat fat is the primary driver of ⬆️ LDL on low-carb

While it may represent an outlier case (& sat fat may primarily drive⬆️LDL in others), that these lipid results can present in anyone requires an explanation beyond conventional wisdom
3/ 2022 has been a good year for study of the Lean Mass Hyper-Responder phenotype with 5 manuscripts published:

-Demonstrating presence of the phenotype

-Providing explanation in the form of the Lipid energy model #LEM

-Calling for further research
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🧵 Dec 9th anniversary thread

On this day in 2015 I received a lab result that would alter the course of my life.

Just two weeks earlier I had gotten my very first bloodwork after half a year on #keto that showed my total and #LDL #Cholesterol had nearly doubled (!)… /1
2/ With that first test I was overcome with shock and curiosity — much more former than the latter.

I wanted to get a repeat test to confirm this wasn’t a lab error.

I wasn’t ready to give up #keto, but I was miserable enough that I ate considerably less.
3/ At the same time I learned as much as I could about Lipidology - which focuses on how the body moves lipids (like cholesterol) in the blood.

And to my surprise, this system is already very familiar to me as a software engineer given it is a distributed object network.
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🧵1/8 Here's an easy thread for reference on our current papers. 👇👇👇

🔖 Bookmark this!

We cover:
- High #LDL on #lowcarb/#keto
- Lean Mass Hyper-responders (#LMHR)
- The Lipid Energy Model (#LEM)

- And, ofc, our #LMHRstudy underway right now
2/8 The #LMHRpaper was our first describing the #LMHR phenotype

- #LDL #Cholesterol of 200 or higher
- #HDL #Cholesterol of 80 mg or higher
- #Triglycerides of 70 mg or lower

Which is actually common for lean, very folks on #lowcarb/#keto folks.…
3/8 Our second paper brings a case report on a single #LMHR with extremely high #LDLc (~500 mg/dL) for 2.5 years, their eating patterns, and current CT angiography.

(⚠️Please note this is a single case report and should be considered anecdotal, ofc)…
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Many people are under the impression that keto diets are better for fat loss but worse for muscle growth than higher-carb diets.
Last week I posted a review on the ketogenic diet for concurrent athletes that concluded keto diets are actually equally effective for both fat loss and muscle growth.
Now a new meta-analysis specifically on strength trainees, both male and female, concluded that keto diets are indeed equally effective to gain muscle.
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1/ Respectful rebuttal 🧵:

I think you make valid points with regard to a diet community having bad actors that can reflect on it, @jerryteixeira -- but I'd push back that one has to tow the party line on high fat and/or high meat in #keto or get hammered.

Some examples...
2/ I myself have brought up #PlantBasedKeto many times over to raise awareness, even though I try to avoid the diet debates. But I've not suffered any repercussions from the keto community.

3/ is arguably the largest resource for #LowCarb diet, and in the last couple years have put out a great deal more material on higher protein with lower fat as a diet direction option. Many low carbers prefer this emphasis over higher fat as a %
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