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#Boston police investigating after #VirginMary statue set on fire at Saint Peter's Parish Church

Rev. John Curran, parish's pastor, said incident, which is being investigated as #Arson, left him shocked & saddened

In a statement to the Boston Herald, Mayor Marty Walsh (D) said, "Any act of hatred and destruction towards religious figures is deeply saddening and unacceptable. Regardless of faiths, it's our responsibility to be respectful towards others' religious beliefs."

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Let me tell you a bit about #COVID19 in #Maine. First, you may think of Maine as a rural state, and largely it is, but not entirely. We have a good-size city with an international airport in #Portland, and the southern tip (where I live) is considered part of greater #Boston 1/
Seriously, lots of people in town commute home and back daily. So.... not the sticks. Our #COVID19 case count is still considered "falling". Currently, businesses strictly regulate how many customers can be inside at any one time (number varies w/ business size). 2/
There is literally a person with a counter sitting outside every door keeping track. You wait in line outside until it is your turn if they are at capacity. There is colored or reflective tape at six foot intervals to facilitate safely waiting in line. The same is true inside. 3/
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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📌So... ((they)) do this for 8 years to take your guns... #crisisactors #WakeUpAmerica #COVID19 #BlackLivesMatter A thread of what they do👇
And this... #tuesdayvibes
📌Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook wow #SandyHook
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@DropkickMurphys There's no substitute for live music, I miss it the most. But tonight's free live show at Fenway is art unto itself, be sure to catch a few minutes if you can
@DropkickMurphys It's a short list but this is the best use of a historic site for a show with no audience since @pinkfloyd's played Pompeii
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📌Crisis Actors / Disney... #Disney
📌Do you remember that guy who lost his legs in Boston Marathon.* above with Micheal Eisner the Disney Exec Crisis Actor? Ya that was a lie... He is a Veteran not a runner in Boston🙄 #Boston *Wonder if that was a test to #lockdown #ShelterInPlace Things that make me hmmmm
This woman is in deep...
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1/ Given my interactions with @ASlavitt and @jeremyfaust yesterday, I decided to make a compiled list of data on asymptomatic transmission. This is not complete, but the most striking data I have seen on #COVID19 and #SARSCoV2 worldwide.
2/ A nice summary published in @TIME yesterday:

Covert coronavirus infections could be seeding new outbreaks…
3/ USA (NY) #usaCoronavirus #NewYork

Universal Screening for #SARSCoV2 in Women Admitted for Delivery @ColumbiaWomens @NB83
- 33 positive cases, 29 (87%) asymptomatic
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Netflix binges.
Late-night Skype sessions with a bottle of wine.
Stress baking.
With gyms, playgrounds, + pools closed, #covid19 is set to cause another public health crisis: an epidemic of inactivity.
Fortunately, there's one outlet available.
In many, if not most, cities in North America (unlike some European cities, which can be much denser) public parks provide ample room for outdoor exercise, strolling, giving the kids fresh air.
Great North American urban parks were planned after epidemics of TB, cholera, and typhoid—often explicitly to provide city people with salubrious public space to escape crowded neighborhoods.
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As our members continue to serve on the front lines of the #covid19 pandemic, you may notice some changes in the way we respond to emergencies in #Boston. Here are some things we want you to know:
Boston EMTs and paramedics will respond to every call wearing at least a face shield, mask and gloves. On some calls we may be wearing more PPE. It may seem like we are shouting and we may ask you to repeat yourself because the PPE muffles sound.
When we arrive on scene, we may begin our assessment by standing 6 feet away from the patient. We may also ask family or bystanders to stand 6 feet away from us while we assess the scene.
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This is a MUST SEE video on the #Coronavirus in Italy. The #ICU intensivist explains the epidemic and treatment- Report From The Front Lines @JAMA_current - YouTube #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #COVID
This is a good summary but somewhat inconsistent to what we have been hearing on #twitter about #italy. The question about triaging those sick and above 60 yo was NOT answered directly. He said the goal was for everyone to get an ICU bed but was that successful? 1/
There are many pictures of hazmat suits which is somewhat different and more aggressive than the reports we have been hearing about #coronavirus in Lombardy 2/
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I am basically yelling into a void here because I have 33 total followers, but if anyone is searching the hashtags #boston or #coronavirus #bostonconstruction or any combination thereof (as I have been CONSTANTLY) to get any updates about the situation in Boston, here goes...
I am a Union construction worker, currently working on a project in the Seaport area of Boston. All the joking and sarcasm that was prevalent the last few weeks has made way for slight panic and a general sense of uncertainty today.
I just spoke to the job super and asked “what’s the word? Any idea if there’s talk of shutting down sites?” I asked a few other foreman the same question earlier. The consensus is that it’s coming, we just don’t know when.
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So I have decided to make my situation public. I am not in critical condition and am stable, but since about Feb. 23rd have been very sick with the symptoms of #COVID19 minus a high fever. My boyfriend first got sick with these symptoms on Feb. 21st and we are both still ill
2/ We are in Boston, near Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). We have not been able to get tested for COVID19 at MGH unless we are apparently in critical condition (ICU). Also I have a history of responding poorly to viral infections which is not making the situation easier.
3/ My boyfriend and I have self-quarantined ourselves in our apartment since Feb. 23rd. Today my boyfriend called his internist and said has the COVID19 symptoms. After a phone screen they told him to come in to the office. He went there wearing no mask because we don’t have one.
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Who should you follow for info on #Coronavirus?

