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Thank you everyone for the efforts. I appreciate. I'm safe, sound & currently at home. All through last night, the only thing I was scared of was meeting those trigger happy policemen or collecting unnecessary beating, or being framed for armed robbery or anything terrible.
I'm a little shaken after spending a night in a terrible cell and the conditions there in, but in all, I'm happy it was a better case scenario that played out.
The whole episode just show the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in this country, even as I wonder about the fate of the over 40 people who were raided last night and are still there at the cell.
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I almost wept this afternoon when a citizen narrated how a church was robbed during a vigil by 3 robbers. Two escaped with valuables & one was caught. For the love of Christ the parishioners didn’t take laws into their own hands but took the matter to the police. #EndImpunity🚔
Upon getting to the station the Police officers demanded that they will need a down payment of N20k to attend to the case & in frustration the parishioners left the place. The next day (this evening) 3 officers visited the church threatening to return the thief...
...and even arrest the parishioners if their demand for N20k is not met. Yes, this reads like some badly written Nollywood movie but it real. We have intervened and the Thief will be arraigned in court tomorrow & the officers involved disciplined. Thanks to DSP @ElkanaBala
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I’m certain you’ve heard about another brutal murder of a citizen by rogue Police officers involved in the shooting incident that occurred at Crest Inn Club on Balogun Street Oshodi on the 29th of November 2019? #EndImpunity
The CP ordered the immediate arrest, detention & trial of the officers involved all from the notorious Akinpelu Division in Oshodi. The victims, a 27yr old Maliki Mohammed (now deceased) and two others with gunshot injuries will certainly get Justice as investigation proceeds.
The Police Officers involved are Inspector Orubu Olusola, Inspector Apalowo Ola, Insp. Kasai Sule, Sgt Momoh Ogwuche & Sgt Adoga Collins. They are under the supervision of DSP Oloko Wale, who is the Divisional Crime Officer & ASP Adamu Babajo, the Divisional Operations Officer.
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Kindly report any police officer or police station that violates your rights for recording their atrocities on your phone. It is time they realize the society is watching their every move & will no longer condone their brutality & abuse of power. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG
08057000001 or 08057000002 call any of the numbers and report. Carry us along @SIAF_NG @citizen_gavel @AcpIshaku @PoliceNG_CRU There are thousands of messages in DMs any no doubt many will slip through the cracks. We have no security vote or billions in monthly allocation.
Invest in BodyCams & spy pens. If you need to visit police stations. Any police station that threatens to charge your case to court just to intimidate you on a case that is an obvious violation of your rights must be reported with tangible evidence. Let’s start shutting them down
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Ambiguous and repressive bills/laws are hate speeches in their own rights. Suffice to say that our political rulers are hanging themselves before the court of public opinion. We tolerate their incompetence but they can’t stand our demand for accountability. ⛱ #RealCorruption
Unlike the primitives erroneously stampeded to power, I’ll define how their attempt to gag the citizenry is the most grievous form of hate speeches in the history of our democracy, based on the potential impact of their unethical, unconscionable, offensive & inflammatory content.
We shouldn't need to be convinced that all the issues we have today are 90% man-made/political in the rabid attempt to weaponize poverty & subjugate the people to a life unfit for cattle. This is the only way the irredentists can ”Rule” the huge populace of which 70% are youth.
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So this gentleman sent me a distress message on the nefarious activities of officers from the abhorrent Area H in Ogudu and I gave my advice for the records that he gets in touch with @PoliceNG_CRU @AcpIshaku so his complaints can be registered while we follow up. #EndImpunity
I later got his feedback as reduced into DM as follows.
Even though that Area command is notorious for criminal activities & illegal duties, this is the third report I will be getting of their fear of our intervention. We have cases in orderly room trials that will certainly get many officers dismissed for their crimes from that area
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...I didn't know what to what to do, I couldn't trust the justice system for it had failed many before me. I had given up hope, and I knew I wasn't the only one.
But this was my personal battle, I would do this alone.
I would avenge Daniel.
He had been shot by men of the SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD with trial, without a formal court hearing. They had appointed themselves judge and jury, and my brother had been cut down in his prime. He was never given a chance to be heard.
The video went viral.. The men were rounded up, but they were eventually set free by the DPP, the case was struck out, my brother's death had been in vain, and the world had moved on. Nobody cared about this injustice.
If the law could not avenge my brother's dear, I would do it.
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SARS officers in Edo State are mounting roadblocks and harassing road users under the guise of recovering stolen vehicles. Is this what Special units are deployed for? What is the work of the @PoliceNG? I asked them if there’s any report of a stolen vehicle in the area...
...that matched the description of the vehicle of the driver they were harassing but they allege I was teaching them their job. I asked if their job entails hanging about and indiscriminately accusing road users of theft of their vehicles? One of them said that’s what they do.
To put this in the right perspective. Nigeria’s SWAT team is hanging around on the highway seeking whom to victimize despite not having any distress call they are responding to. This explains the tales of woe of commuters in that state due to extortion & abduction of the innocent
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Indeed our country has gone to the Dogs. Illiteracy is now a virtue and uniformed men capaitalize on their sub-literacy to incriminate our youth at Gun point. Any @PoliceNG @ndlea_nigeria or Soldier that harasses you for having a drug (medicine) on you is an Armed Robber.
