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1/ As usual, I head straight to the methodology to see if it is at least wild type mice eating a species appropriate diet.

2/ This is why I avoid these kinds of studies. Mice genetically prone to obesity & diabetes get obese and diabetic.

And FWIW, I couldn't find what their diet actually was. But I'm skeptical it resembles anything advocated in the #keto community. (Anyone know with this study?)
3/ What I *would* be interested in -- is what I outlined above.

How about just feeding wild type a wild type ketogenic diet? Let's see if they get obese on an unprocessed, whole food diet high in fatty meats and cheeses.

You can guess what I'd be betting in that scenario.
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Feeling down about all of the negative media clickbait about #KETO during the January diet season?

Cheer up! Here are four powerful proof points that #KETOisWinning

#1 People know results when they experience them. #KETO has left every other diet in the dust.
Proof point #2

The science is powerful and growing.

@davidludwigmd's tour de force on the state of the science here…

So many promising mechanisms to explore.
So many studies underway.
Proof point #3

Doctors are excited, collaborating, and spreading the word. For many, #KETO nutrition therapy is finally fulfilling medicine's promise of healing patients.
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In five days we begin filming #TheCCDoc -- a documentary on #Lipids, #HeartDisease, and the phenomenon of higher #LDL #Cholesterol observed in many following the #keto/#lchf lifestyle.

This will either be a single feature length documentary (90-120m) or a series of topic episodes (40-55m each)

I'll be interviewing experts across the opinion spectrum. Pro lipid hypothesis, moderate, skeptic, liberal on statins vs conservative, etc.

We'll explore:
1. History of cholesterol discovery
2. The #LowCarb movement and high "diet induced" #LDL
3. The science and data of risk: intervention, genetic, and observational
4. The two Triads, atherogenic dyslipidemia and ⬆️LDL+⬆️HDL+⬇️Triglycerides

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1/ Pretty close to what I predicted.

Side note -- many have expressed frustration with their doctors or simply not seeing one at all. I should emphasize that I prefer my family and friends see their doctor and get bloodwork done at least once a year at a minimum...
2/ If you find you're fighting with your doctor a lot given they have different goals or perspectives, don't give up on the entirety of annual care -- consider taking the time to shop around for a new doctor. There might even be a #keto/#lchf doctor already near you...
3/ I've now used @DietDoctor's doctor locator page at least a dozen times to help find med professionals near friends/family that were going low carb.…
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1/ Imagine for a moment that a low carb diet wasn’t the best fix for type 2 #diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease, but instead imagine the most effective method was swimming.
Would the angry mob on twitter react the same?...........
#LCHF #Keto #T2DM
2/ If swimming was #lowcarb
“Swimming is really dangerous, people have died swimming. Any doctor who recommends swimming is irresponsible and should have their licence revoked.”
#LCHF #Keto #T2DM
3/ If swimming was #lowcarb
“Swimming isn’t for everyone. Just because it’s worked for loads of people, you shouldn’t recommend it because some people can’t swim”
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1/ Reeeeeally happy to see @ChrisMasterjohn's opinion addressing Lp(a) regarding its relevance in causality of CVD, particularly with regard to genetic influence on baseline levels. @siobhan_huggins did a presentation on this at #LowCarbHouston

@ChrisMasterjohn @siobhan_huggins 2/ As with LDL-P, we feel it's relevant to disentangle three major components that influence Lp(a) levels: (1) genetic baseline, (2) disease-induced influence, and (3) metabolic influence

(1)- has surprisingly little study
(2)- generally assumed
(3)- little to no focus
@ChrisMasterjohn @siobhan_huggins 3/ These three are extremely important to consider individually, particularly the metabolic, as @siobhan_huggins has demonstrated multiple times just how rapidly she can alter her Lp(a) numbers to follow the same Inversion Pattern that impacts LDL-C…
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THREAD. I knew when @DoctorTro announced he was attending #obesityweek2019, we were in for some entertainment, but his write-up gives us all so much more than that. Insightful, heartfelt and a must read here. 1/….
I have been a participant in, & analyst of, the #KETO movement for two years. I found #KETO during a leave of absence from my role as head of corporate strategy for a multinational conglomerate. I was desperately searching for a way to help son with debilitating ADD. 2/
I found #KETO & my son's life trajectory transformed. Who knew a fresh fruit smoothie every morning alongside his bacon & eggs was sending him to school unable to learn? Removed smoothie & the world became his oyster. Then, like many of you, I went down the rabbit hole. 3/
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For those who don’t know, mother was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer, and then cervical cancer. She opted out of chemo, went 0 carb organic keto w/ fasting and has now been in remission for 10 years. The doctors told us we had less than a year, and to do chemo.
1,000 likes in one day! #Keto 🙏🏼
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1/ Waking up to see the podcast hosted by @TheVeggieMD dropped with guests @ethanjweiss and @cadiulus.

