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Don't we only address violence against women in #UK by confronting violence built into our society?

We'll fail if we ignore violence we impose on #GlobalSouth because of #ClimateBreakdown, imperialist foreign policy with its associated militarism. 1/n

My heart bleeds 4 the family of woman taken just 2 miles from where I live (I have a 20 year old daughter walking these same streets) and for all the other victims of violence.

But this isn't a men vs. women issue + if we truly want 2 tackle the issue we must #TellTheTruth 2/n
Yes #TellTheTruth to rejecting ALL #violence:

For example, the violence of #inequality, #racism, #sexism.

The violence we are imposing on future generations and #GlobalSouth by failing to address #ClimateBreakdown (as highlighted by @XRebellionUK)

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THREAD: Listening to the new episode of @GaslitNation, "Why Does the GOP Vote to Hurt Their Own Base?" with @sarahkendzior and @AndreaChalupa!

The GOP "has refashioned itself as an apocalyptic cult seeking one-party rule."
"The American political & economic system is designed to make you feel like you are worthless. But you are worth more than they tell you, & part of the struggle the next few years is resisting the cult mentality... that tells you to not ask for what you deserve." - @sarahkendzior
"Demand better. Always push for better, because that's how you get progress...The federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since something like 2009, and it's one of the contributing factors to why we have crisis levels of income inequality." - @AndreaChalupa
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1/12"US Tech Companies like Twitter probably breathed a sigh of relief when Biden announced that he was not going to directly sanction Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for ordering the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi." #JamalKhashoggi
2/12"...Not because Twitter bares any ill will towards murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but because the Saudi Market and the cult of personality around the Crown Prince, in particular, offer a lucrative revenue stream for the US company"
3/12"Indeed, the amount of Saudi money in Silicon Valley has raised concerns that it will become a 'reputation-laundering machine for one of the least admirable regimes on earth'. And not without good reason, especially considering that MBS chairs the Public Investment Fund"
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Rethink or reset? Joe Biden's dilemma over Mohammed bin Salman
US president has chosen to ‘recalibrate’ relations with Saudi Arabia, but some say a rupture is required #Khashoggi…
This guy has waged war in the south of Saudi Arabia and created the worst humanitarian crisis that is not only a stain on Saudi Arabia but also on the US, on everybody who helped the Saudis wage this war. It’s still ongoing,” Abdullah Alaoudh, a Saudi academic said.
“Imagine he is now only a crown prince. Imagine he would rule for the next 40 years and be a king. What would he do?#Khashoggi
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A Turkish court trying 26 Saudi nationals in absentia for the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi has refused to admit as evidence a recent US intelligence report implicating the kingdom’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, despite a petition from the journalist’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz
The declassified US report released last Friday said Washington believed that Prince Mohammed approved the operation to “capture or kill” #Khashoggi.
In the third session of the Istanbul trial on Thursday, Cengiz’s petition to add the report to the evidence case file was rejected on the grounds that it would “bring nothing” to the trial. #Khashoggi
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Exiled dissidents who have been warned about threats against them by Saudi Arabia said they have been put in greater danger by the Biden administration’s decision to forgo direct sanctions on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – Jamal #Khashoggi.
the 35-year-old crown prince would be emboldened after the White House declined to sanction him.
“The Biden administration’s release of the ODNI report [into Jamal #Khashoggi murder] is welcomed transparency, but the lack of direct accountability will give MBS permanent impunity, rendering him more dangerous
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#Khashoggi was killed in cold-blood. Yet Biden refuses to hold culprits accountable @POTUS @VP @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @SenSanders @Yamiche…
On Friday, Joe Biden’s administration confirmed what the world knew: that Saudi Arabia’s ruthless crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, approved the assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal #Khashoggi in 2018.
Biden failed to keep a more important promise: to hold #Khashoggi’s killers accountable. Worried about disrupting the US-Saudi relationship, Biden decided not to impose sanctions on the crown prince.
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JUST IN: White House's J Psaki on #Saudi

• On MBS: US doesn't sanction Gov Leaders in countries it has diplomatic relations with
• Relations recalibrated
• Saudi released 2 dual citizens
• US has interests w Riyadh: intel sharing, defense
• US reserves to take more action
*US reserves right to take more action as relates to #Khashoggi. But basically don't expect sanctioning of Government leaders in Saudi.

No new announcement from US yet on issue. State briefing at 2 pm ET
State Dept. on #Saudi:

• "Considering additional steps" vs Houthis
• Urge Saudi to lift travel ban on released activists inc Loujain
• US support helped Saudi block Houthi missile
• Saudi "hugely influential" country in Arab world
• Seeks end Yemen war, Saudi peace w Israel
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“The truth – that was already known – has been revealed one more time, and is now confirmed,” said Hatice Cengiz, a Turkish researcher who was engaged to marry #Khashoggi, in a statement on Monday.
Yet this is not enough, since the truth can only be meaningful when it serves justice being achieved.”

