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Rick Gates is telling Mueller ALL about Israeli Joel Zamel’s #PsyGroup “social media manipulation” firm.

Erik Prince arranged a meeting with DON JR for Zamel & George Nader (flipped!)👉🏼offered to help *THROW THE ELECTION*‼️

ht @traciemac_Bmore…
🔥At the Aug'16 meet, Nader (who also flipped!) told Don Jr the #SaudiArabia & #UAE crown princes were "eager to help his father win." Zamel’s #PsyGroup already had a MULTIMILLION $ proposal for a “social media manipulation” effort to help Trump.🤨

Of course, all of these shady people deny that anything came of the meeting, but Nader (who, along with Gates, is cooperating!) paid Zamel $2 million via a bank in #Cyprus.🙄


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#QAnon, #GreatAwakening

Those who dismiss the #Khashoggi disappearance are missing a MASSIVE piece of the puzzle!

Khashoggi worked for Prince Al-Waleed and Faisal, the guys running weapons for HRC and BO to ISIS from #Benghazi! Wikileaks confirmed!…
Saudis have given MILLIONS to HRC!…
Prince Al-Waleed, Khashoggi's boss and friend, gave $25 million to HRC!

Hello! Wake up!…
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2. #Q told us Saudi Arabia (SA) was behind HRC and BU5H! The BU5H's surrendered power to the Saud family decades ago in exchange for riches. SA is Huma Abedin's handler, HRC was THEIR candidate. My best SA thread. PLEASE read this before continuing!

3. A lot of you know, I took a special interest in Khashoggi right away. The whole story stunk of fake news. I researched and found a lot of intel on the situation that exposed some major players, and forced a lot of new questions to be asked. That has all paid off!
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How does Jamal Khashoggi hate Jews? Let me count the ways.
@IgnatiusPost @lawrence_wright @khanfarw @camcath @mulhim12 @chrislhayes @saudiarabia @UN @Maribel_FdezG @GoblinShop @KarenAsche @princesse_rasta @rbrary9
Not all of Jamal Khashoggi's #antisemitism has been deleted.
Jewish child: "My father told me your Arabs are murders and terrorists."
Palestinian child: "My father told me nothing. He was murdered by your father."
Jamal Khashoggi claims that for 2000 years, Jews forgot all about Jerusalem.
#antisemitism #JamalKhashoggi (Warning: Bing is bad at Arabic translation)
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2018 ... wow

It was Valentine’s Day 2018 when a gun-loving Trump teen named Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland with an AR-15 rifle and murdered 17 students and staff members

We did nothing in response.

October of 2018 more than a dozen pipe bombs were mailed to prominent critics of Trump by MAGA bomber, Cesar Sayoc, a South Florida man who lived in a white van papered with pro-Trump and right-wing stickers

The cult is very dangerous

Unite the Right in Charlottesville was organized to attract Trump supporters & Republicans who are Nazis, white supremacists & racists

It worked.

Trump supporter convicted in Dec of 2018 of murdering Heather Heyer

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Will the press (WaPo in particular) ever be held accountable for their role in being the vector for this hostile information operation? #Khashoggi was never a "journalist." So why did the WaPo & the rest of the media prop him up as one?…
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Here are some more #Saudi #khashoggi related twitter bots.
I don't have time to analyze all of them, so there may be false positives, some might be commercial bots. I sat on the list for a while and twitter eventually found about half of them.
some of the accounts are shockingly old.
if twitter 😉 is going to suspend them they should.
Give researchers a couple of days to look at them.
Check what the bots are retweeting and kill the "full network" not just these accounts.
Check the F/F of the bots to get all of them.
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ES:”We are living through a Mobster Presidency. But not much longer. A new Congress is coming & your days of lawlessness are coming to an end.

📌New report on RU disinfo shows the depth & breadth of the operation’s scale and sweep

📌The report is the first to analyze the millions of posts provided by major technology firms to the Senate Intel Committee.

📌”What is clear is that all of the RU disinfo/messaging clearly sought to benefit the Republican Party & specifically Donald Trump,”

📌Trump is mentioned most in campaigns targeting conservatives & RW voters, where the messaging encouraged these groups to support his campaign.

