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The government of Nigeria has declared war on its own citizens. The African Union and ECOWAS must call on President Buhari to stop the killing immediately.
Nigerian siblings, I'm grieving and raging with you today. They will not silence you with bullets. So much love✊🏾💚
This is a deeply disappointing response from ECOWAS, that reads as if it was drafted by the Buhari administration. ECOWAS blames peaceful, unarmed protestors for the bullets that Nigerian military are firing at them. #EndSARS
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For the past few days, we have protested against police brut
In 2004, before the proliferation of smartphones that made the internet ubiquitous, if you wanted to browse, you had to go to a cybercafe. Late that year, a childhood friend of mine was leaving Umuahia for Port Harcourt. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
None of us had a phone then, so we agonized at the prospect of being cut off from each other. After a while, we hit on a bright idea; since I had an email and could browse, I could show him how to open and use an email. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
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Govt must understand that #EndSWAT protest is not the kind that will be switched off by any single promise or assurance. Several factors/issues will need to line up and align first. Nigerians have had pent-up frustrations for too long and people will vent until they are content.
The protests may end tomorrow or they may end next week. They may transform into something else and never end.

I don't know. Nobody knows.

For me, as long as there is one person willing to go on the streets with a placard, the protest is still on. And I will support the person.
Don't ask me what the factors are. They are on the signs and placards of protesters. They are in the chants sung on the streets. They are in tweets and hashtags of #EndSWAT. The demands are everywhere. And each one of us has a constitutional right to protest the issue we choose.
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1.Perhaps the real issue in the #ENDSARS campaign is the capital word, IMPUNITY. It is the belief in the exemption from the rule of law, a thug's definition of the use of power. #EndPoliceBrutality #ReformPolice
2.Impunity permeates our society - from the brigandage in our political system, to the Okada rider who rides against the traffic knowing he can pay off the law cheaply, to the use of convoy as a weapon of brutalisation, etc. #EndPoliceBrutality #ReformPolice
3. It would seem that in Nigeria, power is not a means but an end. A power-defined society ultimately becomes a wicked society. #EndPoliceBrutality #ReformPolice
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I have never told the story of the last day I was arrested by SARS.

It was by one Officer Wale in Oyingbo Market on Saturday October 3, 2009.

I spent some 7 hours behind the counter in the Ebute Metta station because I refused to unlock my laptop or write a statement. #EndSARS
I had just resumed work the day before, Oct 2, as a young corporate lawyer at G Elias & Co. So, Sat 3 was my second day of work.

I remember clearly because my first employment contract ran from Oct 1 2009, but Independence Day holiday meant I began work the next day instead.
I was a real radical looking type then: bushy afro hair, dirty jeans, and a laptop knapsack at a time when laptops were still rare personal items.

So, I was at Oyingbo Market waiting to take a bus to CMS when this guy approached me and asked to see my bag. I said, excuse me?
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I've now personally wrapped up on #5for5, particularly on detained protesters. My hope is that the #UghelliProtesters will be released tomorrow following Gov Okowa's intervention
Every good thing must come to an end. This was a bruising battle; and the good in it is that it has opened new grounds for citizens to fight their battles without looking for heroes to carry their crosses.
You're all heroes to carry the battle forward. There'll always be police brutality, so we must be prepared for more battles ahead.
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Open letter to #TechTwitter & #BlackTechTwitter:

Few months ago you lent your voices to the mistreatment & killings of Black people through #BLM

The Nigerian Tech community showed her support in all possible ways to help amplify, RTin like our lives depended on it

We know oppression, we know what it means to suffer daily from police brutality because we go through it, it’s a daily struggle.

We didn’t have to “make research” to help amplify your struggles or “casually RT” like human lives meant nothing, because it was “solidarity-first”
This October, we choose to revolt against the YEARS of police brutality we’ve been enduring here in Nigeria, through the #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND #ENDSWAT protests

As techies, we are the one of the largest targets of these brutality cases due to our unconventional work lifestyle
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Now, back to the most problematic arrest and detention case. The Ughelli case.
The current #SARSMUSTEND started from Ughelli. Protesters in Ughelli were arraigned and remanded in Sapele prison
#ENDSARSLEGAL has done all we can to get lawyers in Ughelli or nearby Warri or Oleh to represent them but without success.
If you know the twitter handles of the Governor of Delta state, Deputy Senate President, Reps members (Ughelli/Sapele), Please, ask them to secure their release IMMEDIATELY.
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BREAKING: We condemn the reported assault today on journalists and protesters including ARISE News staff covering #SARSMUSTEND protests by soldiers in front of @nassnigeria in Abuja.

