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#Ladakh is 1 of India’s UTs. What’s the big deal if India-PM makes a trip there & talk to Army? It’s in India!

US Presidents (+some European heads too) keep making trips to AFG/Iraq etc, even though it’s thousands of miles 4m their countries.

Stop making overuse of #56Inch😏 Image
As if @narendramodi gone to #Ladakh to start जंग with #China🙄

I would wait when PM goes to #PoK or #CoA .. or PM allow police to go and raid various #NoGoZones (many in WB, Maha, Hyd and many other states as well) which are within India. Show #56Inch in against enemies within! Image
Absolutely and it’s shame on India as PM can’t go to own territory with open announcement. Seems our security-apparatus still in hangover of Pre-370 days in J&K.

सीमा पर जाना है तो छाती ठोक के जाओ? किसका डर् है? Wonder if NSA #AjitDoval did any pre-work?
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1) There is too much of information overload. But people want in simple terms.

Let me try to explain in a non-military and non-diplomatic terminology so that you can undestand why China and Pakistan are playing the game they are playing in India's northernmost tip.
2) Watch this Google map closely. I made markings.

Siachen & Kargil are stars.

K2 (near Shaksgam) and Skardu are green hexagons.

All Saffron ticks are India's real borders.

The Red X's are Chinese push inside India since 1962.

Leh - Chang La - Durbok - Shyok - DBO road shown Image
3) DBO military airport, at 16,600 ft, is just 180 KM south East of Khunjerab Pass that connects Xinjiang in China to Gilgit of Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, further to Abottabad (Osama bin Laden's hideout) in Pakistan.

This, lifeline of the $60+ billion CPEC investment of China. Image
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Is it possible to "dramatize" even a #War against any #Country to stop their businessmen from having any access to #Indian #5G #Market?!

Is this entire #Drama of #War against #China & #AtamNirbharBharat is to keep #Huawei #5G out of India till #MukeshAmbani captures the Market?
Is , in the guise of #AtamNirbharBharat, the King of #CronyCapitalism in #India, conspiring to centralize whole Indian Money & Market in the Hands of his favourite State Players?

Is #AtamNirbharBharat ONLY against one country, or against all other Foreign Investors as well?
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The problems that India faces from China and Pakistan are largely the result of the "branding" of Indians as weak, conflict avoiding p***ies. That image was created by Gandhi and reinforced by Nehru (1962 debacle). The fact that Indian soldiers matched the Wehrmacht in WWII.....
Got flushed down the toilet. How many people have seen a movie about Indian soldiers in North Africa? Or Indian soldiers liberating Palestine in WWI (without which Israel wouldn't exist)? No, what the world has seen is the movie Gandhi (another atrocious Attenborough product).
I know a lot of NRIs get giddy about Gandhi - just remember that while you sit smugly in your sofa admiring Gandhi, brave Indian jawans die daily because Gandhi told all the aggressive wolves of the world, they can run roughshod over India and Indians won't resist.
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Zorawar Singh Kahluria - The Liberator of Kailash

Original Art By: arsalanactual (Instagram)

#Ladakh #Rajput #Dogra #IndoChinaFaceoff
The year was 1841, a little more than a century before the Kingdom of Jammu & Kashmir acceded to the Indian Union. Under the liege of Maharaja Gulab Singh Jamwal, an ambitious Rajput general by the name of Zorawar Singh Kahluria crusaded to liberate Mount Kailash.
Commandeering a 6000-strong Dogra army, he marched onto Tibet, and Mount Kailash, an object of divine provenance to his people that was occupied by the Tibetans. The campaign was fueled by both pious and militaristic fervor, it was preceded by a successful conquest of Baltistan.
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THREAD: How much of a threat does China’s #PLA pose to Taiwan? We mostly focus on the military balance and challenges for U.S. intervention, but another angle needs more exploring—competing demands on PLA attention and resources. 1/9…
The PLA has to prepare for a war with #Taiwan while also handling a growing array of other missions, with finite resources. The #Ladakh crisis is an example. Worries about conflicts in the west tie up a quarter of China’s ground forces. 2/9
Chinese strategists understand the dilemma and discourage over-concentrating on a single contingency. In their parlance, the PLA has to be prepared for war in ALL “strategic directions,” not just the “main strategic direction” (the southeast). 3/9
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Tahukah anda, di Laut China Selatan sedang ada konflik?

