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16 Oct, 12 tweets, 4 min read
/0 Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) is the King of frameworks.

Frameworks, like mental models, help you assess situations and make better decisions. Here are the top 9 frameworks every entrepreneur should learn, from Shaan himself.
/1 Your To Do List Is Killing You, Ditch It

• Instead, ask yourself, 'What is one high impact thing I can do today?"
• Once that's done, everything else is just a cherry on top
• For all other tasks, use the Impact Matrix
/2 The Kickoff Doc - How to Launch a New Project

Step 1: Define winning (Good goal and hell yeah goal)
Step 2: Set anti goals (What don't you want to happen?)
Step 3: Run quick numbers (What does it take to get there?)
Step 4: Get one hour of momentum (Take action on the idea)
/3 Big Mario Marketing

Picture little Mario.
You sell a fire flower.
Fire flower makes Little Mario, Big Mario.
To sell Fire Flower to Little Mario, talk about how the flower will change his life, not what the flower is made out of.

Sell benefits, not features
/4 How to Get Un-Stuck

Three types of people when they hit a plateau:
• Dabbler, they give up
• Stressor Achiever, gets stressed and plows through it.
• A Master, hits a plateau and greets it like a friend.
/4.1 Plateaus are inevitable. Here's the playbook:

Step 1: Relax
Step 2: Get in the right state of mind through 3Ms
Meaning - "This isn't working, now I get to try something new."
Step 3: Be patient with results and impatient with action
/5 Building an Audience is a Steroid

• Having an audience gives you optionality to do other businesses
• Start a newsletter, blog, podcast, Youtube, or TikTok
/6 All News is Good News

Founders make two mistakes:
1. They let bad news demoralize them
2. They let that fear stop them from taking risks

Look at the data. If it's working, great. If it's not, you learned what you need to fix.
/7 Work Like a Lion, Not a Cow (@naval)

• Cows stand in a field doing the same thing every day
• Lions sit and observe prey. When they find it, they sprint, hunt it, and catch it. Then they eat, enjoy, and celebrate. Then, they rest.

Always observe. Pounce on great ideas.
/8 Don't Sell Saddles

• Instead of trying to sell saddles to people who buy saddles, sell the lifestyle of horseback riding to the masses.
• If you have a niche market, promote the lifestyle, not the product.
9/ The Cold 'Private' Email

• Send a cold email to a lead with a screenshot from a top exec in the company asking you to reach out to the client.
• Client feels special because a top exec wanted them personally and they're seeing a "secret" email.
This thread was from the latest episode of @myfirstmilpod, where Shaan riffed on each of these ideas a little more in-depth.


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19 Sep
In April of this year, I started posting weekly videos on Youtube.

Over 1,400 subscribers later, I was able to monetize my channel.

Here are some lessons I learned (Thread)
Start with a narrow niche

Until I started making tutorials on Roam Research, I had no traction. For an entire month, I put out two Roam tutorials/week and finally was gaining some traction.
Look for ideas everywhere

I would search Reddit and the Roam Slack for questions people were asking and explain the answer to them. I would also search "Roam Research" on Twitter to see what questions people were asking.

The audience was *much* smaller in March.
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16 Sep
1/ Julian Shapiro is an exceptional growth marketer and online writer.

He defines Twitter as a "persistent channel" and says you don't need luck to succeed - just persistent use of the platform.

Here is @Julian's strategy on how to grow on Twitter and use it persistently.
2/ There are two archetypes of Tweets that get people to Retweet

• Reference tweets = Followers and Retweets
• Knowledge bombs = Retweets
3/ Reference Tweets - These will get you followers

EX. "If you do the following 5 things, you'll be more successful in business"

People RT these to add them to their feed for reference later.

These drive followers because people think, "I want more of that"
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5 Sep
James Clear is a #1 NYT bestselling author and has over 800,000 people subscribed to his weekly newsletter.

From building better habits to creating a lifestyle, here are @JamesClear top tweets condensed into one thread.
• Aim to be great in 10 years.
• You don't need more time. You need to focus better.
• Focus on habits that have a high rate of return.
(Sleep 8+ hrs. per day, walk each day, drink more water, etc.)
• The ultimate productivity hack is saying no.
• Working on a problem reduces the fear of it.
• Most people lack clarity, not motivation.
• Your first will always be bad. Just put in the reps and watch it compound.
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3 Sep
1/ In June, my Twitter profile received 16,600 impressions.

In August, it had 372,000 impressions.
An increase of 2140.96%. How'd that happen?

I started writing threads. Some worked, some didn't.
Here are some lessons I learned.
2/ The success of a thread is determined by two factors:

1. The language used in the first Tweet
2. Who Retweets it

Let's look at some data
3/ First, the language used in the intro Tweet.

This Tweet had 957 impressions with 70 engagements. Why so low? It's boring.

It doesn't explain what someone would learn if they read the thread.

I thought the content was great, so I changed things up.

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28 Aug
Tiago Forte is the mastermind behind most modern Personal Knowledge Management theories. He's also a genius in online courses.

From note-taking to productivity, business, and life – here are @fortelabs top tweets condensed into one thread.
2/ On Note-Taking pt.1

• Write digital notes when you want your mind to move faster. Write with pen and paper when you want your mind to move slower.
• Don't set up an impossible note-taking system that you'll never be able to meet. Stay simple. Take a lot of notes.
3/ On Note-Taking pt.2

Every idea you have should go into either:
• a task manager
• a note-taking app
• something else for random thoughts

Your brain is for thinking of ideas, not holding them.
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26 Aug
David Perell is one of the most prolific writers of the digital era. He's also a great coach.

Here is his Ultimate Guide to Writing Well by @david_perell condensed in one thread. Enjoy.
2/ We're living in the age of leverage

• Create an online home. If you don't have a website, build one today and publish it tomorrow.
• Leverage = Oppurtunity
3/ You don't need to have original ideas

Instead of writing new blogs, try the:

• Thought Leader Strategy - Create a summary of your favorite thought leader's best work.
• Idea Strategy - Curate a list of best resources for an idea you're interested in.
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