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Shocked and horrified. That is our feeling after reading this bizarre statement by @realDonaldTrump that excuses the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi and seeks to justify the intentional starvation of up to 13 million people in #Yemen. Let’s unpack this. 1/8…
It is telling that the statement starts by placing blame Iran, not on Mohammed bin Salman, front and center in the defense of murder and lawlessness. Conflict with Iran is both a prized goal for the administration and an lazy appeal to Trump’s base. 2/8…
Trump then turns to the key issue, money. He has signaled time and again that no atrocity is too great for him to pass on the riches of Saudi Arabia. The children of Yemen and the activists of Saudi Arabia are the unwilling sacrifices to the his deities of profit and avarice. 3/8
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What in the actual fresh root of all evil empire fucking hell is this

#Khashoggi #KSA
To answer my own rhetorical question here RE Trump, Khashoggi, Saudi & Iran, here’s a recent thread:

I wrote that thread 2 days ago, and have to say #CalledIt (and told Al Jazeera basically the same thing a month ago).

Didn’t expect it to be quite THAT blatant, though. Jesus Christ.

#Iran #Khashoggi #Trump #KSA #MbS
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For Those Ignoramus Who’ve Turned #Khashoggi into a #Saint & Been Attacking Me for Exposing “Real” Facts On Who He Was: A Multi-Face Chameleon Who Posed as Liberal-Progressive While Funded by #Soros #ArabSpring & Alcoholic, Posing as Pious #Sharia Muslim When Collecting Women
Just to be clear he was hugging two wife and one self-declared Fiancé simultaneously;-)
Here’s an example of how ignoramus wage jihadi attacks because I list facts & ask questions re:Who was #Khashoggi? Why select coverage?Why conflicting & contradicting info?For doing this, just like #Gulen operative: He calls me #CIA, anti-Islam & Just Like #Gulen Baseless Attacks
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Can anyone with knowledge of Turkish law confirm what #Khashoggi told at Turkish mariage office: He needed papers from KSA embassy to get married in Istanbul? Here's link to report: Killing Khashoggi: How a Brutal Saudi Hit Job Unfolded. @ArrestedLawyers
I don't buy that the assassination opportunity happened senindipidously from the Saudi good fortune of having the Turks send him to the KSA Embassy. I believe any objective investigator would suspect Turkey's involvement. That is consistent with my reporting it was MIT. @FBIWFO
Another factor few addressed: We rightfully recoil in horror over Khashoggi killing but ignore his extreme affiliations as if he had been in some rowdy college fraternity. He was listed by KSA before Kushner had MBS relationship. But why would pro MB Turks help kill him?
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In the aftermath of the brutal murder of Jamal #Khashoggi, we must keep an eye on Trump and his son-in-law Jared #Kushner, and examine their real motives in setting US policy. Are they abusing their power for their own ends?

1/ With respect to the assassination, both Trump and Kushner both have skin in the game.
2/ Saudi Arabia was the first state visit Trump made as president, a trip organized and pushed for by Jared Kushner, who is chummy with the Crown Prince and has acted as the de facto ambassador to the Kingdom.
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No, given: 1) the special US-KSA alliance established in the 40s, and more importantly, 2) Trump’s deep financial ties to Saudi Arabia and MbS. #Khashoggi

Regardless of CIA intel (or anyone else), Trump is eager to accept any #KSA / MbS cover story - however flimsy, obvious and farcical - for #Khashoggi.

Between this administration’s Iran stance (hi, Bolton) and Trump family financial ties, they’re all in - and more - for Saudi.
Yet another level to CIA confirmation of MbS as the actor responsible for Khashoggi’s murder — and why it won’t matter to Trump or the US in the end — has everything to do with his self-proclaimed “reformer” stance.