President Buhari should identify those responsible and ensure that they are brought to justice.
Nigerian authorities should also immediately release #ARISENews cameras and other equipment seized by soldiers at #AbujaProtest.

The assault is the latest in a series of attacks on the media and protesters campaigning for an end to police brutality and corruption in the country
The assault on journalists and protesters is clearly yet another orchestrated attempt by Nigerian authorities to silence those peacefully exercising their human rights.
Journalists should be able to work without being harassed or detained by security agents for doing their job.
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"You people are not saying what you want"
"Some of your demands will take much longer time"

We gave you 5 years, of begging and screaming to do the bare minimum, and now you want us to wait for absolute reform.

No thanks

Okay you want to pretend you don't know what to do

Simple show of good faith.

- Within the next 24 hours get every single SARS official off the streets. Every single officer must wear a uniform with their name and ID number clearly displayed

Ask for a two week period to set up an INDEPENDENT panel that will begin investigate the unit and share findings PUBLICLY. The hearing go be like Oputa Panel. Everything open, we will watch it on NTA every bloody day like BBN. The findings will be public.

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Guys, there is gist.
A police friend just gave me some details about this whole issue on SARS, we might be in the middle of a cartel war.
I don't every thing police me say to be 100% true but just read and learn.
He said, the larger population believe that 419 and Yahoo boys are one and the same. He says it is a big lie. 419, are the old established order who are in bed with top hierarchy of the police, he says the romance goes long before now
He says the old established order which is 419, used to view the new guys in town as small boys (Yahoo boys) until, the Yahoo boys started cashing out madly and started affecting the clientele of the 419ers and as such, the kickbacks, police and their bosses got.
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Well, @inecnigeria just got more interesting. @YIAGA u see the problem?

Surely if "Independent" in @inecnigeria means anything, these guys will look to find a more suitable job for @Laurestar than REC. What is she going to do now, delete her tweets?!
Whoever nominated @Laurestar to become an @inecnigeria commissioner is a cynical #NeverDoWell & if @NGRSenate proceeds to even consider the nomination, we shd all kiss #goodbye to elections in #Nigeria

Mind u, there lots of vacancies to fill in @inecnigeria in the next 6 months
It seems clear that @NigeriaGov has no plans to see an end to these protests anytime soon or a return to a governable country. To #EndSARS & #SarsMustend, we probably have to add #CancelLaurestar & #RejectLauretta. This is wilful...!!
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For those who think the @PoliceNG have only few bad eggs, I am sure we can see that they have only few good eggs and many bad eggs, the whole system is bad that the even few good ones have lost their moral and ethical compass.
We have just witnessed how an artist manager who was protesting peacefully was arrested, dragged on the floor and charged with murder, and transferred even when video evidence showed that the Police did all the shooting. This is not right or normal !
How would you say a protester shot a Police man, where did the protester get a gun from ?

Did the @PoliceNG do a Forensic ballistics to know whose gun the bullet that hit the men came from ?

Why would you pronounce people guilt just because you feel like?
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FLASH: Governor of Lagos, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu (@jidesanwoolu) arrives at the Lagos Assembly, State House Gate to Once Again address #EndSARS protesters.


@gbenga_omo @gboyegaakosile @gboyegaakosile
Governor @jidesanwoolu says last week Sunday, he was the first person that posted on his Social Media page in full support of #EndSARS movement. Mr Governor says he agrees that more should be done and it will be done.


Governor @jidesanwoolu once again says he fully identifies with the struggle and he knows that many youths have been battered and he feels the pain of the youths on this.


