Ugh...the actual audio is even worse. He flat-out admits that he doesn't give a shit about Trump being a disgusting misogynist con artist grifter who sucks up to dictators as long as he keeps ramming through right-wing judges.…
To clarify: The order is reversed in the audio: He *first* states that he's thrilled that Trump is ramming through all of the right-wing judges that Sasse wants him to, *then* starts going off about what a piece of shit Trump is.

It amounts to the same thing in practice, though.
I mean, which is worse?

"It sucks that he's a rapist, but at least he nominates hard-right judges."

"I'm glad he nominates hard-right judges, I just wish he wasn't also a rapist."
Since this thread is getting some attention:

It's an extreme long shot, but Nebraska Dems are supporting PRESTON LOVE, JR. as the WRITE-IN challenger to Ben Sasse. You can help him out by donating here (via the NE Democratic Party):…
Also, as others have noted: Even when trashing Trump's treatment of women, minorities, our allies, science, etc., @BenSasse STILL frames it not as "these things are terrible and he's terrible for doing them" but as "Oh no! This might mean the GOP loses power for a long time!"
I thought about deleting/re-wording my first tweet, but instead I've just transcribed the FIRST part of Sasse's answer. You be the judge (everything after this is him ripping Trump for being a piece of shit who'll destroy the GOP):
And as @KrampusSnail notes, if @BenSasse & other GOP Senators really think Trump is awful but love his judges, they could have voted to remove him from office after the impeachment trial. Pence would replace Trump & they'd STILL be ramming through their judges today.
The GOP Senate had a perfect opportunity to rid themselves of Trump in early February. The moment he left office, he'd lose power, Pence would become President & they'd have all the right wing religious zealot judges they wanted WITHOUT the embarrassment of being linked to Trump.
They'd be able to portray themselves as heroes who put country before party, etc etc. Ernst, Gardner, Tillis & McSally might be sailing towards re-election right now (and as useless as Pence is, he probably still would've handled COVID better if he was *really* in charge).
...except, of course, that they would've been crushed in their respective *primaries* first.

Which means that they were more concerned with saving their own political skin than the good of the country.

Which is why @BenSasse can fuck right off.

• • •

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