Story time from the book:

College football Saturday is such an electric day in the book...

You get maybe 16 Saturdays every year when there are games on from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep...

It all starts with College Gameday and ends with a late night...
Pac12 after dark or Hawaii home game...

The energy in a book in Vegas starts slow and builds to a crescendo...

When you open at the crack ass of dawn, you have your people still finishing their night before, and they haven’t even started with the black coffee yet..

You have...
people trying their best to close deals, and I ain’t talking about business..

People would ask me for picks or tips at the counter all the time..

In between banging out parlays, sometimes, you had to save some people...not like a reverend or a rabbi, but like a good wingman..
You know the saying “If can’t spot the sucker at the table...”

There were many times Jimmy from Oshkosh or Bobby from Riverside just couldn’t see it...

Whether it was those thick ass beer goggles, a big night at the tables, or a stubbornness to lay Bama -14 FH, he wasn’t...
listening to anybody...I’d throw shit out there to know, I read books and listen to Tony Robbins in addition to the sports book stuff..

“Hey, man, you with that girl?” I ask as he is finishing his eight team money line parlay with all -400 or more favorites..
“I met her last night,” he slurred. “She is pretty hot, right?”

Oh we go..

I glanced over his shoulder..

“Oh, you mean Destiny? Yeah, she

Now, keep in mind, I did not know that woman, and I had no idea if her name was Destiny, Summer or Autumn..

But it was -400 that she was working, and it was -800 that ole drunk ass Jimmy was gonna lose more than his chalk parlays..

“Hey, man, she is no good for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, she is no good for you. Just get some coffee and go to your room. You want a...
drink ticket?”

He looked at me but I wasn’t sure he could focus. I could smell the night before across the counter. It was that all too familiar booze, perfume and cig scent.

It’s not exclusive to Vegas, but you know it. We’ve all worn it. It’s terrible but it is...

Jimmy had it on and it was strong..he paused..

“I don’t drink coffee.”

Of course you don’t. Today would be a good day to start. But now I ain’t giving you that drink ticket so you can get more tequila and make more bad decisions..

Jimmy leaned forward and squinted..
at me..I held my ground..

“What’s your name? Oh, Dave from Pittsburgh..ok, Dave..lemme guess, you like the Steelers?”

Goddamn it..the F’in name tag gets me again..these things are great..the casinos make us wear them, you know, so people will know your name..

Well, let me..
tell you, this ain’t Cheers..

Everybody doesn’t have to know your name..

Most times, it is a good thing and leads to great conversations..

It’s like anything else. When you want em to use your name, they call you home slice. And when you’d rather have me call you anything...
but the name your momma gave you, they act like they’ve known you since kindergarten and keep saying your name..

Don’t be that guy when you go to the book..we know our name and we know where we are from, we don’t need the clever and weave it in..

I digress...
Back to Jimmy..

“Oh yeah, I like the Steelers. What’d you say your name was?”

“Jimmy. And I like the Browns this week.”

Oh, now you are a comedian and a tout. Perfect. Now who’s working.

“Ok, Johnny. Thanks for that. How about Bama and Georgia today? Who you like?”
“It’s Jimmy. Not Johnny.”

No shit. Like I didn’t know. Lucky I didn’t call you Baker Mayfield for the Cleveland shot. Remember, I’m the Consig. People tell me everything and I hear it all.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. It’s early in the morning. My bad. Jimmy, who you like in the...
Bama-Georgia game?”

Please Lord, come with something here..and then, like a lightning bolt delivered by Zeus himself...

“Bulldog money line. Bama is going down.”

It was Saturday morning in the book, but we might as well been in a gospel church with a choir.

I heard it...
clear as day...

I felt like Jake in the Blues Brothers..I could hear James Brown delivering the sermon...hell, I’d do cartwheels down the middle of the book if I could do a cartwheel (I cannot)...Bama-3 it is..

“Thanks, Johnny. I mean, Jimmy. I did it again. And here, take..
the drink ticket. You are gonna need it.”

Want a tip today?

Be a good wing man and watch out for your boy Jimmy.