Here is a list of people I am following who have enriched my understanding of the medical, public health, and economic impacts of #COVID19 in the #US and #Canada.

I’d love to hear who you are following. Please share! 1/14
I’ve provided a brief description and rationale for each follow. You can subscribe to my list here:…

I strongly suggest you also follow public health orgs/officials like @NIAIDNews @CDCgov and @CPHO_Canada and local agencies or news outlets you trust. 2/14
Trevor Bedford @trvrb is a professor at @UW using computational biology and genomics to understand the spread of COVID-19 in Washington State and elsewhere. His research has allowed me to understand the virus' spread in the absence of solid testing data. 3/14
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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 7th 9PM EST
-105,981 = 95 Countries & China
-3,586 have died🌎
-59,916 have recovered🌎
-80,695 Cases in 🇨🇳
-7,134 #SouthKorea
-5,883 #Italy
-5,823 #Iran
-949 France
#COVID19seattle #NC #WA #CA #MA #CT
1/8 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2a) #US #COVID19 Update
March 6th 9PM EST
-424 #Coronavirus cases in US
-32 states have confirmed cases
-94 new cases as of 9pm
-15 have recovered
-17 have died #WA #CA
-US Citizens in Self-quarantine: 13,900+
-See Pandemic Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #Houston #Chicago #NJ
Below you will see 3 things:
-The number of #coronavirus cases in the 32 states w/#COVID19
-The transmission origin - nearly half is community spread followed by an infected/sick person who lived in #Westchester who then infected 54 others
-chart showing the daily # of new cases
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DHS and CBP officials confirm @CBP special forces officers are already in #Boston, ready to cooperate with local #ICE.…
According to @ICEgov #Boston press release:
The press release goes on to highlight five people (giving name, age and criminal records) as well info on when #ICE sought detainers.

“ICE has active arrest warrants and is seeking information on the following criminal alien fugitives...”
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1er bilan de cette primaire du #NewHampshire?
3 faits majeurs:
1. #BernieSanders vainqueur mais avec 1 marge plus faible que prévu sur #Buttigieg. Ils sortent en tête de la séquence #Iowa/#NH
2. Désastre total pour #Warren ET #Biden sous les 10%
3. #Klobuchar surgit vraiment.
2) Le #NewHampshire, juge de paix de la 1ère "étape" des primaires démocrates, a rendu 1 verdict en 3 étages:
. les 3ers candidats ont chacun de quoi se réjouir.
. Il y a 2 vaincus écrasés.
. Le grupetto (désolé mais j'aime ma métaphore TDF😉) des petits candidats est écrémé.
3) Pour #BernieSanders, si la victoire est bien moins éclatante qu'en 2016 dans 1 #NewHampshire frontalier de son #Vermont d'élection, à cause d' 1 contexte différent, "a win is a win" et le contrat est rempli. Il apparaît, avec l'effondrement de #Biden, en "frontrunner" national
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Hey folks: I wanted to share something @apmresearch just released that I’m very proud of:

