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A Twitter friend of ours sent us some gluten free food about 2 yrs ago.
My now 78-year-old mom & I get $72/mo for food.
Please help!
A thread explaining my medical situation.
Charles Gaba & Topher Spiro have written articles about us. We are legit.
I have a brain tumor/IIH & such severe intestinal damage that we need $198/mo for the RX that allows me to DIGEST food. 💔
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📣 IMPORTANT: With #ACA Open Enrollment quickly approaching, here’s my updated Half-Assed Tax Credit Explainer!

You may qualify for financial assistance in 2020 even if you didn’t in 2019!…
SHORT VERSION: If you live in any state except Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts or Vermont, this is the 2020 #ACA subsidy table:
If you live in MA or VT, the table is the same but there's additional state subsidies for those earning < 300% FPL.

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, add 25% or 15% to each of the dollar amounts in the table.

If you live in California, here's the table to use:
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#SaturdayThoughts Does it bother you that the President was willing to hold up money that Congress has appropriated for Ukraine defense so he could try to get dirt on his political opponent? Too abstract?
Well then, does it bother you that his administration is in court to void the #ACA so that there’s no protection from insurance companies charging you more money for pre-existing conditions? Still too abstract?
Maybe this: How about meeting with NRA and letting them dictate #gunsafety policy in exchange for money for his re-election campaign? Doesn’t bother you?
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For those of you that follow me, my friends I consider family, I haven't been on today bc I had a bad fall.
It was in the bathroom & I hit the tub & toilet.
Mom was at the grocery bc we got our $72/mo SNAP.
I lied there for an hr bc I couldn't get up. (Like those comm.)
I'm ok...
As many of you know, I already have ruptured discs, congenital disorder which is where your spinal cords doesn't have enough space in your sheath, a syrinx, & multiple bulging discs, osteophytes, etc...
I just really whacked my back.
Mom is w/me now. She's an RN.
Thx RTing Gfm 💕
Thank you all for RTing my Mom's medical Gofundme.
It's my pinned Tweet.
It's also Mom's pinned Tweet @DemForLife3. 🙏 (((hug)))
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⚠️⚠️⚠️ ADVANCE WARNING: Long wonky MLR rebate thread ahead! All 50 states + DC!
One of the provisions of the #ACA is the “Medical Loss Ratio” provision, which requires health insurance carriers to spend a minimum of 80% or 85% of their premium revenue on actual healthcare/medical claims. It’s 80% for the Individual & Sm. Group markets, 85% for Lg. Group. 1/
Simple version: If an insurance carrier spends *less* than 80% (85%) on medical claims, weighted over a 3-year average, they have to *pay back* the excess to the policyholders.

So, if they bring in $100M in premiums & only pay out $75M in claims, they have to rebate $5M. 2/
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📣 EXCLUSIVE: MICHIGAN: 2018 #ACA MLR Rebate Payments (& potential 2019 rebates as well!):…
I recently posted an explainer re. how the #ACA’s MLR provision works. Short version: Insurers have to spend at least 80-85% of premium revenue on actual medical expenses, leaving a 15-20% gross margin for operational costs/overhead and, yes, net profit.…
Over the past 7 years, the ACA has made carriers pay back nearly $4 billion in excessive premiums to policyholders, with around $1.3 billion going to individual market enrollees & the other $2.7 billion going towards the group (employer) market. 3/
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How is it POSSIBLE that nearly 10yrs in people still don't know the #ACA and #Obamacare are the same thing and still think ACA/Obamacare is insurance when it isn't?
The only insurance in the US comes from the healthcare industry.
Medicare, Medicaid and ACA only provide subsidies.
If your argument is you want to keep paying extravagant health insurance premiums rather than have the government subsidize your health insurance payment, you are too wealthy. The rest of us need help desperately. Medical bankruptcy is more than half of all bankruptcies.
My health insurance premium is a staggering $1,978.10 per month for an HMO. That is unsustainable. My wife has to work three jobs to help pay for it. If I lived in Canada I'd pay that PER YEAR. In England & France, nothing.
Let's stop lying about healthcare costs & who benefits.
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It took me all day to write this up, but here’s the short version: *subsidized* #ACA enrollment is *up* 1.7% since 2016, but *unsubsidized* is *down* 40%. #KillTheCliff #HR1868 cc: @LaurenUnderwood…
See how the big manilla section in the middle has shrunk? Those are the 2.25 million unsubsidized enrollees (+250K unsubsidized on-exchange) who've dropped out of #ACA plans over the past 2 years as premiums have shot up. 2/
Avg. premiums jumped around 23% in 2017 & nearly 28% in 2018. The 2017 hikes were largely due to the federal #ACA reinsurance program sunsetting (it's since been reinstated in nearly a dozen states), but the 2018 hikes are mostly due *directly* to Trump Admin policies. 3/
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This is a...bad take.

