Okay, I’m going to throw this out there because I need to tell someone who appreciates soccer and speaks the language.

My son scored a goal today...

He’s a middie. Doesn’t care about the glory. Doesn’t care about being the one to score. He’s happy passing and creating. He has had *one* other shot this season.

Coach put him up front today in the second half of a tense, scoreless game.

Teammate played a throughball.

My ran onto it at the top of the box. Had it on his right foot. Defender closing down from his right side.

Slid the ball to his left foot, took a touch and finished with his left past the charging keeper.

He didn’t blast it. Just read the keeper and put it past him.

It was just one goal. Wasn’t the World Cup. It’ll probably be his only one this season.

It was just a deft soccer play.

Finesse, control, composure, and a smooth finish with an off-foot.

Folks into youth soccer may get where I’m coming from.

The kids who score a lot tend to have big legs, shoot righty, and just blast in space.

Not a lot of finesse scoring in tight.

Anyway, I may have yelled a bit too loud “That’s My Boy!!!”

He knows how I get. I’m proud of him. I love watching him play. Every game. No matter how he plays. Whether they win or lose.

This was a fun one though. I’ll probably remember it more than him...


• • •

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19 Oct
FBI and DOJ just announced a 7-count indictment against 6 Russian military intelligence officers for an array of cybercrimes.

Remarks single out Russia as the most destructive global cyber actor; paints picture of an unrelenting Russian attack on enemies and systems.

The charges announced were not specific to election interference but the remarks pointedly called out Russian attacks on the 2017 French election.

Hard to imagine Trump will take this prosecution well. Will feel undermining to him.

Reminds people 2016 was tainted.

Even though FBI Director Chris Wray wasn’t at the press conference, look for Trump to rant about him any minute now.

“Why isn’t the FBI attesting the people I want them to (instead of the people who help me)?!”

I dunno. Kinda interesting timing from the DOJ/FBI.

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18 Oct
A lot of people are going to hate this and immediately reject it but hear me out.

The biggest mistake Democrats have made for years and years is being too nice.

We have cared far too much about politeness and decorum. We have treated a bloodsport like it was a bridge game.

Since at least when Obama took office (but more like the past forty years), we on the left and our elected representatives have clung to a suicidal fiction that ‘going high’ would save us.

Subconsciously, it is pleasing, at least partially, because it is self-inflating.

“We are better than that! We would never stoop to the lows of those people!”

While the right endlessly works to personally destroy people on the left, we’ve clung to the mantra of “attacking ideas not people” as if it was a bible verse.

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16 Oct
For the next three weeks:

...no matter how kind a person you are

...no matter how much you hate confrontation

...no matter how uncomfortable it makes you to speak harshly

Find it within yourself *every single time* you see the media doing what it did in 2016.

Democrats historically protest too little and too softly.

While Trump and Republicans “work the refs”; Dems quietly grumble.

Trump has managed to influence the coverage he gets by merely complaining loudly and incessantly without merit.

These next three weeks are going to be a test.

How much has the media learned since 2016?

How vigorously and forcefully are we going to agitate against any repeat of those mistakes?

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14 Oct
To my knowledge, Bill Barr hasn’t been seen in public since Trump was diagnosed with COVID contracted at an event Barr attended.

Barr reported that he repeatedly tested negative.

Now, in parallel, the two biggest pieces of propaganda Trump expected from Barr this month...

...have both been quietly scuttled.

The first was the John Durham report on the Russia investigation.

The second was the investigation into the Obama Admin’s legal and entirely routine unmasking of names in intelligence reports.

Thus far, it seems like the two big bangs Trump prodded Barr to engineer are dying not with a bang but with a whimper.

And Barr has been nowhere to be found as it has come out that he won’t be giving Mango Corleone what he demanded.

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14 Oct
Someone chiding me about cursing makes me want to curse 10x as much.
Someone sent me a DM to let me know I had disappointed them but they would follow me a little while longer to see if I would “improve my language”.

Yeah, about that...
Seriously, the people on Twitter who believe their personal moral sensibilities are laws by which all must abide lest they disappoint are just the worst.

The worst.
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14 Oct
Hi, @maggieNYT.

Why don’t you do your actual job, you shameless fucking hack, and maybe develop some original reporting from your access journalism buddies.
Haberman would NEVER do truly damning reporting on Jared and Ivanka because that would cut off her access.

So instead, she’ll write fawning bullshit about how amazing the air smells when you walk behind Ivanka in the hallway and how Jared has the nicest loafers ever.
And to add to the injury of her pandering incompetence, Haberman will launder propaganda from outlets like the NY Post - which her employer would never publish - because that PLEASES the White House.

A servile sellout. A gossip reporter given a plum role at her dad’s paper.
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