Think Saif Gaddafi. Think Gamil Mubarak.
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#Khashoggi #Bombshell Report: #WashingtonPost Has Confirmed He Married An Egyptian Woman In #USA Months Before Going To #Turkey. I Debunked The Turkish Fiancé Story Weeks Ago Reporting From Turkey.- - Jamal Khashoggi was already married”.
Okay, Time 4 A Few #Flashbacks On Made-Up Fiancé From My #Khashoggi PsyOp Coverage On The Ground From #Turkey Debunking #MSM (Via Pinned #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds). Pay Attention 2 My Time Stamps. Take Screenshots,Save & Retweet (These will be taken out ‘eventually’!!).
#Flashbacks Part 2 From My #Khashoggi MadeUp Fiancé Tweets with Time Stamp...
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Some thoughts on #Khashoggi murder and it’s relationship with Turkey, KSA, US, and Russia. There is very little chance that Turkey’s security services weren’t aware of KSA’s plans to murder Khashoggi. They probably gave the ok on it. That’s most likely why the Turks /1
know so much about it. By ‘stabbing’ KSA in the back and revealing what they have, it further fractures US/KSA ties to the benefit of their new benefactor, Russia. Turkey is very much in the Russian and Chinese sphere of influence now. /end
Add. - The primary takeaway - Be wary of the motivations of the Turks in releasing information. It’s purpose is probably not for our benefit.
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1. IMO when @realDonaldTrump said today @CIA has not briefed him on #Khashoggi he was lying. More likely than not @Trump is saying he hasn't been been brief to deflect inquiry from him, appointees or someone like @DevinNunes who likely leaked it for him. This week Trump had 2 PDB
2. If someone at @CIA or a member of the intel committees leaked classified PDB material to the press that's a crime. A big one. Where's the leak investigation @WhiteHouse @FBIWFO? Remember what happened to @FoxNews' correspondent James Rosen? (@JamesRosenTV NB he blocks me).
3. DOJ was strongly criticized for Rosen's electronic surveillance though Rosen had been receiving illegally leaked NatSec secrets. Wiki: "Kim entered a guilty plea to a single felony count of disclosing classified national defense information to an unauthorized person, Rosen."
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latest update on #Khashoggi #SaudiArabia bots.

18,000 found.…
of those 18,000

6000 are still live:…
i got a tip from @oamaz7 about a hashtag to check out: #سمعونا_معاكم_احلى_شيلة

that leads me to some very interesting policial bots.

Accounts made in 2014.
set to RT either specific hashtags or other accounts.
the bots UI is set to english but they tweet in arabic.
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#Khashoggi #Breaking!- Please Check My Coming Replies To This Post!! As I’ve been Reporting on this Case sine day From #Turkey ‘He Was Not in Turkey for some divorce papers!’—“Egyptian Woman Says She Married Khashoggi In US Before He Was Killed”- NDTV…
Weeks Ago Reporting on #Khashoggi Case From Turkey I Exposed #CIA #MSM Lies Re: Who Khashoggi Was,Why he was in #Turkey, His Shady Business-NGO Partners Here, The “Made Up” #CIA Fiancé & More. Here are a few Screen shots (More Coming). Check Out my entire coverage @sibeledmonds
As I gather more screenshots/flashbacks of my #Khashoggi coverage from #Turkey: Please Read the Entire Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds (via Reply Chain) & Please Retweet/Share (even take and save screen shots)- Probably My Twitter account won’t be around for too long;-)
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At the start of this story I wrote that I was SURE #Khashoggi had been told “by someone he trusted״ that it was safe to go to the Istanbul consulate. That he was observant & no fool.
Khalid told Khashoggi, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post, that he should go to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to retrieve the documents and gave him assurances that it would be safe to do so."
this is Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US - who then said "the reports that suggest that Jamal Khashoggi went missing in the Consulate in Istanbul or that the Kingdom’s authorities have detained him or killed him are absolutely false"
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BREAKING — The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to people familiar with the matter, Washington Post reports
BREAKING — CIA examined a phone call that MBS’s brother Khalid, the Saudi amb to U.S., had with Khashoggi. Khalid told Khashoggi that he should go to in Istanbul to get marriage documents and gave him assurances that it would be safe. Khalid made call upon MBS’ request
President Trump has been shown evidence of the prince’s involvement, but remains skeptical that Mohammed ordered the killing,

(Washington Post)
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Pictures are making the rounds on the internet, by a site called, purportedly showing #Khashoggi while being dismembered . They are fake. They are from a Canal+ police drama called Braquo - Season 4 Episode 5 "Virgule"
The interesting bit is that in the TV drama, it is Turkish thugs who killed a Turkish diplomat with a chainsaw for messing up with their criminal activities #KhashoggiMurder
The site that published the pics has gone 404:…
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#Breaking #Gulen: Check my reply to This tweet (Coming Up)!—- “Trump administration officials last month asked federal law enforcement agencies to examine legal ways of removing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen”… via @NBCNews
Target #Trump via #SaudiGate & #Gulen Tied Together!- Check Out the Screenshots From My #Khashoggi Coverage Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds.Weeks ago I concluded that one of the 3 Objectives in a khashoggi narration: To target #Trump, replace now fizzled #RussiaGate with #SaudiGate !
This entire Concoction on #Khashoggi-#Gulen has #CIA M.O. Signature. Again, look at what I reported on the ground, from #Turkey covering Khashoggi Case.
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Wrap your mind around this

Senior Trump officials

—explored/ing how to send a cleric (a Green Card holder) to Turkey where his life and limb would be at risk

—in exchange for Turkey letting up on Saudis for murdering #Khashoggi (a Green Card holder)…
"At first there were eye rolls, but once they realized it was a serious request, the career guys were furious," said a senior U.S. official involved in the process.
"Justice Department officials responded to the White House's request saying the review of Turkey's case against Gulen two years ago showed NO BASIS for his extradition and that no new evidence to justify it has emerged..."

