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Watch these public comments! It's like a showdown of plant-based vs low-carb/keto.
Commenter #13 = @WaliPriyanka and she just dropped the MIC on this committee. "THE DGA is a Joke. Know your audience. Half of the country is prediabetic. Sugar intake should be 0%!"
@WaliPriyanka Commenter #7 = @low_carb_doc pushing for a low carb / keto based on science and practice.
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1/12 I’ve been tweeting about #T2DM and my #LCHF diet for about a year. Here are some of my observations. I DO observe that a LCHF way of eating has helped me lose weight, sustain that weight loss and get my Type2 into remission. So I advocate it as a method for others try
2/12 – I DO observe a large cohort of other people achieving similar success in removing obesity or reversing #T2DM via #LCHF or their variants, #Keto , #paleo , #carnivore , #banting or #atkins
3/12 – I DO NOT observe large cohorts of people achieving and advocating success in reversing #T2DM through other methods. I would like to; we would all like to; more sustainable options means more patients with better outcomes
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It is time for you to take health into your own hands.

“Living Healthy in the Modern World”

Do with it as you will. Find it useful? Spread it as far as you can!


Nutrition & Diet
Getting Started
Macro Nutrition
Food Truths
Anti Nutrition
Diet Lifestyles
Weight Loss & Gain

Spiritual Lesson
Herbal Remedies
Hormonal Health
External Optimization
Women’s Health

Our world is filled with awe inspiring beauty. Humans should reflect that, but we are poisoned.
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Hey @DaveKeto & @siobhan_huggins, This paper links Atherosclerosis with metabolically induced monocyte dysfunction.…

Could #Keto, even with very high LDLc, be non-Atherosclerotic due to metabolic grooming of 'well behaved' monocytes and macrophages?
In other words, could 'hyper-responders' (as defined at be benefiting from metabolically induced changes at the monocyte and macrophage level, where those cells are no longer 'hyper responding' to chemokines.
This paper found 2.6 and 9.8 fold increase in macrophage recruitment from moderate and severe metabolic stress in LDL receptor-deficient mice over a non stressed baseline. The degree of macrophage recruitment correlated to atherogenic Leison progression.…
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1/ Finally getting around to watching the @joerogan podcast with @drjkahn and @chriskresser. I’ll be tweeting occasionally responses into this thread....
2/ at around 13:30: @chriskresser “Back in the 13th century you had Frances Bacon who said for something to be scientific it has to be independently measurable, and falsifiable, and then accurate and valid.”...
3/ “... If you’re sitting there eating an apple. And I’m watching you do that. I can observe you’re eating the apple, I can measure how much is the apple you eat, and I can confirm or refute that you were eating the apple...”
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Food used to be my crutch. I can be quoted saying, "I'll never be skinny again cause I like food too much"....

The truth is my body was addicted to the constant exogenous supply of glucose.

I used to have arthritis in my knee, and if I didn't eat, I got severe....
Hunger pangs and hypoglycemia.

A doctor when I was young told me I had insulin resistance and told me the solution was to keep candy in my pocket.... worsening this condition

I counted calories
I ate sugar laden protein bars
I got energy drinks (cause at least they have ...
Metabolism boosters.... or so I thought)
I took diet pills
I ate sugars and treats in moderation
I went to the gym and did copious amounts of cardio (and one time I did get skinny and keep it off for a few years in the military)
But after I regained, I could not get it back off..
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NEW THREAD on #LCHF-raud & #KetoDiet.
The following article I wrote has references to over 1200 studies on nutrition, including Randomized Control Trials. 👉…
5 Reasons I Don't Recommend a Keto Diet by Dr. Michelle McMacken @Veg_MD 👉…
Gary Taubes, author of several books and articles on low carb high fat #LCHF-raud diet (fad), FINALLY concedes that saturated fats are the enemy in this BMJ article: 👉…
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So many people come to Chennai and want to do things or eat good food and some helpful bloke tags me but I don't end up seeing it in time. So I'm going to be pretentious and set up a thread on what's good in the city IMHO, for ready reference.
Disclaimers: None of these are 'paid' tweets, I'm no food writer, please don't quote tweet and tag restaurants or brands it just makes everything super awkward.
Also I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but again, this may not be the best of Chennai list but its what I like. Make your own thread. Mute this one. Boo.
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