Our VOTER PROFILE TOOLS, as part of our broader #RepresentingUS project. (Read: A wealth of data to understand the US electorate in interactive @tableau tools.)…
@APMResearch @tableau 2/
We at @apmresearch released these tools on #IowaCaucus day, but expect that they will be valuable up until the #2020election & beyond—to understand how eligible voters differ—often dramatically—from state to state & in each congressional district.…
@APMResearch @tableau 3/
Already I’ve read numerous #media stories about the #IowaCaucuses & #NewHampshirePrimary saying those states don’t reflect the nation’s #demographics, but the #journalists didn’t include any data as to HOW they differed and to what degree.
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An overwrought piano cover of "My Foolish Heart" is blasting here on the #Boston #immigrationcourt ICE detainee docket while the judge waits on an Arabic interpreter via phone and while it's no Bill Evans it is oddly soothing to this former quasi-pro jazz pianist rn
The #immigrationcourt ICE detainee docket is a sort of hellish cyberspace unmoored from space or time, like a casino or a McDonald's. I imagine they're the same everywhere. If you told me this endless but not unpleasant piano ballad had been going for an hour, I might believe you
As in at least 50% of my appearances here, I'm not being paid & don't expect to be. I barely made my mortgage payment this month. I threw my back out this weekend & have to do 2 full asylum hearings & teach 4 decades of immigration policy tomorrow. Piano jazz is a lovely reprieve
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I stepped away from cat content to write this thing about arguably the best view in the city — one that makes people drop their phones briefly so they can take in a big gulp of #Boston for a few fleeting seconds. #mbta…
For the record: no, I didn’t just start taking the Red line lol. I grew up here. But I’ve always always always noticed how this snapshot of the city has turned heads or almost forced passengers to take videos and photos. It turns lifers into tourists, amirite?
And because I can't let the T totally off the hook: Twice there were train delays while trying to do this story. But, to be fair, both times we stopped either on or at the end of the bridge.
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[THREAD] China Coronavirus Outbreak
A deadly virus is spreading from Asia, affecting hundreds of people and resulting in dozens of deaths, in what may become a gloabal health epidemic. This thread contains news about the outbreak.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus #WarWatch
On Dec 30, 2019, Chinese authorities confirmed cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A team of national experts was sent to carry out detection tests. Patients at a local seafood market were put in quarantine.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus
Liu Youning, a professor of epidemiology and respiratory medicine, told the Global Times that the #coronavirus found in #Wuhan appears to be far less serious than the virus that caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome (#SARS) or the Middle East respiratory syndrome (#MERS).
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Are Foreign #terrorists really “locked up in the #USA?”
Foreign citizens who committed or attempted to commit #TerroristAttacks against United States citizens and interests are “locked up” in ADX-Florence 🤓😉…

#FalseFlag #hoax
ADX maximum security prison has a fake wing, filled with fictional characters like Zacharias Moussaoui (20th 911 hijacker), Richard Reid (shoe bomber), etc.
Scroll to screenshot part 🤓
Zacarias Moussaoui is a patsy (pushover).
Moussaoui, Lander, a computer, patsies 'paid by US government'
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I’m at federal court in #Boston where lawyers are asking for more info about Shahab Dehghani Hossein Abadi’s removal from the U.S. last night.

@CBP denied him entry despite his student visa and removed him despite a federal order from a judge in Boston.…
The hearing will hopefully clear up the timeline of events last night.

Lawyers for Abadi tell me the emergency stay was filed by Judge Burroughs around 9:22pm and Abadi was on a plane that departed for France around 10pm.
Judge Stearns begins by saying this case is moot since Abadi has already been removed.
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Since early 1990s, #IRGC has given special quota to #Basij militias in #Iran's top universities to suppress anti-reigme student protests. Many of them have joined #Ashoora brigades to take revenge of #Soleimani's death! #ShahabDehghani is one of them who is arrested in the #US!
#DeportBasijis hashtag has now gone viral & Iranian dissidents ask #US government & security forces to arrest & deport those #Basij university students who are sent to the #US to study using #IRGC's scholarship program. These Basijis have abused real Iranian elite students.
His name is Sajjad Soltan-Mohammadi. He is an #IRGC's #Basij militiaman who took part in protest against #US Border Protection Force over arrest of Mohammad-Shahab Dehghani Azar in Logan airport last night.
#US Government must arrest & #DeportBasijis
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To all involved in #crypto and not, DO NOT ignore this tweet

I was introduced to #bitcoin and #ethereum 5 years ago.
I even wrote my thesis on tokenizing real assets onto the #blockchain.

All I have to say is #Tezos! See threads below

$xtz #btc #eth #xmr #xrp $trx $btc
1/ #Tezos , #xtz is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself and it establishes a true digital commonwealth.
While #ethereum, is undergoing two fork, $xtz is upgrading its protocol by using voting on the blockchain.
Currently this is the 5th successful upgrade, #Babylon
2/ #Tezos is the first production-scale multi billion dollar asset tokenization project on the #blockchain.
Currently over $5 billion of assets ready in the pipeline for Q1 to be tokenized on the #xtz blockchain.

$btc $ltc $eth $eos $xtz $xmr $xrp $iot $neo $trx $ada $atom $tomo
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