1/ CA/SF voters. There are 26 combined ballot propositions before us. As an officer in a 501(c)3 I am allowed to make recommendations on these measures. Follow along for my thinking as I fill out my own ballot.
2/ Starting with CA propositions. Most, to me, are an easy call, but there are always stumpers. The first, Prop 14, bond issuance for stem cell research is one. Science good! Stem cell research, so promising! But... latimes.com/california/sto…
3/ Argument against Prop 14 is that it isn't constructed to have adequate oversight as to allocation of funds—especially fraught in budget crunch. But otoh, don't we need to ride hard for science? latimes.com/opinion/story/…

Atm, i have no clear rec.
4/ CA Prop 15, biggest BFD on ballot, would reform commercial property tax—raising taxes on big corporations and wealthy landowners (excludes farmland). It begins to unroll the infamous Prop 13, which keeps property taxes in amber and hurts schools... latimes.com/california/sto…
5/ Voting YES on Prop 15 is a clear call for a more progressive tax code. Schools URGENTLY need the money given COVID.

YES ON PROP 15!!!!
6/ Prop 16 would restore affirmative action as a factor in public employment & contracts and admission to California's university systems.

Against systemic racism? Vote yes on Prop 16.

This effort is underfunded and may fail. Spread the word. latimes.com/opinion/story/…
7/ Prop 17 restores voting rights to people on parole. No brainer. Vote yes on Prop 17.
8/ CA Prop 18: Allows 17-yos who will be 18 at time of general election to vote in primaries.

A) the kids are alright B) anything to help boost youth vote

Vote yes on Prop 18.
9/ Prop 19: Another BFD property tax initiative pushed by real estate lobby. One that is—surprise!—massively misleading. Ok, here's the KEY background to EXISTING law you need to know: latimes.com/opinion/story/…
10/ Got that? So if you're senior (or ~adjacent), disabled, or your house burned down you can ALREADY keep your existing property tax if you downsize (and other caveats). Prop 19 would preserve your lower tax rate if you buy something of HIGHER value, and would allow that 3X.
11/ That is a clear give away to boomers (and, er, soon, GenXers) who want *more* expensive properties. Sorry, no, makes generational and racial inequalities worse


(btw, @kalw has a briefs on every state/Bay Area ballot prop) kalw.org/post/californi…
12/ ^^ is a rare instance where I find myself aligned with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Also the realtors aren't dumb. They'd shunt some money to firefighters. There are better ways to fund that. sfchronicle.com/opinion/editor…
13/ CA Prop 20 is some bullshit. Would make minor property crimes felonies. Would collect DNA from minor crime suspects. Trumpism on a state level.

Hell no Prop 20. sfchronicle.com/opinion/editor…
14/ CA Prop 21, expanding/modifying rent control. Contentious! ~more units would be covered, more newish/big developments, but homeowner with a granny unit ~spared, reduces "age of unit" discrepancies. Hang on, I'll unpack.

15/ So under current law(s), for example, SF has rent control. But units built *after 1979* (when that was passed are exempt. So massive big condo units, no rent control. Guy in Excelsior renting out rooms above garage?, rent control.
16/ What happens when you make small landlords have rent control while big ones dont? You get deferred maintenance/fire traps on the one hand, rocket fuel for gentrification on the other.

Prop 21 would make ~all units over 15 years subject. Levels that field, expands generally
17/ Argument for Prop 21 is that it would expand RC while making less asymmetrical. Opponents say developers would have less incentive to build housing. To my mind, that can be remedied in other ways. I'm for Prop 21, but there's a lot of wrinkles: latimes.com/business/story…
18/ omg, i'm only 2/3 of the way through the CA ballot propositions. And then I have another 13 local ones to go.
19/ CA Prop 22: This is the Uber/Lyft/Doordash effort to thwart the will of the people who just voted last election to expand the workers' rights of drivers/gig workers.

