This is completely off and here's an itemized take down.
1. Macron & the French state have been *practicing* neocolonialism ever since the end of their actual old-style colonialism. It really takes some amazing level of blindness not to see this.
2. Macron's comments weren't just a dog whistle, they were a bullhorn, evidenced by the racists who really loved what he said (and said so in my mentions). Just scroll down my TL to see the comments I received just hours after his speech.
3. Muslims may be "touchy", but anybody who knows anything about my history knows that I've brought up the topic of reform and our many crises for years and so often that ISIS wants me dead + many traditionist Muslims on here privately think I'm not Muslim
4. So no he wasn't "right". He's not an academic or a social activist or an NGO leader, he's a cynical politician with an ugly record of providing material support to dictators and he wants to appear tough on Muslims for votes, because his primary political opponent is Le Pen
5. For the love of God when someone says "I"m your enemy", believe them. We're facing the potential of a decade or more of hostile policy that targets our freedom & human rights not only in French domestic affairs but also in foreign policy.

• • •

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6 Oct
This sounded like a good discussion until the last sentence. Why are Zionists so quick to display contempt and - I'm sorry - racism towards Palestinians? Does it threaten you that this stateless refugee has a blue tick?
But on to the points. The founders of the state of Israel were definitely foreign to the Middle East. Herzl was born in Hungary. Ben Gurion was born in Poland. Golda Meir was born in Ukraine. Chaim Weizmann was born in Russia. These are facts. They were European Jews.
This isn't to say that the Jews aren't native to the Middle East, they are. But both of these things can be true at once. Zionism was first conceived by people who never lived in the Middle East and apart from a far-removed origin, they were foreigners to land and culture.
Read 7 tweets
5 Oct
I'm disgusted by the Palestinian leadership. I'm sure our Uighur and Hong Konger sisters & brothers can tell you a lot about China's respect for human rights. This entire generation of Palestinian leaders must go, they got us stuck in a hole and now they're digging a deeper hole.
It's the same stupid paradigm of failure they've had for decades - find some international sponsor to help the balance of power, and in the process ignore your own people and keep compromising on your values until you have no values left to compromise on
There is an alternative - rely on the latent power of your own people and the moral power of your cause, instead of running around like a headless chicken looking for external sponsors, in the process selling out your cause more and more until there's nothing left to sell
Read 4 tweets
5 Oct
Imagine you go back and talk to a former version of yourself. How long back do you have to go before you feel you're talking to a different person?
If I go back a year, I'd feel I'm talking to someone I agree with on a lot of stuff, but not on others. We'd get along.

If I go back 3 years, it would be like talking to a different person, but we'll find a way to see eye to eye.
Meanwhile if I go back 5 years, the person I meet will be so jarring to me that we'd nearly come to blows. He would, at least. It'll take all my patience to make him see what he doesn't want to see.
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5 Oct
Quick "thread of threads", linking to a few past threads relevant to current conversations on my TL. Caveat: Check dates, some of these threads are 5+ years old.
Populism as a collective form of radicalization:
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4 Oct
Five things:
1. All world religions are diverse. Both MLK and the Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps believed themselves to be devout Christians. Only those with agendas happen to accept this diversity for all faiths but speak of Islam as a monolith
2. All world religions evolve. "Adaptation to modern times" is a process, not a final judgement. Religions whose believers & institutions enjoy full agency will adapt faster and better than religions whose believers & institutions have very little power over their affairs.
3. All world religions are broader than theology, and enconse themselves into lived culture in ways that cannot be easily separated. "Islam" is faith, but it's also culture.
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4 Oct
When a neocolonialist motherfucker such as @EmmanuelMacron points to the colonized and says "you guys have a problem", this isn't a dispassionate critique but rather a pretext for a narrative of domination that will reflect in policy across the board and into the future.
Motherfuckers such as @EmmanuelMacron are a more serious threat to our liberty, dignity, and human rights than even Trump. At least outright racists such as Trump say the quiet part out loud and that inspires resistance and gets people to get off the fence.
If I had more time I'd post an entire series under the title "Fuck you, Macron" about how cynical he is about the "problems" he speaks about (while breaking down each problem and the actual solution). Maybe I'll have the time.
Read 6 tweets

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