@ericgarland Hey, everybody.

This message is for everyone working on behalf of Russia, China and other foreign powers, and/or transnational organized crime, to commit heinous criminal acts.

Just between you, me, Eric, and the @FBI, I have a bit of friendly advice.

"Buckle up, Buttercup."
@ericgarland @FBI You know the old adage that "We have to be lucky all the time, the terrorists only have to be lucky once"?

Bad news.

When you're committing treason in an insane, sprawling conspiracy connecting virtually every inept spy, asset and major criminal conspiracy on Earth...
@ericgarland @FBI With vast oceans of hard evidence...

Law enforcement and counterintelligence only have to be right... *Once.*

You have to be brilliant, lucky and right. All. The. Time.

And even that may not be enough.
@ericgarland @FBI Why is that?

First off, you're in a conspiracy of idiots. Even the presumably smart people do disastrous things, like launder money and pay bribes through cryptocurrency.

An unerasable, public, online ledger of *every* transaction.

So, even if you get everything right...
@ericgarland @FBI You're tied to people getting it *wrong,* spectacularly, on so many levels we will literally need next-generation computers to see just how legally doomed so many of these people are.

And if you're tied to them in a RICO conspiracy, you're apt to be on the hook for their crimes.
@ericgarland @FBI But that's the *good* news.

The bad new is... You probably don't know how much you don't know.

Even if you're versed in intelligence.

Even if you're a genius.

Something this extensive involves every aspect of life, and every possible, applicable technology.
@ericgarland @FBI No one is brilliant enough to keep track of every possible way it can all go wrong.

Or how many technologies have known implications for what you're doing.

But there's *worse* news.
@ericgarland @FBI We're in a constant state of technological change.

Not hyperbole. Reality.

Quantum search has been on the horizon for years.

We now have basic quantum computers. Even without radical changes, quantum search will be applied to the *vast* archives of hard evidence online.
@ericgarland @FBI But as earthshaking as that prospect is, it's a *foreseeable* outcome.

It's been on the horizon for years.

Another outcome that was foreseeable?

People lying about their 2019 cryptocurrency earnings, when the IRS knew their accounts.
@ericgarland @FBI But what happens when other things, *not* easily foreseeable, surface?

Even if you were a genius in every technology, in every field of human endeavor, you can't literally know what everyone will invent.

Especially the unexpected technologies - the "black swans" out of nowhere.
@ericgarland @FBI So someone points out how to data mine deep-cover spies using big data.

Or how to automate the super resolution, facial recognition & data mining of video - from Federal security videos picking up foreign-citizen spies to terabytes of footage of unspeakable acts on the Darknet.
@ericgarland @FBI How to automate lip reading from those radically enhanced videos. Even in tonal-dependent languages like Chinese or Japanese.

How to track, potentially, most of the world's malware and hacking.

And on and on.
@ericgarland @FBI But finally, we get into the really bad news.

None of your compatriots are selfless. They were compromised by greed or blackmail or ego or possibly ideology.

They'll turn on you in a heartbeat.

Your fellow assets. Your handlers and their intelligence operatives.
@ericgarland @FBI Anyone implicated will turn on anyone they must to protect themselves.

Any intelligence operative of any dictator will destroy you the moment you become a problem... or they simply find a better use from your destruction than from your survival.
@ericgarland @FBI And law enforcement and counterintelligence are constantly circling, and likely have more than enough to put you away already.

But in such a target rich environment, they have reason to prioritize, and to continue harvesting evidence from the unknowingly exposed...
@ericgarland @FBI And willing cooperators.

How long did, say, Flynn or Papadopoulos wear a wire?


How long have others?

How long have targets, knowingly or unknowingly, had their phones hot miked?

Or simply kept the line open to Quantico during key meetings?
@ericgarland @FBI We could continue, but what's the point?

After all, the *point* is that no one person can even count all the points of vulnerability in such a suicidal enterprise.
@ericgarland @FBI And that even a brilliant operative, enmeshed in this web, is already falling, afflicted by a thousand unseen wounds.

• • •

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12 Oct
So, with 3 weeks to the election, why not start a book club?