NO motherjones.com/politics/2020/…
20/ Prop 23: Yet again ~this proposal about more regulations for kidney dialysis clinics.

no evidence this would result in higher standard of care. is evidence it would increase costs.

Too complicated for voters to decide. For legislature. NO. latimes.com/opinion/story/…
21/ CA Prop 24: @kdrum explains the dilemma here well: motherjones.com/kevin-drum/202…

LAT has same analysis, comes down for yes. In a jump ball, I default toward position that ballot initiative not best way to sort complicated issues. weak No: latimes.com/opinion/story/…
22/ CA Prop 25: Gets rid of automatic cash bail no matter the crime.

No brainer. YES ON PROP 25.

(And, you likely have read about inequity in bail. But have you read about the scamminess? motherjones.com/politics/2014/…)
23/ And that ends my California ballot proposition recommendations🎉🥳🪅🍾

Now on to the 13 local ones 🥴🙀
24/ SF Prop A: Bond Measure for health, homeless, parks, streets.

DEAR GOD PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS. Every city leader wants. The opponent is a CPA with a book to tout.
25/ SF Prop B: Splits DPW into two, the new piece being focused on cleaning/maintaining sidewalks and streets.

This is @MattHaneySF's baby. Our sidewalks and streets are appalling. DPW rocked by huge corruption scandal. Will this help? Who knows? But I'll roll the dice. YES
26/ SF Prop C: People who serve on boards, commissions, blue ribbon panels, etc would no longer need to be citizens.

I can't believe they had to be. VOTE YES
27/ SF Prop D: "Sheriff Oversight."

Need I say more. Vote YES.
28/SF Prop F: Overhauls business taxes. Lots to unpack, but all city leaders are for. As is Chron. As is Pissed Off Voters. As is Spur (link to in-depth analysis). YES spur.org/voter-guide/sa…
29/ SF Prop G: Akin to state prop 18, this would allot 16-yos to vote for local candidates and ballot initiatives.

Given those choices so often about schools, parks, city college, no brainer. YES.
30/ SF Prop H: Essentially this would ease/allow the parklets/outdoor dining/sidewalk arts easements that have occurred during COVID. These have been a godsend to local businesses. Frankly all of it should be permanent. YES missionlocal.org/2020/10/propos…
31/ SF Prop I: Doubles property transfer tax on properties of $10 million or more. Pushed by progressive Supes (but endorsed by most pols, papers), it would put that money toward more affordable housing. YES
32/ SF Prop J: Essentially a fix to ensure the teacher raises we already voted for...happen. Mayor, Supes, unions, Parents for Public Schools all for. YES sfexaminer.com/opinion/examin…
33/ SF Prop K: Begins to undo racist/NIMBY 1950 state law/constitutional "article 54," which requires voters approve each public housing project.

This end-runs by allowing city to greenlight 10K units of new/renovated affordable housing. YES sfexaminer.com/opinion/examin…
34/ SF Prop L: Extra tax on businesses where CEO earns >100x average worker. Sounds good but...would big companies relocate/dodge? Or is it not onerous enough for that and makes city $60-100M a year. Or "symbolic," like when folks tried to rename dump after GW Bush. Me: 😑
35/ Regional Prop RR: funds Caltrain via a 30-year increase in sales tax from, wait for it, 8.5% to 8.65%. Look, I've ridden Caltrain maybe twice. But if you care about climate, or traffic, or both, and savings from up-front mitigation this is a no brainer. YES
36/ Ok, thanks for this tour of California and San Francisco (+ regional) ballot propositions. I hope this made things easier for some folks. VOTE VOTE VOTE
rethreading 28/ SF Prop E: Would amend charter to no longer require >1,971 FT police officers, instead of $ to things like the new homeless/mental health squads soon to roll out.

And whoever thought it was a good idea to put a super random quota in the charter? Vote YES

• • •

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My mom: “I KNOW!”
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