Twitter socialists: Have you ever heard of Tom Henehan?

He was a 26-year-old Trotskyist, member of the Workers League from Kalamazoo, Mich who was shot in a political assassination 40 years ago this week, 10/15/1977 in NYC. He died the next day.

The @WSWS_Updates just posted a speech given by David North on the 20th anniversary of Tom Henehan's assassination. I strongly recommend everyone read it to learn who Comrade Tom was.…

Who killed Tom? The article notes:

The Workers League was involved in an historic investigation of the circumstances surrounding the 1940 assassination of Leon Trotsky, the founder of the Fourth International.

This investigation, whose findings were published under the title Security and the Fourth International, exposed the decades-long efforts of the police agencies of imperialism and Stalinism to penetrate and sabotage the world Trotskyist movement.

Among other things, the investigation revealed the insidious links between Joseph Hansen—who later became a leader of the American Socialist Workers Party—and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In June 1977, Hansen and the SWP published a statement that warned of “deadly consequences” if the investigation continued. Shortly afterwards, Tom Henehan lay dead in a Brooklyn hospital.

Tom's assassination went virtually unreported in the bourgeois press.

Don't let the ruling class erase Tom's legacy as a fighter for revolutionary politics in the heart of American capitalism!

Read the article and spread the word.

Rest in Peace Comrade Tom!


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