@segunfafore @gboyegaakosile @gbenga_omo @PoliceNG
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1.Rarely does a generation have the opportunity to lead change as the one handed the youths of Nigeria right now through #SARSMUSTEND. It cuts across the fault lines that divide Nigeria.
2.My dear young citizen, you must use this rare opportunity to secure deep changes that will lead to Nigeria’s development. The systems you confront are strategic and tactical. They may be steps ahead. You need to think long term and pace yourself.
3.Speak forcefully but peacefully. Don’t be provoked to violence. Don’t act somebody else’s script. Lightning has enough power to light a city, but it destroys because it has no structure. Shift gear into participation in the political process when the time comes soon.
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1.Our dear President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, members of the Federal Executive Council, members of the National Assembly, our Governors, and all parents. We have an unusual opportunity with the #ENDSARS protests. #SARSMUSTEND
2.Many of us in government were protesting on the streets 26/27 years ago after the annulment of a free and fair election. Some had to escape out of Nigeria. Our heroic acts birthed this democratic dispensation to a large extent. The young ones are only continuing the journey.
3. It is therefore totally deplorable that we would lead a government under which the police would spray water, throw teargas and shoot at peaceful protesters. Please order them to STOP THE ATTACK ON CITIZENS PROSTESTING PEACEFULLY IMMEDIATELY. They should rather protect them.
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I was speaking to some of my DSS friends about the #SARSMUSTEND protest, learned a lot. Take points from what we talked about:
1) This protest is very important
2) The Nigerian police is a criminal organization
3) They do not have control over these SARS officers
4) Your voice is being heard, the people at the top know what to do and we need to push them to do it
5) There’s no reason why an organization like the police should have multiple tactical units, duplicating themselves, they exist to extort Nigerians
6) Everyone is tired of SARS (even people within the police force and the other security agencies)
7) The Nigerian police deliberately recruit, arm and empower criminals, they know who they are.
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How do we solve this #SARSMUSTEND situation so that more people do not die? My 10-point approach:
1. The President, as the Chief Operational Controller of the Nigerian Police Force should order the Police to stop using live bullets on unarmed protesters.
2. The President or the VP should take visible personal charge of the situation, since the IGP has clearly lost credibility in the eyes of the public.
3. The IGP should consider stepping down to save more lives, or should be encouraged to do so. He is due to go soon anyway.
4. Although there is a lot of JUSTIFIABLE anger (especially with continuing killings), protests should continue to be peaceful and non-violent. Violent miscreants should be isolated, ostracised and reported as enemies of the reform cause.
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Maybe we should return the street police to their colonial designations -- Ọlọ́pàá -- where their most dangerous weapon is a baton.
It's insane enough that we let them carry AK-47s on the road, when we don't live in a war zone. #SARSMUSTEND
When I see someone on the road, usually in bathroom slippers and in mufti, carrying a weapon used in war zones, my first impression is not that "this is an agent of state here to protect me." And they usually don't.

#EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND #EndPoliceBrutality
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The surgeon should submit the bullet that he removes from that protesters leg to a ballistic expert to let us know what type of gun was used. A forensic investigation will reveal the exact gun. We know the location of the station, we can then match the bullet to the policeman.
This should also apply to the boy that was shot in the face. We have the resources to make sure their killers & attempted killers are brought to justice. Also the DPO's of police stations who have their officers indicted should be relieved of their position. #SARSMUSTEND
This is possible!!! We have already done so much. We just need a plan. #SARSMUSTEND

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Now that President @MBuhari have spoken with detailed assurances on the issue of #SARSMUSTEND, it is important that we hold this as a singular victory to behold & trust our President on his words. We have achieved what was never possible few months ago.

Let’s trust the President
Reform takes time, until all the ingredients are considered and gazetted, you can’t have a robust ensuring reform. More so, security agency as critical and the police.

We should trust the President and have the reform process monitored from now on. This should be our focus.
We must not risk our activism & genuine demand to become a political movement. As civil as we have performed, we should remain civil, citizens who are guided by constitutional democracy

The Executives and legislators are on same page of agreement, what we should do is trust them
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The head of Nigeria’s police dissolved its Special Anti-Robbery Squad with immediate effect, a police statement said, prompted by days of protests across the country against alleged brutality by the controversial unit 1/5 by @alexisak and Abraham Achirga
The protests broke out after a video circulated last week allegedly showing members of the unit - known as SARS - shooting dead a man in Delta state. It also prompted a globally trending social media campaign using the hashtag #SARSMUSTEND to abolish the squad 2/5
'The dissolution of SARS is in response to the yearnings of the Nigerian people,' a police statement said.
It added that the police was redeploying unit members and would announce a new strategy to tackle SARS’ remit of fighting armed robbery, kidnapping and other crime 3/5
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If you're out on #SARSMUSTEND march today, please, stay close to a friend or someone you know. Ensure you all have a sense of where you're at any point in the march, in the event of @policeng attacks or by urchins hired by the police to lay at protesters
Ensure your friends know your telephone number and also ensure your phone is switched on.
In the event you're attacked or go missing during the march, we are working on the possibility of tracking you through your phone.
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Infact maybe the hashtag should change to #EndSARS+ It has to end in addition to whatever else is demanded for 2 clear reasons
First of all, if you are a sadist and want to design a police unit that is unaccountable and operates with impunity, you will struggle to come up with anything worse than SARS.
First one - count the number of testimonies of people’s encounters with SARS and see how many times people say they were not even sure if it was Police or Armed Robbers. They wear ripped jeans and have NO name badges or numbers. But this isn’t even the worst part
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