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13 Oct, 25 tweets, 4 min read
A Biden win would decisively hand the 21st Century to China. I think it's very important to prevent a fascist superpower from ruling the world. Funny how so many self-professed "anti-fascists" seem untroubled by the prospect.
Of course, some of the people sleeping at the wheel on China think of it as "communist," view communism as super-sized socialism, and think socialism is good. They should be thinking harder about how China demonstrates the shared DNA between socialism, communism, and fascism.
China, at any rate, is more clearly fascist than anything else. Its core structure long ago shifted to fascism - nominal private ownership of capital, but absolute control by political dictators. Chinese Marxists frequently get thrown in jail for complaining about this.
People in the West have been tossing "fascist!" around as an all-purpose insult for so long that they've forgotten what fascism really is, or why its core mechanisms lead inevitably to the horrors I like to call its "grisly ornaments" - repression, war, ethnic cleansing, etc.
Since we stopped studying what fascism really is, or why the fascist regimes of the early 20th Century became bloody horror shows, we forgot - or were tricked into forgetting - to steer away from its core principles. The same thing happened with communism, even more so.
Modern China is fascism, straight up, no chaser. It has everything Nazi Germany did: racial supremacy theories, genocide, militarism, cults of personality, violent political repression, speech and thought control, politics replacing religion, you name it.
It's a damn good thing the Chinese military has nothing like the qualitative advantage of the German military at the outbreak of World War 2. The Chinese tend to get their asses kicked when they start fights. But they ARE working on that, and their numerical advantage is huge.
On the other hand, Chinese fascism is less reliant on brute military force than the fascist empires of the early 20th Century. They have "sharp power" instead, and it's far more insidious. It makes them a much more patient and persistent threat.
"Sharp power" is China's use of economic leverage to achieve the aggressive political goals of the Chinese Communist Party. It's how China routinely forces people in the "free world" to obey its fascist speech codes. Globalists were utter fools to let them develop it.
Sharp power is really the core principle of fascism extended to international politics: the political control of capital weaponized and employed to corrupt other governments and cultures. The old fascists dominated their own capital; China's fascists dominate foreign capital too.
In China, much capital is privately OWNED, but DOMINATED by the CCP. The rest of the world is becoming like that - capital is owned by American or European companies, but it obeys the commands of the Chinese Communist Party, or else it suffers massive economic retaliation.
This is most clearly and obviously seen in Hollywood, news media, and certain pro sports, but believe me, it's getting worse in every industry the CCP cares to dominate. That trend would massively accelerate under a Biden presidency, and not just because China bought him off.
It will get worse because Biden, and the left-wing radicals he would sweep into power, are madly determined to sabotage everything America could do to compete with Chinese industrial and political influence. The Green New Deal might as well be called the China Triumph Plan.
There isn't a single pillar of American strength the Biden Democrats are not salivating to destroy. Give them a few years to work on America, and China's dominance as global hegemon will be unquestioned. They'll push us back into every globalist pit China has dug for us.
Worse still, the increasingly totalitarian Democrat Party AGREES with much of China's ideology, very much including that 8-cylinder fascist engine rumbling under the hood. Absolute political domination of private capital, political control over every aspect of life? Yes, please!
China will dominate the 21st Century because America under Democrat control will try to emulate their system instead of fighting it. The Dems will try to "learn" from China's "success," embracing the power of fascism while swearing they can avoid its grisly ornaments.
This happened last time around, too - the elite intellectual class of the early 20th century was brimming with people who thought fascism was brilliant, Hitler and Mussolini were geniuses - just look at their incredible economic achievements! - and we needed to get on board.
It will be MUCH worse this time, because China was given decades to loot the Western world through idiotic globalist "engagement," develop the sharp power it needs to control Western politics, and study the mistakes made by the Nazis and Soviet Union.
Imagine going up against Hitler, except in this version of history he has political control over much of the West's capital and culture. No one in America dares make a movie or TV show that insults him or violates Nazi speech codes. Everyone fears losing access to German markets.
Vital supply chains for everything from household goods to medicine and military equipment run through Germany. Nazi media constantly threatens to cut those chains if the free world is too "provocative" or acts against Nazi interests.
