The only message that would work w Reps & right-leaning Indies to get them to vote against Trump are ones that appeal to their own self-interest. That's why the '16 ads failed.

You have to make Rs fear for themselves- NOT the greater good.
I know that's hard to hear, but that's the truth. Liberals always want to make ads that speak to themselves. If policy mattered to non-voters, they'd be voters. If Rs cared about others- they'd be liberals.
To be clear-Rs care about (known) or same- tribe others. Just not other, others.
And when the DO care about other, others its agenda driven (IE: missionary work)

• • •

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17 Oct
1. Oh boy! BC let me tell you an interesting (but kind of depressing) fun fact about unmarried women.

Unmarried women are disproportionately Dems

It becomes depressing bc, once women get married, they become more Rep

Why? They adopt their husband's party.

Yes. STILL. In 2020
2. BUT the good news is all that "activist judging" the GOP's Federalist Society revolution was designed to come take over the federal courts- ESP the Court of Last Resort, the Supreme Court, the reverse, made women (almost) legally equal to men. They were nowhere CLOSE to that
3. even well into the 80s!! Yes, that's right ladies. Here's a fun fact you need to go to grad school, climb the corporate ladder, work in a male-dominated industry like construction (or election twitter), or try to diversify a 75% male Congress to learn: Sexism is still an issue
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17 Oct
Ok, here's is my 1st, "Let me fix that message for you."

It's for the @ossoff campaign- whose effort down in GA Senate could very well be the Dem's 4th seat- their majority maker, which I think is something they might want to highlight on their digitals to Dem coalition voters. Image
2. What is going on in this @ossoff ad? First, and foremost it is fixing the main mistake that the original ad makes. It is nationalizing the race/pitch by tying in Trump and McConnell and that stirs up those fab negative partisanship emotions in the target & in my theory
3. would make them more like to pony up money bc now they realize the "stakes" of the race are higher than one random senate race about some dude they'd never heard about. Esp if they happen to be a younger voter or a voter of color- bc yawn, its a boring white dude (Ossof isn't
Read 19 tweets
15 Oct
1. Had a few of you ask me to respond to @Edsall's well-written & thought out column on less thought of aspects of the status of the election- here if you haven't read it. 1st- I want to remind you long-termers- for months, years, I've been talking about…
2. @parscale's strategy, his ONLY strategy since persuasion of Indies w Trump as your candidate is not an option, has been to hunt down, via social media, non-political white, working-class (men primarily) who share interests (hunting, Nascar, etc) w their voting WWC men but who
3. hadn't previously been voting- get them to register & then get them to turn out to vote. So this registration phenomenon in PA, WI, MI, etc, this is just that- coming to fruition. And if anything, these numbers are smaller than I feared they might reach though what makes them
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14 Oct
1. Anyone w meme-making/graphic skills & time for a "do a solid for democracy" should take the linked list in @marceelias's tweet below and make a meme that lists the process for each state's "notification" process on "rejected" ballots.

Or you could do just 1 for your state.
2. You could take this list, figure out how ballots get rejected and join a local org working to mitigate ballot rejection OR helping to inform voters they've been rejected.

This is a BIG problem for Ds & another reason I personally urge in-person voting as much as possible.
3. As you go through this list, you'll see the many error points that can cause rejection and data suggests that 1st time voters absentee/mail voters are MUCH more likely to have their votes disqualified. Between this, and Bill Barr's pre-announced strategy to try to prevent mail
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14 Oct
Yeah! My "define originalism" suggestion got through!
Not hard at all @ChrisCoons that's exactly what Alabama, Mississippi, etc plan to do- pass state laws to challenge the right to privacy. Maybe not on contraceptives, but the doctrine of right to privacy
Correct @ChrisCoonsforDE - the right to privacy is what they want to come after bc it is what they mean when they talk about "judicial activism" or "legislating from the bench." So yes, post confirmation, on the future docket, the goal will be to organize, via ALEC, to start
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13 Oct
1. Senate GOPers want you to believe that Dems don't support religious nominees and/or take issue w the fact they are people of faith. Virtually every Dem is religious, (& overwhelmingly, Christain, just like the Reps). In the case of A.C.B.- the concerns are how religion impacts
2. here decision-making. This has ALWAYS been a concern, and sadly, especially for Catholics. It was a BIG DEAL when Kennedy became the 1st non-WASP elected. But people were concerned he'sd be a tool of the pope! In the case of A.C.B., the concerns are her view on gay marriage &
3. abortion. THAT is what Ds are attacking, but it is a good talking point to frame it as an attack on her Christianity- a common tool in the GOP's messaging toolkit and one the media is ALWAYS willing to take the bite on. Today, in terms of American politics, religious tests &
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