Shawney, you have NO clue about military dynamics. You spent YO days as partying in peace postings n later as ADC to Govnr. You have no idea of war fighting, ratios, tactics, op art. We are in far superior position to Pak + have an edge over China. I explain...


Pak has 19 Armd, Mech, Inf Divs plus FCNA plus 3 Arty Divs. Of these they need to keep atleast 4 Divs oriented towards Iran and another 2-3 for internal pacification including in Balochistan. The majority of their forces are in Pakjab -13 Divs. Pak is split East-West by

Indus. But Pakjab is split North West by Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, Sutlej. Why is this important ?

Because we can trap majority of Pak Forces in Pakjab by smashing bridges on Pakjab rivers + hinder East West movement by smashing bridges on Indus

One look at a map shows this

I will come to ammunition states, arty, armour, morale later. I wanted to teach you how to read an Orbat and maps first

Now take Indian Orbat. We have 23 Armd, RAPID, Inf Divs against Pak + 3 Arty Divs + lots of indp armd bdes

So force correlation = 16 vs 26 in r favour

How do we deploy this? We hold them north of Cholistan , Pakjab where 13 of their 19 Divs against us are positioned, smash bridges as explqined above and build massive superiority in Bhawalpur area and south of that. We can and will smash into places like Rahimyarkhan,

Fort Abbas, Bhawalpur cutting Pak spine. This is not a pipe dream. This is inevitable cold logic given correlation of forces and terrain

I suspect you know this but are on Pak payroll and obfuscate facts

Anyhow let's talk arty, ammn. Pak has a decent amount of SP Arty

But where will they use it? Its all in Pakajb and we will block its movement down south as explained. In Pakjab we will take it out by IAF, missile strikes + own arty. SP arty works best in open terrain along with mech maneuver groups. That's where we will employ own SP Arty

We are rapidly building up own SP Arty so numbers gap with Pak is negligible now. On tube and rocket arty we have a distinct quality and nos advantage. Add our WLRs, ACCS which now is fully operational, we will bring overwhelming 🔥 to bear at right time at required place

Note all of the above is for formations solely oriented to Pak and moving no formations deployed against China. Plus our entire armour and mech forces will come in play

Pak army has deep problems with ammunition and spares. But have a deeper problem of morale. Desertion is

on rise, officers are interested in 💰 (like you) and cornering corner plots. They are busy selling Papa John's pizza, sanitary napkins, cornflakes and their troops know that. Morale is rock bottom

Lets take IAF. IAF has a huge advantage over Pak even with sqn strength

down to 30 sqns. That's because Pak is in much worse shape. We have about 480 4, 4.5 Gen A/c - 270 Su 30s, 110 Mirages+Mig29, 110 Jaguars. Of these we need about 300 for China if hostilities start. China can barely bring 200-250 a/c against us due to high alti airfields

This has been explained in detail by me here to your friends at @globaltimesnews

So keeping 200 4, 4.5 Gen A/c plus our reliable Mig 21 Bisons we can achieve air dominance over Pak even if we have to handle China at same time. Plus IN 48 Mig 29 Ks will come into play. India will achieve air dominance over Pak. That is a certainty

IN will smash PN..

Naval disparity is so high that I won't even bother detailing it

Fact is that we have massive advantage against Pak catering for China at same time

I challenge you to contest any of the above with facts

@MjaVinod @LevinaNeythiri @bennedose @bhootnath @desertfox61I@sanjaysinha
* North South

• • •

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More from @Ak5985965

12 Sep
My views :

1. Dominating Spangur is critical to deny Chinese break out with mech formations via Spangur Gap. We cannot vacate our newly occupied positions unless Chinese retreat all the way back to Xinjiang and Tibet

2. Our positions on North Bank ridges also necessary

till Chinese completely vacate F4-F8 .Also imp to deny link up with Gogra

3. I don't see Chinese going back and it seems we are trying very hard to avoid any kinetic action and certainly war

4. Therefore we will have to maintain our positions + keep reinforcements in place

till such time Chinese fully withdraw

5. You are right. Significant defence budget increase for all 3 services is critical. If not now, war will happen in 5-10 years. That is Chinese plan and declared 'war zone' concept - attack adversaries one by one. We are 100% next

Read 6 tweets
10 Sep
Let's look at your coercion capabilities n record

1. 15/16 June - #Galwan you changed troops, occupied high ground on a narrow pass, equipped yourselves with lethal weapons and launched an ambush on an unarmed party lead by Col Santosh Babu. He had come to negotiate....

