Whiteness (a thread)
Whiteness is absolute
Whiteness is “invisible”
Whiteness is ubiquitous
I’m tired of whiteness.
Whiteness is not synonymous with white people but white people benefit from whiteness.
We worked so hard throughout history to expose whiteness and do you know how white people responded? Whiteness.
The response to calling out white fragility is white fragility. That is whiteness.
Whiteness adapts to the new constraints. It co-opts progressive language and twists words to uphold whiteness.
White folks will claim to be ignorant of said whiteness and the privilege, and this claim is the definition of whiteness. And its power.
The response to Black advancement is white rage. That causality is whiteness. Ask @ProfCAnderson
When in doubt, or under threat, whiteness remains in tact. Under pressure, whiteness goes on auto pilot.
Whiteness are the unwritten rules of etiquette governed by whiteness, assessed by whiteness, measured by whiteness.
Whiteness in the classroom are Eurocentric standards, hair style expectations, uniforms, and 0 tolerance discipline policies.
Whiteness is privilege and power, unlimited. Currency that can be used to oppress or co-conspire. @BLoveSoulPower says white folks should cash out and stand for justice.
Whiteness allows for white folks to be in solidarity with each other without speaking a single word. Before meeting. Almost pre-rehearsed. Ready to uphold whiteness while denying its existence.
Whiteness is silence.
Whiteness is violence.
Whiteness is.
Whiteness exists only in relation to and in response to Blackness. Especially Black excellence and Black power. That’s when whiteness gets bolder.
Whiteness is antiBlackness.
When white folks say let’s agree to disagree, and white folks’ perspective and power remain, that’s whiteness.
Whiteness appears innocent, aloof, confused, fragile. But whiteness is powerful. Whiteness is precalculated. Whiteness is learned and taught, through all media, curricula, and policies.
Whiteness is denial.
We worked to increase awareness build cultural competency, All in response to whiteness. And the response is more whiteness. Or subtle whiteness. Or secret whiteness. Or coded whiteness. But whiteness.
To address whiteness, we must be intentional, explicit, tenacious, and unapologetic. We must be antiracist. We must be radical. We must be humanizing.
When we are taking another change, progress, equity, antiracism, diversity, etc, let’s be clear that we are talking about whiteness.
It’s time to unpack, excavate, and dismantle whiteness and white supremacy culture. In schools. In society. In politics. At work. In system. Everywhere. It’s time for racial equity and justice.

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