UNSUBSIDIZED individual market premiums in New York are less than HALF of what they were prior to the ACA when inflation-adjusted.…
To clarify: In 2020, NY #ACA-compliant policies will avg. ~$660/mo. In 2010, non-ACA compliant policies (which were far less comprehensive, had annual/lifetime claims caps, etc) apparently averaged $750/mo ($9K/yr). That's $882/mo w/inflation... 1/…
...which means that if taken *at face value*, 2020 ACA plans will "only" cost 25% less than Individual Market plans did in 2013, not ~50% less. HOWEVER, that $750/mo is based on a single L.A. Times article at the time, not a detailed actuarial analysis. 2/
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The #ACA has improved the lives of millions of Americans, but President Trump wants to gut every part of the law. A month ago today, we fought in court to #ProtectOurCare. 1/
Exactly a month ago today: @XavierBecerra and a coalition of 20 states + D.C. were in court to #ProtectOurCare from Trump-backed efforts to gut every part of the Affordable Care Act. 2/
Healthcare for tens of millions of Americans remains at stake in #TXvUS. #ProtectOurCare 3/
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The ‘National Journal’ noted that Mike Espy, #MS US Senate Candidate #Election2020-has
liberal social views mixed with his support for cutting the federal budget and protecting Mississippi's defense and agricultural industries.
In 2018, Espy said that he supports free trade.
Mike Espy 🔁#Mississippi US Senate candidate #Election2020-Nov-3.
believes that the decision by Republicans to deny an expansion of #Medicaid is why so many rural hospitals in Mississippi have closed. #MSpol #MS #DemSenate2020 FOLLOW>>@MikeEspyMS
Mike Espy 🔁#Mississippi US Senator #Election2020-Nov-3 opposes a border wall, citing cost concerns.He opposes the Trump administration's family separation policy and said “a solution can be found "with the right combination of common sense and compassion." #DemSenate2020
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Alright, @GOP, you want to talk about mental illness? Let’s talk!

My sister almost died because she couldn’t access treatment. She had insurance! But it used a loophole allowing coverage of prescriptions through refunds.

The up front cost of her meds was around $1000 MONTHLY.
The refund process was the most complicated B.S. I have ever seen.

You had to go to the insurance website and enter multiple long numbers for each prescription.

They frequently changed the layout of the page so you didn’t know which number went where.
For her to get treatment, she had to:

1. Have some way of paying $1000+ up front every month.

2. Have routine access to a computer.

3. Have the capability to navigate a complex system designed to keep you from succeeding.
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#M4A won't overturn the #ACA, which is a law regulating insurance. It is not insurance. It regulates #Medicare plans as well as #Medicaid. The ACA protects people with #preexistingconditions & protects women, because being female was a pre-existing condition before the #ACA.
It's been nine years since the #ACA became law and even the person who was VP when that happened still doesn't know what it is and what it does.
The ACA saved lives by giving people access to health insurance. It saved my life. It will not be ended by #M4A. Only by the #GOP.
There is no reason to pit #M4A against the #ACA because they are apples and orangutans. The ACA made affordable healthcare accessible, but IS NOT INSURANCE. Private insurance won't end with any #M4A plan. ACA governs Medicare as well. So it needs to be maintained & strengthened.
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The three most dangerous men in America in my opinion, #DerangedDonald, #MoscowMitch, #DisbarBarr. About Barr, off the top of my head; claimed #MuellerReport was his baby and drowned it. Barr withholds bail for aslyum seekers. Barr ended the investigation into Trump org.
So the only one paying the freight for campaign finance violations is Michael Cohen. Barr is suing to kill the #ACA. He is re-instating the death penalty. He has his son-in-law working on the WH legal team, and his daughter in FinCEN (treasury dept. financial crimes unit.)
And of course, every day Barr acts like Donald’s personal attorney, using the Justice Department for political purposes out in the open, to protect a bigly criminal. He is in contempt of Congress, and totally contemptible. He is probably killing other investigations as I tweet.
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76 yr old Mom needs help…
Please help us! 😭
Can't afford next mos.' RX @$198/mo necessary to digest/absorb food.
My now 77-year-old Mom is my caregiver. We get $64/mo for food (long gone) + trying to save home.
#Lyme #SaveOurCare
Even $5 or $10 will help + RTs are free. 🙏
I was bitten by a #tick in 2011 & it utterly destroyed my life.
I contracted E. Chaffeensis, Rickettsia, & what was later found to be #Lyme.
I wasn't treated for 11 mos. By then, the bacteria had invaded my spinal cord + brain.
#LymeDisease #healthcare #tick #foodstamps
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(sigh) I’m not happy about this but I can’t argue with the judge’s reasoning too much. #ShortAssPlans *should* have been specifically restricted within the #ACA itself, but…they weren’t. That happened via an Obama XO a few years later, which is how Trump was able to reverse it.
Then bigger problem is that they’re being expanded in an environment in which there’s no longer any financial penalty for enrolling in them vs an ACA compliant plan.
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📣 Thanks to @paulkrugman for reminding me that I completely forgot to address @JoeBiden’s scaremongering factor in my write-up of his (pretty good) #ACA2.0 healthcare proposal:…
@paulkrugman @JoeBiden Something really important to keep in mind re. the #ACA2.0 / #M4All battle: The #ACA *itself* allows for individual states to go Single Payer if they want to, via the 1332 Waiver provision. Vermont and Colorado both attempted to do this. Both ended up failing...
@paulkrugman @JoeBiden ...but let's suppose both had been successful, and the other 48 states had followed suit. Now you'd have 50 states with Single Payer healthcare systems. Would that be considered "eliminating Obamacare"? Depends on your POV.
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I'm glad to see @RepUnderwood's #HR1868 back in the news. Here, again, is my explainer of how much it'd save #ACA enrollees...and, just as importantly, how MILLIONS OF PEOPLE not *currently* eligible for tax credits would become eligible:… #ACA2.0
#HR1868 is a remarkably simple bill which solves the single biggest complaint people have about the #ACA, by opening up tax credits to millions of *middle class* Americans while also strengthening the formula for those currently receiving them. Here's what the bill does. #ACA2.0
How much would this save? Well, right now, on average, a single adult earning $49,960/yr pays no more than 9.86% of their income for premiums, while the same person earning $49,961 (just $1 more) has to pay full price...which could be as much as *three times* as much.
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It’s very disappointing to see Rep. Jim Jordan walking around and snickering with his fellow members of the GOP while patients with chronic and life-threatening illnesses are sharing their personal stories with Congress.
In contrast to Rep. Jordan, here are three women who take #healthcare seriously, taking notes during testimony, documenting responses to questions, and giving the patients/witnesses the attention they deserve.

