In life, you often find yourself having to pick between the lesser of two evils. I can understand after 4 years of the two minutes of hate campaign run by the democrat media complex where some might not want to vote for Trump even though his polices have benefited you more than
..any other President in recent money. I understand how after listening to the fake media brainwash u into thinking orange man is bad or he sends "mean" tweets u might be hesitant to pull the lever for the man that ended ISIS and made Islamic terrorism a topic no longer
..discussed nightly around the table nightly. I get it. The 2 min hate campaign by the left wing media for the last 4 yrs has been powerful. You might dislike President Trump's tone, due to the intense brainwashing, to the point u forget Trump cut your taxes and brought about a
...great economy with historic low unemployment for all including minorities and women. I do get it. You are torn between your programming that the media has placed in you over the 4years and the truth. I feel for you. It's not your fault. I understand you can't let go of the
.. "hate" you have, for no apparent reason, for the man. You can't let go even though Trump has done nothing that the left and media warned you he would. It's easier to forget the media was 100% wrong on Trump.
He started no new wars, worked to end those we are fighting. He cut taxes, expanded freedoms and federalism. He cut regulations, lowered taxes, rebuilt the military, fixed the VA, ended the obamacare mandate saving the poor thousands per year.
He reformed prisons, started opportunity zones in depressed areas, (areas that all other presidents forgot about). I know none of the super long list of Trump accomplishments that I could list for hours (accomplishments that improved your daily life)
matters when the 2 minutes of hate programming kicks in and tells you orange man bad. I do feel your pain when the cognitive dissonance threats to ruin your programming by the media. I'm sure it's easier to forget that the Russian hoax was proved to be a democrat/media hoax then
..accept that you have been played for years by the media to believe a bunch of lies. However, it's becoming time where you have to make a choice that will impact your daily life negatively if you make the wrong one. I understand you probably won't be able to fully fight off the
...4 years of brainwashing the media did to you, but I think you can get to the point where you just dislike Trump so you can bring yourself to vote to continue the great improvers in your life that Trump's polices have brought you and your family.
Don't worry, the ballot box is a secret ballot. You can tell all your friends you voted for that guy who China bought, while you get to keep your standard of living. They won't ever know. You can continue to virtue signal about the bad orange man after voting for Trump.
You don't have to becoming a life long supporter. You don't have to sacrifice your standing in your circle of friends. Just vote for the lessor of two evils & tell everyone you voted for the great evil, Joe. You can then go back to your regular scheduled media programming of hate
....without the need to explain that you really like having a better income, a better 401k, or your kids no longer living in the home. You can just pretend it was those damn deplorables or the Russians that elected Trump again. No one ever needs to know your vote. It's a win-win.

• • •

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19 Oct
Reminder. Trump won WI, MI, PA and almost won MN because democrats voted for him. It would be stupid to think every democrat ballot is a Biden vote. The same can be said for every republican vote. Further, in states like NC and KY dems
..have been voting for the GOP in national elections for decades while voting for democrats at the state and local levels. It wasn't until the tea party of 2010 that those same democrats started to vote for the gop at the state and local elections.
Polls tend to show that on average a gop candidate gets about 10% crossover from the Dems and the Dem candidate gets about 10% of the gop crossing over NATIONALLY. That doesn't take into account individual states that have a different history. Not to mention independents.
Read 7 tweets
18 Oct
As of today 19.6% of the registered voters in NC have voted in Mail and early voting.
46.4% were dems
24.8% were GOP
28.5% were indies
0.5% were minor parties.

reminder NC as a history of dems voting blue at state level and red at national level.
Maybe some more history is in order....

In 2012 (mail in + EV final make up was)
47.5% dems
31.5% GOP
20.8% indies

in 2016(MI+EV)

The Mitt and Trump won NC.
Right now with record mail in and EV turnout, the dems are lagging their 2012 pace, the indies are overperforming 2016, & the GOP are underperforming, BUT the GOP shows up more as the EV period goes on. So, at the end of the day I would imagine 2020 will fall within the normal
Read 8 tweets
18 Oct
Let me count the ways
Read 5 tweets
18 Oct
A theory of mine that I never heard batted by others. Trump won 2016 because democrats voted for him in PA, MI, WI, OH etc. The media wants you to forget that fact and act like all democrats hate Trump. IMO, those same Trump democrats voted in 2018. The media didn't find them
...because they were looking in the wrong place. They expected the Trump democrats to vote for republicans. Why would they? They aren't Trump republicans. They are Trump democrats. They would be much more likely to vote for democrats in 2018 than republicans at the congressional
...and state level. If that occurred then the turnout in 2018 for Dems in the mid term election wasn't all anti-Trump but also Trump democrats voting like they normally do, for democrats. It changes nothing about their support for Trump. They will vote for Trump in Nov.
Read 7 tweets
17 Oct
Massive peaceful protest going on in MI. You can tell it's not a democrat protest because nothing is burning and store owners aren't being looted.

Air force One now on the ground and pulling up. Just love watching the plane come in. Doesn't matter which President is on it. Just screams America.
Was going to live tweet but I have a dinner engagement I have to go too in a bit.
Read 4 tweets
17 Oct
People get hung up on names. The left uses it to their advantage by constantly changing their name when their polices fail. They then pretend they aren't that group that just caused mass death & poverty. So, call them what you want. Leftists don't change their spots. You can call
...them Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, democrats, socialist democrats, open society members, globalists, national socialists, post modernists, Antifa, anarchist, left winger, radical, Bolsheviks. It really doesn't matter what you call the left
....because as soon as their polices fail again and cause untold death and misery they will change their name and attempt to hoodwink the people to give them one more chance because you know that wasn't "real socialism"
Read 4 tweets

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