One question plagues me people say mantras should not be chanted without a Guru but how does one find a guru in today world who is initiated in that mantra sadhna. Taking the diety as ur Guru, Guide & Soul is only the way in today's Yuga.
Ultimately Adi Shankaracharya said the Brahman resides inside you. Shri Krishna said your soul is part me. If our soul is ansh of parmatma do we need a guru to invoke God/Goddess for blessings. Of course one needs to follow the vidhi of jaap or sadhna as mentioned in sacred texts
Chanting Mantras/Doing Japas or Sadhnas require a lot of sacrifices one is satwic diet, two brahmacharya, three following proper vidhi as mentioned in texts and last discipline in doing it with full faith the last being the most essential.
Thus Dharma Trikons & Moksha Trikons i.e. 1,5,9 & 4,8,12 in D20 play an important role in dissecting a spiritual progress. D-20 chart shows whether ur japa or sadhna will be realised in this birth or you will carry forward it to next life. What obstacles you will face in it.
For Eg. studied a chart of some one including D-20 it shows some one was Healer in Purva Janma too, this Birth at a certain age during a certain Dasha combination the person connected with his Guru and did jagriti of Pranic healing powers. He is likely to carry it to next birth.
D-20 chart in such case clearly showed Purva Janma guru will initiate powers in this Janma but the process wont complete due to some karmic blockages which will stop the progression of soul to next level. Thus next birth too healing power will carry on.

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14 Oct
Many times ppl ask who is ur isht devi or devta. Well find ur Atmakaraka (highest degree in Lagna Chart), see where its placed in Navamsha and check 12th house to its placement. The diety of a planet in 12th to AK in NM or the diety of the lord of the rashi is ur Isht Devi Devta.
Check the planets & corresponding deity as ur Isht Devi or Devta !! Image
Eg. if ur Atmakaraka Mangal is in Buddh Lagna in Navmasha & Rahu is in Vrishab then ur Isht Devi will be Ma Durga but even if there is no planet in 12th to AK in Navamsha then Venus being lord of Vrishab would mean Lakshmi. Note Isht Devi/Devta is diff from Kul Devi/Devta.
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26 Sep
Everyone talks about Shani in Rohini Nakshatra as dreaded transit in Mundane Astrology as per history & texts dating back to time of Raja Dashrat. But Shani in Shravana Nakshatra is also equally potent transit in history. Shravana Nakshatra is from 10.00 to 22.30 Degree in Makar.
Shravana nakshatra's ruling star is Moon, its deity is Lord Vishnu and its birth star of Goddess Saraswathi. Its the star which symbolsies higher meaning, knowledge. Power of this Nakshatra is Samhanana Shakti or power to connect to higher consciosuness or Deep Meditation.
Brihat Samhita written by Varahmihira in Adhyaya 10, Shloka 16 says, "SHRAVANE RAJADHIKRITAN VPRAGRYABHISHAK PUROHIT KALINGAN." (in Sanskrit). Note Shani Transits Shravana Nakshatra from January 22nd 2021- February 18, 2022.
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23 Sep
Rahu & Ketu have transited to Vrishab & Vrischik where they will be exalted for next 18 months till 13th April 2022. The deities to appropriate or pray are Ma Durga (For Rahu) & Ganesh Ji (For Ketu). Praying to Lord Shiva also help controls Tamsic energy of Rahu & Ketu.
The world should breath a sigh of relief as Ketu moves out of Moola Nakshatra to Jayeshta Nakshatra in Vrischik rashi. It was Grahan in Moola & conjunctions on 3-9 Axis that caused the pandemic. Guru the Jeeva Karka is finally free of malefic influence of Rahu & Ketu in Dhanu.
The relief however will come gradual coz Ketu is Gandanta in Jayeshta Nakshatra till 07th October & has 8th drishti of Mangal till 04th October. Also Shani gets direct on 29th September the next big Graha to get direct in its swa rashi Makar.
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20 Sep
To me personally Retweets or no of Followers dont matter. What matters is content that is put out on Time Line. Till the time it satisfies those criteria(s) i am least bothered about how many followers or RTs u get. Here for some good conversations & probably some fun 😄
You will not find me monetising Social Media for personal gains & profiteering or just making it about I, Me & Myself. That just makes the conversation monotonous when purpose is to get likes, fan base & appreciation to inflate those bloated egos.
Life is much more than misleading common public & making a fool of them on social. That isnt me & i am as upfront and open as i can be without a chimera or cloak to hide ulterior motives. Dats how it should be in my sense.
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14 Sep
LBGTQ marraiges & other rights will eventually come when India runs dasha 7th Lord Mangal from 2025 onwards. The breakup of marraiges, sexual crimes & perversion will go on rapid increase. India anyway Rahu in Vrishab - Ketu in Vrischik signifying domination of such values.
With a Rahu & Ketu back in Transit over Natal Nodes there will be some movement towards liberalisation of marraige or evem reformation of personal laws in India in next 18 months.
Personally speaking i am of the view Courts have no business to intervene in policy matters. The issue of LGBTQ marraige & rights needs to be debated in Parliament before framing a law on the same. Society will gradually accept it over next few years leading to the reform.
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13 Sep
The Biden family connection to Chinese investment partnership runs through Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi currently serving in the Politburo and as the Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. #Biden #China
Yang served extensively at the Chinese embassy in Washington meeting with Senator Biden regularly. The Hunter Biden investment partnership was managed through Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions designed to garner influence with foreign leaders during Yang’s tenure as FM.
Chinese financial industry sources indicate that the partnership is believed to have a direct line to the Politburo. Background research supports this assertion.
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