When we get to the constitutional reform part of #EndSARS, I hope we will understand why social and economic freedom (both "freedom from" and "freedom to") are such key elements of ALL successful societies on earth, including China (which is functionally freer than Nigeria).
Successful societies do NOT just go around giving their uniformed personnel all sorts of absolutely unrestricted power to intervene at will in people's lives at any time and without any sort of process.

It is that military holdover that created the culture of SARS in Nigeria.
I used to sometimes wake up at 3AM on a Saturday morning in Bradford, get into my car and randomly take a roadtrip to London or Southampton just because, and NOBODY ever asked me any questions.

Such freedom is central to creativity and ingenuity which boost economic growth.
Here, when I was on my way to Abuja airport on Monday enroute Lagos, the taxi got stopped at a military checkpoint and the soldier asked me not only where I was going (the airport), but where I was flying to, as if that was any of his business.

This kind of paternalism must go.
Every Nigerian above the age of 18 MUST be free to take their own decisions involving where to go, how to get there, what legal economic activity to engage in, who to have sex with, what to purchase, how to use it and so on.

All forms of state repression must be terminated NOW.
In case I haven't been clear enough, allow me to reiterate: SARS and the wider Nigerian DEFSEC ecosystem are driven by the controlling, paternalistic sentiments of old slave owners and men who are obsessed controlling women's bodies.

This is a generational conflict.
Older Nigerians do NOT like the idea of young, self confident people freely interacting economically and socially without their input or permission.

Older Nigerians think they are in competition with us, and they are HAPPY for state repression to put us in our place.
This has happened elsewhere, but those societies realised at some point that a country must be driven by its young, which is why they specifically rewrote their laws to empower young people ("freedom to") and disempower controlling paternalists ("freedom from").
Nigeria's new constitution must guarantee people under the age of 40 the freedom to live their lives as they see fit, free from state-backed bullying and murderous puritanism. That is the bigger issue, which #EndSARS is just a symptom of.

• • •

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17 Oct
The ones here who voted/campaigned for Buhari JUST LAST YEAR because of money or hope of scoring political appointments are also here with us tweeting #EndSARS and the oloshi they supported is giving them the premium unlooking package.

Life is very poetic like that.
The one who supported mass extrajudicial murder of 300 people in 2015 because he wanted a job in government is also here with us protesting police brutality.

When we used to say "there is enough to go around," it's like we didn't know what we were talking about.

Oh well.
The ones who were celebrating when the NPF and military were murdering unarmed IPOB protesters because it was good for those yeye Igbo people are also here with us suffering the fallout of the monster they have spent 5 years feeding and emboldening.

Na so life dey be.
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12 Oct
I've reached an important epiphany about Nigeria over the past 24 hours: The so-called government itself is in trouble and cannot enforce its will. It is desperately pushing every button and yanking every lever to calm the situation, but nothing is working.
To put it another way, the organisation that Muhammadu Buhari and his co-travellers are running called the "Federal Government" is only in power nominally.

These guys have lost control in most meaningful ways. Buhari is only "president" of Maitama and Asokoro
Which means that there is a possibility of open anarchy if the security forces they are already struggling to keep hold of break the leash and start attacking Nigerians randomly and indiscriminately.

At which point we may well hear martial music on the radio.
Read 6 tweets
2 Oct
Very easy to give speeches and orisirisi big talk about Africa being "open for business," but to move from one ECOWAS state to another and open a simple bank account costs $500 for a residence and work permit, $180 for a health assessment and $120 for a "non citizen ID card."
That's N377,000 just to move to an ECOWAS state. Meanwhile to get a GoFreelance visa in Dubai is N750,000.

If I can afford to waste $800 on mediocre West African value, why can't I instead spend $1,600 on the far superior Dubai offering?

And this is how to lose talent 101.
Instead of building your value proposition as a West African state around proximity to your neighbours and ease of access to services that aid business, you instead try to rip off travelers who then promptly go off to somewhere offering more value.

And you are left with nothing.
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1 Oct
I especially love how this man always talks as if Nigeria was invented in 1999. Because otherwise some might realise that this yahoo boy has consistently been in government since 1975 apart from 1975-1983, 1985-1994 and 1999-2015.
Governor Northeastern State - 1975-1976
Governor Borno State - February 1976-March 1976
Minister of Petroleum - 1976-1979
NNPC Chairman - 1977-1978
Head of State - 1983-1985
PTF Chairman - 1994-1998
President - 2015-present
15 years in and around top level power and he talks like he's some brave outsider challenging the status quo, not the senior prefect of everyone who ruined Nigeria.

Please name one person who has exerted anything close to this level of sustained influence over Nigeria.
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30 Sep
I fully endorse this thread.

But localised for the Nigerian-based audience, the most important proviso is this: BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

Nigerian parents have no conscience whatsoever when it comes to using your financial dependence as a string to puppet you with.
And even when you become independent, don't assume that they will start respecting you overnight. In other words, be cool with keeping your distance and not having their approval.

They will turn it into a drama and try all sorts of emotional blackmail but relax.

Nobody will die
I remember how my mom wanted to die when I informed her that I would not marry the girl she had handpicked for me from another rich Jehovah Witness home, and I was going to marry someone who was a) Not rich or anything close to it, and b) Not Jehovah Witness 😂😂😂😂😂
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26 Sep
They literally created a legal slush fund to launder proceeds of the kidnap ransoms that SARS extorts from Nigerians. Like they literally said so right here in plain English "fines levied for 'offences against discipline' ".

But David Hundeyin is being "alarmist." Image
Small English to obfuscate something blindingly obvious, and see how everybody has chopped the legover. Even the ones who wear a wig and answer to "Esquire" did not spot this.

They created a slush fund to distribute proceeds of their criminality and wrote that shit into law!
But nah, fuck David Hundeyin! He is your problem, not the government openly and brazenly constructing a terrorist state over your heads.

Utter dumbfucks
Read 4 tweets

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