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17 Oct, 7 tweets, 2 min read
*Thread* - Seeing the unseen 👁

Hallucination: uncontrolled perception

Perception: controlled hallucination
Interpretation is how we perceive what happens

Two people can hear & see the exact same thing

One becomes infuriated the other infatuated

It’s not things, people, and circumstances we deal with

It’s our PERCEPTION of things, people, and circumstances
“As you believe so shall be done onto you”

Collective network of our beliefs weave together into a framework

Known as our ‘frame’

This frame is the lens we perceive the world from

We don’t see things as they are

We see things as we are
Perceive = Receive

It is HOW we RECEIVE information

How much we choose to hear & see

Which elements we choose to focus our attention on

Like cooking, these are the ingredients our mind digests

The ingredients put in determine what is baked
Our behaviors, emotions, thoughts, results, actions, decisions

Are all a reaction

To the mixture of ingredients we put in

“Every truth is a half truth”

Both destructive & productive interpretations can be made

Negative or Positive

Both are always present
It depends on what we CHOOSE to see & hear

Which determines the ingredients

Inputs & Outputs
Cause & Effect

Our frame constantly seeks validation & confirmation for what we already believe

The untrained mind does not like to be challenged
It only sees a fraction of reality

What it wants to see to confirm what it already believes

Growth is in the unseen
Where you haven’t been
What you haven’t yet seen

Change the way you look at things
..and things you look at change

Thank you for reading,

Cheers 🥂
- Yous

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15 Oct
Addiction comes from the word 'addictus'

If you couldn't pay a debt

You'd become their slave & work to pay

Internal voids create debt

Not knowing how to pay it (heal)
We become enslaved to habits & vices

Addiction is not the problem
It's a attempt to solve a bigger problem
Substances come to mind when we hear the word "addiction"

Any repetitive negative set of behaviors/decisions is a addiction

Chronic Lying

..and many others
🔑 Addictions spawn in an attempt to fill a void & heal pain

The Work Addict - likely never felt good enough

the validation from working is his unconscious best attempt to fill the void of low self esteem
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15 Oct
Peace does not come from evading problems but facing them

He who runs away will have to fight another day
Honest conflict beats dishonest harmony

So many relationships seek to ‘keep the peace’

By never communicating their desires

Never speaking up when a boundary is crossed

Face it early & it’s a conversation of slight friction

Ignore it & pressure accumulates....
Eventually you’ll explode

...and all those stacked moments must be faced in a massively uncomfortable moment

“This moment contains all moments”

It’s universal law

1000 extra unnecessary calories a day, 10 days

Compounds into 10,000 calories you’ll need to burn another day
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15 Oct
Sin comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘syn’

🎯 Which means to miss the bullseye & land somewhere outside of the target

The ‘syn’ in archery is missing the mark

The sin in life is missing the point

Placing attention on wrong things which leads to landing in negative places
Look through the wrong end of the telescope you’ll see nothing

Look through the right end you’ll see everything

Change the way you look at things & the things you look at change
Sins written in scripture are not meant to be a checklist of things to earn ‘holy points’

To cash in like chips on some future judgement day

Judgement day is everyday
It is the law of cause & effect
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15 Oct
*Thread* - Behavior Tracking

You under the microscope 🔬
Who you are today & where you are

Is the compiled effect of thousands of decisions

Made throughout many moments

People say:
“Actions speak louder than words”

Let’s read the story of your actions
Track time - every hour note what you’re doing

Track mood - every hour write how you’re feeling

Track spending - end of each day list out everything you bought

Just 7 days is enough to get valuable data about yourself

To Identify patterns & shine a spotlight on inefficiency
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13 Oct
*Thread* - DRIVE

Getting what you want FAST
ONE definite chief aim

Multiple unaligned desires is like a car with all wheels pointed in different directions

The engine will rev, the wheels will move, physically you’ll feel you exerted energy

But the car has made no progress in any direction
When all the wheels align in one direction you’ll move in that direction FAST

Having ‘drive’ requires the driver to recognize when the vehicle is going nowhere

The wheels may need alignment

What does it look like to be aligned?
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9 Oct
People who don’t speak spanish trying to talk to a spanish speaker

Often start talking in broken english but with a spanish accent lol

Humans mirror when seeking rapport
It’s unconscious

The stronger the desire for rapport the stronger the mirroring effect

Even see a guy trying badly to impress?

They’ll often repeat the exact words you said in a higher pitch & agree

👱🏼‍♀️ “I love huskies”
👦🏻 *high af pitch* “HusKieS, me too”
When a person doesn’t need rapport they stay grounded in their frame

People then mirror them

Mirroring their word choices, slang, interests, etc
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