What constitutes a crime is the illegal possession in large quantity with the intention to distribute of any drug for that matter. Having a bottle of Benylin or a tablet of tramadol on you need not make you a criminal owing rogue officers ransom of N70k and above. #EndImpunity
Please report these officers to higher authorities or let @SIAF_NG know. Our institutions have been bastardized and majority of the rogues wielding weapons are now seeking every means to incriminate just to extort. Don’t cooperate with them. Report them. #EndImpunity
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An IT Staff of WEMA Bank, who worked overnight & was on his way back home was summarily abducted by rogue @PoliceNG officers seeking ransom in the early hours of this morning. They’ve switch off his phone & we’re yet to locate their position. We suspect TaskForce or Anti Cultism.
These predators MUST never be allowed to continue this way. We can not continue to go around in circles. The Commander if Anti Cultism in Lagos MUST be removed. The criminal hideout in SACS Gbagada is inimical to our dignity & human rights. Warn Area commanders aiding this.
The IGP should see this as the last call lest we begin to grapple with citizen-led policing. We’ll no longer be sitting ducks for rogues robbing & kidnapping innocent citizens going about their business. We’ll begin a search for Ugo & where he is being held will be shutdown.
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You know your country is ruined when the wife of a sitting governor’s convoy murdered 4 human beings (students/future of Nigeria) & all she could do is to pay press to play victim without uttering a single condemnation towards the use of force against unarmed peaceful protesters.
The victims of the murderous convoy have parents, who are currently grieving and the unelected & presumed mother who claimed to be on an empowerment program is justifying the murders by the slimy attempt to save her face by playing victim?! #IStandWithFUOYE4 #JusticeForFUOYE
The @PoliceNG officers MUST be named and the vicarious liability pursued to the letter. Anyone with details of the family of the deceased should reach out to us. Has Gov @kfayemi made a statement yet? Does citizens life matter to him? #JusticeForFUOYE
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Yes distinguished. At Equity you can not be coerced into bearing witness against yourself before man. This is called self incrimination. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty at law and no @PoliceNG officer can use anything they obtained by coercion via torture.
Your right to silence is guaranteed by Law because anything you say can be used against you in the court of Law. So you can choose to say nothing until you have spoken to your counsel/advocate. Most corrupt officers will not even tell you that you are under arrest.
This is because they know that before an arrest can be made there must be legal grounds and evidence beyond reasonable doubt. In most cases people are usually abducted because of their ignorance about their rights and subsequently extorted/robbed at gun point. #EndImpunity
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Investigation and verification of all evidences as corroborated by witnesses concluded a few minutes ago at the Commissioner Of @PoliceNG’s office. The 4officers from Iba Division have been identified and found culpable. Currently being sent to homicide division unit in Panti.
The DPO has also been removed for abdication of duty that left a gap in supervision as we have always recommended. They will all be charged and a formal press release will be issued by the PPRO DSP Elkana Bala in a few minutes. #EndImpunity
Gradually, the needed protocols will be put in place to forsatl future occurrences as we implore that the authorities @NGRPresident fastpace the passing of the #PoliceReformBill and the #PoliceTrustFundBill. These are executive Bills. We can’t go on like this. #EndImpunity
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There must be a protocol that restricts and forbids @PoliceNG officers from mounting road blocks on the highways. We have spent over two decades if not more paying lip service to this & many lives have been lost due to this primitive approach to security engagement. #EndImpunity
We can have highway patrols and not highway robbers in @PoliceNG uniforms mounting roadblocks and demanding ransom from road users unduly. We should learn from disasters past and present of innocent lives (Police & citizens) cum goods worth millions avoidably lost to this. 🚨
Things like this must NEVER be allowed to happen again in any civilization. How many lives will have to be lost before we realize that it could be us or our loved ones? When will @PoliceNG stop acting with impunity? *Actual event date still being verified- but roadblocks still on
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On several interviews and news reportage, I’m erroneously introduced as a lawyer because I’m into advocacy. I am NOT a Lawyer, not title driven and certainly can't be boxed. My struggle need not become my identity lest I’m sapped of living/relevance without a battle.⛱
My certificates were many years ago and nothing conditions me to remain the same man I was last month. Our youth lack role models and I won't be part of the ‘Icarus Deception’ that suggests that you have to have a title to be impactful or influential in society.
I have chosen to be a ‘No One’ an ordinary Human being contributing my quota to Nation Building for future generation sake. This is easy to aspire to become than seeking to gather titles or certificates. I am a lot of things but supremely a Human. Be true to your humanity.
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I’m sore disappointed in the IG @PoliceNG for yet another blunder adding to his debut of returning criminal tactical squads to status quo to reinforce impunity. He’s failed to bring a single killer Fulani Herdsman to book yet he’s calling peaceful protest an act of terrorism?! 🙄
Now we have to launch an enquiry into the educational qualification of the IGP. It is a sad day for Nigeria indeed. We can finally connect the dots for the rationale behind the impunity ridden police institution that has pitched itself against the people as an ethnic brigade.