Negara mana saja yang terlibat, paling ngegas, dan bagaimana posisi Indonesia?

Drone Emprit menganalisis cepat dari data yang telah dikumpulkan dari tanggal 7 sd 25 Juni 2020.


Dalam periode ini:
- China anggap Taiwan bagian dr PRC
- USAF menerbangkan drone di LCS
- China menenggelamkan kapal ikan Vietnam
- Pompeo: PLA bikin ulah di perbatasan India-China
- Pompeo: membahas UU keamanan di Hong Kong
- US Navy latihan gabungan dg Jepang di LCS
SNA 'South China Sea'

Dominated by big accounts from
- @Chellaney
- @NavroopSingh_
- @AdityaRajKaul

- @StateDept
- @USNavy
- @USPacificFleet

Information arbitrage: @IndoPac_Info
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I am surprised to find a list of errors in @ajaishukla 's noted @nytopinion piece (for @BasharatPeer?):
1. "British colonial authorities bequeathed India a border with China".. no such border was bequeathed. Curzon sent the Younghusband expedition into Tibet which killed Tibetans
Younghusband was a friend of India, author of Dawn of India etc…, his diplomatic & military invasion of Gyantze Lhasa in 1903-4 also seen as an insult by China who could do nothing; yes Mao et al were determined to avenge it...…
As I discovered when I looked into this in 2007/8: "there appeared to be Russian intrigues with the Dalai Lama via the Russian/Mongolian agent Dorjiev who had transmitted Russian ideas of extending its new Siberian railway to Lhasa and posting Cossack soldiers there.
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Dear Gobhi ji , u may be a corporate stooge, a rival of the Congress party, employee of Adani, Ambani, frnds of tax evaders and loan defaulters and what not..

But when it comes to the Security & integrity of India,u have to act like the PM & not a coward

The #GalwanValley was,is & should always be part of India,20 soldiers were martyred trying to throw enemy out of it, thousands spent their lives protecting this land and keeping incursions away.
The Chinese incursion is a serious matter, dont Live in denial
Indias integrity is challenged, its not time to hide or let the enemy win. If u are the son of the soil, if u are a true Indian, if ur blood is warm b boils at any attack on the nation, if ur heart beats for India, dont run away from this situation

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**This #Thread tells how India will deal aggressive chinese after #GalwanValleyFaceOff
** It is imperative to make an an assesment of how to be free India from chinese claws after #IndiaChinaFaceOff
** in this thread we will discuss various economic and political aspect
recent chinese aggression
1) A Vietnamese fishing boat was drowned by china in south china sea…
recent chinese aggression
2)china disturbing Malaysian drilling operation

news ..Malaysian oil exploration vessel leaves South China Sea waters after standoff…
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#THREAD: #India moves jets, copters to forward bases facing #China

More warships have now been deployed in the extended Bay of Bengal region, in a clear signal to Beijing that New Delhi is prepared for escalation

Air bridge moving troops to #Ladakh…?
The fresh build-up includes the new Apache attack helicopters, which are “tank killers” with their Hellfire air-to-ground missiles and rockets, and Chinook heavy-lift choppers, capable of transporting howitzers and troops to forward high-altitude areas, being deployed in Ladakh.
“China has crossed our red-lines by brutally killing 20 of our soldiers in a premeditated attack (in Galwan Valley of eastern Ladakh on June 15). We are fully prepared for any spiraling of the escalation matrix. All necessary steps have been taken,” said a top military officer.
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"Prelim. reports..indicated..the [#Indian] soldiers had not been shot, but had been killed in a brawl involving rocks & wooden clubs that was similar to fights that broke out last month along the border & seriously injured several soldiers on both sides."…
"A senior #Indian #Army officer said that >20 Indian #soldiers had also been #captured & many might still be in #Chinese custody.…

India seemed caught off guard by the new burst of violence, which the 2 sides blamed on each other."

