या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ शैलपुत्री रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:॥

Mata Shailputri is an absolute form of Mother Nature. She is the embodiment of patience and devotion.
Mata Shailputri wears Half Moon on the forehead, holds Trident in right hand & Lotus in left hand, she is Mounted on Nandi, the bull, which is related to the energy of fertility and fertile soil.
Maa Durga had taken birth in the home of the Parvat Raj Himalaya, hence got the name Shailputri.King of the Himalayas was Hemavana. Hence got the name Hemavati. As she rides on the bull, she is also known as Vrisharudha. It is a Sankrit term made of 2 words: Vrisha + Arudha
Devi Shailaputri resides in Muladhara Chakra, being the source of Shakti. Starting the first day of our spiritual journey is to focus on this chakra to be bestowed with strength, courage, and composure.
Goddess Shailputri governs the planet Moon in astrology. Worshiping her can eliminate all the bad effects of Moon.
Mantra :
ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥
वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्।
वृषारुढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्॥

• • •

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The 1941 census had estimated the population of Hyderabad to be 16.34 million, over 85% of who were Hindus and Muslims about 12%.
In spite of Hindu majority, Hindus were severely under-represented, The Nizam and his nobles, mostly Muslims owned 40% of the total land in the state
After independence
In 1947 after independence the British raj left the local rulers of the princely states the choice of whether to join 🇮🇳or 🇵🇰 or to remain independent.
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History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (whose book was withdrawn by NCERT)
Let's have a look on his biography
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Satish Chandra was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to Sir Sita Ram, India's first High Commissioner to Pakistan and his wife, Basudevi.
He attended Allahabad University where he got his B.A., M.A. and D.Phil. His doctoral thesis was on the Parties and Politics in 18th century India Image
He taught at Allahabad University, AMU, Delhi University, JN and Rajasthan University and He belonged to the group of historians, along with Romila Thapar, R. S. Sharma, B. Chandra and Arjun Dev, who are referred to as "left-leaning" or "influenced by Marxist approach to history. Image
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अकबर का जन्म राणा अमरसाल के महल उमेरकोट, सिंध में हुआ था। यहां बादशाह हुमायुं अपनी हाल की विवाहिता बेगम हमीदा बानो बेगम के साथ शरण लिये हुए थे।  अक़बर का वंश तैमूर और मंगोल नेता चंगेज खां से था अकबर नाटा 5'7" था, उसकी नाक के बाईं ओर बड़ा मस्सा था अकबर पढ़ या लिख ​​नहीं सकता था Image
हुमायूँ को पश्तून नेता शेरशाह सूरी के कारण फारस में अज्ञातवास बिताना पड़ रहा था। अकबर को वह अपने संग नहीं ले गया वरन रीवा राज्य में छोड़ दिया था। कालांतर में अकबर में अपने एक चाचा मिर्ज़ा अस्कारी के यहां रहने लगा। हुमायूँ की अपने छोटे भाइयों से बराबर ठनी ही रही
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27 Sep
'God particle/Higgs Boson Particle' is named after Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose and British physicist Peter Higgs 🙏

@Mahadevangini @Dharma_Yoddhaa @basicfunk @ablacious021 @AlpaChauhan_ @vedicvishal @VertigoWarrior @IndiaTales7 @shrilalraghudev @hindujedi @DesiDiplomat Image
You all will amaze to know that Mr.S.N. Bose is the one who worked with Albert Einstein. Bose is the man behind Bose-Einstein statistics which revolutionised quantum physics and lead to the greatest scientific discovery of this generation popularly known as God particle. Image
In 1924 Bose applied the statistics in a novel way to predict the number and probability of Einstein’s photons. He decided to send his paper to Einstein and overnight became a celebrity. Einstein was delighted to receive his paper. Image
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