Unfortunately, it’s not in the place of @PoliceNG to re-write our constitution or determine the rights of the citizenry under their new ethnic rule in the name of regime security. This we’ll RESIST. You don’t just throw words around as it pleases your agenda. This is a democracy.
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Hold the IGP of @PoliceNG responsible for the killings of innocent citizens by rogue tactical squads (SARS/SAKS/SACS/ZIS/STS etc) that have since become a national organized crime syndicate. He is aware of their daily criminal activities & have remained tacit to act. #EndImpunity
We have simply lost count of the spate of impunity. 👉🏽…
Upon receiving the report of the death of an innocent man at the incident in Ilupeju on Ajiri street, @SIAF_NG dug deeper to make sense of the entire situation knowing fully well that the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) in Lagos don’t carry out indiscriminate raids. #4Clarity
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Avoid following rogue officers to their station based on alleged phone track. This is the new trick in town to justify illegal abduction & extortion. Ask questions. Ask them the specific date of the incident when the phone in question was reported missing. #EndImpunity
This new format deems all phone users guilty until proven innocent. Anyone using an expensive phone is now a thief to these rogues. The series of reports show the date of incident are often more recent than the original date of purchase of the phone of their victims. #Beware
Don’t be a victim of rogue officers. The primary assignment of police officers is not about roaming the streets to randomly check the phones of citizens. Millions are being made in ransom across Nigeria with this new format. A terrorist hub is waxing strong within the system.
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We hereby call the attention of all well wishers and citizens home and abroad to the new development in Lagos as per rogue operations of the @PoliceNG which is clearly beyond the control of their leadership. #EndImpunity
Series of abductions have been carried out by rogue units in the @PoliceNG across major cities with ransom demands communicated to the parents. Those bold enough to report escalated these & some were fortunate while others had to raise funds to meet their demands. #EndImpunity
Our engagements and intervention have not been behind the authorities as we kept it transparent while we maintain accountability to the people. We reported the siege on travelers by rogue officers of Makinde/Akinyemi Police Station in Oshodi axis but all they got were warnings.
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So the crooks in Uniform in Lion Building are charging N200k per head for their own indiscriminate raids under the guise of anti tattoos? They just want to end the @PoliceNG this month Abi? Kontinu. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG @PoliceNG_lagos @Opetodolapo @ParodySpokesman
Since the Government don’t care and wait for our youth to die before they post a lame tweet in commiseration and the IGP won’t correct his mistake without an order from the above, I suggest we begin to resist these illegal & barbaric raids. It is time to be your brother’s keeper.
If anyone in your community is taken, you have the right to mobilize the entire community to seek their immediate release. Stop paying ransom to rogue police. Stop allowing them to arrest your children. Stop reinforcing oppression & state backed Armed robbery.
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At least 1,337 journalists have been killed while covering the news since 1992. Their names form The #LastColumn logo. Each time a journalist is killed, their name will be added to the logo. #pressfreedom
In this thread, we share the final work of 24 journalists who were killed in line of duty since 1992. #LastColumn @CPJLastColumn
Marie Colvin’s #LastColumn was published on February 19, 2012. Three days later, she was killed alongside French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik when Syrian forces struck their makeshift press center in Homs, Syria.
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My latest for ⁦@BylineTimes⁩. Justice for Daphne: Passport Investments Company Replies to Accusations of a ‘Faustian Pact’ with Cambridge Analytica #DaphneCaruanaGalizia…
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A few minutes ago a deal was struck and the posting of the New Commissioner of Police to Lagos was reversed with the Old reinstated. Fmr CP Edgal Imohimi has lobbied himself back to Lagos & as Egbetokun prepares to return to EOD Abuja. This calls for concern. 😞 #ReformPoliceNG
It is worthy of note that Edgal spent most (if not all) of his service years in Lagos. Are we saying that DCP Edgal is the most qualified for this job? We have monitored his career advancement from SP-DCO-DPO-Area commander-DC Ops (Ikeja), is he allergic to other states?! 🤔
One of the very first assignment of the New IGP Of @PoliceNG may be to reshuffle the entire system and investigate this miraculous reversal which to me looks, smells and feels transactional. In the interest of Lagosians/Nigerians this must not be allowed to stand. #ReformPoliceNG
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If there is ever a time in our polity to stand by patriotic officers in the @PoliceNG and @HQNigerianArmy it is now. These institutions are no doubt under siege by elements with a dangerous agenda. Imagine Police dismissing the officers they denied absconded from posting. 😞
A dishonest institution have lost the right to carry out such a purge. We will stand with these officers & investigate what lies beneath. We fear this is a plot towards the 2019 election which is dead on arrival. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG @BBCAfrica @CNNAfrica @SamuelOgundipe
I’m just curious to know why 95% of the people illegally drafted to execute Army’s job of fighting Boko Haram while under the police were southerners. I believe there should be an explanation for this beyond the obvious need to purge the system before the rigging of 2019.
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