Thank you @AOC, @AyannaPressley, and @RashidaTlaib.
That look you give Republicans during a committee hearing when they try to justify repealing #ACA.
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The health care of tens of millions of Americans is on the line. This lawsuit to undermine the #ACA is personal to me. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /1
15 years ago I was #paralyzed by a random bullet. I woke up from an induced coma to learn I had lost my #healthcare & I was now bankrupt, my family as shattered as my spine. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /2
Over the next several years, I struggled. It was a constant fight to get the equipment, medicines and therapies I needed to survive. I lived in poverty, often having to decide which was more important: medicine or food. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /3
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⚠️⚠️⚠️ LONG, GRAPHICS-HEAVY THREAD: How many would lose healthcare coverage and how much *federal funding* would YOUR Congressional District lose if Trump & GOP win their #TexasFoldEm lawsuit to repeal the #ACA?
Back in March, the @urbaninstitute ran a detailed analysis to figure out how many people would lose healthcare coverage in each state if the #ACA were to be struck down by the #TexasFoldEm lawsuit. They also figured out how much federal funding each state would lose. 1/
Recently, @EmilyG_DC and I took the @urbaninstitute’s work one step further & broke out the coverage losses out by *congressional district*. 2/…
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Friends, tomorrow a Federal appeals court will hear arguments on the Administration's lawsuit to throw out the entire #ACA -- including #PreExistingCondition protections.

A thread on what this means. 1/…
The fight to #SavetheACA is why Little Lobbyists exists. #ACA protections allow our kids to survive and thrive: #PreExistingConditions & essential care covered, no arbitrary annual/lifetime caps on care. 2/
So when this Administration and the GOP in Congress began attacking the #ACA over two years ago, families organized together to fight back, to stand up for our kids and millions of others who would be devastated by these attacks. 3/…
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📣 THREAD: Oral arguments on the insane #TexasFoldEm #ACA case will happen on Tuesday before a 3-judge panel for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
One judge is a Jimmy Carter appointee.
One is a George W. Bush appointee.
One is a Donald Trump appointee.
As @mattbc just noted, while a HUGE social media presence to #SaveTheACA is expected (as well as real world protests/rallies, etc), the sad truth is that there's very little which can be done to influence the 5th Circuit panels' decision. They're lifetime judicial appointees. 2/
As he also pointed out, while the *hearing* will happen on Tuesday, they likely won't announce their *decision* on the case for several weeks or even months...and the odds are that their decision will then be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court regardless of how they rule. 3/
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#REDFLAG: The case to KILL the #ACA by the Trump Administration and 20 Republican AGs will proceed on 7/9.

Oral arguments will be heard by a panel in the 5th Circuit.

In Dec, a judge in TX ruled that the ACA is now unconstitutional (b/c the GOP repealed the individual mandate).
#REDFLAG: The Trump DOJ is now arguing that Congress and Dem State AGs CAN'T DEFEND the #ACA in court.

After refusing to defend the #ACA as 20 Republican AGs try to kill it...the Trump Administration is trying to block Democrats from defending it instead.
#FFS: One on the arguments Trump's DOJ is using to block Dem State AGs from defending the ACA... by claiming that even if it's struck down in the red states suing, doesn't mean that it'd be struck down nationwide.

That's not how FEDERAL laws work.
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