1. I’m ready to report on what is likely to be the final day of the Julian #Assange extradition hearing. Yesterday we heard shocking revelations by a former #UCGlobal employee who’s currently a protected witness:#UCGlobal boss discussed with *American friends* plans to poison JA
2. Hearing will restart at 11.30 am London-time
3. as we wait for the Julian #Assange extradition hearing restarting, I just want to reply to people asking me: as a journalist who visited JA in the embassy many times, had you noticed anything disquieting happening? Yes, I had
4. when last year I discovered how I had been a target and, among other things, my phones were unscrewed, I started analysing the weird things I had noticed, like disruption of my communications: phone calls and emails
5. I remember that in Nov 2018,after visiting Julian #Assange in the embassy for writing this article for my former newspaper,La Repubblica,my former editors at Repubblica claimed they had tried to call me and email for two days with no result [ARCHIVE]: repubblica.it/esteri/2018/11…
6. extradition hearing just restarted
7. hearing will resume at 2 pm London-time
8. we are waiting for the hearing to restart at 2 pm London-time
9. what I find it jaw-dropping about the prosecution's arguments on #UCGlobal:Prosecution argues there is basically no problem if the investigation on #UCGlobal confirms that US acquired advanced info on JA's legal strategy thanks to #UCGlobal's spying activities:US won't use it
10. I'm not exaggerating: this is what Kromberg argues in his statements: if US actually got legally privileged info thanks to #UCGlobal's spying, US won't use it against JA. Imagine if police catch a thief who stole millions $ and the thief tells police:I won't use that money
11. hearing restarts
12. US counsel is objecting to last minute witness statements. Mark Summers (JA defence) clarifies that the last minute witness statements are NOT last minute at all, as they were submitted to CPS at 1 pm
13. well, another break: hearing will resume in 30 min
14. as we wait for the hearing to resume, my UK #FOIA lawyers, @estelledehon and @suigenerisjen, just notified me unprecedented developments in my #FOIA litigation on #WikiLeaks: we will make info public as soon as possible
15. we just learned hearing will resume at 2.50 pm London-time
16. hearing restarts. Mark Summers (JA defence) reads Michael Tigar's witness statement. A US lawyer, he contributed to expose #Watergate scandal
17. apologies: Twitter blackout on my side.
Michael Tigar's witness statement highlighted the ethical and historical significance of info disclosed by #WikiLeaks, such as #Iraq Rules of Engagement and #Guantanamo Detainees Assessments
18. back online, after twitter crashed
18. back online, after twitter crashed
19. Gareth Peirce's witness statement details the appalling targeting of her legal meetings inside the Embassy: no info from US authorities on whether the legally privileged materials handed to the US by #Ecuador will be returned
20. next witness statement: @AitorxMartinez, a Spanish lawyer working for Baltasar Garzon's firm, working on the #UCGlobal case. The statement is about the Spanish criminal investigation on #UCGlobal
21. "next 3 witness statements are less easy", Mark Summers: one is an additional statement from Gareth Peirce
22. other two witness statements: a second statement from Bridget Prince, who investigated links between UC Global and Sheldon Adelson
23. James Lewis, US counsel, objects to the use of these new witness statements
24. James Lewis, US counsel, asks the judge to refuse these new statements submitted "at the 11th hour"
25. Vanessa Baraitser: I express my concern about the (JA) defence introducing new evidence
26: rather cryptic arguments on whether to admit some new evidence: the judge asked for 15 min to read the materials. Another break
27. note:consider in the past days the prosecution even objected to evidence on #UCGlobal because prosecution sees it as not really relevant to the US extradition case. Today Mark Summers(JA defense) told the judge that a verdict on #UCGlobal might be issued before her ruling
28. judge Baraitser rejects JA defence's request to admit a new Gareth Peirce's statement dealing with excissing conducts alleged in the second superseding indictment
29. judge Baraitser: ruling will be issued the 4th of January 2021
30. the Julian #Assange extradition hearing is over: there will be a new administrative hearing the 29th Oct, and the verdict will be issued the 4th Jan. 2021
31. It sounds weird to me that the verdict for such an important case as the extradition to the US of a publisher and journalist who revealed #warcrimes will take as little as the judgement for my FOIA appeal at the London Upper Tribunal

• • •

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Good morning! Finally a very good news in such depressing times: @nuclearban @BeaFihn just succeed in a tremendous achievement. #UNTreatyForProhibitionOfNuclearWeapons reached 50 ratifications which are needed to enter into force: icanw.org/historic_miles…
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ecco perché io da 2 settimane insisto con questo clamoroso errore della #ColumbiaJournalismReview che parla di "incriminazione per #stupro" di Julian #Assange (inglese): cjr.org/the_profile/ju… devono correggerlo e chiedere scusa.
vi assicuro che in nessuna redazione seria del mondo verrebbe tollerato un errore tanto clamoroso in un caso di cronaca giudiziaria in cui reporter confonde un indagato,con un imputato (un indagato rinviato a giudizio) e un pregiudicato(indagato,rinviato a giudizio e condannato)
la cronaca giudiziaria può avere un devastante impatto sulla reputazione delle persone,perché rivela chi viene incriminato e condannato.E' parte vitale del giornalismo, ma deve essere fatta da persone competenti che conoscono differenza tra indagato,imputato,pregiudicato
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5 Oct
1. Just to allow you to understand how compromised the press coverage about Julian #Assange,I invite you to read this article by @CJR: cjr.org/the_profile/ju… It does mention #RapeCharges:Even children know that there were NO rape #charges. I asked @cjr to amend it,@CJR has NOT
2. @cjr is the review of one the most respected schools of Journalism in the world: #ColumbiaJournalismSchool. Is it credible that @CJR's fact-checking failed so badly? As I said, even children know that there were NO #rapecharges.
3.The highly anomalous handling of the Swedish case revolves around this fact: #Assange was left in limbo for 10 years, with the Swedish prosecutors never charging him or dropping the case once and for all.
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