The US government on Friday released a four-page report confirming it viewed the Saudi future king as personally involved in the murder of one of his most prominent critics.
Cengiz called on the Joe Biden administration to punish Prince Mohammed, 35, in order to seek justice for Khashoggi and “prevent similar acts recurring in the future”.
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De journalist #Kashoggi, die in opdracht van de Saoedische kroonprins #MBS zou vermoord zijn, steunde #IS en noemde de onthoofdingen in #Syrië een 'efficiënte psychologische oorlogstactiek'.
#Kashoggi zou ook een goede vriend van Osama bin Laden geweest zijn.
Kroonprins #MBS van Saoedie-Arabië vaarde tijdens de #TrumpAdministration een gematigder en bredere koers: minder #islamisme en toenadering tot #Rusland.
De recente US-bombardementen op pro-Iraanse milities in oost #Syrië geven terug meer bewegingsruimte en bescherming aan #IS.
#Biden stelt nu Saoedie-Arabië verantwoordelijk voor de moord op #Kashoggi.
Zijn de islamisten terug aan zet met de #BidenAdministration?
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Everything Added & Updated on Trump File in February:

1. Forbes reports that at least $7 million in taxpayer dollars went to Trump businesses during his presidency.…
2. Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump's favorite lawyer nominated Jared Kushner for a Nobel Peace Prize.…
3. The Supreme Court will not hear any cases related to Donald Trump using the presidency to enrich himself.…
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I just finished reading the declassified memo on killing of #Khashoggi. I’ve read thousands of intel reports in my career in national security, but this one stands out. Here’s why we need to take this seriously and why we need to do more to hold Crown Prince accountable. THREAD
HIGH CONFIDENCE: The memo starts with “We assess that…” While that doesn’t seem like a blistering opening, for me, it’s like a hammer. Lack of phrases like “low/medium confidence” is striking and rare. Unusual to have such a clear and definite assessment without modifier. 2/15
WHO WROTE THIS? The summary says questions to be directed to the NIO for Near East. This is important. NIO stands for National Intelligence Officer who sits on the National Intelligence Committee at the CIA and is the most senior analyst on the Middle East in our government. 3/15
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1. Question to my party: If you find out that #Erdogan was actually the person who ordered #Khashoggi be killed & dismembered, will you put sanctions on him & Turkish military? How about boot Turkey from @NATO? @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @JackieSpeier
2. I'm certain MBS was going to grab him. But you should remember that under Bush43 we made that acceptable conduct. Also, point to a US law that makes that crime enforceable in the US? You all turn your eyes away from Turkey's dictator who was running Yazidi sex slave markets
3. in Gaziantep. You arm his F-16s to bomb Kurds in Iraq and Syria. You love to hate the Saudis but allow the most dangerous person in the Mideast to be treated like an trusted ally even after he brutalizes Americans in DC right under your noses. Sure, MBS deserves punishment.
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[À LA UNE À 21H]
Les États-Unis ont publiquement accusé le puissant prince héritier d'Arabie saoudite d'avoir "validé" l'assassinat du journaliste saoudien Jamal #Khashoggi et annoncé de premières sanctions, au risque d'une crise entre les deux pays alliés #AFP 1/5 Image
[À LA UNE À 21H]
Le président du #Nigeria a condamné ce soir le nouvel enlèvement "inhumain" de plus de 300 adolescentes dans un internat du Nord-Ouest du pays et affirmé qu’il ne "céderait pas au chantage des bandits" qui attendent "le paiement d’importantes rançons" #AFP 2/5 Image
[À LA UNE À 21H]
Plus de 60 combattants ont été tués dans la bataille à Marib au Yémen, la journée la plus sanglante depuis la reprise début février de l'assaut des rebelles contre cette région du Nord sous contrôle du pouvoir #AFP 3/5 Image
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Here's what Biden, Congress, and US business and civic leaders should do in response to the #Khashoggi killing. 🧵
First, Biden should release other key docs about the killing—like the still-withheld CIA report, as well as records showing what U.S. intel agencies knew about the Saudi regime’s plans for Khashoggi, when they learned it, and what they did about it.…
Second, Biden should ban the Crown Prince from the United States. The State Department already banned 16 others for their role in the killing. Given the intel community’s conclusion that the Crown Prince likely ordered the killing, he needs to be banned, too.
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BREAKING: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved capture/kill operation against journalist Jamal #Khashoggi, per US Intelligence assessment. THREAD 1/ Image
2/ Assessment highlights:

-MBS' "control of decisionmaking"
-involvement of MBS' key advisor & protective detail in #Khashoggi operation
-MBS' support for violent operations to silence dissidents abroad
-his absolute control of KSA security & intel Image
3/ Aides to #MBS were likely afraid failure to complete tasks might result in being fired or *arrested.* Would not have undertaken a sensitive action without MBS consent. Would not have questioned his orders. Image
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Washington affirme que le prince saoudien MBS a "autorisé" une opération pour "capturer ou tuer" Khashoggi (rapport) Image
Le prince héritier d'Arabie saoudite Mohammed ben Salmane a "validé" l'assassinat du journaliste saoudien Jamal Khashoggi en 2018, affirment les services de renseignement américains dans un rapport #AFP Image
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This comes as a second #Khashoggi moment in Turkey. A Iranian dissident called Habib Chaab came to Istanbul to meet with a woman - said to be his ex-wife - only to end up back in Iran. He was last seen blindfolded on Iranian TV channels.
Chaab’s abduction was like a scene from a spy movie. Chaab’s ex-wife invites him to Turkey and offers to hand him some money when they meet. But as Chaab arrives in Istanbul and as gets onto a minivan to meet his ex-wife, a group of mean kidnap him and take him back to Iran.
Turkey has detained 11 people involved in Chaab’s abduction and his smuggling to Iran. Those 11 men are believed to be working with Zindashti, who is an infamous drug lord in Turkey.
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#YEMEN:Shura Council calls int’l media to pay attention to humanitarian issue in #Yemen.

The #Yemeni Shura Council sent on Tuesday a number of letters to heads of international media outlets that are transparent and neutral in their handling of global issues.

The letters included briefing on the continual human suffering of the #Yemeni people as a result of the ongoing brutal war led by the Saudi regime against #Yemen six years ago, which includes a stifling economic blockade.

The Shura Council’s letters referred to the detention
of fuel ships by the US-Saudi aggression coalition and not allowing them to unload their shipments at the port of #Hodeida despite having obtained the permits of the United Nations verification and inspection mission, in a flagrant violation of human rights.

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An explosive new criminal complaint against Martin Inacker, the former CEO of @wpmeurocom in #Germany shows Inacker potentially double crossing his #Saudi clients by colluding with #Qatar to cover up Doha's #Hezbullah's sponsorship in exchange for hush money.
According to the complaint, Inacker had kept the terms of his initial agreement with the #Saudi Ministry of Information (following his work with the Saudi Embassy in Berlin) secret from @wmpeurocom 's Board of Directors.
He had used unethical methods to promote a hyperbolized, if not outright mendacious, brochure that was supposed to improve the image of #KSA and the royal family. He had promised a list of high level political and business context to the Saudis as part of his business.
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Matteo #Renzi, former Italian PM, the man who started Italy's government crisis.

This week as the crisis rolls on, he could be found chatting with Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. Renzi said "Saudi Arabia could be the place for a new Renaissance."

This conversation took place during the Future Investment Initiative, an annual investment forum under the patronage of Saudi's royal family.

Renzi is on the Board of Trustees of the Future Investment Initiative Institute, which organizes the conference.
It's important to note that numerous speakers, including officials and CEOs, and media partners pulled out of the event in 2018, after the Saudi government was accused of killing Saudi journalist Jamal #Khashoggi…
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🚨BREAKING: Trump bragged that he protected Saudi Arabia's Mohammed “Bone Saw” bin Salman from congressional scrutiny after the assassination of Jamal #Khashoggi.

"I saved his ass. I was able to get Congress to leave him alone."

Trump also said he doesn't believe that #BoneSaw MbS ordered #Khashoggi's murder, despite the fact that the US and other foreign intelligence services concluded he personally ordered the attack.

Just like Trump took #Putin’s word over our entire intelligence community.🤬
After #Khashoggi's murder, Trump bypassed Congress to sell ~$8 billion in arms to the Saudis and the UAE, and vetoed 3 resolutions blocking the sale as well as a resolution to end US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.🤬

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Trump to #Woodward on #Saudi Crown Prince MBS’s culpability for murder of Jamal #Khashoggi: "He says very strongly that he didn't do it. Bob, they spent $400 billion over a fairly short period of time. And you know, they're in the Middle East. You know, they're big...”
Trump on Saudi Arabia cont’d: “Because of their religious monuments, you know, they have the real power. They have the oil, but they also have the great monuments for religion. You know that, right? For that religion. They wouldn't last a week if we're not there, & they know it.”
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Asst SecState NEA Schenker has strong praise for UAE, Kuwait & Qatar in his @BrookingsFP address. Lebanon visit was focused on govt’s need for major reforms & need to dissociate fr Hezbollah & fr corruption. #USForeignPolicy
Schenker on UNIFIL: we pressed hard at UN renewal for greater access & accountability. UNIFIL must be unimpeded to address violations by Hezbollah.
Schenker: low energy prices plus COVID-19 have caused tremendous dislocation in the Gulf. Diversification plans derailed for now. #usforeignpolicy
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