1/ The best businesses are like airports.

Millions of people in one place.

Limited alternatives. If they want to fly, they have to sit at your airport, or one of a few local ones.

If they sit at the airport, they are likely to patronize your the businesses within...
2/ You, the airport owner, gets to choose which businesses to place in the various stalls.

News stands, restaurants, massage parlors, etc.

You can experiment with different businesses, and slowly over time satisfy your audience’s demands...
3/ The best is buying a major airport in a hub city with a bunch of empty stalls.

• • •

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16 Oct
I worshipped these people (and still do).

I would add @swissmiss, @khoi, @jasonfried, @michaelbierut...

But #1 for me was always @simplebits. I spent hours poring over his stylesheets.

2008 me would freak the fuck out knowing that I’m now friends with Dan Cederholm.
How could I forget @Coudal!
It’s insane to think about how hard it was to do basic things.

For example: a drop shadow.

Back then (2007), it required slicing up a PNG and adding it as a BG.

Today, this is a single slider in @webflow. Thank you @callmevlad.

Kids these days have no idea...
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12 Oct
1 / Over the past year, I’ve been pretty outspoken about the fact that many podcaster are sitting on an untapped goldmine...

It’s called subscription podcasting and many podcasters are quietly making millions from it.

Here’s a quick summary: supercast.com/blog/joe-rogan…
2/ Here’s what we’ve learned starting @supercast...

• I personally know around 10 podcasters who are making between $1-$5MM in annual recurring revenue from subscription podcasting. Nobody realizes this.
3/ People still don’t really get subscription membership as a model in podcasting. We have to aggressively educate most podcasters we speak to because they don’t understand why they should care.
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9 Sep
Delegation is the single most impactful skill you can learn as an entrepreneur.

But it’s SO hard...

Who wants to delegate something and have their customer get subpar product or service?

It’s brutal at first 😭

Inevitably, when you delegate any new task, you get let down.
You don’t know who to hire 🤡

Don’t have process or training 🤷🏽‍♀️

You don’t know what incentives to use 😤

It’s so much worse than if you’d just done it yourself...
You have to deal with short term pain—worse service for your customers than you would have provided—and it’s easy to just give up.

“Forget it, I’ll just do this myself”
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7 Sep
New Business Alert 🚨

A friend and I started a fun little business I wanted to share.

It’s super simple:

1. In British Columbia—where I live—the government uses an algorithm to set property values each year 🏡
For example, my home value is guesstimated based on:

- The average price that similar houses in your neighborhood have sold for
- The age of your house
- Whether you have a water view
- Etc
The average house price in BC has jumped like 3x in the past decade, so people are paying a LOT more property tax.

2. This automated number is then used to calculate your annual property taxes.

The number is usually ROUGHLY right but, but often it makes mistakes.
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1 Sep
In 2019, I set out to do something simple:

Recreate the local newspaper in digital form, by creating a simple daily newsletter focused on Victoria, Canada, my home town 📰

I hired a journalist and we started sending out a quick summary of what’s happening every day at 7AM...
We wanted to give people a quick overview of what’s happening (news, events, sports, arts) in 2 min or less.

Something you can skim over your morning coffee, like the front page of the newspaper, to feel more informed.

I figured it would be a short lived goofy experiment...
After all, local/community news is dead, right?

Nope. Not at all...
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15 Aug
Real estate agents are one of the most egregious examples of misaligned incentives:

“It’s just 2.5%”

If I came to you and said “hi I’d like $25,000 for unlocking a few doors over a few weeks” you’d tell me to pound sand.

But a few % sounds like nothing so people go for it...
“It comes out of the sellers pocket”...

Not true. If you don’t use an agent then you should be able to lower the price by the equivalent amount...
“They help you negotiate a better price”

Rarely. As a buyer, $100k savings to you REDUCES your realtor’s fee, so they have an incentive to convince you to pay MORE...
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