(@carolelee @JuliaEAinsley @ckubeNBC reporting)

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2. @nytimes and several other main stream, liberal controlled news outlets have reported that audio from the alleged Khashoggi kidnapping, torture, murder, dismemberment, and dissolving has been released to multiple countries, They say "Tell your boss...the deed is done" was...
3. ...overheard on the recording. The liberal media have said the "boss" the hit man was referring to is none other than Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), the chosen heir next in line to his father's throne of Saudi Arabia. From the Times article, "The recording, shared last...
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#Khashoggi Revival Attempt: The Canadian FM did not define “It” or “It’s Content.” Whether this was a diplomatic phone conversation intercepted,or,some video-audio of Torture-murder. Because so far all claims of Video of murder-Torture been based on lies; All False 2 be Debunked
#Khashoggi- After Reporting On This Case on the Ground (in #Turkey) for 38 days & nights straight, interviewing & checking with Many sources, I can assure you there are NO videos of any Torture-Murder. Not only that: NO Body, NO Blood or DNA Trace, NO Witnesses. Nothing other ...
... Nothing Other Than “Unnamed Sources,”Debunked iWatch Recording Claims,Debunked Torture Video Claims,Debunked Transporting Body Parts via #Saudi Diplomatic Cars Claims...Complete Disinfo Operation.Including Why #Khashoggi was in #Turkey. Follow the Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds
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#Khashoggi #Breaking!- #France Contradicts #Turkey President #Erdogan: Not Aware Of Any Smoking Gun #Khashoggi Video-Audio Given To Them!!- - ”Le Drian says not aware France has Khashoggi tapes, contradicts Erdogan!” | Article [AMP] | Reuters…
#Fransa Diyor ki: #Türkiye #Erdoğan #Kaşıkçı ile ilgili Bize Video vermiş diyor fakat bize böyle bir video verilmemiş- yok bildiğimiz kadarıyla .... Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
Here’s the video: Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
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Trump: Day 657
-Installs Loyalist 2 Oversee Probe
-Meeting w/ Putin on #VeteransDay
-W.H. Posts Doctored Acosta Video
-12 Killed in 307th Mass Shooting
-Denied by Courts From Ending DACA
-NoKo Cancels Meeting with Pompeo
-#ProtectMueller Rallies Nationwide
Day 762 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 613 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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#Khashoggi Case: Can People Share With Us Here The List Of “Highest Level People” After #MBS Excluded Per This TRT Report;-)
Because It Does Not Say “High Level”-It Says “Highest Level”, then It Says “But Of Course” #MBS is Not on the list.... #Khashoggi Case
#Khashoggi- Seriously people, They’re saying: It is NOT #MBS, It is NOT #SaudiKing ... Then WHO is this “Highest”?Because As Far As I Know,The “Highest” Governing Body Of #SaudiArabia Been British Empire (History), And In the last 40+ Yrs #USA #CIA.So is he saying #USA did this?
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Bewildering #Khashoggi DoubleTalk!- How Can They Ask For The “Body” When They Just Released & Disseminated The Latest “SlamDunk” Official Report Stating That The “Entire Khashoggi Body” Was Melted In Acid & Destroyed, Thus There Will be “NO Body”????!!!!!!!!
Bewildering #Khashoggi DoubleTalk!- How Can They Ask For The “Body” When They Just Released & Disseminated The Latest “SlamDunk” Official Report Stating That The “Entire Khashoggi Body” Was Melted In Acid & Destroyed, Thus There Will be “NO Body”????!!!!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Most Importantly Why In The World I’ve Been The Only One Asking The Questions Needed To Be Asked Loud & Clearly By Every Journalist (Even The Moron Ones) Who’s Been Covering This a Scripted PsOp Case??!! For 4+Weeks I’ve Been Reporting on This Case From #Turkey Debunking Crap!!!
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1. The newest revelation into the #Khashoggi incident. Turkish officials now say his body was dismembered to be dissolved quickly. Yet, they have previously stated parts of his body were found at the Consulate General's house. But not the whole body? Huh?…
2. Would you REALLY leave body parts in such a conspicuous place? The place obviously was going to be searched and they have to known the parts would be found! Sounds like evidence was planted to me! Turks say they have video and audio evidence of the murder, but have yet to...
3. ...release anything to prove this statement. They have also reported that #Khashoggi's remains may have been taken out of the country. I wrote a post a few days ago detailing the flight that brought the alleged hit men to Turkey from Saudi and how it left that night from...
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