"The spark for the recent tensions seemed to have been a road to a remote #AirForce #base that the #Indian #Army is building through mountain passes in the #GalwanValley >14,000 feet above sea level"…

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"20 Indian soldiers dead after clash w Chinese troops high in the Himalayas, Indian army says…
The conflict is the 1st deadly encounter between Indian & Chinese forces in 45 years & marks a severe escalation in tensions betw/ the 2 nuclear-armed neighbors."
"The deaths occurred in the mountainous region of #Ladakh where #India & #China share a disputed...#border. No Indian soldiers have been killed in clashes on the frontier between the 2 countries since 1975, experts say, & no casualties of this magnitude have occurred since 1967."
"#India at first said that 3 #soldiers had died in a 'violent faceoff' that caused '#casualties on both sides.'

Later Tuesday, the #Indian #Army said in a statement that 17 more Indian #troops who were 'critically injured in the line of duty' had “succumbed to their injuries.'"
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That China had entered wasn't disputed by anyone & is a common occurrence especially patrol clashes.
Talks at the level of high ranking Army officials were ON to resolve the same.
Minutes of such talks are supposed to be classified as Top Secret/Secret.
But to settle political score rival party sponsored so called defence analysts started presenting a grim picture. Obviously if talks are ON that means India wasn't happy with the #Chinese perception & resulting claim across LAC.
So these paid so called defence analysts knew
that ultimately both countries can't afford a war & there WILL be a diplomatic closure to the issue hence the window of painting a grim picture is LIMITED. It is but natural that till such boundary matters get resolved, a running commentary would put the govt down in media.
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1) #Breaking - First armed clash between #Indian & #Chinese troops last night in the Galwan Valley area.

Probably 2 patrols exchanged fire.

Indian side: 3 dead & 11 injured
Chinese side: 5 dead, including one officer, an undetermined number of injured

🇮🇳 #StandWithIndia 🇮🇳
3) One #IndianArmy CO (Commanding Officer) was reportedly killed in the clashes last night.

Unconfirmed reports that the #Srinagar to #Ladakh highway is closed to civil transportation.
Military movements only.

This is a bad sign.

🇮🇳 #StandWithIndia 🇮🇳
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What I am going to narrate here is a veridical account of an unparalleled last stand in the 1962 Indo China war that forced Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai to announce unilateral ceasefire.
This is a testimony to the fact that China and the PLA understand only the language of force.
It was 18th November 1962. China had captured Aksai Chin and was looking to capture the whole of #Ladakh. To capture Ladakh, the PLA had to cutoff the Chushul airfield that was critical to Indian supplies.
PLA had started believing it had defeated the spirit of the Indian Army.
With a force of 6000 troops and heavy artillery guns the PLA moved to capture Chushul. On the gate of Chushul at Rezang La (5000 metres above see level) were standing 120 soldiers of the Charlie Company of 13th Kumaon led by Major Shaitan Singh, PVC .
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In 1682 the Mughals defeated a joint Mongol-Tibetan force that invaded the Namgyal dynasty and attempted to capture #Ladakh. Mughal relations with this region dates back to Zafar Khan's 1634 campaign, resulting in Baltistan and Skardu acknowledging Mughal suzerainty. (1)
In the later half of the 17th century, disputes between rival Buddhist clans, sects and kingdoms of the 5th of the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh and the kingdom of Bhutan caused regional, sectarian, and territorial disputes. (2)
Over the issue of the control of monasteries in Bhutan, the 5th Dalai Lama of Tibet was in continuous war with the King of Bhutan, who happened to be an adherent of the 'Brug Pa' sect of Buddhism, a sect denounced by the Dalai Lama. (3)
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LESSONS LEARNT from East #Ladakh, #FaceOff, #StandOff & #China :
Twelve (12) Points with Light but Serious Veins
1. It Confirms that #India, Now, takes Hard Decisions, Has Solid Resolve and National Will. Thanks & Gratitude : PM @PMOIndia
2. COAS and @adgpi is Really Strong, Stategist, Depth and Wisdom. #JaiHind - Our Chief.
3. It was Contest of Posturing, Signaling, Messaging and Symbolism : Well Fought Red, But, Blue, #India, is the Winner : Thank YOU - PM @narendramodi
4. #IndianArmy was Alert, Prepared and Ready. Strong, Reliable and Dependable. SOLDIERs: So PROUD of YOU. Indeed, YOU are the Instrument of Last Resort of The Nation. #JaiHind
5. #Corona, The Invisible Enemy : Now, We Coming on to YOU.
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Psy Ops: In #Ladakh standoff with #India, #China’s PLA replays Doklam tactics