Result - our troops snatched your weapons and launched a bayonet charge. We KIA 45-100 of your men, captured many officers. You know well that your men were shrieking with fear - so called shock troops

Ambush time, place, weapons of your choosing and yet you lost...badly

2. Spangur 29/30 Aug - Your troops tried to take heights around Spangur but our troops outran them and took the heights not only around Spangur but right up to Rezangla - 30 km frontage. Your entire position in Chushul has been made untebable. You were thinking you would..

Read 15 tweets
8 Sep

1. We are on LAC heights (our perception 😉)
2. Chinese tps under pressure to dislodge but old
baseball bat drill won't work. They will need big numbers and will have to asslt with wpns. Local commanders have probably not relayed full situation to top



They may be purged if they tell Xi full extent of the problem

3. Warning shots are normally fired when en approaches defender. The attacker usually does not fire ''warning'' shots. We fired on 29/30th Aug to dissuade Chinese attackers

4. But we say China fired. Perfect 👏

thats exactly how we should play this game. But for analysis of China's options, lets accept Chinese claim that India fired. China says their tps then stabilised the situation

Kaise bhai ? By disenaging ?

Put yourself in Chinese commander's shoes. What are his options

Read 6 tweets
1 Sep
Reports from credible journalists like @nitingokhale confirm that our tps have not crossed the #LAC but have occupied heights to secure the Spangur Gap on our side of LAC. This is a very significant move. Here is why :

1. The Spangur gap is at western extremity of Spangur

lake, less than 10 km from DSDBO road n about 8 km from Chushul air strip. It is a mountain pass about 2-3 km width n flat tank country. Chinese Armoured thrust from here can go to airstrip n DSDBO road very quickly. Conversely, our mech forces can punch through across LAC

2. We can dominate North bank of Pangong Hso (F4-F8) by fire from the South Bank. However if Chinese come through Spangur gap they can threaten flanks of the forces on South Bank

Thats why Chinese want Spangur. My y'day thread on their intentions

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17 Aug
Help India out ? We don't need your help. You need ours. Let me show you why :

We were the only country that did not attend the BRI meeting in 2019. And of course we refused to be part of CPEC. Why ? Because it does not add any value to us or to anyone else

Your ability to complete these projects is under serious doubt. Making cheap shirts by millions is one thing, managing a complex multi year project involving many countries is quite another. Needs humility, wisdom, openness, character - attributes you haven't demonstrated

The cancer of communism and #Xitler has destroyed any civilisational strengths you might have had. In that scenario, why should we join these projects which are bound to fail ? Which communist regime has ever delivered on such ambitious projects - without collapsing ?

Read 11 tweets
20 Jul
What has this cluster made that is not used even if its substandard ?

INSAS - accurate weapon but very unreliable in action. Have used it and though we are taught to love our weapon I couldn't. Our troops hate it. Every single one. Are we all corrupt? From Sipahi to CO ?

Yet we used it for almost 2 decades. Still do even though it's useless. Go ask any jawan or JCO please. Or just ask the CAPFs even

INSAS LMG - Jams all the time. Sir, idea of a oppressive fire weapon is to give continuous fire. I'm sure you have fired this LMG

Do you remember how difficult it was to change the magazine while in prone position ? Took time n you lost your 'shisht' or aim. How will you give continuous fire like this ? WW2 Bren guns that were used till mid 90s were much better. And yes, apart from this, INSAS LMG

Read 9 tweets

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