Do you know what kind of missiles the fictional RED OCTOBER fired?

RSM-52 ballistic missiles which use D-19 Launch Systems

Furthermore, these missiles were MIRVs; warheads within could be independently directed to hit multiple targets

You know what a modern MIRV is?

The D5 can carry up to 14 warheads

We’re almost the last 14 days

@Beer_Parade pointed out that the “tactical nukes” may have started landing at 21 days out from the election

A new bomb has hit [them] every damn day 😂 Today it appears Biden’s partner flipped

Strap in.
Now notice 1 other thing

The “tactical nuke” countdown stops at -18 (next up is...)

The D5/MIRV is *not* a tactical nuke. Those are small

I think Beer is right, & also that -21 thru -18 are the “tactical ones”

Oh wait did I say 14 warheads?

Its predecessor had...17

-17 days
By the way - today is


• • •

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16 Oct

If you’ve followed some of my threads, you’ll know Psychology is a passion of mine

I’m not officially trained, but as my wife will gladly tell you, I get “obsessive” about topics, absorb everything I can, & move on, then rotate back

One subject was sociopathy
2/ To be clear:

“psychopath” is NOT a clinical term.

It’s just the more eye-grabbing word so it gets used in everyday parlance & mass media

Roughly 1 out of 25 people are sociopaths (3-5%). That means you’ve likely met many - several without knowing it
3/ Not all sociopaths are violent

They run the gamut to politicians & CEOs who just screw people over however they need to

to assholes in McDonalds spitting in our food

to lazy assholes scamming stuff like insurance fraud

to John Wayne Gacy types

What’s interesting to me:
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10 Oct
Correction: 1700 pages

35k emails
The date posted appears to be Date decIassed/approved, but are only just appearing now

“Lost” in the bureaucracy

H/T @Absolute1776

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7 Oct

Alright, time for me to straight-up sling some BS around & see if anything sticks

For any who don’t know, Pied Piper was based on a likely true story

Except there weren’t rats

Just a whole bunch of missing children in a town, ~1284
2/ If you read the first images, there are theories that seem like automatic BS

-Black Plague (50 years later)
-All these children were just “sent away at once (right)
-Children’s Crusade (which ended in most being sold to slavery; possible)

Most of these don’t ring true to me
3/ So my focus is going to be on other things, primarily:

-Looking at sacrificial locations (it is, after all, in Germany in the 13th Century)

-Global happenings

-Where everyone should look first when children go missing: the Catholic Church

Let’s start with sacrificial spots
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5 Oct
1/ Theory:

(20 spaces)C(10 spaces)P(12 spaces)

in #395. People assume C=C0VlD

But you know what else is 19?

C € P’s Nat Congress, Politboro, & others

3 things to consider:

-Something fits
-Those codes apply to letter replacement
-words missing
-backward (MIRROR)

2/ Let’s start backwards

Letters Spaces represented by {}
Spaces represented by _

& get one thing out of the way; maybe the 19 should be 91?

But the actual C & P aren’t backwards

What if we treat 19 like a single letter? That’s permissible in encoding if it’s a key item
3/ So


10 spaces left

National has 8 letters

The end could read


That fits

Politburo has 9


That fits!

20 spaces

5+1+9+1+4 = 20

That fits!

Welcome other thoughts
@Mareq16 @_Luke_Slytalker
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5 Oct
1/ Timestamp analysis

2:26 PM / 1426 hours

Drops at 2:26
2/ Drops at 14:26
3/ There are 13 Drops on 2/26


An aside

I live near the DC area & Sat/Sunday night, there was a period where choppers & plane were going BONKERS

I hear aircraft regularly (& they fly low, I know they’re mil)

but in the years I’ve lived here I’ve NEVER heard so many
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