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16 Oct, 17 tweets, 5 min read
Since it is October & 2020 sucks.
I will try to provide #Roc based #GhostStories to entertain y’all.

In #BrightonNY on Friday September 21, 1951 a terrible tragedy struck two of our most beautiful neighborhoods, which resulted in the current ghost story I will tell.

Buckle up.
Friday September 21, 1951 was a beautiful warm day.
As such - many people were outside.
Mowing lawns.
Tending to gardens.
Housewives decided to get their shopping done.
Most children were in school.
A crew was working to repair a sidewalk near 12 corners (a crossroads of three streets - Elmwood, Winton & Monroe Avenues).
There was an undetected gas leak there - and the flares of the work crew accidentally lit the leak on fire and caused a tragic chain reaction.
The gas ignited & caused a manhole to explode into the air. It came down and severed the gas regulator to two neighborhoods in Brighton, NY. Meadowbrook and Bel Air.

Without the regulator in place, the gas to people’s homes poured in unfettered.
Gas poured out of stoves & furnaces filling houses with natural gas.

The pilot lights on gas stoves shot up 4 inches from the tops of stove burners.

No one knew what was happening.

That is - until the houses started to explode.
A little girl.
Only 8 years old.
Mary Anne Maas bravely called her father at work to tell him the gas was on and she couldn’t turn it off.

She was home from school because the nuns at Our Lady of Lourdes Church school (coincidentally - my parish!) were at a training session.
Her little brother William (only 4 years old) and the housekeeper were there with her. The housekeeper was upstairs & presumably unaware of the lethal gas filling the house.

The Maas house was the first to explode.

The blast sent the housekeeper through the 2nd story window.
It killed little Mary Anne and her brother William.

The housekeeper survived & so did the young man mowing the Maas’s lawn - although he suffered 3rd degree burns to his upper body.

The skin on his arm hung like curtain fringe - as he ran into the street.
In all - 15 homes exploded and countless homes were damaged.
Residents abandoned their homes as houses exploded.
Brave men and women ran into homes to shut off gas lines with wrenches and alert families to get out.
A daughter tried to get her 77 year old mother to safety - only to have her die of a heart attack when they reached the 12 corners business district.
Which brings me to today.

It is said. On Halloween night.

A little girl
And her little brother
With a woman who is old enough to be their grandmother,
Come out on Halloween to walk amongst the tricker treaters in the Meadowbrook and Bel Air neighborhoods.
They don’t collect candy.
They don’t wear costumes.
But they walk from house to house.
And admire the homes that were rebuilt.
They smile at the children.
The smile at the moms and dads.
And hope to remind them - that sometimes the unimaginable can happen in a second.
That we should hug our loved ones.
And tell them we love them - every single day.
Because we don’t know if something awful and unexpected will happen.
And that is the story of what was known as “Black Friday” in the Town of Brighton, New York.
Three deaths are bad.
But it could have been worse
The good weather kept people outside.
Houses exploded when most children were at school.
The three people who died will always be missed
So if you see 2 children & their “Grandma” on Halloween night - who are wearing 1950’s style clothing. Know that they are truly ghosts. Coming forth for one night to remind us to love each other - and be kind. Give them a wave. Let them know they are appreciated.
I will write another #Roc ghost story tomorrow.
I hope you enjoyed this one.

• • •

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16 Jun
When people say “Slavery was hundreds of years ago. Why are we still talking about it?”

They are technically correct.

But I am 56 years old, and my Great-Grandmother was born a slave.

Let me tell you about Lucinda Christmas Fitts Lynch - and how slavery DID NOT end in 1863.
In 1863 the Civil War “ended” and Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all slaves via the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.
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This is a picture of the home my Mom & Dad bought in 1967 with money my dad earned working in Alaska.
Banks wouldn’t lend my parents money because they were black.
They couldn’t buy an existing house because of deed restrictions.
So they had this home built in Liverpool, NY.
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Why am I, a devout Catholic woman - who goes to church every Sunday - Pro-Choice?

I love life.
I believe life starts at conception.
I would never have an abortion - even if I sacrificed my own life for the baby.

I would choose to have the child.
So - why don’t I support the “Pro-Life” political stance????!!

Because - it is not pro-life.
When it comes to universal health care - the GOP largely does not support the Affordable Care Act - which would provide health care for everyone and would save hundreds of thousands of lives.
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There is a “War on Christmas”!

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It has nothing to do with Santa Claus, or buying gifts.

It doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas decorations.
The “War on Christmas “ has to do with if we are being good Christians.

Do we do as Jesus taught us?

Do we welcome the stranger?

Do we feed the hungry?

Do we clothe the naked?

Do we visit the imprisoned?

If we don’t do these things - then we are warring against Christmas.
Don’t let @FoxNews make you think it’s all about forcing someone else to say “Merry Christmas.”

That’s not being a Christian at all.

Being a true Christian is about helping others. Particularly those who need our help.
Help the disenfranchised.
Help the stranger.
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19 Oct 18
Here are my tips if you win the @MegaMillion Billion tonight:

1. Get a lawyer & wait until the excitement settles down - then come forward. Keep your identity secret.

2. After you get the money - put $1M in my checking account & send relatives/friends $1M anonymously
3. Call your relatives - ask them “Did you win the Lotto? Cause I just got a million dollars sent to me anonymously - this will throw them off the scent.

4. Set up Trust funds for your kids so they get the money when they hit 30.
Get a good financial manager. Give her half to manage.
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Here is a thread about why #Kavanaugh most likely doesn’t remember what happened with Dr. Ford, and why the #MeToo movement will make sure this never happens again.
It’s 1985 and a friend of mine has just secured a job as a receptionist/bookkeeper position at a small family owned law firm. The father is the head of the firm. He has two sons who work for him.
She’s just out of college and thrilled to have her first job. She doesn’t ask why the receptionist/bookkeeper before her left. She knows it’s a starting position and just assumes the previous person moved on.
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