Not really, but here's an early public discussion of automated micro-corporate entities &/or subsentient programs running wild & destroying everything as evolutionary algorithms.

It's free.
The novel is Accelerando, and in case you're wondering why I figured out the basic methods of using evolutionary algorithms in psychological warfare - not to mention why it was fundamentally suicidal - here's one of them.

Another would be the "basilisk hack."
Langford started with basilisks - images triggering thoughts a human mind can't handle, cognitively or physically.

Other creators made them even more formidable and subversive, ultimately rewriting the target's mind or even their entire body...
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6 Aug
@ericgarland A thought or two on. What. This. Means.

First, if you were going to take down foreign intelligence and transnational organized crime despite interference from Trump and Barr, state charges through New York would be ideal.

No pardons. No control over prosecutions.
@ericgarland No safe Federal supermax.

Just Rikers and worse.

And all the money ultimately ties into US banking, which ultimately runs, one way or another, through New York.

Giving them insane reach, especially in cooperation with the Federal government.
@ericgarland But what makes this especially interesting?

A couple points, really.

Yes, the NRA has been implicated in immense operations with Russian intelligence to manipulate US elections and influence us through psychological warfare.

But why *start* there?
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2 Aug
@ericgarland Everyone protesting against the banning of TikTok... who *know* what it is?

That's very telling, actually.

And a consequence of how the strategic ground has narrowed into a single pass our adversaries - Russia, China, etc - believe they must traverse or perish.
@ericgarland Being forced to fight on ground of your adversaries' choosing can be lethal.

Denying you freedom of maneuver, allowing them to set the terms of your meeting, and so forth.

Especially if you don't know exactly where they'll make their stand.
@ericgarland You can end up funneling your whole force through... "Hot Gates," if you will.

Hurling the worst possible troops into the spears and shields of a phalanx, trained, determined, skilled, impossible to flank, and ready to fight to the death.
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28 Jul
@ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson For the next 99 days or so until the election, not everyone is going to push back against the Administration as well as @ProjectLincoln or @TheRickWilson.

But if someone in the government may be involved in illegal activity, there's a simple response.
@ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson A reminder that any Federal employee can report illegal activity.

99 days until the election. 6 months until a President is sworn in.

There's a lot of people who want it on the record that they said something, before uncomfortable questions start being asked.
@ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson It's not just getting late to fire anyone or everyone.

For the next 3 months, any wildly illegal actions have direct repercussions on Trump's reelection campaign.

The more overtly illegal and/or insane they become, the less likely they are to win.
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27 Jul
@MollyJongFast Yes, indeed.

And people outside and inside the government are recognizing Bill Barr can't block that many cases, and will be able to do even less in 6 months.

So what do you do to cover your bases in this Administration?


Report the Crimes: Inspector Generals' Edition.
@MollyJongFast Let's say you're a dedicated civil servant.

Or perhaps a government employee who has been just a little too passive in the face of corruption.

When questions start being asked in six months, do you want to be facing them alone, or do you want documentation you. Did. Something?
@MollyJongFast *Especially* if you were just a little too willing to be the yes-man/yes-woman for some very shifty people.

If only there were somewhere you could go to stand up for the truth.

Or acquire a credible fig leaf.

Say you're at Justice, watching Barr at work
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25 Jul
@ericgarland @MollyMcKew @LincolnsBible We're about 99 days until the election, less than 6 months until the beginning of another Presidential term.

And it's time to take things to the next level with what I like to call...

Report the Crimes.

Let's talk about what, and why.

Because there's a reason it matters now.
@ericgarland @MollyMcKew @LincolnsBible There's going to be no shortage of aggressive tactics in the real and virtual worlds leading up to this election.

A multitude of bit players, hapless lackeys and clueless assets are holding catastrophically losing hands, and are trying to save themselves.

This will get crazy.
@ericgarland @MollyMcKew @LincolnsBible But here's where it gets fun for our side.

They can't stop.

Their compatriots and handlers, employers and allies won't let them.

If only because everyone is trying to keep alive the lie that Bill Barr will magically protect them.
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