The question she kept asking herself was "What went wrong with her marriage?"
"Where exactly did things fall apart"
She married a good man, a faithful man
How come he suddenly didn't want anything to do with her
How come he found her irritable and began to withdraw from her? For
many days she couldn't find an answer to her question
She considered everything
From her dressing to her cooking
From her attitude to his relatives to her conduct towards his friends
She had tried everything possible to keep herself in shape
She had put him first, above all else,
and had never compromised in any way
She used to be the light of his heart, the sun his planet revolved around until everything turned suddenly
She tried everything in her power since the moment she sensed the rift to get him to open up, to get him to talk to her and express his
displeasure or the cause of his worries
But the more she tried, the more he shrank away from her
it was as if she had become an object of derision and an object of shame and reproach
She thought it was a phase he would shake off at first
The lack of intimacy was the first blow
He practically closed his eyes or looked everywhere but at her when they make love, until he eventually gave one excuse or the other and shut down all forms of intimacy between them
He moved out of the room and started sleeping in the sitting room
The day she complained that he
was creating a bad impression in the heart of their three children by sleeping in the sitting room, he suddenly started keeping late nights
His reaction to her love was repulsion
She tried everything she could in her own power
Nothing worked
Eventually, she started throwing
Hiding his car keys
crying all night
Locking his shirt
holding on to him when he was leaving for work and begging
Her marriage was dying and he was not giving her a chance to rectify whatever was wrong
The torture eventually came to an end when he had a motor accident on
his way home one night
It was six months into the cold war
She received a call that her husband had been involved in an accident and was being rushed to the hospital
The driver of her husband's truck died instantly
By the time she got to the hospital, her husband was unconscious
She sat by him and nursed him with tears and prayers
The next day, her husband's relatives arrived
A lot of friends and colleagues also came around
Her mother-in-law also came three days later
The doctor assured them her husband would come out of it
There was no internal injury
the head injury is healing as expected
Four days after her husband got admitted in the hospital
She remembered that his phone had been off since he had the accident
She decided to charge it so that she can assure his business associates and clients that he will be fine
Many had
called her claiming they feared he was dead since his phone was turned off and they heard he had an accident
As soon as she turned the phone on
She saw the messages
"Where are you? Why are you not picking your call? Today is day two of the process and you have refused to pick
your calls
The message was from a woman
The message was from a prophetess
A [prophetess she introduced her husband to when his business was not doing well
The prophetess that she runs to for spiritual covering
But the tone of the message was personal
Not a prophet to client thing
it felt intimate
She had always had his passwords
She checked through his phone and realized the source of her tears and sorrow of many months was the prophetess
She saw pictures and messages that indicated that her husband was sleeping with the prophetess
She saw more than
her heart could bear
The prophetess had told her husband that she was the reason his business was not doing well and because it was the trap of a woman that sabotaged him economically, only the sacrifice of another woman can set him free from bondage
The prophetess made her
husband to swear that if she made the sacrifice for him and restored his fortune, he would marry her because she would have sacrificed her supernatural aura for his redemption
Her husband believed it and swore an oath with the prophetess
Soon after he started winning contracts
and making money again
The prophetess was responsible and he had to keep his end of the bargain
Her mother-in-law told her the whole story the day after she discovered the messages and reported to her
Her mother-in-law said she knew what was going on and had been praying that God
will set her son free from the clutches of the prophetess
Her mother-in-law told her she was the one who allowed the enemy a foothold in her marriage by not knowing God for herself and depending on a prophetess to be her covering
She cried her eyes out that day
The problem was
she didn't know what to do
The prophetess she always ran to had stabbed her in the back and she had no other form of response
Her mother-in-law told her about an online fellowship where believers are filled with the Holy ghost and taught to grow in the things of the spirit!
was desperate enough to take any solution as long as it will set her husband free from the clutches of the prophetess
Her mother called the brother in jeans and T-shirt
They prayed
He led her to Christ and her mother-in-law laid hands on her to be filled with the Holy Spirit
She had never been spiritual in that way all her life
She always felt those who head in that direction were fanatics
She got filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of praying in the spirit
She prayed all night, with groaning, sighs and tears
The next morning, her husband
opened his eyes for the first time
A few hours later, the prophetess arrived at the hospital
The prophetess came into the hospital room acting concerned
She said she heard about the accident just the previous evening and decided to come and pay them a visit
Her mother in law was
in the room and so was her immediate younger sister
She greeted the prophetess as nicely as she could and thanked her for coming
Then the prophetess said "I saw a vision overnight and i will need some hair from your husband's head for an urgent spiritual work! This is to preserve
his life and protect him from the enemies that were plotting against his life
She couldn't believe what she was hearing
The prophetess wanted her husband's hair...
