I actually contracted coronavirus back in June, which was an interesting experience.

The acute phase of the illness (fever, weakness, chills) only lasted for a few days and I never had respiratory issues or needed to go to the hospital, thankfully.
I completely lost my sense of smell and taste for nearly two months.

I ate spicy Indian chicken tikka masala, but I could only feel the texture in my mouth.

I tried to smell an open bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, but I couldn't smell it whatsoever.
I was very concerned that I had permanently lost my sense of smell and taste, which would have been devastating for a foodie and overall aesthete like myself.

Thankfully, those senses came back slowly but surely, and have completely recovered at this point. I am so grateful.
A few neurological symptoms have continued to linger for me (as other people have said): head-fog, fatigue, and some mild memory issues.

It's difficult for me to determine how much of that was due to coronavirus vs. the frustration of society shutting down for so long.
Here is one piece of advice I have to share with everyone who has not had coronavirus yet:

Make sure that you are getting ample amounts of vitamin D (from supplements AND sun), C, and zinc.

Those are the "true hydroxychloroquines."
I know that so many people in our society avoid the sun like the plague, but I believe that this wrong.

We all need vitamin D, and natural sunlight is the best source of it.

Yes, you should avoid excessive sun & burning, but 15-30 minutes/day will do wonders for many people.
The first wave of coronavirus began during the cold & gloomy months of early-2020 in northern China, Europe, and the northeast US.

Many people in those locations were vitamin D deficient at that time, so that partly explains why coronavirus (and the flu) hit so hard.
Once spring came and the sun came out, people in those northern areas started to enjoy the outdoors more, and voilà - many of their vitamin D deficiencies went away for a few months along with the worst phase of the pandemic.

That is not a coincidence, folks.
In the warmer, sunny areas like the Sun Belt (where I live), the pandemic was very minor in early-2020, while northern areas were getting slammed.

People in the South often enjoy the outdoors in the winter and spring, but stay inside when it's too hot in the summer.
When does it start getting very hot in the Sun Belt? Around May and June.

Sure enough, that's when the pandemic started to hit the Sun Belt hard. That's when people stayed indoors = surging vitamin D deficiencies.
I am not implying that vitamin D is the only explanation for every twist & turn of this pandemic, but it IS a major missing link that the media & medical establishment is completely ignoring. Here's some reading material:



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19 Oct
For those who didn't see it over the weekend, I'm back:

In addition to my extreme frustration with the media world, which is overwhelmingly dominated by propaganda and disinformation, I became sick with coronavirus, which left me exhausted for several months. It's a very neurological disease, as I found out.

Earlier this year, I was in a very dark place.

As I've explained before, I'm a 2008 college graduate and I have a form of PTSD from the financial crisis that I graduated into.

When I saw how tens of millions of people lost their jobs in just a few months, it made me sick.
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18 Oct
As a reminder/update, I am still a survivalist and prepper.

I believe that is the only prudent way to live in these times.

See my TV interview from earlier this year where I discussed my views on prepping: Image
I made news headlines earlier this year due to my prepping:

I've dramatically increased the scale of my prepping during my media break of the past few months.

We are not in normal times, nothing is "fixed" by any means, the government is not in control and they have zero clue what they're doing, and we're on the verge of a civil war.
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17 Oct
Hello, everyone - I am back from a long break.

I needed to step away and gather my thoughts after an extreme buildup of frustration with the futility of trying to cut through the incredible amounts of propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation in today's media.
As an independent, young voice in the world of media & economics, I have found it virtually impossible to counter the astounding amounts of propaganda disseminated by governments, central banks, major political parties, news media organizations, and, now, social media companies.
I've become incredibly frustrated with the all-out assault on our freedom of speech, incl. the rise of “cancel culture,” social media censorship, and Orwellian-style language policing. I am afraid that we are following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union, East Germany, or China.
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20 Apr
Crude oil is below $10/barrel - it's at multi-decade lows. That is bad for the shale energy bubble that I've been warning about. That will drag our economy down even if the pandemic lockdowns end this minute. The End.

From living in Houston, I always knew that the shale bubble would end disastrously ->

There is so much more that I want to do and say, but I can't because I'm completely blacklisted in the media, which stifles my ability to produce quality content to warn the world of things that the mainstream media is hiding from you.

The mainstream media is pure propaganda.
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19 Mar
We've had a massive asset bubble that is now crashing.

Right now, most people are shell-shocked – they’re still in the denial phase.

They’re thinking “Is this really happening? We’ll go back to normal soon.”

Because we're still in the denial phase, I've been asked probably hundreds of times in the past couple weeks - "when should we buy stocks again?! What stocks should we buy?!"

To me, that is evidence that the "Bubble Mentality" is still very much alive...

If we were truly at a sustainable bottom, you wouldn't have so many retail traders so eager to jump back into the market.

That speculative mentality has not been flushed out - so many people are still thinking "it always goes back up!"

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19 Mar
I want to discuss why the U.S. Dollar is surging...

This is because a massive bubble in emerging markets that formed from 2009 to 2019 has burst, which is creating a short-squeeze in Dollars.

See this thread for more details about the emerging markets bubble that is currently imploding:

The emerging markets bubble formed due to the extremely stimulative actions of central banks after the '08 Crisis.

Record low interest rates & QE caused a "tsunami of liquidity" to flow into EM bonds, pushing yields to record lows.

That created property & credit bubbles in EMs.
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