Distinguished, an Advocacy like ours can’t be hijacked. It will outlive all of us. Your protest is your right but if you choose to commercialize it & exchange it for Jollof rice on the Highway, that choice, people like us will have to respect. Cheers
I may not agree with the opportunists exploiting your vulnerability but I will forever support your rights to express your discontent. All I am saying is that we shouldn’t inconvenience others and make things worse. People’s businesses are suffering as we dance on the precipice.
Trust me I understand. There’s so much despair and our youth have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, our authorities are using old tactics to engage a new generation that is far more exposed than their rulers. You can’t divide us with religion, politics and ethnicity like before.
The youth of now can identify political posturing from afar. They know when old antics are deployed and can tell insincerity from ingenuity. TRUST is the currency of the global connection economy. You can’t buy it. It must be earned. Make a believer of them.
Every problem left unsolved turns into a potential rallying point for a Movement. They may not be able to articulate their position the way Govt can understand but it’s legitimate nonetheless. The danger also is those laying in wait to exploit their vulnerability with an agenda.
In relationships I really don’t deploy knowledge because that will always cause strain, prejudices and smother affection. Knowledge may be useful when navigating locations and making decisions but understanding is required to flourish relationship. I am not mad at ya.
To get pissed at people whose reality are different from yours without seeing from their perspective brings ruin. That’s the curse of knowledge at play. We all must understand what it feels like not to know and be patient with others. We mustn’t play the victim or catastrophize.
There will always be something to be upset about. Do we sit and party while we hurt others because we are hurt then blame someone else for it or do we ask ourselves if we are part of the problem or part of the solution. We can always organize and engage the system. #Selah
...End of Celestial Observation...

#EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG Image

• • •

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18 Oct
For years, leaders of thought have tried to engage the younger generation on the need to take responsibility. Revolution begins in the mind of the individual & not necessary proven by the size or aggression of the mob. The display of discontent is never enough however cinematic.
This is your part in the ensemble. We have collectively achieved the objective #EndSARs and the end goal #ReformPoliceNG is in gear (for this is a process), with legislative framework in place. You’re right that the pent up anger due to Govt’s negligence is beyond Police Impunity
Over the years I have mentioned severally that we are all that we have. There is no vertically collectivism with the Advocacy. Our roles have been cut out for us all. This is your own means of communicating your legitimate concern. Don’t let them miss the core message.
Read 9 tweets
17 Oct
Several opportunities were blown over the years despite clear warnings about a time such as this. Govt ignored all the signs and labeled watchers of the wall with unprintable names via their hirelings. Today, reality bites. Unfortunately, our youth are too angry to be strategic.
Govt MUST show restraint regardless. These are our citizens & the future of our nation. My heart bleeds for them & our leaders must navigate this as parents. I’ve said many times that Trust is the only currency of the global connection economy. Engage them.
No logical sense can be made when emotions are high. The clearest language now will be action and not words. I will also implore our youth our there to also embrace restraint and avoid becoming all that they’ve criticized. Don’t punish your fellow citizens just to get attention.
Read 6 tweets
16 Oct
I believe it’s best I state categorically that the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Advocacy/Movement is clearly different from the youth PROTEST playing before our eyes, which started as an organic expression of discontent until other agenda crept in. I won’t be participating here. 🙏🏽
Our teeming youth are assured of the continuous intervention of @SIAF_NG as done in the past 3years regardless. While looking forward to future national/sub-national engagement in a multi-year strategy since 2016, to reinforce policings original goals and standards, including...
...welfare, we must reinforce, with unmistakeable clarity, that @SIAF_NG (#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG) is a registered non-profit with clearly stated objectives, totally independent of, and unconnected to, the youth-led protests sweeping the country.
Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
I will forever stand by the people. I will always stand by the integrity of my Country. The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Advocacy is not a weapon against the State. We can’t hamper economic activity or cripple the state. We must show goodwill and restraint. #ActWisely @SIAF_NG
I can’t be see the pattern and the shift of goal posts just to keep the protest on for good. This is not a show of goodwill. We are becoming that which we criticize. Almost every leader I engaged in the past assured me SARS will NOT be ended because they know what is at stake.
The most difficult job we have at @SIAF_NG is maintaining the integrity of the bridge in the gap between institutions and the people. Our ability to see from both perspectives and help amplify common ground is new to the Nigerian state and often misunderstood.
Read 12 tweets
14 Oct
Fellow Citizens, for the past 48hours I have had a series of coordinated attacks on my handle by known fifth columnist who commoditizes the struggle for emancipation of the vulnerable in our society. The exploiters of vulnerabilities aimed at denigrating the works of years...
...the altruistic work towards bridging the gap between the Police Institution and our society is non-partisan and included all Nigerians as run by a fully registered incorporated trustees @SIAF_NG. The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG movement is a platform of expression for Nigerians.
But some individuals who have in the past tried to compromise our convictions in the past have tried and failed again in their attempt to seize a struggle for the soul of Nigeria through a genuine advocacy by aiming to weaponize it against the Government via a hostile takeover.
Read 22 tweets
13 Oct
The attempt to hijack the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Movement by known elements who were against it from day one and had to be a part now for fame & earnings is not surprising. They felt they can demonize me & take ownership by force. But they’ll fail again as always.
The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG movement is not a tool against any group or individual. It wasn’t designed as a political weapon to demonize institutions or persons. We also are not in the habit of raising funds in the shadows. This was why they started with the attacks.
The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG movement is not a cult group. We don’t guilt trip people for control. We have a Convener and we are NOT a Protest group neither are we easing funds for such purpose. This is yet another onslaught in the same pattern on the cause. Be careful out there.
Read 4 tweets

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