She kept quiet
Then the prophetess reached into her bag and brought out a pair of scissors
She was going to the hair
it was way too much
She rushed towards the prophetess and slapped her
(She wanted to slap the scissors away but somehow her hand ended up on the prophetess' face
"Prostitute, husband snatcher, fetish devil..."
She couldn't control the words
She raved and cursed and screamed
She had to be restrained by nurses and security personnel in the hospital
Her husband saw everything
(He wasn't talking yet but he was moving his head and blinking)
The prophetess was taken away from the room
She calmed down and cried bitterly
She had never been that angry or
violent like that before in her life
The prophetess was a snake and she had to kill it
After she calmed down, her mother-in-law held her hands and blessed her
She called the brother in jeans and T-shirt and explained everything that happened
The brother in jeans and T-shirt told
her the prophetess cannot do anything to harm her
Three weeks later, her husband was discharged
He apologised to her
He said he was told he would die and so would she if he betrayed the prophetess after the prophetess had made such a huge sacrifice to rescue his destiny
forgave him and led him to Christ
She got him filled with the Holy Spirit and invited the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt to admonish her husband in the things of the spirit
That was how the Lord preserved her home and gave her victory over the manipulation of the evil one


• • •

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It started like a genuine agitation for change
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They had a house help once
The lady was very good with their children and acted more like a younger sister to his wife
One day he returned from work unexpectedly and found the house help in his sitting room sleeping with the boy repairing phones on the street
He just smiled and
picked what he came home to pick
He rushed straight to the airport & traveled to Abuja
He didn't say a word about what he saw o his wife on the phone
He knows his wife
His wife will sack the lady without batting an eye
His wife wouldn't consider the fact that he was out of Lagos
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He would sneak out of school to go and fish in the local river or change his uniform, rent a bicycle and ride all day
or go to people's farm to harvest crops he didn't
He was a truant
He always came last in class
His father begged, urged, counseled, and cried
He said he didn't want to go to school
Eventually, his father gave up and sent him to learn how to repair cars with one of his uncles
He was his mother's favourite
His mother was not
a fan of western education too
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He was nineteen years old at the time
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In 2001, (I have written this story before) there was a National strike that led to schools shut down.
I was in the University of Ibadan at the time, when I left school, I went to Cute Guest House Agbowo at about 11AM, some friends of mine (Laide, the Barman) Lateef a student of
the Polythecnic Ibadan (Saki Campus), Sunday Akinloye (A student of UNAD), Kamoru, A student of the Polythecnic Ibadan, Saki Campus all joined me at the Guest house within an hour.
They were also coming straight from their schools
We didn't plan to meet there
We just did because
students usually hang out there
I was drinking beer and they joined me
We had drunk some bottles when Kamoru, (He is Lateef's friend from school and that was the first day i was meeting him started talking about how he heard the announcement of the strike and how useless the govt
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I once worked with a media outfit
I didn't apply for the job
I woke up one morning and saw a text message declaring that i had been scheduled for an interview with the management of the company
I assumed my wife or someone who knew me personally must have dropped my name for the
I went for the test
I got my offer letter on November 13, 2013
I celebrated the new job by taking my wife and my brother-in-law (Also a journalist at the time) to an eatery close to my house
The days of earning 30,000 naira salary with another media outfit were over
The salary this new outfit offered was 100,000 Naira
It was a step in the right direction
We were asked to resume immediately for training
I met a lot of great guys who would be our presenters, cameramen, news anchors etc during the training
After the first month, the MD said he
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