I used to feel sorry for @JoeBiden. No more. Knowing what I know now about his RICO violations and selling out of American interests in Ukraine, China and other countries- I am sickened.
However, while it’s one thing to do those things by yourself- it’s quite another level to use your own drug addict son to do your dirty work. It’s taking advantage of a vulnerable soul on a whole other level.
We all make choices. Hunter had a choice. But addiction on that level is a terrible affliction. Many recover but it takes great fortitude and support from loved ones to do so. Instead, his own father made him his patsy, used a vulnerable man to profit,
sell out our country, for things in life that, in the end mean nothing. I have 5 children. I cannot fathom myself ever using one of my children- especially one so vulnerable- just so I can have power or wealth.
Shame on @JoeBiden and his wife. It is the saddest thing and I honestly think that it will end in tragedy. Joe has already lost a son You’d think he would hold his remaining children even more closely.
It’s a level of depravity I cannot fathom or understand. And the media’s and democrat party’s complicity in it is one of the most cynical and disgusting things I’ve ever seen. God help our country. This behavior has to change. And I know it isn’t just Democrats.
I voted today and I did not vote straight ticket. I researched the local and National candidates. We have to become a better informed electorate. Do the homework. Knock on doors for people you believe in. Participate in local issues.
@JoeBiden you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop running for office and take care of your son. You are playing with fire with your most precious of earthly “possessions”. #WakeUpAmerica @SidneyPowell1
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26 Jul
@SidneyPowell1 @tracybeanz @PoliticalOrgy This summer, while ridiculous because of the scamdemic- has been glorious in a multitude of ways. I’ve had lots of quiet time at home with my daughter. We’ve delivered meals to officers every other Friday. I’ve meditated. Taken
millions of long walks, visited my husband in NY and explored that beautiful state (Skaneateles- I’m lookin at you), shot my first gun with my eldest son who says I’m a natural. I’ve spent time with my grand babies and my youngest son who stayed with me because NYC was a mess.
I’ve gardened, cut my own lawn, watched many KDramas with my daughter. I’ve slept in. I’ve gotten in great shape. I’ve read some good books and done some puzzles, painted some and enjoyed our new puppy, Flynn (@GenFlynn I cut my cable and news is a thing of the past.
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24 Apr
This is what Trump was talking about you JERK REPORTERS: UV light and ozone therapy for treating viral disease: UVC light can act as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria from causing infections after surgery or in open wounds that fail to heal.
Medical ozone machines now contain a quartz crystal cylinder that is exposed to a cold corona discharge of UV. When oxygen is passed over the crystal, it adds a third healing molecule (-O3). When blood is drawn from the body
and then exposed directly to UVC light or mixed with ozone, it damages the DNA of viruses and stops them from replicating. When this blood is reintroduced back into the body, it revitalizes the immune system.
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23 Apr
This man👇🏼Andre Mather at PeerlessReads on YT has done some amazing analyses of the reported data from #covid-19. You can contact him here @tracybeanz @AlexBerenson @SidneyPowell1 @realDonaldTrump @time1_tea
Here is what he says about NY. There’s something very strange about the data being reported🚨 Short video. Worth it
In slides, summarized here. He will contextualize them soon.
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29 Aug 19
Thread: Exactly what I have been saying since beginning. To those of you who say Comey is "scared", "embarrassed". He confirmed today that he has never been either. He's taking victory lap and no one on the left will think he's done anything wrong.
Horowitz did a great job. I appreciate that so much. But exposure just isn't enough. Andy McCarthy just finished saying that indictments aren't the point. Let's just change laws.
I've got news for all you swampy lawyers and commentators. Unless these people are punished, nothing will change. I know we've got other IG reports coming but Comey's reaction to this tells the story.
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1 Apr 19
1/Thread: Amazing interview with Joe DiGenova. Speaks about Obama role in coup, RR's duplicity and SDNY and the fact that there's a new sheriff in town William Barr. Well worth the listen
2/I have been blocked by a couple of people because I maintain that Mueller and RR are not white hats. It isn't just intuition. You just have to put aside your bias or wishful thinking and open your eyes.
3/ I am NOT a cynic. If I were, I'd be on here every day saying Trump can do nothing. It may be that Trump cannot fully drain the swamp but, mark my words, he will try. That man did not get where he is today by looking the other way.
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24 Mar 19
Thoughts on Mueller report. Short thread. The only way I will know Meuller and RR are white hats is if conspirators in FBI and DOJ are held accountable.
The fact that Meuller left the obstruction question open, tells me he's biased. He purposely left an opening so this crap would happen
Don't tell me his job is not to exonerate. He exonerated on collusion. He could have given a clear no on obstruction. Look at what Nadler is saying now. "His conclusions leave more questions than answers"
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