📌Oppo groups were then provided messaging that sought to confuse, distract & discourage them from voting.”
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Remember how outraged all the press and Congress was when Alhassane Ould Mohamed, murdered our American diplomat William Bultemeier and injured a Marine? (He also murdered 4 Saudi citizens) and he was sentenced to 25 years. #Khashoggi
He was a fugitive for years and of course you don’t remember because no one talked about it.…
Member of the National Movement for liberation of Azawad and Islamic Maghreb yet no one else he worked with was ever charged.…
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@ilb_ @UN the international response to the murder of Mr. Khashoggi marks the hollowness of the universal declaration of human rights. Sitting at an event tonight put on in his memory, I couldn't help but cringe while listening to the 30 articles read aloud. They are meaningless
If no country is willing to uphold the values contained within. It's business as usual between the Saudis and signatories of the UDHR. What do these words do for people whose rights are being violated - whose lives are being taken from them? We need real protections
And systems in place to make sure these things no longer happen, and that culpable governments are held accountable, not fairy tales to make us feel better about being human. #Khashoggi #journalism #memorial #realtalk #FreePress #Saudi #usa #Canada
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Important- Please Share: This #Flynn #Gulen #Turkey & #Mueller Operation Coverage From Over A Year Ago: Concocting the Flynn Scandal: Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspire & Collude in A Co... via @YouTube
#Mueller & I Go Back ... 18 Years. We covered #Flynn-#Mueller “Real Story” via Newsbud: Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller's Conflict o... via @YouTube
From #Khashoggi PsyOp to #Flynn-#Mueller & #Gulen Exposes #Newsbud Has Always Been The Fact-Based Independent News Source With Integrity. Please Do Your Share & Support Newsbud:
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1. I know with #Khashoggi murder Trump-Saudis deals are likely to garner more interest especially the fact that KSA uses Trump Hotel in DC. But the real story that @washingtonpost and @nytimes likely ignore for their own financial interest is Trump Tower in #Istanbul.
2. I am relatively certain @Trump family is receiving funds from Al-#Qaeda and possibly #ISIS affiliates there. #Turkey's allied to these groups. 2001 AUMF declared a state of war currently exists against them. Pundits wrongly say @RealDonaldTrump can't be charged with treason
3. for Russia. But there's zero argument that he can't be charged with conspiring with Al-Qaeda. @WhiteHouse, @WHNSC staff & @SenateGOP @HouseGOP who knew & didn't report to @FBIWFO can be charged too. In 2021 Dem AG should seek life without parole for treason in Florence.
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2. @LindseyGrahamSC gave a STRONG statement after a secret briefing by the C_A about the #Khashoggi incident. Watch this whole video (7 minutes), not just the portions being given by others. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has been put on notice.

3. Graham pulls no punches in addressing MBS and his abusive, chaotic, dangerous, criminal behavior. This is going to resonate widely throughout the Senate and I believe it will be addressed on the Senate floor in the coming days. Some think this issue is not an important one.
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What do we think? Was #Khashoggi murdered as a gift to Trump? Jamal Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia after he criticized Trump.

Kushner & @IvankaTrump are all in with blood on their hands.

Every interview & appearance, remind them…
The Saudi crown prince has bragged that Trump's boy Jared Kushner is "in his pocket"

Little Pocket Man Kushner

Republican voters now love Saudi Arabia's royalty?

15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens

Remaining Republicans are in a bizzare cult

Maybe Republicans love that Saudi Arabia is a monarchical autocracy?

Or maybe Republican voters like Saudi Arabia because according to the Basic Law of Saudi Arabia adopted by royal decree in 1992, the king must comply w Sharia (Islamic law) & the Quran?
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Trump and @IvankaTrump met with murderer Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on the sidelines of a leaders meeting at the G20 summit.

They knew.

They knew he ordered that a Washington Post Journalist be dismembered with a saw while he was still alive
The world will NEVER forget that @IvankaTrump and Kushner have a continuing relationship with a brutal murderer

Never let them back into society.

#Khashoggi was dismembered will still alive. Trump refuses to listen to the gruesome audio

These people are monsters
Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture & death

Saudis gave @IvankaTrump 100 million for her "women's power iniative"

Blood on their hands
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After Trump, Pompeo & Kushner knew the Saudi crown prince ordered the live dismemberment & murder of Washington Post's #Khashoggi

“They began to cut his body while he was still alive”

Wall Street Journal featured giggling @SecPompeo with the murderer

Trump 2015

“Saudi Arabia, I get along w all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 M. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much"

Now Trump, Kushner, @IvankaTrump & Pompeo involved in a gruesome murder & dismemberment
Trump, Kushner and @IvankaTrump will do ANYTHING for money. Pompeo ... just a sad hanger on, wanting the job. Probably getting nothing except bloody hands and a trip to hell.

Ivanka Trump has served as a PR puppet for Saudi Arabia.

Follow the 💰

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1. Why am I not convinced about #MBS? Because I have a high confidence that in 2016 Russian SVR spotted a small group of Gulenist officers on an encrypted chat program and stepped in to amplify and direct it into a fake coup that wiped out the pro @NATO officer corps in Turkey.
2. So then I asked why should MBS run such a sloppy op? Apple Watch? Really? You buy that? I don't know what happened but I do know that the parties who had motives to remove MBS are happy now. Turkey, Iran, Russia, ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
3. So I implore @TheDemocrats on the SSCI to plug this theory into the @CIA facts you got today.