I'm going to do a live listen thread here...
2/ DISCLAIMER: Yes, I usually avoid the diet debate, but I'll concede up front that I'm certainly pro-awareness of diet choices. I think it's unfortunate so few people know about #PlantBasedKeto if indeed they want to be both #Keto and #PlantBased, yet are unaware it is possible.
3/ Not saying I know it is definitely better or worse, or in what ways as we don't have long term data. But I do know people on it who -- for them -- it was the perfect match they were looking for, but genuinely didn't know it existed.

Now... on to the podcast...
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1/ Make no mistake -- this is a biggie. Props to @ethanjweiss, @cadiulus, and @TheVeggieMD for helping to make this possible.

While I personally land more on the animal product side of #Keto, I wish #PlantBasedKeto would get more attention as a choice many can explore...
2/ In @ethanjweiss's second bullet he states:

"We believe that eating all or mostly plant-based fats is not only possible but very possibly optimal for cardiovascular health."

Read: likely lower LDL-C/-P

It's worth taking a moment to unpack this further...
3/ I state often that I'm "cautiously optimistic" with regard to higher LDL when #Keto if it is for metabolic reasons, but as always, I don't claim certainty. For those who want to be #Keto, but would be more comfortable with lower LDL, this could be a viable alternative...
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I believe that your blood group (an “unstudied” science) can also identify your race. (Not absolute. All that body in-breeding over generations.)

Oh, that “Annunaki” conspiracy theory, Ja; to throw the still clearer thinkers off this trail❓ (Ditto DNA)
So that no one even much notices, that even the Bible identifies Ab-RA-ham as being from Ur: a SUMERIAN❗️ (Doesn’t much fit that ENKI / ENLIL, story, there, does it❓🤔)
I also, don’t really believe in anyone called “Hathor.” So what does that say about the interpretation of all those “hieroglyphics” and finds like the “Rosetta stone❓”
#OccamsRazor: if they stole so much of the other history ...❓🤔
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With increasing media coverage, many people are moving from ketocautious to ketocurious. My advice on #keto is education! (links follow) & try it for 3 months with diligence & medical supervision if on diabetes & BP meds. @anahadoconnor @DrSarahHallberg…
@anahadoconnor @DrSarahHallberg slides from recent @TheAACE talk provide overview of nutritional #ketosis for reversal of diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome ...…
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1/ (Thread) Some people have asked me to share more about my weight loss and fitness journey. I don’t talk a lot about it, mostly because I’m super embarrassed by the photo on the left. I know 267 was my highest weight- but I’m not sure I was actually 267 in that particular photo
2/ But I didn’t like having my photo taken at that weight (odd for a professional performer, right?) Anyway, I was suffering from Hashimoto’s with not a lot of help from an Endocrinologist, beyond the advice of “lose weight.” Obvi. I was trying.
3/ I was also in a very stressful/negative work environment. I was eating a whole foods diet, and hardly ever ate processed foods or dined out, and was doing cardio 3 times a week. No weight loss. I felt terrible. So I started tracking everything I ate through MyFitnessPal.
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1/ The anniversary of the #LDLBounty will be in a couple weeks. I'm still seeking to gather non-drug/non-gene studies showing a triad of high LDL+high HDL+low triglycerides=high cardiovascular disease. Thus far, I've only seen studies showing the opposite.
2/ This is extremely relevant to #keto/#lchf given this triad of rising LDL, rising HDL, and dropping triglycerides is a very common outcome. Of course, if you follow my work, you know I consider this more likely due to being powered by fat (metabolic) than disease (pathologic)
3/ After six months with no submissions, and on the anniversary of the original #LCCholesterolChallenge, I brought the finder's fee up higher to $1,000 with a $3,000 budget.
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Watch these public comments! It's like a showdown of plant-based vs low-carb/keto.
Commenter #13 = @WaliPriyanka and she just dropped the MIC on this committee. "THE DGA is a Joke. Know your audience. Half of the country is prediabetic. Sugar intake should be 0%!"
@WaliPriyanka Commenter #7 = @low_carb_doc pushing for a low carb / keto based on science and practice.
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1/12 I’ve been tweeting about #T2DM and my #LCHF diet for about a year. Here are some of my observations. I DO observe that a LCHF way of eating has helped me lose weight, sustain that weight loss and get my Type2 into remission. So I advocate it as a method for others try
2/12 – I DO observe a large cohort of other people achieving similar success in removing obesity or reversing #T2DM via #LCHF or their variants, #Keto , #paleo , #carnivore , #banting or #atkins
3/12 – I DO NOT observe large cohorts of people achieving and advocating success in reversing #T2DM through other methods. I would like to; we would all like to; more sustainable options means more patients with better outcomes
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Hey @DaveKeto & @siobhan_huggins, This paper links Atherosclerosis with metabolically induced monocyte dysfunction.…

