Volatility based Stoploss in day trading
Why closing based SL is fraud idea?

when u day trade with chart analysis,
u need to use OHLC charts
That means u use bar charts or candlestick charts.
U should never use line chart for that

This is quite obvious and everyone knows that
But the question is why is that?

Pls read on

In OHLC charting,
High and Low of every candle denotes the volatility in that time period.
This parameter is of atmost important in day trading as

this determines the stoploss for the trade
If a trader measure the volatility of every bar properly,
he is well informed about how much price can swing
away from a certain price point at any given period of time.

He just needs to keep his stoploss
just a few points away from that max volatility limit.
If u use line chart,
there is no way to assess the volatility in the price
u are literally running blind with zero idea about the volatility in the market.

Another important point to add here is that
to fix the Sl in LTF trades,
volatility is the main parameter,
not the signal candle high/low or swing bigh/ swing low.
Often newbies place SL just below the recent swing low,

or below day low or even below the low of the signal candle for a long trade.
This is a dangerous method as far as the risk management methods are concerned.
Without knowing volatility in the price, how would one know that this SL is safe?

anytime a swing would come to takeout ur SL.

This is the reason why
u should always use candle stick charting which give a multi-dimentional view of what price is doing.

Now, having read all this
how do u feel about
the trading recommendations u see in twitter with daily closing basis, or weekly closing basis SL??

Each and every one of them posts a candlestick chart
which means that he showed
how valatile the price is in that time frame.

And yet came up with closng basis SL.
He himself showed he had studied voaltility in the market as he showed the OHLC chart.
And suddenly came up with the idea of ditching his own analysis
skill as a chartist
to preach about a "closing basis SL"

Its easy to find who knows and who 'pretends to know' from what they speak in public.
Its ur responsibility to find out the 'wolf in sheep's clothing'


• • •

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19 Oct
Often u would find a struggling person talks philosophy
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thr exists no way of building conviction on ur trading process
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All the trading decisions u take in ur trading
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24 Sep
psychology behind attempting to find and trade tops/bottom is quite straight forward.

suppose price is going up and near resistance
conceptually trade here is short
if the price fell from resistance and confirmed trend reversal,

one needs bear a bigger SL here
trend reversal point after confirmation being quite far
So we would wait for pullback so that risk would be lesser
When pullback actually happens,
he assess it as correction and assume the previous trend strength is lost already

Now, when price completes pullback and resumes falling again
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Amateur traders find its solution as picking the top
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Patterns and its trend requirement to qualify as a pattern

in charting, thr can be only 2 types of patterns possible

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that means u cannot draw a pattern,
after a sideways move

be it anything like head and shoulders, cup and handle, triangle etc,

u need to find a pattern after a strong trending move
in other words,
patterns are mere consolidations after a trending move

Such consolidation usually takes some geometrical shapes
which we name it based on the overall shape of the price action

if there was no trading move prior to the pattern u r finding out,
there is no such pattern exists.

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Right Trading Psychology - Role of conviction on ur process & practical way to build it

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Took a big leap when I started to learn coding

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A reality check on the return of ur capital

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Investment = 1 lakh
Interest = 1%
Interval = daily
Time span = 250 days (trading days)
Final amount = 12, 03,215/-
12 Lakh 3 thousand 2 hundred and 15 rupees !!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats 1100% return !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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