There is a Striking similarity between the Indian child adoption policy in the US & the way Anti Hindu establishments have functioned it India

American context Source:Vox; For decades,the US took thousands of Native American children and enrolled them in off-reservation schools
Students were systematically stripped of their languages, customs, and culture. And even though there were accounts of neglect, abuse, and death at these schools, they became a blueprint for how the US government could forcibly assimilate native people into white America
At the peak of this era, there were more than 350 government-funded, and often church-run, Native American boarding schools across the US.

The schools weren’t just a tool for cultural genocide. They were also a way to separate native children from their land.
During the same era in which thousands of children were sent away, the US encroached on tribal lands through war, broken treaties, and new policies.
As years of indigenous activism led the US to begin phasing out the schools, the government found a new way to assimilate Native American children: adoption. Native children were funneled into the child welfare system.
And programs, like the little-known government “Indian Adoption Project” intentionally placed them with white adoptive families. In the age post world war, with no means of violence, This is how America eradicated the Native American community
Who are the targets for missionaries in India: The scheduled caste and the scheduled tribe, the poor and the needy. They constantly create an atmosphere that the SC/ST of this country are intimidated. This propaganda grows stronger.
And you constantly hear bad things about your religion and your culture. The missionaries have been successful in convincing someone of our own to propagate their thoughts into our minds. They’ll tell you you are poor, the government is against you, they will not let you live
After a certain point, some people leave the culture and religion and convert to Christian or Muslim. How many of these tribals who converted became any better except to the change of place of worship.
To cover this they will play this government against you card and finally convert them to Naxals to fight your own government. There is a process of constant brain washing that has been happening in this country for the past 70 years and with the help of previous govt.
This is the modern day no weapon but religious identity theft that has successfully happened in India. The rise in insurgency by this group after 2014 is only because the new government is not a puppet which will play by their rule.
The Native American children did not have a choice, they were forcibly taken. We still have a choice, don’t fall prey to their malicious propaganda.

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14 Oct
To all those who are comparing India and Bangladesh basis of per capita GDP: Some facts for you

1. As per 2001 census, 3.1 Million Bangladesh immigrants reside in India basis of place of birth and last residence as a proof of citizenship.
2. 1.1 Million Rohingya are displaced from Bangladesh and they are refugees in Myanmar and India.

3. The major driving force of Bangladesh’s economy is ULFA (Banned terrorist outfit). They own stakes in almost every company in Bangladesh. They are also funding political parties
4. Approximately there are more than 3.9 Million legal immigrants in Middle East and other countries. 0.08% Middle East population is contributed by Bangladeshis.

Kerala has better per capita GDP compared to Tamilnadu with almost negligible industries.
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14 Oct
My views on the Tanishq Ad and the Backlash:

Was the Ad a feel good one for a normal viewer: Yes
Was the Ad aimed at religious harmony: No
Is it the reality: No for Majority of cases
Giving messages like you will be taken care of with abundance of love even if your parents don’t approve of the marriage is not something a jeweller should be worried about. Ad films should talk about the features & benefits of the product instead of getting into social issues
There was an Ad by The Hindu were it shows a fight in the parliament & reminds the parliamentarians that the younger generation is watching and they need to conduct themselves properly. They are in the NEWS business and hence it is in their purview to say this.
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11 Oct
The Bt Brinjal (egg plant) Moratorium started by Congress and a never ending story:

Bt Brinjal is a genetically modified brinjal

There are close to 25 varieties of Brinjal grown in India today. India is the 2nd largest producer of Brinjal after China.
China has Bt versions of almost every agriculture product owing to the increased consumption and for reduction in production cost. In India, Brinjal is grown majorly in 11 states in 550,000 hectares in total. Brinjal is one of the top 4 vegetable product cultivated in India
The first agreement to develop Bt Brinjal was signed in 2005 between Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company (Mahyco) and two agricultural universities - University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad (UAS) and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) in Coimbatore
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7 Oct
The day @narendramodi ji is completing 20 years in a position of leadership, A glance at his achievements as PM: The Ayushmann Bharat - Health Insurance introduced in 2018: 1850 crores spent in a year benefitting more than 38 lakh Patients across the country Image
The days of letting loans go as NPA are over. Ever since the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code was introduced in Dec 2016, 2.5 Lakh crore has been sent for liquidation during NDA 1 headed by @narendramodi ji Image
CAGR of 6.24% in Per capita GDP compared to 4.60% CAGR in UPA2. If u have doubts about unemployment check my tweet last week about it. Image
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7 Oct
Why will DMK not win 2021 Assembly Elections: No Politics Just Data

DMK’s vote share has seen the best and the worst in the last 30 years. The best is 42.1% in 1996 (TMC and Rajini factor) and worst is 22.4% in 2011. In 1991 they were not in alliance with INC but were in 2011.
In 1991 their vote share was 22.5% and they won 2 seats. In 2011 their vote share was 22.4% but they won 23 seats. The only difference in these 2 elections was INC. when DMK had alliance with INC with same percentage vote share their chance of winning increased.
2006, last time when DMK formed the government they did not actually win the election basis of vote bank. Only because they had the numbers to form Govt. They managed just 26.5% vote share. Who spoiled their chance, DMDK - They got 8.5% votes in that election.
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5 Oct
The reason for bringing back 10% reservation for Economic weaker section. And how congress downplayed this entire thing till the current administration.
There are 50 Sulabh Shauchalayas (public toilets) in Delhi; all of them are cleaned and looked after by Brahmins. This very welcome public institution was started by a Brahmin.
There are five to six Brahmins manning each Shauchalaya.
Fifty per cent of rickshaw-pullers in Delhi’s Patel Nagar are Brahmins. Did you also know that most rickshaw pullers in Banaras are Brahmins? And the Kashmiri pandits whose problems reached deaf ears for decades 400,000 Brahmins of the Kashmir Valley.
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