Could #Keto, even with very high LDLc, be non-Atherosclerotic due to metabolic grooming of 'well behaved' monocytes and macrophages?
In other words, could 'hyper-responders' (as defined at be benefiting from metabolically induced changes at the monocyte and macrophage level, where those cells are no longer 'hyper responding' to chemokines.
This paper found 2.6 and 9.8 fold increase in macrophage recruitment from moderate and severe metabolic stress in LDL receptor-deficient mice over a non stressed baseline. The degree of macrophage recruitment correlated to atherogenic Leison progression.…
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1/ Finally getting around to watching the @joerogan podcast with @drjkahn and @chriskresser. I’ll be tweeting occasionally responses into this thread....
2/ at around 13:30: @chriskresser “Back in the 13th century you had Frances Bacon who said for something to be scientific it has to be independently measurable, and falsifiable, and then accurate and valid.”...
3/ “... If you’re sitting there eating an apple. And I’m watching you do that. I can observe you’re eating the apple, I can measure how much is the apple you eat, and I can confirm or refute that you were eating the apple...”
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Food used to be my crutch. I can be quoted saying, "I'll never be skinny again cause I like food too much"....

The truth is my body was addicted to the constant exogenous supply of glucose.

I used to have arthritis in my knee, and if I didn't eat, I got severe....
Hunger pangs and hypoglycemia.

A doctor when I was young told me I had insulin resistance and told me the solution was to keep candy in my pocket.... worsening this condition

I counted calories
I ate sugar laden protein bars
I got energy drinks (cause at least they have ...
Metabolism boosters.... or so I thought)
I took diet pills
I ate sugars and treats in moderation
I went to the gym and did copious amounts of cardio (and one time I did get skinny and keep it off for a few years in the military)
But after I regained, I could not get it back off..
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NEW THREAD on #LCHF-raud & #KetoDiet.
The following article I wrote has references to over 1200 studies on nutrition, including Randomized Control Trials. 👉…
5 Reasons I Don't Recommend a Keto Diet by Dr. Michelle McMacken @Veg_MD 👉…
Gary Taubes, author of several books and articles on low carb high fat #LCHF-raud diet (fad), FINALLY concedes that saturated fats are the enemy in this BMJ article: 👉…
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ماهو #النظام_الكيتوني او #الكيتو و ما فوائده؟ سؤال شائع احاول إجابته في التغريدات التالية. تابع.

#التكميم #نباتي #ڤيجن #كيتوني #أتكنز #التخسيس #كيتوسيس #كيتو_دايت #السمنة #كيتو
#ketodiet #ketosis #keto
كل خلية من خلايا أجسامنا تحتوي على مولدات طاقة تسمى مايتوكوندريا (الصورة). تستخدم الخلية هذه الطاقة للقيام بوظائفها. هذه المولدات مرنة من حيث نوعية الوقود التي تستخدمه لتوليد الطاقة. فهي تستخدم الجلوكوز (الناتج عن اكل #الكارب) ان وجد. في حالة انعدام الجلوكوز تستخدم الدهون.
كثيرا ما تتحول الخلايا لإستهلاك #الدهون مؤقتا، مثلاً في حالة #الصيام_المتقطع لفترات أطول من 12 ساعة. ولكن تحول كل خلايا الجسم لإستهلاك الدهون بصورة متواصلة يسمى #كيتوسيس (#ketosis). ينتج هذا الوضع عن تخفيض متواصل لإستهلاك #الكارب إلى ما دون 50 غم يومياً لأيام او أسابيع.
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