Nazis utterly dominate globalist institutions. Their propaganda is passed along without question by major international agencies. Western leaders babble about crippling their industries to Save the Earth while Hitler laughs and builds more factories and power plants.
We can clearly see Auschwitz and the other death camps from orbit, but no one does anything to stop the genocide. Much of the world is ready to let the Nazis build their telephone systems because they work cheap and pinky-swear not to eavesdrop.
On the eve of the great global confrontation with the Axis, America is poised to vote out the only president who ever really fought back, and vote in someone who promises to cut more deals with them, rejoin the globalist organizations they dominate, and embrace their ideology.
Oh, but don't worry, the new U.S. administration will "fix" that fascist ideology by sanding off the rough edges. It will use authoritarian power and totalitarian politics to impose justice and fairness - it's the only way our wise and scientific elite can achieve those goals.
We should be all-in on the fight against the new fascism, but instead we forgot what fascism is. We destroyed all the warning signs on the road that leads to it. And we threw away our devotion to its alternative: the freedom that beat it last time, and could again. /end

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I wrote about Internet freedom a few hours before it suddenly became a massive crisis in the United States, so the post (and the Freedom House report I discussed) became an instant time capsule. The questions I asked are more urgent than ever:…
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It's so weird that the big social media platforms simultaneously decided to throw away their "platform, not a publisher" protection to suppress a flimsy nothingburger story that should be like the buzzing of flies to a candidate with an insurmountable lead in the polls.
It almost makes you wonder if maybe that candidate knew even worse revelations were coming, so he got in touch with his very dear friends at the social media giants and told them to crush the early releases at all costs, to shut the whole chain of stories down.
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It's funny how so many people who claim to worship "democracy" also dismiss nationalism as selfish xenophobia. Democracy is absolutely meaningless without strong national sovereignty. Under globalism, citizens of any given state have little influence over how they are governed.
Nationalism isn't just mindless tribalism. People are correct to insist their government has a responsibility TO THEM that vastly outweighs any imagined responsibility to foreign governments they have absolutely no influence over, or foreign populations.
We've seen that point taken to absurd extremes by the Left during the Trump administration, with whack-job judges ruling that foreigners have rights that EXCEED those of American citizens, including absolute rights to enter the U.S. and influence its government.
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The media's complaints about transparency in the Trump White House are hilarious when you consider how opaque Obama's was, and Biden's would be - with the active complicity of the media. Reporters will block damaging stories like Secret Service agents diving in front of bullets.
Given a media as thoroughly corrupt, lazy, and partisan as ours, and the immense power of the central government, no one truly concerned about in "transparency" can possibly vote Democrat. You're literally voting for the media to become PART of the administration.
There is simply no possibility of an adversarial relationship between the degenerate mainstream media and a Democrat administration, especially not after they push Biden into the White House. "Reporters" would be taking victory laps right alongside him.
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A great deal of the coronavirus confusion among national and global health experts, with confident pronouncements constantly modified or retracted, is because they never want to be seen endorsing the one thing that really works: travel bans, aka quarantines.
Funny how so many of the "experts" either tacitly or explicitly accept China's claims to have controlled the pandemic with amazing speed and absurdly low infection rates, but they won't talk about the biggest difference in China's approach: stern quarantines and travel bans.
China did everything it could to spread the coronavirus OUT of the country - this was obvious and quite deliberate - but they brought iron walls crashing down around cities with coronavirus outbreaks. They were literally locking sick people inside their homes.
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Further evidence that Trump's election travails are based almost entirely on what he says, not what he's done in office. This is an astounding number given the coronavirus.
Those who think the polls are wrong will see this amazing "better off than four years ago" number as strong evidence of a hidden Trump vote that will overwhelm Biden's edge in the polls. How can people give historic high marks to Trump - better than Reagan! - but throw him out?
A related possibility is that Trump really is lagging behind, but much of his deficit against Biden is transitory anger at things he says, fueled by the relentless media campaign against him. It will dissipate and they'll vote more on the "better off than four years ago" feeling.
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