*Sigh* We need to kill this myth. A few things:

1) Neither being outside nor many participants wearing a mask fully prevents virus spread. Those measures just reduce it. Especially with events where many people are in close proximity, chanting/screaming, & touching.
2) Anyone who tells you that a march with thousands of strangers in a small space, even w masks and outside, is safer than a family gathering for Thanksgiving has no idea what they are talking about.
3) Notice this logic isn't applied to Trump rallies. We haven't seen major spikes in cities after those rallies but press/same people never use that as evidence that they aren't an issue...
4) The reason isn't that there isn't virus spread happening at protests (or the rallies), but that it isn't usually enough to cause a major spike in a city. It's very hard to trace back an outbreak to an event with thousands of strangers so you don't hear about those cases.
Correct. There was obviously a large spike after protests began. Defenders focus on it not being traceable to specific cities and it coincided w Memorial Day. I still argue visual of protests led to people relaxing their precautions.

• • •

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More from @AGHamilton29

19 Oct
The US Presidential election will have very little impact on global warming.

It's rather insane and completely baseless for a news organization to suggest the world is headed for catastrophe if not for a particular outcome.
Especially obvious once you realize Trump's election hasn't made much difference in the trajectory of US emissions, which have been steady or declining since 2006 or our share of global emissions. ImageImage
Their main evidence for the claim was that the US withdrew from the Paris agreement, but they fail to note that most other countries failed to live up to their promises in that agreement, U.S. has continued to reduce emissions, and there was nothing binding in that agreement.
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18 Oct
Follow me here:

If I had a goal of making it to 100K followers by election day, that would be very difficult/unlikely. But it would not be impossible. I would need a few viral tweets, some help, and luck. Most importantly, I would need to avoid doing things to lose followers.
The way I run my account now would make it almost impossible because I undermine that goal daily. I tweet things critical of Trump, Biden, D's, R's, the press, celebrities etc.

When I do that, I knowingly alienate some people from wanting to follow me.
If I wanted just to gain followers, I would target one group and exclusively try to appeal to that group.

But my goal isn't really to gain followers. Instead, my goal is simply to inform people and share my views. Thus I don't mind alienating some potential followers.
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16 Oct
So need to talk about something.

Really frustrated with some of the people in my timeline and on the right who have been promoting Ice Cube for several days because he apparently said something pro-Trump.
Ice Cube weeks posting daily antisemitic content a few months ago. When confronted, he posted even more.

He received little backlash outside of some of us because apparently, that is acceptable nowadays.

He never apologized or backtracked. The guy clearly hates Jews.
Now you guys are promoting him because he said something positive about a politician you like?

So your message is that Trump is liked by bigots that happen to also be black celebrities? That's your big win?
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10 Oct
There was a shooting in Denver after dueling rallies between pro-Trump groups and BLM/Antifa. The victim has been pronounced dead.

This comes after a similar shooting by an Anitfa associate in Portland a little over a month ago.
Immediately after the shooting you can see at least one Antifa member walking away yelling:

“One less white supremacist.

Hell yea! Right in the f*cking dome”

Here is a freeze-frame of the shooting.

Denver police are reporting that the suspect is an unnafiliated private security guard. Unclear what he was doing there or who he was with.
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1 Oct
This is important because it shows how groups like WHO have been selectively quoting "experts" to promote pre-determined conclusions even when those conclusions clearly contradict basic science.
WHO has been consistently terrible on COVID-19, but this phenomenon isn't limited to them. We saw the same thing with the press extensively citing "experts" to claim that protests and riots were not contributing to the spread of COVID-19.
"Public health records, scores of scientific studies and interviews with more than two dozen experts show the policy of unobstructed travel was never based on hard science. It was a political decision, recast as health advice"

Clear as day.
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30 Sep
Trump is right. Democrats would absolutely try to fill the seat, and it's silly to pretend otherwise. And Republicans would equally complain about the process. The voters had their say when they voted in 2016 and 2018. #Debate2020
Trump is also correct that Biden has no idea what will happen on abortion with SCOTUS or how Barrett will rule. Suggesting millions will lose their health insurance is just fear-mongering. #Debate2020
Forgetting Trump's trolling, it's indefensible that Biden won't take a position now on an idea (packing the courts) being actively promoted by leaders within his own party. #Debates2020
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