Should perhaps look at potential Turkey/Ukraine defense alliance as less about any given country's national interests & more about the naked self-interest of establishment figures in each country. Ukraine was peeled off Russia by Soros & others, becoming a kind of ideal...

'offshore' spot for the global 'forces of progress' to get up to all the shit they get up to. Russia really went into Syria AFTER the Euromaidan spectacle. Turkey then came as if in response to Russia, as if unleashed as a counter.

I expect there's some Turkey, Ukraine, 'Soros-ish' overlap. Not sure how it all fits together, but this talk about Turkey cooperating defensively w/ Ukraine is a kind of signal, I think. Probably related to Ukraine, Syria and Libya. Nagorno-Karabakh is probably related too.

For context on all this, for those who might not have seen the previous thread.


• • •

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13 Mar
For those who don't follow the reasoning behind the speculation expressed in recent talks w/ Tim about China and the viral outbreak, here it is spelled out in as straightforward a fashion as I can currently manage.

"Would've written you a shorter not, but I didn't have time".
I want to emphasize that all of this is unbridled speculation. That said, as I discussed in the previous video in which we talked about the virus, my idea is the basic one you see with nuclear weapons: a doctrine of mutually assured destruction.
Actually think about Nuclear weapons for a minute. The whole idea is insane at scale. Everything is fucked by nuclear war. Everyone is fucked. But the idea is that the 'mutually assured destruction' that comes with nuclear weapons effectively serves as a check.
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6 Mar
In the recent fuss between Academic Agent and @KeithWoodsYT we see an exemplary illustration of those who seek to understand the actual problem (and set a foundation to address it) vs. those who wish to act out from a 'more sure than right' position.

Academic Agent is actually doing the hard work of disentangling the strands (knotted with malice aforethought) of a highly complex web of manipulation, in order to develop the strategy necessary to address the problems this snare has created for everyone.
Academic Agent has moved his project forward in his recent video, which (along with those that preceded it) I recommend everyone view and consider carefully.

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16 May 19
19 Guidelines For 'Current Year' Advertising & Entertainment.
@thegownprince @NoWhiteGuiltNWG @TheGreatOrderIs

1. Bigoted or racist people are ALWAYS white; if also rude & violent they are most often white males. School bullies are almost always white (see 5, below).
2. Homosexual men are warm-hearted & emotionally accessible; they always love and respect their female friends in the most genuine way.

3. Straight women often seek out lesbians for important relationship advice regarding men. This is prudent.
4. In advertisements, criminals portrayed in the criminal act are ALWAYS white.

5. Only white fathers inculcate aggression in their boys by being abusive. Abusive fathers producing abusive children is a white thing.

6. Non-white parents always treat their children very well.
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13 May 19
Finally figured out why the whole 'Moon Landing Never Happened' thing got started. It's bullshit agitprop produced by America's enemies. You might ask why? Well, follow this THREAD and see...
Hypersonic weapons are currently all the rage. The Russians are working on a nuclear powered cruise missile that can run forever – more or less - in the upper atmosphere, maneuvering and coming down at incredible speed whenever required.
China is working on all sorts of hypersonic weapons, hoping that missiles operating at incredible speeds can be used to asymmetrically offset the enormous military advantages enjoyed by the US – particularly with carrier strike groups.
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24 Nov 18
1 – Clip is translated in the thread below. Not word for word, but close. Looks like MI6 might be cooperating with Turkey to thwart the US. Echoes of UK intelligence seeking to smear Trump with 'collusion'? #Khashoggi @SaerynLabs

2 – CLIP TITLE: Jamal Khashoggi – CIA and MI6 Intelligence Games

Ismail Hakki Pekin (Ex-Armed Forces Intelligence Agency Head): "The US, Prince MBS, Mohammed Bin Zaid, Egypt, Jordan and Israel are all uniting to reorganize the area again in opposition to Iran...
3 – "To stop Iran they are trying to form a Kurdish state… [something not clear about Israel] …The most important thing for America [and Israel?] is for Mohammed Bin Salman to remain king. The reason that England is with us [Turkey], and the same for Germany is they don’t...
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14 Nov 18
1 – Look at this Arctic Projection
2 – The ice has melted significantly, allowing for shipping to move through previously unavailable Arctic routes for a longer season. This allows goods to be moved at fractions of the cost, and fractions of the time otherwise required.
3 – The Arctic could become a kind of Mare Nostrum (look it up) for the Ice Monkeys who primarily live above the 30th parallel North. Countries controlling access to Arctic routes could shape global trade for years to come.

Look at the countries bordering the Arctic regions.
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