Enjoy your college football Saturday in the book.

• • •

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13 Oct
Story time from the book:

So there is a topic going around the gambling world right now that has people pretty fired up...

Big bets...are they a story or not? Should reporters report them? Do people care?

No matter what side of the counter you sit on, gambling stories are...
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Most are rooted in fact, some are complete bullshit, but, in all likelihood, the best stories are embellished and have some flavor and context added.

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Story time from the book:

Something happened yesterday that used to happen in the book all the time...

Over the years, there have been many people who are experts hanging out in the book...

You know the guy..he knows who is going to win, who is going to score, whether...
the total is going over or not, or even who is going to win the championship in six months...

I’ve said it for years...the money is the measuring stick, but making a bet is about being right...

Whether it’s the oddsmaker’s number or the bettor making the play, it is the...
chest out, I told you so that many people look for every day...

There are no shortage of these guys in the book..they are especially loud after the game too..

I call them the 20/20 club, cause you know “Hindsight is always 20/20”

Horse tracks have the guys selling tip sheets..
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1 Oct
Story time from the book:

We made it to October 1st, and all things feel right with the day in sports. ⚾️ & 🏈 on a Thursday.

We have postseason baseball games..the Twins are out, the Yankees are in, and the Astros keep banging the can.

The storylines are strong & the drama...
of postseason baseball makes for an electric day in the book...

Opinions are plentiful, experts scattered throughout, bettors questioning every manager’s move and anyone with a set of eyes yelling at the umpire’s strike zone...

I’ve shared many October days in the book with...
complete strangers, watching games and listening to bad beats...

No NBA, no NHL, no college football today...just baseball...

Aces trying to save their team’s season pitching into the shadows...baserunning gaffes costing teams a run and a guy his first five inning total...
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27 Sep
Story time from the book:

There were 11 #NFL games today that had a total in the 40s. The only one that stayed under was a 23-23 tie.

If I was in a risk room today making numbers for next week, I’d be saying there won’t be that many this time.

“Hey Dave, what do you have...

I don’t know...4.5/5 and 60?

“60? You can’t make an NFL game 60, you know that.”

Go ahead and hang it 55 then. Are you watching the games?

“Yeah, but you know it’s going to turn.”

Of course. But not anytime soon. Raiders won 37-33 at Carolina. Same or more, no?
“You ever see 60 in an NFL game?”

Nope. But it’s coming. Very soon. Like maybe this week. You ever see every game go over on a Sunday?

“Cincy-Philly was under.”

(Head nod)

And the Cowboys just scored again. They may score 100 in that game.😂😂

I said earlier in the week...
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25 Sep
Story time from the book:

Been waiting to finish this one, and I am sorry to keep you waiting...

I just wanted to wait until #nationaldaughtersday to finish it...

The last line was me saying into the phone “Heyyyyy”

For those of you who know me and even the ones who don’t...
I love talking to people. In person, back and forth, listening...

I love talking on the phone just as much...always have...another by product of being Big E’s son...

That’s what he did best, and I learned from the best...Mrs Consig and I talked on the phone so much back in...
the day, and I know I have my soul mate because she likes talking on the phone with me just as much...

Man, was I happy to hear her voice!!! If it’s possible, I think she was happier to hear mine...

Relieve, happiness, assurance, etc...we laughed, we cried, we talked like...
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16 Sep
Story time from the book:

For the past 20+ years, I have spent the opening weekend of the NFL in a sportsbook, either as an employee or as a customer.

This year, we tried something different...

This past Sunday, I was on the 8th floor of a hospital in Las Vegas, watching..
the Raiders play the Panthers. The monitor was 16” and I was in the room by myself, except when I had a nurse or doctor come visit.

Obviously, this wasn’t my first choice, but I was never happier to be watching football in my life...

The timeline of events that led to this...
was I went to sleep Thursday night after finishing a phone call with a friend around 1:30am.

I woke up at 7:15am Friday unable to speak and limited motor skills.

Mrs Consig was on her way to work, and the Consig kids took action. Got me “lay down and breathe” while they were...
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