China People’s Liberation Army is up to its old tactics to weaken the Indian resolve in the on-going stand-off at Pangong Tso and Galwan River in Eastern Ladakh.…
Psychological operations against the adversary is the key ingredient in the Chinese War Zone Concept doctrine. Although Psy Ops, as it is called, is an age-old concept since the times of Chanakya and Sun Tzu, the Chinese Communist Party has refined it much.
Under this strategy, its version of ground position maps and videos are leaked among the influencers to create political friction within the enemy country and seed doubt in the mind of the adversary on his capability to fight.
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Thread: My #Ladakh Love🇮🇳
Big Salute to Indian Armed Forces who serves us at borders in odd weather conditions & high altitude to protect civilians.
I was riding (bicycle) solo to Khardung La from Leh City & BSF stopped me to ask if I need any help and whether I am fine or not.
They gave me their cell no to contact in any emergency since I was in a lonely area where solo female travelers don't go often.The best compliment & encouragement I got was when they said I am as brave as them. I thanked them wit tears in my eyes & hugged both the army personnel.
This respect & love made me more strong & I continued to ride with full energy & a big smile throughout. This was my 4th time to Leh Ladakh. Total 7 times done. I've tremendous respect for our Armed Forces. We have absolutely no rights to say, "Our taxes pay for their salaries".
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1/n #Ladakh
#Changa #Leh: #IndianArmy Ammunition Supply Depot:
Approx 6km from Ladakh aiding counter #China Mil strategy of #India
Main hot supply facility to Ladkah/#Kargil
Vital target for China in case of escalation
@zlj517 @SpokespersonCHN
2/n #Ladakh
#Changa #Leh: #IndianArmy Ammunition Supply Depot:
RC Box Type (HPM) Missile storage+more
Ammu/Explosive storage/ CAD
Vital target for #China in case of escalation
#Leh is next impt point for securing #Chinese interests
@zlj517 @SpokespersonCHN
#Changa #Leh: #IndianArmy Ammunition Supply Depot:
Vital target for #China for it's territorial security & economic growth
US is eyeing Ladakh for direct access to Tarim Basin & Tibetan Plateau
For China Nubra,Leh #Ladakh r impt

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What are the sources of Chinese conduct in #Ladakh today?China today is global power imbued with a strong sense of nationalism, an obstinate sense of righteousness (without morality) about its whole political, military and economic system..
It sees a world stage, particularly an Asian stage that is devoid of a strong American presence or sustained commitment to check #Chineseadventurism or #expansionism whether on sea or land as existed until recent years: this oxygenates #China..
China is now poised to deploy its military and economic strengths to advance its national interest on multiple fronts in a naked and unhindered way -and its state capacity under #XiJinping has been revved up and given the ‘go’ to act thus ..
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1. #China’s recent aggression at the border with India at key strategic locations in Union Territory of #Ladakh is nothing new nor is its betrayal of historic treaties with (former) J&K, #Tibet & HK. However, the dragon now faces a new India that attempts to tame it. A thread:
2. #China already occupies about 1/5th of original state of Jammu & Kashmir incl. Aksai Chin and Sakshgam valley “gifted” by #Pakistan. However, historically, these parts have been a part of formerly princely state of J&K that officially & legally became a part of #India in 1947.
3. Not just J&K but significant parts of #Tibet were also controlled by J&K rulers. Here’s the chronology of how #China illegally occupied these territories and clearly flouted the treaties signed during these times.
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The #IndiaChina border is 3488 km long, not the LAC. The India-China border as India defines it extends eastward from the India-Afghanistan-China trijunction far west of the Karakoram pass to the India-Myanmar-China trijunction in the Eastern Sector.1/n
Which is why the border from that western trijunction to the India-Myanmar-China trijunction in the Eastern Sector is 3488 km long. Chinese refuse to discuss stretch west of #KarakoramPass which
largely covers so-called border between #PakOccupiedKashmir &Chinese #Xinjiang. 2/n
In the Chinese definition, the India-China border (their calculation of the length is obviously east of the Karakoram Pass but it has never been properly explained) is around 2000 km long. 3/n
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