there’s an interesting dynamic at play here that hardcore trumpism and fox news viewership have become so tightly consolidated that it’s actually crippled fox news for being any good at reaching anyone but hardcore trump voters
if you’re watching fox news you’re already voting for trump, so whatever fox news puts on the air to hurt joe biden is effectively useless as long as it stays trapped in their viewership orbit
this is a huge element explaining why everything trump throws at joe bounces right off as long as joe ignores it, and why joe’s nature of being extremely offline & his campaign staff’s discipline for staying in lanes is the perfect counter for trump’s bullshit machine gun tactics
biden’s entire strategy has been fine, we will cede you that 40-42% in its entirety and not waste an ounce of our bandwidth playing on your terms - we will however absolutely hammer the soft center outside that range and take seven of every ten available votes

• • •

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More from @KT_So_It_Goes

16 Oct
I can’t imagine watching trump but if my feed is any indication I gather it is going quiiiiiite poorly
ok I flipped away from baseball playoffs between innings and on one channel there’s a deranged rambling nutcase talking about ??? and on another there’s a delightfully normal boring coherent dude talking policy
the stark and frankly shocking contrast here is an aircraft-carrier-size giftwrapped present to biden
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14 Oct
the latest thing is so out of place and time it’s clearly a leftover relic of the half-baked plan to try to re-run the hillary’s emails playbook on biden throughout all of 2020 but then they stuck the dynamite down their pants by getting trump impeached & had to mothball it
now it’s hail mary time with nothing left to lose so they’re rummaging around in the closet tossing out anything they have sitting around regardless of whether it actually makes any sense in the political moment or whether it backfires horribly
instead of the big jim comey moment they dreamed up they get the extremely online president who spends his days shitposting fever dreams through a pandemic about hillary & obama blowing up navy seals rambling on about bizarre conspiracies involving a now-sympathetic hunter biden
Read 9 tweets
12 Oct
it’s crystal clear the task force exists as a prop for the white house to purposefully contradict and hang out for public floggings. he’d be infinitely more impactful resigning forcefully & letting biden extend him an offer to be his covid czar or something of the like
there are three weeks left and it’s not as if trump is gonna suddenly take his counsel after the election in the lame duck period. he can better serve by working proactively on the biden transition team
once the president starts manipulating your own words to become praise of him for something he did the polar opposite of, it’s time to go. you’re being used and allowing it to happen.
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12 Oct
another day wasted on shitposting and massaging the kooks, 4.55% of his time remaining to save his own ass flushed down the tubes
keep it up sir you’re using your time great Image
shitpost away! Image
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30 Sep
TRUMP: they’re throwing bags in the river. you did the logan act on me with barack and everybody saw today what hillary did

WIFE (blissfully offline): what the fuck is he talking about

ME (shamefully versed in lore of the fox news cinematic universe): I have no fuckin idea
it’s my weird hobby to keep close tabs on all the weird alternate-reality fan fiction the MAGA kooks like to communicate in - I feel like I keep up with better than 90% of it - and he legitimately lost me. I cannot imagine seeing that as someone without internet brain
big distinction between internet brain & internet poisoning: if you’re highly aware internet politics is a bunch of weirdass shit that creeps out normal people if you start babbling in it and so you edit yourself, that’s internet brain. if you don’t edit yourself, you’re poisoned
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24 Sep
personally I suggest we all chip in to buy ads on fox news encouraging the president to take up heavy smoking by pointing out joe biden is too much of a pussy to do it
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