Five things:
1. All world religions are diverse. Both MLK and the Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps believed themselves to be devout Christians. Only those with agendas happen to accept this diversity for all faiths but speak of Islam as a monolith
2. All world religions evolve. "Adaptation to modern times" is a process, not a final judgement. Religions whose believers & institutions enjoy full agency will adapt faster and better than religions whose believers & institutions have very little power over their affairs.
3. All world religions are broader than theology, and enconse themselves into lived culture in ways that cannot be easily separated. "Islam" is faith, but it's also culture.
4. While religions differ in their theology and in the metaphors they use to describe the transcendent, the spiritual experience is actually very similar (and deeply humanizing) across virtually all spiritual traditions and across time.
5. "Not all cultures are equal" is true, but is also a line commonly used by racists to make their racism sound more logical. Cultures evolve. If you're really interested in humanity you'd help the evolution along instead of using the current state to target a particular group.

• • •

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4 Oct
When a neocolonialist motherfucker such as @EmmanuelMacron points to the colonized and says "you guys have a problem", this isn't a dispassionate critique but rather a pretext for a narrative of domination that will reflect in policy across the board and into the future.
Motherfuckers such as @EmmanuelMacron are a more serious threat to our liberty, dignity, and human rights than even Trump. At least outright racists such as Trump say the quiet part out loud and that inspires resistance and gets people to get off the fence.
If I had more time I'd post an entire series under the title "Fuck you, Macron" about how cynical he is about the "problems" he speaks about (while breaking down each problem and the actual solution). Maybe I'll have the time.
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2 Oct
Okay, I've been rage tweeting about other stuff, but truth is, I miss Jamal and can't let go and can't get over what happened to him. Sometimes we go to anger to run away from guilt and sadness. I hope he approves of everything we've been doing. #JusticeForJamal
He never saw himself as an activist or a dissident. He wanted to always be seen as a journalist. But the energy he brought into our space was enormous. Had he lived, he'd be running an entire pro-democracy ecosystem today. #JusticeForJamal
Lots of great campaigns commemorating the second anniversary of his murder. Meanwhile I'm privately commemorating by seeing Jamal in my heart and recommitting every cell of my body towards what he loved: Free speech & democracy for the entire MENA.
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2 Oct
He rolls the red carpet for our dictators time and time again and sells them weapons and even breaks UN arms embargos for them, then he comes to lecture us about our "crisis". Our crisis is because of motherfuckers such as yourself. Fuck you and your necolonialism.
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2 Oct
The myth of Trump's invulnerability has persisted since 2016 and into 2020. Some are still speculating that "this could be in Trump's favor". The powerful have such a track record in exploiting chaos that sometimes we wonder if anything can hurt them. This is self-gaslighting.
I can't see any universe in which this is "good for Trump". First of all, he could get very sick and even die. He's a 74 yr old obese man with a stressful life. He won't be able to campaign during the critical last month. He'll be tweeting, unless he gets too sick for that.
Worst for Trump, this puts his incompetence and recklessness and stupidity on full display. He couldn't protect himself, let alone the country. He couldn't test his own staff, let alone the country. He played fast & loose with the virus and so did his family.
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30 Sep
Dear Arabs, if Americans were to appropriate one of your expressions what would you rather it be?
I'm with @SameralAtrush, I'd rather if it's "toz"
Also I want to make this a thing, but trying to speak Arabic should be called "Habibiing it up"
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30 Sep
When the underprivileged push for equality, they are seeking an outcome that to them is both a moral good and a material advantage. When the privileged push for equality, they are seeking an outcome that is a moral good, but involve loss of privilege (at least in relative terms)
For this reason, I think that in certain contexts, a member of the privileged class pushing for equality would take more moral fiber and more strength of character, and we should acknowledge that. They're seeking to change a system that (unfairly) *benefits* them.
Being privileged does not make you automatically guilty but it can make you blind to injustices far removed from your own lived experience. It takes more courage to see things beyond your lived experience, and to work to curtail your own privilege for the sake of others.
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