First, MBS gets a green light from Kushner to do #Khashoggi's rendition. Kushner and Trump believed it was okay because Khashoggi was not a US citizen. Now they know it was a crime.
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We need to know. Demand public testimony from Kushner, @IvankaTrump @MichaelCohen212 Roger Stone @RudyGiuliani @jasoninthehouse Credico, Erik Prince, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Gates, McFarland, Bossert, Hope Hicks, Clovis, Bannon, Miller, Spicer, Brad Parscale
Cohen isn’t the only 1 who had contacts w Russia-linked operatives & then lied about it

The Moscow Project has updated their tracker to include at least 92 contacts, including at least 27 meetings including 26 Trump operatives.

Demand public testimony…
A criminal coverup.

How could 26 people AND their Russian contacts all manage to lie about every one of the 92 contacts?

There is no innocent explanation.

For years they all lied, Sessions even lied under oath

A coordinated Trump Russian coverup

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So all of us in the #resistance are giving ourselves a big pat on the back for the #BlueWave. After all, we took 40 seats and soon @TeamPelosi will be House Speaker

Great job! We think. After two long years we can finally take it easy.


Yes, it was wonderful to see those Democratic candidates win. And nice to see our effort rewarded.

With control of the House, we now have a Constitutional check on the president PLUS we control more governorships and state legislatures

But there’s still a TON of work to do.
As the past few days have shown, we still have a corrupt president: compromised by Russia, beholden to Saudi Arabia, unwilling to acknowledge basic facts about climate change and seemingly unconcerned about the sanctity of human life.

#TrumpTowerMoscow #Khashoggi
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Where is the 24-hour news coverage of missing Chinese journalist #LuGuang? Where is the outrage? Isn't he as important as #Khashoggi? #China
#LuGuang missing only gets very little coverage because he doesn't fit the MSM narrative.
Mexican journalists go missing all the time and crickets from the US liberal MSM. Guess they have their favorites.
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Broidy, like Michael Cohen, was a deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee & a Trump donor. He was also named in a Ukraine criminal probe.

Involving ... VTB Bank ...

the bank that was going to finance the Moscow Trump Tower.

The Russian bank VTB that was going to finance Trump Tower Moscow is under U.S. sanctions and the bank funded Facebook and Twitter investments through ... a Kushner investor

Simply, the 2016 election was a fraud on US voters and the crimes continue @gop…
Our entire national security has been placed in the hands of low level, criminal, real estate con artists and a knock-off handbag queen @IvankaTrump

Kushner, Ivanka & Trump have blood on their hands w #Khashoggi murder & kidnapping / a abuse of children at the border
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I feel like a pompous asshole referencing media appearances to say “I told you so” but whatevs.

I told Al Jazeera a month ago I hoped Trump’s position on MbS & Khashoggi night force a domestic political split that *may* FINALLY allow (even a slight) re-evaluation of Saudi ties.
It’s HILARIOUS to hear some talking head on the news being an apologist for MbS & the Saudis, while bringing up “butwhatabout Iran” ... except the Iran-hater uses “Persian Gulf” instead of “Arabian Gulf.”


#Trump #Khashoggi #KSA
Yeah so I’m going to go ahead and be *that obnoxious Twitter pundit* so: “here’s the interview where I told you so - a month ago.”

Sorry not sorry. #Khashoggi #KSA #Trump…
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US National Security Adviser John Bolton won’t listen to #Khashoggi audio because “What do you think I’ll learn from it?...Unless you speak Arabic, what are you going to get from it?”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

#KSA #MbS #Saudi
Hi John Bolton - I speak Arabic, and I’m happy to translate the #Khashoggi audio for you, pro-bono — just because of what a 7imar kabir you are!

#MbS #Saudi #KSA
Please, Mr. NSA John Bolton. Allow me to help you investigate the case of #Khashoggi’s alleged assassination by #MbS - accept my offer to translate for free.

It’s my citizen’s duty, as I have a sincere & abiding belief that you are اكبر كلب في العالم فعلا.

#KSA #Saudi
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How very, very interesting! #TuesdayThoughts #Khashoggi
White House prevents Gina Haspel from briefing Senate on Khashoggi murder…
2/"As of Tuesday, however, the Senate was told by the administration to expect only Pompeo and Mattis at the Wednesday briefing. The White House did not respond to a query on the absence of an intelligence official.
3/"“There is always an intel person there for a briefing like this,” a Senate staffer told the Guardian. “It is totally unprecedented and should be interpreted as nothing less than the Trump administration trying to silence the intelligence community.”
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